Definition of a Dope-head

Dope-head: a person who takes dope, elicit drugs. More accurately, a person who abuses drugs. Root word, dope, so called because really dopey people take it, also people lacking basic intelligence.

Interesting side note: Hunter Biden is a dope-head. He is also the smartest person Joe Biden knows. I wonder what that says about Obama. (Wonder how long it will take Kamala Harris to ascend to The White House.)

Empty Nest

I guess you could say that we now have an empty nest. We have grandchildren that now drive. Both of our ‘kids’ live close to a thousand miles from us. So, nowadays, when Christmas comes around, we just try to find a restaurant open.

The problem is, with the Chinese virus this year, there are even less places open than normal. So, this year we decided to eat at home. It just so happened I was in a convenience store one night to buy milk and I saw these serving sized BBQ briskets that were chopped up bite sized. It looked pretty good.

Usually we eat turkey or ham for Christmas but this year we had brisket for a change. Nice thing was they were all set for the microwave. In four minutes, the main course was done. In fact, it took about the same time to make some mashed potatoes and heat some canned green beans.

Now I’m not going to say that it was a dinner for royalty, but it was good and we did enjoy it. Moreover, when we were done, cleanup was a minimum, about three minutes.

However, the two dogs also had Christmas dinner. I gave each a half can of dog food sprinkled with small kibble. On the side, they each had a half a can of spam. They each enjoyed their dinner, I dare say more than we enjoyed ours. The hitch was, they didn’t enjoy theirs nearly as long. I suspect they were done with theirs inside two minutes. Then, of all things, they wanted us to share ours with them.

Dogs! Really!

Well, the kids are nowhere around. I suspect after a year or two the dogs won’t be either. One is twelve, the other over thirteen. Both of them are have health problems. Then we will have an empty nest. With us being so old, we don’t dare get any more pets.

People & Robots

From the time I was ten, I was exposed to computers.  My brother, who designed the things, started exposing me to terms like bits and bytes long before they the public knew of them.  If I remember right, this was about 1958 or 1959.  I was already picking up general electronic terms as well.  I could read the color codes on a resistor almost as well as I could read the regular number system.  I didn’t use little limericks to memorize it either as others did.

One of the first things I learned about computers is that they are dumb.  They know less than nothing.  All their apparent intelligence must be programmed into them.  Even then, all results are completely predictable.  If a computer doesn’t do what it is designed to do, then something is wrong with it.

Let’s look at the most basic special purpose digital computer, the calculator.  Hopefully, every time you add the same two numbers, it should come up with the exact same result.  It is predictable.  If you get a different result, it is broke.  It is useless.  You might as well toss it because it is unusable.

We humans, on the other hand, are, at least to some degree, unpredictable.  You put ten men in the same situation and it is quite possible to come out with ten different results.

You see, when God made man, he gave us what is called a free will.  That is to say, for the most part, he lets us do what we want to do, though we frequently do what He doesn’t want to do.

He could have stopped Adam and Eve from eating the fruit, but then, Adam would not have had a free will.  And God wanted us all to have a free will.

To be sure, ultimately, God’s will is always accomplished.  At times, a man wants to do something that is completely against God’s will.  For instance, when God told Jonah to go to Nineveh, Jonah decided to go anywhere but Nineveh.  It was a direct collision of Jonah’s will with God’s and God decided His will would prevail.

Even at that, God didn’t just treat him like a robot.  Jonah was still able to rebel.  It was only by circumstances that He drove Jonah back to Nineveh, this even though Jonah would have preferred death to going to Nineveh.  Jonah still had the ability to exercise his free will, though without much success.

In the end, God accomplished at least two things.  First, the entirety of Nineveh repented from their evil and turned to God.  Second, He taught Jonah a few important lessons.  I don’t know.  Maybe He accomplished a few other things.  He can do things like that.  Certainly, the book of Jonah, to this day has a few lessons for us all.

Even so, I have come upon passages I simply don’t understand.  Such is the 15th chapter of Deuteronomy.  First time I read that, I was very perplexed.  In it, God instructs the master to give the slave a chance for freedom.  If the slave chooses to remain a slave to the master, the master is to punch a hole in the ear and put a ring in it.

  1. It does seem odd to me that any man should want to remain a slave.
  2. It seemed odd to me that God would sanction such a thing.
  3. Why should there even be a need for such a law?

