Young Experts

When I approached 65, I realized it was time to check into Medicare. I admit I knew very little. However, by the time I was eligible for Medicare I was well versed in it. Now, it seems every few days some young man or woman calls under the pretense of telling me all about these wonderful benefits I’m can receive.

Sorry. Not going to happen. In the first place, they are implying that this 73-year-old can’t figure it out all by myself. For those young’ns that don’t know what that means, I don’t need their help.

And, by the way, I don’t like them calling right in the middle of my nap time!

Something New… For Me

I was under the wrong assumption that all TV stations transmitted 1080 video on all channels. It’s simply not so. Most of the main channels are 1080, or at least 720. However most of the others are, at most 720 and even 480.

On my little 30 inch screen it’s difficult to see the difference. Naturally, old reruns, especially b&w don’t fill the screen. There is generally a few inches of blank space on each side of the image.

Apparently, the stations transmit the information and my TV displays it at the bottom of the screen 4 or 5 seconds after changing channels. On the other hand, the cable hid it from me all these years.

So, near as I can tell, I should have saved the money and bought a 720 TV. As I said, can’t tell the difference. More over, I don’t have it on 1080 channels that much. Most of the time I’m looking at 720. Right now, I’m on 480 and it looks just fine.

By the way, does anyone know where I can buy a copy of that image of the valley they show to sell that noise for sleeping. Don’t have any use for noise but I’d really like a copy of that winter evening scene of snow covered mountains with the road going between them. Wonder what they might charge me for a 1080i copy.

Who knows? Maybe, perhaps, conceivably others would like a copy or two of that image.

Revisiting Tide Alergy….

I can’t help noticing the recent Tide commercials pushing the detergent for sensitive skin. It is highly unlikely that the new detergent is the result of my post a good while back.

As a small reminder and explanation, the post was about irritations all over. After a few doctors and a multitude of tests, none came up with the reason for the problem.

Then, one day, out of desperation, we switched from Tide and the problem went away. If the new deternent is the result of my remarks, my hat is off to them for listening. On the other hand, where is the public warning?

Doesn’t really matter. Just glad if my post might have done some real good. I do wonder how many others went through the suffering my wife did.

Still, I wonder if a CEO read my little post or is it simply vanity.

An afterthought: Maybe an allergist read my post and told the manufacturer of tide. I know. It’s a reach. Any way to convince myself I did some good.

Water Spots

Over the years, working in the Marines and then in a few different civilian organizations, one thing I have learned is the importance to detail. Being a large picture person, I realize that I must constantly remind myself of the importance of dotting all the “i”s and crossing all “t”s with precision.

Maybe one of the best examples I’ve heard is the story of the couple that went to a classy restaurant where they were given nice flatware wrapped in high quality napkins. Once the couple took the flatware in hand, they noticed water spots on the flatware.

They each took a few seconds and the nice napkins to rub out the water spots and soon the spotless eating implements were set neatly in place. They then sat and enjoyed the dinnner. When done, they left without mentioning the water spots at all. Then, of course, they never returned.

As for me, the water spots would have not mattered. On the other hand, I have seen folks that would have asked for “clean” silver. Then others would have simply walked out before ordering.

Regardless of anything else, it is an example in 2 ways. First, as in a previous post, it speaks of competition. It seems, in this case, the lacking in one detail causes the loss of repeat customers. There are any of dozens of such details that can cause a restaurant owner, or any such businessman grief.

Worse, the managers might not be aware, which brings me to my second point, the un-voiced complaint. Every owner, every manager should seek complaints vigorously. Otherwise, how will he become aware thar something needs correction?

If the couple in the little story complained, the restaurant might have still lost the customers, but it might allow the correction before the loss of others.

Yet, I look this way and that way, and I find one business after the other where the owners seem to continue to try to remain oblivious to any problems in their business. In the long run such businesses will surely suffer. They may continue but not strong as they could. Mostly, they will fall behind the competition.

It would seem to some that encouraging complaints from a customer is contrary to success. However, how can a person hone his ability to compete if he doesn’t see where honing is truly necessary.

You might consider the following. There are customers that will notify the management of of a messy restroom and those who won’t. On the other hand, there are businesses that will clean the restroom when notified and there are others that basically say, “So what.” There are those who simply don’t care about customer complaints, even when they are meant to be helpful.

The question, “Do you really want to lose customers over water spots?”

Who is Talking?

