The Tragedy of Ignorance, Part I

Ever made a decision and then later say, “I wished I knew that?” I have. Difficult though it is to believe, I’ve actually done it more than once. Don’t let it get out, but it’s happened to me more times than I can remember.

A few times the result is permanent and I am still paying the price. In some cases it’s physical; in other situations, it’s emotional.

So much, I’d like to forewarn others. The problem is, no matter some will not pay attention. To be sure, I must plead guilty to ignoring the wisdom imparted to me.

When I was young, I was admonished to learn from my mistakes. Certainly, that is a good thing. We certainly don’t want to smash the same with the same hammer twice, let alone 3 or 4 times.

However, as wise as that may be, isn’t it better to learn from the mistakes of others. That is to say, when we see the other guy whack his thumb, maybe we should take care not to smack ours.

Yet we have a nation full of those who see others become addicted to drugs, they still think they will be able to maintain control over it. Then, a while later, they become the example that still others ignore.

Then, of course, the one thing said is “If I only knew.”

It is the tragedy of ignorance. Moreover it’s willful and repetitive. I used the example of drug addiction, but it happens in a hundred other ways as well.

Not only that, but it is also practiced by society. Let’s face it. How many today are saying, “If I only knew, I’d have never voted for Joe.” Perhaps one of those was a very intelligent man, Elon Musk. At least he has repented but it is a little late. Hopefully, when it comes time to vote, our society will have learned from the mistake.

Then again, am I asking too much?

Good News for Joe

The DOW Jones is almost back down under 30 thousand. Murder and crime in general is well on its way to set more and newer records. Illegal immigration is totally out of control and it will soon get far worse. Oil is now well over $100 a barrel and going up. It’s all just the way he and the FOCs planned it.

Well, there’s one thing he might not like so much. In about 6 months, many of his friends and cohorts will be looking for other jobs. And let’s face it. There will only be so many openings with the the mainstream media.

More importantly, many of the stupid things he has done will be investigated and investigated some more. Who knows? We might even get to see Fauci in an orange jumpsuit.

As for Joe’s future. It won’t make much matter if he goes to prison. He likely won’t know anyway.

On the other hand his son and brother might not find it so pleasant behind the big walls.


Some might compare Joe to the proverbial bull in the China shop, destroying things every which way he turns.

While I must agree that in a massive way, there is a true resemblance, there are 2 big differences. Joe’s destruction is worse and completely intentional. That poor panicked bull just doesn’t know any better. On the other hand Joe intelligence is just a little better than el toro.

The big question is….just what will Joe go crashing into next? Only his puppeteer knows for sure.

The Flaw in the Logic

The PSA announced that a third of fatal auto accidents are caused by drunk drivers.

To be sure, one needs to take care not to draw the wrong conclusion from this statistic. After all, that does mean that 2 thirds of all fatal accidents are caused by drivers who are sober. Hence, we need to keep those sober drivers off the road.

I would hope I don’t need to explain the giant hole in that piece of logic.

Yet, there is another piece of logic with a far worse piece of logic that totally unerwhelmes me. We are told by the abortion lovers that the vast number of Americans prefer the right to kill babies. Yet they are afraid to let the decision to fall back into the hands of the elected. It would seem that those who claim the majority are afraid it will be voted down.

Actually, it has been voted down at least three times I know of.

The abortion lovers have overlooked 2 things. 1st, abortion, especially on demand, especially as a means birth control, is wrong and they know it. Worse, they do not like it when they are reminded of it, just as the drunk drivers don’t like to be reminded of the deaths they caused.

2nd , they don’t want anything to get in the way of their fortunes and their power.

Also, to a lesser degree, it is a way to decrease the minority population, especially the African Americans. It is a carry over from the days of Margaret Sanger.

Just as driving drunk is wrong, so is killing defenseless babies. Some people just don’t like being reminded of it. Certainly the abortionist, himself would never want to be faced with the fact that he is actually a mass murderer.

It is the characteristic of a sinner. The last thing he wants is to be confronted with his sin. And so it is that he twists the logic into knots almost as bad as the example with which I began.

Aiding and Abetting Whom?

We call Benedict Arnold bad and we should. The character aided the British whilst our nation was fighting for our existence.

On the other hand, Joe is assisting Putin by keeping the price of oil up. He is assisting China by encouraging trade. Indeed, one of China’s biggest imports is poison, AKA fentenyl. (In my book, that, alone earns him and his cohorts prison time.) Then there is assistance he is providing Iran. Once those guys get the bomb, they’ll be able to get everyone’s attention.

To a lesser degree, he has helped Cuba and is currently arranging to buy oil from Venezuela. That will be little help to the Venezuelans, but it will do wonders for the dictator.

I guess this means that we will soon owe Arnold an apology. My guess is the turncoat-in-chief, as well as his friends, will never spend so much as a day in prison. After all, he does have a D after his name.

(Oh yes! How can I forget all the help he provided for all those terrorists when he abandoned Afghanistan? )

It’s Why I Call Him Joe

He doesn’t deserve the title of president. He doesn’t care that people die. He can have big dinners while babies starve from lack of formula. He doesn’t care as long as the illegal immigrants have plenty.

The creep is surrounded by death, and he cares little, as long as he can blame it on someone else. He blamed the China virus on Trump. He blamed the disaster in Afghanistan on first one then the other. To this day, he denies he left any Americans behind. Moreover, he doesn’t care that he and his crew have caused the death of countless people, both in the past and the future with his withdrawal methods. With his ideas of cutting back on police, he has become the friend of the criminal. He would be proud of it but he sees that it has cost him political power.

Ole Joe is proud that he has forced the price of oil to over $100 a barrel. I don’t know if he is smart enough to realize it is a fact that enabled Russia’s war machine. Regardless, he cares little about the destruction caused to Ukraine. It is a two ended disaster. It has caused death and destruction in Ukraine, and it has cost us billions to help Ukraine defend itself. Oh. And by the way, it has brought the world to the brink of World War Three.

Of all the horrible things he has done, bringing the world to the brink of war seems to be the one thing he fears. Your guess is as good as mine as to why.


One might wonder what happened to all the baby formula.

I just realized what happened to it all. There was a report that Joe has been working on the matter for 30 days. Given that little bit of info, it makes me wonder that the problem isn’t worse.


On the other hand, I hear the illegal aliens have 10 times more than they need. It is the nature of socialism. Governments rarely know how to properly distribute things. It is why the US generally relies on private businesses to do it. Private businesses have a reason to get it right…profit. It’s something which socialists simply do not understand at all. After all, their specialty is rigging elections.

Uncle Joe Has a Supply Problem

Some of the stuff we don’t want comes streaming across then the border, such as dangerous drugs.

On the other hand, lifesaving supplies such as baby formulas are getting in short supply.

Then again that is sort of what he wants. It all just started with the shortage of oil, by design. What are we going to run out of next, maybe water?