Suzy-Q was half lab & half Sharpe. Don’t know how you pronounce that but she was all love. She loved walks, car rides and tolerated the cats, usually. Not so much when they tried to get her treats. When young, she ran like the wind. I was recently informed that she had a huge tumor pressing against her liver and backbone. It caused great pain and made it very difficult to stand, let alone walk. So, at fourteen we said our final goodbye to her as well as Misty.

Misty was apparently a birddog that thought she was a border collie. She too, had a huge tumor, but hers was on her shoulder. It made it difficult for her to walk and it was bleeding where the skin split. She too was in pain but I almost insisted she remain with us a while, but she was suffering. Besides, the vet said the tumor could split wide open without warning.

Both deserved more walks, more car rides and less suffering. So, a short time ago, we said our final goodbye. And of course, we already find life a little more difficult without them.

We are both too old to adopt more friends. If we die, no one would remain to take care of them. So, now we are cat people. That’s not totally bad. Unfortunately, they will outlive us. Hopefully, they will find new homes when that happens.

I don’t normally write a lot about pets. I hope 1 every 6 or 7 months is permissible.

Keeping Kitty Busy

I noticed a simple inexpensive way to keep my cats busy, that is besides putting an empty box down for them to play with. The other day I was getting some ice out for myself and decided to toss one in the water dish.

The big advantage was that the kitty began entertaining me. The disadvantage was that after he provided several laughs, the ice melted. Maybe I need to make a larger ice cube.

Work in Progress

For those who have been wondering, I am still writing. The problem lately is that I have been impeded. You see, I have a cat on my case.

The cat’s name is Goldie and he is doing his best to slow me.

In reality, I am in the process of writing two more in the Floater series. The real hindrance is a broken computer. The demand the cats have for my attention isn’t helping much either. This one in particular likes to jump up on the keyboard of my laptop and dance on the keys. I have no idea who taught him that. Maybe my wife. I told her we didn’t need any cats.

Cats Never Frown

A few months ago we took a stray cat in. Now we have six. Strange how that works. That simply was not part of the deal. Now, we must take all six to the vet and make sure we have no more.

The mother is a very pettish calico who thinks whenever I leave my chair, she should lie in it. One of the kittens has gold and white paches. She thinks she should sleep under my chin whenever I’m in my chair. The rest at various times sleep just wherever they have a notion from chest to lap and even my legs.

This is all very nice most of the time but occasionally I like to work with my laptop on my lap. Also, occasionally, people come to the door trying to sell things I don’t want or or need.

I have tried to explain this to the kittens but they ignore me, all the time smiling as if they know not what I am talking about. Then i hurriedly remove the kittens as they determinedly jump back on me. All the time, I yell at the door just a moment, knowing that whoever’s there is wanting to give me that million dollar check I’ve been expecting.

It seems to be the nature of kats, especially kittens to smile at all times, especially when they are about to be fed. Then too, when i rattle their box of treats, they have big smiles as they know it is treat time. The time they smile most is just before they are going to do something they know they shouldn’t.

Generally, they will glance over at me, smiling at me knowing I won’t won’t swat them because they are just too cute and loveable.

They are wrong, though. Then they act so hurt, so confused that I should defend my chair from their claws. Yet, even in their surprise and anger, they keep smiling. It is, sort-of what they do.

Can Someone Please Tell Me?

Why do my cats prefer dog food and my dogs go nuts over cat food?

I occasionally give my dogs a treat consisting of a small can of cat food and each dog grabs her can and runs off to her corner, making sure the other doesn’t steal her little treasure. When they are done, you’d think the cans went through dishwashers.

The cats are always determined to steal dog food, even though they know the k-9s will snarle and snap at them. The cats all much prefer the canned dog food.

I’m sure those experts know what they are doing when they make that stuff but I can’t help but wonder if they have something backwards.

As for me, I find them both equally revolting, in both sight and smell. Isn’t it amazing how those guys can make so much selling that stuff to us.

A Brief Word on Fairness

I have two dogs. Suzie-Q is a mix lab and Chinese Sharpe. Misty is some kind of hunting dog, I guess. Both are rescues but they don’t know it. They both figure they are part of the family.

They have something of a sense of fairness. When I give one a treat, the other one knows she is going to get one too. If I walk one, the other expects she will have her chance as well. If I pet one, the other comes over and reminds me that she needs attention too. I had to buy each of them a bed. If I hadn’t you can imagine what that would be like.