I’ve seen the same commercial dozens of times. I’m sure the man or woman that designed it will be glad to know that I am well aware that there are 2 scoops of rasins in the rasin bran.

On the other hand, I never bought for a second that the sun was really talking. It was some man speaking into a microphone and pretending. I have it on good authority that suns, moons and planets lack voices or brains. Besides, they are horrible at taking direction.

Hence, I will never have any idea of who the voice is behind the sun in the commercial. On the other hand, I do have a few guesses as to who the puppeteers are that control the puppet in the oval office. It seems to take a team. Some control what he says. Some control where he goes, when he sits or stands. Occasionally, someone tells him to raise his voice or when to whisper. Truth is we all know. All we need do is look to see. It’s sort-of casual to the most obvious observer.

A Word on AARP

I noticed AARP has started an ad campaign, for purposes I know not why. However, before you blindly buy their line, permit me to explain what they did for me.

They endorsed Obama care, which very likely pushed it over the edge of success, which caused the American health care system to take a huge nose dive.

However, as I said, this is about what they did to me. It was sort of bad timing. After I retired, my wife was required to subscribe to Obama care. That meant on average, one grand a month for over three years. The math is simple; $36,000. It drained a good percentage of my IRA.

Thanks Obama.

Thanks AARP.

Thanks dems.

Needless to say, I don’t believe their ads. Needless to say, I flat don’t believe them and their ads. Besides all this, I refuse to do business with any organizations they endorse. When I sign up for insurance, I tell my agents I don’t want anything to do with AARP, no matter the cost.

I would hope others would do likewise.

I don’t want any apology. I don’t want any compensation. I just want AARP to just go away.


The other day I took note that Scripps is now on the Newsy TV channel. I saw an ad claiming they only report the news. Considering what Newsy called the news, you can imagine my doubts.

Nonetheless, I switched it over there a time or two to see what they wanted to call news. I was not impressed. The other day they had what was, at the least a biased documentary. They called it news.

Truth be told, it was a lengthy infomercial advertising solar cell energy. If the solar cell companies didn’t pay for it, they should have. The spokesperson spent the whole time talking of the advantages, completely ignoring the disadvantages. Considering most of our solar cells are made in China, I’d guess China got some free advertising.

It is the way of the liberal media and democrat politicians. It has gotten so much so that they are more than joined at the hip. Indeed, they are joined at the mind. If one is struck, they both recoil and cry out in pain. If one has a success they both cheer. It appears that Scripps is no different. They have their favorite party and they support it without shame.

The Ads Between the Advertisements

Many years ago, they stopped permitting cigarette commercials on TV.  Considering my beliefs on tobacco products, I was pleased with the decision, though it did bother me that those who benefited the most were the lawyers.

However, it begged the question, “Who or what will replace all the commercial revenue that tobacco provided for TV and radio.  Unless you were around in the day as I was, you likely don’t realize the large percentage of ads from that one industry.

However, it’s not my point here to write about the ads, but rather the ads between the ads.  On the TV, and movies as well, tobacco paid a bundle to shoe people smoking.  In some case, they even made sure to expose the logo to the camera.  It is all part of the subtle or disguised ads.

It is the Kellogg’s box or Folder’s exposed to the camera in hopes to increase the sales for the cereal or coffee.

It is the increase in tobacco sales as the result of characters in the show smoking.  It is the increase in drinking as a result in the characters in the show making it appear to be the norm for everyone.  I mean, why not drink.  Everyone does it.

The tobacco contribution did not stop with the outright ads though.  If you look at the old TV and radio shows, you will note that many of the characters smoked in their scenes.  Guess what?  Ads between the ads are still there.  In the old movies and show, the characters still smoke to this day.

Well, the cigarette suggestive ads are no longer on new TV or movies, but many other ads are now subtly placed between the advertisements, where most don’t pay a lot of attention.

Some might wonder, “Does it work?”

I don’t know.  They might.  If they don’t work, some really big corporations are futility spending fortunes.  Hence, I have to assume that all those outfits really believe it works.  I suspect they spent an enormous amount of change in the research alone.

Initially, the ads from the casinos replaced at least some of tobacco money.  When gambling was made legal in Tunica County, it was impossible to listen to ten minutes of Memphis radio or TV without hearing one of the ads.  It seemed that if we went to the Hollywood Casino, we could all become famous actors.  Little was mentioned of the fact that we might lose our shirts and perhaps a bit more.

