Example of Impossible

Convicting a dem in Washington, D.C

Still, most everyone has now figured out the source of Russia, Russia, Russia. I mean, you have to put on a blindfold, cover your eyes with your hands and intentionally look away to miss this one.

Besides, a few other things are now on the record such as, the whole thing was a fraud authorized and likely thought of by Clinton, the one who claimed that no one is above the law. I guess she proved her own quote wrong.

Apology in Order

I guess about a week ago, Tucker Carlson used terminology something like that eye patch wearing guy. I am sure he meant it it to be derogatory.

He should remember Rep. Dan Crenshaw (TX) lost his eye and nearly lost the second fighting for our country. To use such disparaging language reflects back at Tucker and Fox News. It is but one reason I am losing repect for Fox. Never had any respect for Carlson. Even less now.

As an aside, I heard an interview by Sandra Smith on News Sunday of Rep MO Brooks R ala, Every time he started suggesting fraud in last election, she started shouting over him. If he had proof positive, he’d not had a chance to present it. So much for “We report. You decide. ” It would appear she, and possibly the network decided MOs point of view would NOT be reported at any price.

Even so, Brooks got his point in, and good ones too.

Regardless, it’s the wrong argument. Many laws were were intentionally and obviously disobeyed. The most obvious one was by the sec of state of Pennsylvania. Though he admitted breaking the law, he was not charged. Had he been convicted, there would have been no penalty. Maybe fraud will never be proved, but it will forever go down as the least trusted election in history. Nothing will change that because every effort to prove fraud ended in a shutdown before it started, and the established rinos did what they could to help the FOCs.

I think MS Smith owes Rep. Brooks an apology..

However , I’m not holding my breath. I’m suggesting that no one else hold their’s either.

The Crook?

Most all of us around at the time remember President Nixon saying, “I am not a crook. “

Now let’s consider those who are likely real crooks.

In 30 years, Nancy Pelosi has accumulated over $100 million dollars, naturally all legal and ethical. Sorry. I’m not convinced. I don’t believ it.

Look at the millions the Clintons accumulated after leaving the White House…this though they claimed to be broke at the end of his second term.

Joe seems well healed for a man who lived on senator’s and VP pay. Just where did his wealth come from. Maybe Russia? Maybe China? Perhaps both?

Seems to me, Nixon`s crime, though it might be real, is miniscule compared to Joe, Nancy, and Bill.

As an aside, I still don’t believe that Clinton story about the friend committing suicide in that park. It’s a coincidence I just can’t swallow, especially given the timing.

God’s Solution

Okay. It has been close to a week since the last tragedy. Horribly, 19 kids and 2 teachers were killed. We have heard the solutions barked out repeatedly by the dems, including the occupier of the Oval Office. It would seem, according to them, it is as simple as outlawing guns.

I see two errors in that logic. Guns have been available since before the Constitution and mass killings have only started in about the last 40 years. Certainly, the problem wasn’t around when I graduated high school.

In the 1960s, the gun laws were minimal. When the shootings started, the gun laws increased. If they would be effective, the shootings would have decreased. Obviously, they had no effect. Indeed, the shootings have only increased.

On the other hand, the Republicans want us to turn our schools into fortresses. Perhaps we need motes around them with draw bridges. We need high windowless stone walls.

I don’t yet know but that might actually work. However, there are still weaknesses in such a plan, though I will not go into the reasons now. They should be obvious.

Instead, I ask why should anything be done? Certainly, I am not suggesting that we shouldn’t do anything. Rather, I ask why the necessity? What happened 40 years ago that started the killings?

To understand, we must look at four things that had its beginning in 50s and 60s

First, and most importantly, Americans began an indifference toward God, His word and His law. This caused many other problems.

Satin and his his minions, the communists, the atheist and people who claimed to have an expert knowledge of the human mind…particularly the child psychologist, started teaching ideas contrary to the Word of God.

As things started turning south, these minions began blaming anything and everything but themselves.

As time went by, the minions turned their attack toward the family, knowing the family is the basic building block of any nation.

Then they turned towards destruction of the schools. Beginning with the colleges, the college students undermined every element of our culture.

The result is that this country bears little resemblance to the 1950s.

Now, they have set their sights on the Constitution, specifically on the 1st and 2nd amendments, which are the most important ones. While on the way to these goals, they are well on the way to destroying our voting systems.

So, what should we do. It’s simple but so difficult. Turn back to God. If the people would turn back to God, the families will be healed and their will be no need for gun laws or motes around our schools.

It is God’s solution and it is the only one that will work. Everything else will fail.

The closer a people are to God, the simpler the solutions

The farther a people are from God, the more difficult the problems.

3 Seconds

I have heard the definition of a millisecond as the time from when the traffic light turns green to the time when the person behind you honks.

Perhaps that is a little exaggeration, but to many of us it seems a small one.

Today I would like to provide you with an illustration of three seconds: the time between a shooting and when the FOCs start talking about gun control.

To be sure, I don’t like the idea of bringing up the subject within a day. I’d prefer to keep my trap shut for a week or so. First, it gives time for those affected to recover a tad. There is no since hitting them with a one, two blow. First it is the loss of loved ones and then the onslaught of the media. Then of course, the occupier of the Oval Office speaks only a few words of comfort while he starts spewing the importance of imprisoning firearms.

I didn’t watch all of his speech, but I would suspect that little was said about the man that did the shooting, only about the gun he used. It is getting to the point I don’t like listening to Joe’s speeches. In the first place, they aren’t his words or even his thoughts. someone else is pulling the strings and making the man’s mouth move.

