A Matter of Priorities?

We all know where the dems interests are. They want investigation after investigation of Jan 6 and the overrunning of the Capital Building. (Only four people died.)

On the other hand, when it comes to the millions that died in the pandemic, they want to turn their eyes from those most likely culpable. This is especially true when it just might involve one of their heroes, Fauci. (Why is he not in an orange jumpsuit?) This is also because it involves their hero nation, China. (Why are we still doing business with them?) And by the way, why is it that we were giving them money for virus research?

I guess it is all just a matter of priorities. We now know where the dem’s heart is. Those who like to experiment with dangerous viruses and then blame others for the results. As for the millions who died, they are just statistics, as Joseph Stalin liked to put it. They used the stats on their primary opponent, President Trump.

To my way of thinking such experiments should take place on barges far out to sea. Better yet, they ought not take place at all. Most of all, we don’t need to help our enemies develop such horrid things… for any reason… certainly not for weapons.

Politics and Medicine

I would suspect that there is a little politicking in most professions. Surely, medicine is no exceptions. I don’t have any first hand knowledge on the matter, but it only stands to reason that egos do collide from time to time.

However, if there was ever a time for politics to take a back seat to medicine, the pandemic was one of them. Yet, looking back over the past 18 or so months, I see that medicine took the back seat. The dems took the attitude that they should use the disaster to get rid of President Trump, when he was one of the few that did most everything right. His interest was always based on the health and lives of everyone.

There was however one mistake he did make. He suggested that Hydroxychloroquine might be used as a cure. The dems really jumped on that. By the time they got done, you’d think it was one of the worst poisons ever invented by man. Had the president not said anything about it, the doctors could have used the drug to treat hundreds of thousands. However, for the sake of politicians, the use of the drug was virtually band for use against the China virus.

Now it would appear that Fauci, who was supposed to be a doctor (who likely took the Hippocratic Oath) has chosen politics over medicine, which likely led to the loss of tens of thousands of lives. It would appear he does not believe in the concept of, “First, do no harm.” If that were his goal, he sure did get that one wrong. It would appear that he helped to finance the whole thing. Moreover, every time he issued instructions, he got it wrong. Then, while everyone panicked, he played the innocent bystander.

Certainly, China played their role in the pandemic. They decided to play politics too, or perhaps, they decided to take advantage of the problem. First they said one thing and then the other, while nothing they said was true. All the while they encouraged their diseased people to travel all over the world, treating them like human biological bombs.

Now, over a year after the whole thing started, some of this info is coming to light. Now, about all Fauci will say is, “I didn’t do it. It wasn’t my fault.”

And, of course, all the dems can say is, “Trump did it!”

Meanwhile, people with the China virus, TB and who knows what all communicable diseases come flowing unchecked across the border and the dems don’t care. They stand there encouraging them, “Come one come all. Y’all are welcome as two peas in a pod.” Biden made that political decision. I wonder how many lives that will cost. No since asking if Biden cares. We already know, for him, politics and power take priority.

The Ultimate Coward

One thing any marine learns early in boot camp is that no one can tell who will be the cowards and who will be the heroes. Sometimes the big strong man will cower, not because he wants to but because, no matter how much training he gets, in his heart, he’s a coward. In such cases, the only way to tell is to expose the man to enemy fire.

On the the other hand, some men are cowards by design. When the shooting starts, he grabs the nearest child and hides behind him, knowing that a good soldier will not kill the child in an effort to kill the kid.

Then there is the ultimate coward. That is when the so-called soldier builds his shield and defenses based on the civilian population. And when children get killed, all the better. It makes his enemy appear horrible… killing babies, destroying hospitals and annihilating schools, All the time, it is the ultimate coward that causes that death and destruction. When he stands before God he will have to give his account, not the one who fired the weapon. God will know him for what he is, the ultimate coward, no matter what the media has to say on the matter.

Also a suggestion. It is suggested that we rebuild Gaza. Fine. Sounds like a good idea but on three conditions. First, an official apology from the Palestinians to Israel. Second, an official recognition of Israel as a nation. Third, that they will never again hide behind the children.

I’m not so sure that any of it will work, especially the third item, but at least it would put it on record as to who they are, both as aggressors and cowards. For sure, if they are not willing to meet these conditions, then they don’t need their country rebuilt with our tax dollars.

If they refuse to meet the requirements, this tells us something about them too. To be sure, if they don’t need or want our help then why should we offer it? Maybe it will be good that they fully suffer for their foolish and cowardly attacks.

A Matter of Fear

Color me confused.

I looked around and I saw very few republicans fighting for our president. I didn’t know why. Then the cases started going to the courts. One by one they were turned down, not for the merits but for details. In one case the court turns down the case because the law was not yet broken. Then, later the same court turns down the case because they waited too long, same court – same case. Go figure.

Then, things started going to the Supreme Court. I figured surely that they would take a case or two, but they don’t. Again, the president doesn’t lose for lack of proof, but because of some detail. For the case Texas took before the court, they said they had no standing. Could it be that even the Supreme court was going to be a stickler for details? Besides, near as I could tell they had standing. Looked to me that they were afraid. It looked to me as if someone was holding a gun on each of them.

As I thought it over, I realized the whole country seemed to break out in the yellow stripes. I couldn’t figure out why. Just what is it that has caused so many to break out in to utter fear. No court wants to take any case. No court wants to rule in the president’s favor, though there is more than adequate proof. The truth be told, so far no court has even ruled on the proof. It seems everyone is afraid to.

Something seems to have several governors and secretaries of state scared stiff. The Georgia Secretary of State seems terrified. Every time someone asks to see the signatures on the mail in votes, without hesitation, he says, “Nope. Can’t do that.” What is he afraid that we might see? What is he hiding?

Then it dawned on me just what the was the source fear. I realized why everyone runs for the hills whenever someone suggests fraud. It is simple. No one, but no one wants to be convicted of being politically incorrect. They could be a case in court but in the court of public opinion….

They all know that the instant they provide any help for the president, they will be branded as a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist, or any one of a half dozen other labels they like to hang around the neck of a person who the left disagrees with.

It is a true reason for fear. If they brand you, it doesn’t just follow you to your grave but well beyond. It is a stench that is quite impossible to rid yourself of and nowadays everyone avoids the labels like the plague.

The left likes to compare the conservatives to the Nazis, the ones who wore the boots and khaki uniforms. Well, the left does not wear the boots or khaki uniforms, but they use the exact same tactics. Indeed, the Nazis could take a few lessons from those on the left. They seek to control what we do, what we say and oh yes, the way we vote. They strike fear into the heart of any man, woman or child who dares says or does anything politically incorrect. If they persist, they ruin their lives and the lives of those around them.

‘Global warming,’ ‘abortion rights,’ ‘Black Lives Matter, etc are all simple covers for communists movements.

I too have some fear. I’m not sure, but I am afraid that it is too late to do anything about it. It has all just swept under us all quietly and quickly in just a few short decades. As Lincoln said, our destruction is from within and it will be complete.