Over time, my eyes were opened.  I found, oddly, there are people who like to be told what to do.  They like a world where they don’t have to make decisions.  I guess, to a small degree, I am in this category.  I don’t much care for being the leader.  I would much rather someone else make the decisions and I just do what I’m told.  However, sometimes I do get a little rebellious, or more likely, lazy.

It is common for us followers to get the idea that we would make a much better leader.  Yet, when put in the position of leading, we fail.

Now, what makes me bring this up?  I heard a statement made by a member of the Chinese Communist leadership that sort of opened my eyes the other day.  He said that in China, we follow orders.  You in the US do what you want.

So.  I guess that is what the socialists want us to do.  They want us to stop making decisions and just follow orders.  What we are to do, say and think should be all determined by the leadership, regardless of how inept that leadership is.  I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a recipe for disaster.  The primary problem is that leaders seldom have the good of everyone in mind.  They always get the best of everything, shelter, transportation, medical and food.  When two men need a liver transplant and one is in the leadership, guess who gets the liver.  The same goes for every other aspect of life.

This is the way it was in the USSR and they went bankrupt.  This is the way it is in China and they would not succeed without steeling all of our ideas.  Socialism discourages free thinking, which is the source of ideas.  Why invent the better mousetrap if you aren’t rewarded for it?

Nonetheless, let me go back to my three bullet points.  The answer to the first question is simple.  Some men don’t want to be free.  They like the idea of security being provided by the master, or in this case the state.  It is an easy life, to do what you are told and to think what you are told to think.  Some men prefer the easy life to freedom, even to the point that some ever prefer living in prison where everything is taken care of for them.

God sanctioned the practice for that reason.  It gave some men an out to taking care of themselves.  Also, oddly, to some degree, it kept them from choosing to be criminals.  Moreover, in that day, it seemed that there were strong voluntary bonds of friendship to be formed between slave and master.

When Abraham chose a servant to choose a wife for his son, the man could have just as easily left.  Apparently, Abraham trusted his servant and the servant loved his master.  Yet, the servant was wise in the way he chose the wife.  (By the way, God also provided some guidance.)

Third point, the law permitted the slave a choice.  If he wanted his freedom, the master had no recourse but to set him free.  No one could force him to stay with the master.

Today, in the US we don’t have such laws.  We no longer have slaves.  It does make me wonder, though just a little.  Just how things would have been in the days before the Civil War had the South been forced to conform to the aforementioned law.  I’m going to let you come to your own conclusions but I’m sure things would have been a lot different.

Today, we don’t have masters and servants.  We have employers and employees.  An employee is free to leave at any time.  An employer, within limits is permitted to dismiss an employee for cause.  The system seems to work well.  It would appear that the socialists don’t like the system.

I suppose many might suggest all sorts of reasons they don’t like it.  The out and out truth is simple.  It chips away at their effort for gaining power.  And power is their goal, no matter whose toes they step on, no matter who they have to climb over to get to the top.  Then when they get there they are the worst leaders.

It is a fact that the socialists are very good at spending money, not so much in making it.  Every blue state is falling apart financially.  At first it was slow.  Now it is rapid.  California seems to have lost one representative, perhaps the first time in recent history.  New York might lose two.  Texas and Florida will each picking up one.  Unless there is a change leadership, by the next census, California and New York may well lose a forth or more of their representatives.

The horrible thing is, the leaders of New York and California are expecting the people from Texas and Florida to bail them out and that is not right.  I say, let them fail and learn the lesson of socialism as did the USSR.

God did not make us robots.  He does not control us like robots but the socialists would just love to control us all.  They want us to shut up and take orders.  They want our brains to function like computers.  They demand we respect them while they don’t deserve the respect of a dog.

The Smartest People in the World

You ever notice how the democrats claim to be so smart, indeed they claim to be the smartest people in the world. They want to run your lives because you lack the ability to make basic decisions.

Then, when you catch them with the goods, when you catch them with their hand in the till, when you catch them breaking the law, then they plead the Sgt Schultz defense…”I know nothing.” “I don’t recall.” “I didn’t know.” “You mean my son is a crook?”

Concerning the voter frauds. Biden asks, “What fraud? I don’t see any fraud. I won that election fair and square.” The truth he knows better. After all, he is one of the smartest men in the world. If he can’t figure it out, actually he’s pretty dumb. Over half the country figured it out. If he doesn’t know, that would put him in the lowest fifty-percentile in the country.

