Can Someone Please Tell Me?

Why do my cats prefer dog food and my dogs go nuts over cat food?

I occasionally give my dogs a treat consisting of a small can of cat food and each dog grabs her can and runs off to her corner, making sure the other doesn’t steal her little treasure. When they are done, you’d think the cans went through dishwashers.

The cats are always determined to steal dog food, even though they know the k-9s will snarle and snap at them. The cats all much prefer the canned dog food.

I’m sure those experts know what they are doing when they make that stuff but I can’t help but wonder if they have something backwards.

As for me, I find them both equally revolting, in both sight and smell. Isn’t it amazing how those guys can make so much selling that stuff to us.

Why Should I Vote for a pro Life Candidate?

Many discourage the idea of voting based on one issue, especially abortion.

While there are some valid reasons for the logic, I would suggest that there is also good logic in voting for a pro life candidate.

First, it is the right thing to do. Abortion is literally the taking of human life. According to Fox News there have been 63 million abortions since 1974. That’s just wrong. Moreover, it has been intentionally racist. By a wide margin, most of those killed were minorities. With African Americans accounting for about 13 percent of those in the US, they account for roughly 60 percent of the abortions. The abortionists killed far more black children than the KKK ever hoped. And, ironically, the abortionists are held in high esteem…unlike the KKK, not that they deserve any respect.

Secondly, it is an indicator. It takes honesty, courage and integrity for a candidate to declare himself pro life. These are traits we should all demand of all of our leaders. In today’s society, it takes nothing to declare pro choice.

Finally, a person who is pro life most probably have the right perspective on most of the other issues. Therefore, the candidate who declares to be pro life is likely the true good mult-issue candidate, the one who is more believable. Case in point, can you ever believe anything Joe has said and look at all Trump did, true to his words.

An Odd Statement by Joe

Joe said that it was Trump’s fault. I’m sure he meant it to be derogatory. I’m sure he meant to cast desperation on the former president.

While I don’t speak for the former president, I am tempted to say that he might be tempted to smile and say, “Thanks.” To be sure President Trump would be glad to own his historic accomplishment. He did work for it very hard. It is a shame he will never receive the accolades he deserves, though he will get the blame. (Now, figure that out.)

As an aside I think we all should be thankful for President Biden’s plead to remain peaceful. After all, women can still have their children killed, though they might need to travel a little.

Dana Parino Has Quote of the Day

I was watching The Five this evening as they opened with a discussion on The Supreme Court decision on carry permits. They quoted the mayor who said something like everyone will be afraid to go to sleep at night. To which Dana Perino asked “Why are they afraid of law binding people? “

Gutfeld his perspective with the contrast of fearing the armed law bidding people while they turn the criminals out, armed or not.

Then the statement were quoted about New York turning into the wild west. To this I have 2 questions. Isn’t that pretty much the case now. More importantly, what will the gun control crowd say when the shootings decrease.

My guess is that they will do what they can to keep that stat well concealed.

Some Need to be Reminded

Some forget the day when Obama said it would do no good in responce to the cry of the people to drill baby drill. However, I remember it well.

Today, we know he was wrong. President Trump turned the oil industry loose and they drove oil down to 30 dollars a barrel. At one point, the price was even driven negative for a few days.

Then Joe stepped into the Oval Office and declared war on fossil fuel and the price has more than doubled. It was no accident. It was by design and Joe will only be happy when American oil ceases.

He claims he wants the price of gasoline go down while he and his cohorts do all they can to drive the prices up and out of sight.

To get the price to receed is simple for those of us who remember, DRILL, BABY, DRILL!!

As an aside, do you notice how Joe blames the little guy running gas stations, Putin and the oil companies.

Some station owners are loosing money on gas sales. Putin is thrilled that Joe drove the price up. It is virtually financing his attack on Ukraine. And, of course, the oil companies would do much better if Joe would simply step out of the way.

No More Fossil Fuels

Actually it’s easy. We were surviving without fossil fuels long ago. Before coal, we used wood. Before kerosene lamps, we used oil we got from whales. At one time, we used fat from animals to make candles.

It might seem strange to some, but we used to run trains off wood. Even today, some race cars use burn alcohol. If we want to devote over half our farm land to growing corn, maybe our regular cars could burn alcohol too. I have heard it burns cleaner than gasoline.

Then too, alcohol could also be used to power generation stations. Then again we could go back 2000 years and burn olive oil. That would make the olive farmers happy.

When I was a kid, I really liked riding my bicycle but I only had a few miles to go to school. I’m afraid I would not have been able to peddle 40 miles to work the last decade before my retirement. I guess I might have taken a bus but for three things. The nearest bus was 10 miles from my house. I worked nights when busses didn’t run. Finally, the bus routes didn’t work for me.

Besides, if I relied on a bus, it would mean using that horribly fossil fuel.

Some folks had the bright idea of using the atom. That was going well until 3 mile island… the there was the horrible tragedy in Japan, the earthquake followed by the tsunami. If you’ll excuse the expression, it’s made many a little gun shy.

I sort of like the idea of going back to horses. But I really don’t think many would like the smelly dirty streets. Well, maybe we could use the maneuver to generate gas.

But we can’t do that. That is natural gas… not a fossil fuel but basically the same thing, only not as old.

Everyone Should be Upset at This

Just heard Joe wants to outlaw vaping and nicotine in cigarettes. Now, I’m just as anxious as the next guy to rid the world of them cancer sticks. I have seen what they do to people but most people survive their 1st cigarette. Indeed, many live into their 70s or 80s as they suck on on the things.

On the other hand Joe will not lift a little finger to prevent fentenyl from entering the US and killing thousands of our youth with 1 dose. I think Joe will need to explain that one day and will realize he really made a bad decision.

Personally, I think anyone convicted of distributing the stuff should spend 20-25 years in prison. Moreover, maximum pressure should be taken to keep China from wagging criminal war on our country.

Burning Fuel

John Kerry flies private jet aircraft, a lot. I did a little checking around. His plane burns likely 6 to 7 gallons of fuel per minute, about what I burn in a week.

I think before he has the right to tell me anything about saving fuel, he needs to start flying commercial.

If he wants to go around boring holes in the sky at speeds approaching the speed of sound, i have no problems with it. However, if he wants to be the spokesman of global warming, he really should stop contributing so much to warming the globe.