The point is, they both know that fair is fair. That appears to be more than some people know. Expecting men and women to compete against each other in most sports events is just wrong. Then again maybe I am the one who is wrong. Maybe these people know it isn’t fair. In fact, I think they do. Certainly, if a dog understands fairness, certainly people who have letters following their name know something of fairness.

It sort makes things worse; doesn’t it?

Pets? Investments?

A number of years ago, someone came up with a brilliant idea that I wish I had – pet rocks. He went out and collected some rocks he thought had the right shape and cleaned them up. Then he painted eyes, nose and mouths on them. Then, of all things, he had the nerve to sell them as the perfect pets. He spoke of all the advantages. They were easy to take care of. They didn’t complain when you forget to walk or feed them. They don’t stain the carpet or jump up on you. They don’t bark or whimper all night… etc, etc and so forth.

Oddly, people bought them by the millions. Can you imagine that people bought something you can go out and pick up off the ground. I have no idea how much he made off the idea but it was far more than I did and he didn’t work nearly as hard.

It just goes to show, you don’t need to find things people need. All you need is just the right gimmick. You come up with the right idea, no matter how ridiculous and then, instantly, you’re a millionaire.

Ridiculous as the above is, someone came out with something even more absurd, a coin that neither exist nor has any intrinsic value. The things now sell for roughly $50 grand and they simply don’t exists except inside a bunch of servers. If those computers burp, a bunch of folks will lose a bunch of money and there will be no way to recover it. I don’t think I would even think twice about investing a dime in such a thing. I worked around computers most of my life and I found there are to many things that make them burp.

Personally, I think those that bought the pet rocks had more sense. At least they had something to show for their purchase.

Then again, maybe some of those buying the non-existent coins have less than lawful reasons for making such an investment. Also, those who sell the coins might realize it. I don’t know. Just guessing.


I have two dogs that have a sense of fairness. Any time I pet one, the other comes running over for attention. It’s a good thing I have two hands so I can pet them both at once. Naturally, when I give one a treat, I have to give the other a treat. It doesn’t matter where the other is in the house, when she hears me getting out a treat for the one the other comes running. And if I only have one bone it becomes a real problem. When I have but one bowl where I mixed tuna for my sandwiches, I have to give them turns or I will hurt the feelings of one of them. Actually, even that creates problems. The first one that has to wait just knows she won’t get hers. Then, of course, when I give the bowl to the other dog, the first one gets upset, but she does understand. They both know I was fair.

When I get the leash out, they just both know they are going to go on a walk but I always have to take them one at a time. When I get back from walking the first dog, the other is more than ready to go. Lately my leg is sore and my foot is swollen. I might have to go the doctor over it. At any rate when I got back with the first dog, I had to rest my leg a while. After about ten minutes, I took the second dog, then the first one thought it was her turn again.

I don’t know where they got their concept of fairness. Maybe it is because I’ve always tried to treat them fair. Maybe, in a sense they caught it from me.

The world in general is not fair, neither in the animal world nor in the business world. There are things that happen. When I was eleven, I broke my arm right in the middle of the baseball season. That was not fair in two respects. I did not get to play baseball and the major leagues never had a chance to see how well I played. All right. Maybe I wasn’t the greatest pitcher in the world, but I could throw the ball hard and I could place it within a four inch square consistently. (If I only knew how to throw a curve)

Fair not not, there are some people who do have some sense of fairness. Some will even give you a chance when you don’t deserve it. Then again, there are those who take the chance from you that you do deserve.

It is a shame that Biden does not have as much sense of fairness as my dogs do. There is just something wrong with man who can cheat on an election as he did. There is something wrong with a man who can copy another’s work and call it his own. (Some call that plagiarism; I call it thievery.) There is something wrong with a man that permits people to flow over the border when others work so hard to follow the rules. It is also unfair for those who already work here. The illegal aliens push the wages down of those who make their living by the sweat of their brow. By the way, unfair as it is, that usually means minorities. Hence he is unfair to those who need the fairness the most.

It is also true that it is unfair to deny others access to our land of plenty. However, if we allow everyone in here, it will not remain the land of plenty and we will no longer be able to provide help for peoples of other nations. We might even reach a point where we will not be able to help ourselves. Then who will help the starving?

It is true that we cannot pull others from the quicksand unless we first plant our own feet on solid ground.