3 Seconds

I have heard the definition of a millisecond as the time from when the traffic light turns green to the time when the person behind you honks.

Perhaps that is a little exaggeration, but to many of us it seems a small one.

Today I would like to provide you with an illustration of three seconds: the time between a shooting and when the FOCs start talking about gun control.

To be sure, I don’t like the idea of bringing up the subject within a day. I’d prefer to keep my trap shut for a week or so. First, it gives time for those affected to recover a tad. There is no since hitting them with a one, two blow. First it is the loss of loved ones and then the onslaught of the media. Then of course, the occupier of the Oval Office speaks only a few words of comfort while he starts spewing the importance of imprisoning firearms.

I didn’t watch all of his speech, but I would suspect that little was said about the man that did the shooting, only about the gun he used. It is getting to the point I don’t like listening to Joe’s speeches. In the first place, they aren’t his words or even his thoughts. someone else is pulling the strings and making the man’s mouth move.

In the second place, the words are very predictable. Finally, the man doesn’t care when people die. He proved that a long time ago when he opened the border permitting the poisoning of over 100 thousand. His purpose is to control us and taking our guns is one of the requirements toward that goal.

3 seconds tells me that they have no empathy for any of the victims or their relatives. The tragedy is just an event to take full advantage of… short and long term. No doubt, we will be reminded of it every time someone else does any shooting, unless of course it is in Chicago or New York and it is black on black or brown on brown. Then, it will be totally ignored.

Finally, let’s remember one thing. Those who do the shooting do not respect life. If they did, they would not shoot people. Indeed, they’d not kill with any weapon. Therefore, let us teach respect for life in our homes, in our schools, in the media and from our governments of every level. Let’s make sure that everyone knows that people are more than just another form of animal life.

As an aside, let’s stop talking politics within 3 seconds of the next shooting, please. We really don’t need or want that. Let’s let the grieving families grieve a minute or two. This, in its own way shows respect too.

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