In the second place, the words are very predictable. Finally, the man doesn’t care when people die. He proved that a long time ago when he opened the border permitting the poisoning of over 100 thousand. His purpose is to control us and taking our guns is one of the requirements toward that goal.

3 seconds tells me that they have no empathy for any of the victims or their relatives. The tragedy is just an event to take full advantage of… short and long term. No doubt, we will be reminded of it every time someone else does any shooting, unless of course it is in Chicago or New York and it is black on black or brown on brown. Then, it will be totally ignored.

Finally, let’s remember one thing. Those who do the shooting do not respect life. If they did, they would not shoot people. Indeed, they’d not kill with any weapon. Therefore, let us teach respect for life in our homes, in our schools, in the media and from our governments of every level. Let’s make sure that everyone knows that people are more than just another form of animal life.

As an aside, let’s stop talking politics within 3 seconds of the next shooting, please. We really don’t need or want that. Let’s let the grieving families grieve a minute or two. This, in its own way shows respect too.

An Accidental Prophecy

Often times, I try to project my books into the near future. It gives me a little freedom to say things without anyone thinking it refers to something in the past or present. Also, and maybe more important, it gives me the freedom of writing in an environment of my own invention.

The person who wrote “Escape From New York” might have had the same thing in mind. The New York in his work is nothing like the real one. It is a fantasy, though some might suggest maybe not so much of one.

When I started my book, “His Protector.” I needed a dangerous New York; one in which the cabbies carried guns and people simply did not go out after dart at all. One of the main characters in the book, a former marine lieutenant sleeps with triple locks on a reinforced door and rope at the ready so he can go out the window.

At the time I wrote the book, nothing could be further from the truth. New York had become a safe place. Given a little time; given a few changes in the law enforcement in the city, and suddenly, and my book becomes something of a prophecy. Although New York still has some to go before it is as the one I wrote of, it is certainly far closer than I expected. It would seem that it is what happens when the city and state adopt the concept of, incarcerate the guns and knives and let the criminals go free.

At any rate, I figured I would give you a chance to read the book. This Friday and Saturday, the 27th and 28th of May, the book will be available free. To find out how to order it, go to my home page.

The Tragedy of Ignorance, Part II

When I was twelve, I was ignorant of the plan of salvation. As most, I thought God had a scale on which he compared all the bad I did with all the good I did.

Not only did it seem logical but it was something reinforced on every side, including many religions movies. Perhaps the one I found most memorable was “Cabin in the Sky.”

I won’t go through the synopsis but it strongly reinforced the above error.

At the time, I didn’t feel I did all that much that was wrong. What really scared me was that I didn’t do all that much good. So I just knew I was headed for hell. I guess what was worse was not knowing.

Not only was I afraid of hell fire, but I had no idea what I needed to do to go to heaven. Hence, I lived in constant fear of death, this because I was afraid of hell. After all, I heard some bad things about it.

Then I started going to Western Ave. So. Baptist Church. Week after week, I started learning the truth.

First, I learned I was incapable of doing enough good to get to heaven. Second, I learned that Jesus paid all the penalty for everything I ever did that was wrong. Even more, he paid for everything I ever thought of, past, present, and future.

All this time that I lived in fear was in ignorance. All I needed to do was admit the wrong I did, turn away from it and accept Jesus as my savior.

It is then that I realized the disaster of my ignorance. From that day forward, I realized that I will not ever go to hell. Instead and more importantly, I will go to heaven and will spend eternity with the one who loved me so much that he willingly gave his life for me.

If you are ignorant of this, it is a tragedy for you. The longer you remain ignorant of it, the longer you’ll live in fear, admit it or not.

The sooner you’re saved, the sooner you’ll begin to truly appreciate life. Then, you will be one who will agree about the tragedy of Ignorance.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whosoever believes in him shall not perish, but will have everlasting life.

You might notice that that everlasting doesn’t mean life until the next bad thing you do. Also, “whosoever” has no exceptions. Even Hitler would have been saved if he had claimed this promise. I don’t suspect that I will run into him there. He likely didn’t believe in Jesus, let alone the plan of salvation, aka The Good News.

The Tragedy of Ignorance, Part I

Ever made a decision and then later say, “I wished I knew that?” I have. Difficult though it is to believe, I’ve actually done it more than once. Don’t let it get out, but it’s happened to me more times than I can remember.

A few times the result is permanent and I am still paying the price. In some cases it’s physical; in other situations, it’s emotional.

So much, I’d like to forewarn others. The problem is, no matter some will not pay attention. To be sure, I must plead guilty to ignoring the wisdom imparted to me.

When I was young, I was admonished to learn from my mistakes. Certainly, that is a good thing. We certainly don’t want to smash the same with the same hammer twice, let alone 3 or 4 times.

However, as wise as that may be, isn’t it better to learn from the mistakes of others. That is to say, when we see the other guy whack his thumb, maybe we should take care not to smack ours.

Yet we have a nation full of those who see others become addicted to drugs, they still think they will be able to maintain control over it. Then, a while later, they become the example that still others ignore.

Then, of course, the one thing said is “If I only knew.”

It is the tragedy of ignorance. Moreover it’s willful and repetitive. I used the example of drug addiction, but it happens in a hundred other ways as well.

Not only that, but it is also practiced by society. Let’s face it. How many today are saying, “If I only knew, I’d have never voted for Joe.” Perhaps one of those was a very intelligent man, Elon Musk. At least he has repented but it is a little late. Hopefully, when it comes time to vote, our society will have learned from the mistake.

Then again, am I asking too much?