It seemed once the old water barrier started to leak, it wasn’t long before gambling started all over the country.  A couple of casinos were built here.  A couple more were built there.  I would now guess that there are few people in this country much more than a hundred miles away from someone willing and waiting to take all our/your money from us.

I don’t know.  They just might have oversaturated.  I don’t hear so many ads these days.  On the other hand, they just might have more customers than they want.  (I don’t think you’ll believe that one.)

Nonetheless, have you ever seen a recent movie or TV show where gamblers lose?  The object of the subtle ad is to convince you that you can gamble and win.  Not only that, you’ll have oodles of fun while you’re breaking the casino.  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  Remember the movie “The Rain Man.”

Consider the alcohol industry.  Do you think they ignore the effects of the ads between the ads?  I suspect the advertising departments in those outfits are very busy getting alcohol to fit in everywhere they can make it fit.  This is true even though it amounts to putting the proverbial square in the round hole.  Even those, so-called family oriented channels and shows have characters drinking at every scene possible.  Some will actually buy the subterfuge, hook, line and sinker.  Maybe I live a sheltered life, but, as near as I can tell, people simply don’t drink that much.

I suspect that the alcohol industry has done far more damage to our society than the tobacco industry could imagine.  Smoking might damage the lungs but alcohol deprives the brain of oxygen.  It doesn’t do the liver any good either.  Yet, for some reason, we destroy the tobacco farmer while we encourage the little old wine makers.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t like tobacco.  My father and two of my brothers smoked.  I saw the damage it did to them.  I will not defend the cigarette.  However, not too many people killed other people as the result of smoking as drinking does.  How many people abused their wives and children while in an altered state from smoking; it doesn’t happen.  The abuse of alcohol is far worse than smoking and it always will be.

It’s not just me saying that.  The experts say that alcohol causes more damage to our society than any other drug.  Maybe we should at least stop the ads between the advertisements on TV.  Let’s not present it to our children as a good or normal way of life.

I also find it odd that clergy have become the guilty party in so many who-done-its these days.  I do not suggest that there aren’t bad men who claim to teach of good things, but Hollywood intentionally distorts it.  They clearly don’t like Christians or Christianity.

Moreover, it should not be a surprise to anyone who has read their Bible.  Jesus has warned us of such people.  He said to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Some of those wolves find their way behind pulpits and teach error.  It’s horrible.  It’s terrible.  But let’s not imply that all preachers are bad.

On the other hand, they like to promote the concept that homosexuality is both common and normal.  I know this is going to draw a bunch of criticism.  Fine.  I can live with that.  However, it is more than coincidence that there are homosexual agents in both TV shows NCIS New Orleans and NCIS Hawaii.  It does make me suspect that CBS does have an agenda.  Cold Case also had its sprinkling of homosexual based plots.  They are all intentional ads in between the advertisements regardless of right or wrong.

If you do want to know if it is right or wrong, don’t consult the shows.  Don’t even ask me.  I did not make the rules and I can’t change them.  Neither can any of you.  You might want to ask the one Who did make the rules.  Then again, you might not want His reply.  You might choose to do as Adam did and run from Him.

By the way, on a lighter note, I wish I could get the free advertising for my books that Sean Hannity and all the others on FOX News receive whilst they are supposedly talking about news or comment.  I likely would still be a long way from a best seller, but I would at least have a chance.

That’s advertising between the advertisements too. Not only that, but I also bet they don’t pay a dime for it either.

Ad Fees

Every phone call made for advertising purposes should have a fee paid to the receiving person for use of their phone.

A. It would decrease the ad calls.

B. People would get their phones paid for by the advertisers. It’s only right if they insist on using our phones for advertising, like newspapers, like radio, like TV, and like billboards. Why should we have foot the cost of their ads?

For years we’ve been giving them free advertising. It’s about time they start paying as the rest. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it just might help to cut down on one of the biggest bothers since the door-to-door salesman.

If You Have to Ask….

There is a saying, “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.” I guess in the case of continuous glucose monitors it’s true.

I just saw one of the ads for the umpteenth time and, because I’m diabetic, I decided to check on their price. After 20 minutes of looking on the web, I’ve come to the conclusion that they would just as soon I don’t know the price.

They tell you the advantages and how well they work, not what they cost. Apparently, that’s a secret.

So. I guess I can’t afford it if I need to ask. No sense checking into it any more. Don’t guess I need it anyway.

It just makes me wonder, why the big secret.