Of course if you find any of them next to a dead body, it is slightly different. They suddenly become blind. “What dead body. I don’t see a dead body. Do you see a dead body? I can’t imagine how that got there.”

Some may say they are not responsible for any deaths. To those, I suggest you get your vision checked. Obama let over a million die. Ms. Clinton let at least four die, I would suspect more. The governor of New York State let thousands die in nursing homes. Not one of them will own up to it. Not one of them feels the least of a twinge of guilt. Instead, they ask, “What dead bodies? Does anyone see any dead bodies?”

The Perfect Husband

There is an old story, which I have heard half a dozen times from various sources. Though it isn’t true, it certainly represents truth in a number of ways. Certainly, I wish I could get a few million to read it, so if you want, please pass it on multiple times.

It is said that a woman spends years seeking out the perfect husband. When she finds and marrys him, the first thing she does is start changing him. Then, after a few years, she complains that he is no longer the man she married.

To be sure, the story does have direct application, though it is not always true. Some women are unable to change their husbands. A few women are smart enough to be happy with the husband they have. Then there are a few women who are never happy, no matter how perfect the husband is.

Okay. I am having a little fun. There is no such thing as a perfect husband. Still, there are some a lot closer than others.

The point is this. I would hope that after the dems go running into the perfect states (Texas, Tennessee, Florida, etc.) they won’t start trying to change them. The truth is that California used to be a near perfect state. I know. I lived there. It voted Reagan to governor twice. It used to have the best education system in the states.

They did have a few flaws. They voted moonbeam into the governorship twice. I have no idea how that happened. All those folks rushing in from other states and from south of the border have destroyed it, while trying to make it perfect.

It was the democrats that did it for the purpose of taking power. It used to be that people were rushing in. Now they are rushing out. Even the billionaire car maker has fled the state, and he’s a big liberal. Hope he doesn’t start turning Texas blue. We don’t need that. Texas does not need that. and, of course, the country does not need that.

Then again, I guess it doesn’t matter. The dems have perfected their voting methods. They may soon control all three branches of government completely. At that point, they won’t destroy just Texas but the whole country. Then, the ‘wife’ will no longer have the perfect husband, but also she won’t have anywhere to find another.

A Matter of Fear

Color me confused.

I looked around and I saw very few republicans fighting for our president. I didn’t know why. Then the cases started going to the courts. One by one they were turned down, not for the merits but for details. In one case the court turns down the case because the law was not yet broken. Then, later the same court turns down the case because they waited too long, same court – same case. Go figure.

Then, things started going to the Supreme Court. I figured surely that they would take a case or two, but they don’t. Again, the president doesn’t lose for lack of proof, but because of some detail. For the case Texas took before the court, they said they had no standing. Could it be that even the Supreme court was going to be a stickler for details? Besides, near as I could tell they had standing. Looked to me that they were afraid. It looked to me as if someone was holding a gun on each of them.

As I thought it over, I realized the whole country seemed to break out in the yellow stripes. I couldn’t figure out why. Just what is it that has caused so many to break out in to utter fear. No court wants to take any case. No court wants to rule in the president’s favor, though there is more than adequate proof. The truth be told, so far no court has even ruled on the proof. It seems everyone is afraid to.

Something seems to have several governors and secretaries of state scared stiff. The Georgia Secretary of State seems terrified. Every time someone asks to see the signatures on the mail in votes, without hesitation, he says, “Nope. Can’t do that.” What is he afraid that we might see? What is he hiding?

Then it dawned on me just what the was the source fear. I realized why everyone runs for the hills whenever someone suggests fraud. It is simple. No one, but no one wants to be convicted of being politically incorrect. They could be a case in court but in the court of public opinion….

They all know that the instant they provide any help for the president, they will be branded as a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist, or any one of a half dozen other labels they like to hang around the neck of a person who the left disagrees with.

It is a true reason for fear. If they brand you, it doesn’t just follow you to your grave but well beyond. It is a stench that is quite impossible to rid yourself of and nowadays everyone avoids the labels like the plague.

The left likes to compare the conservatives to the Nazis, the ones who wore the boots and khaki uniforms. Well, the left does not wear the boots or khaki uniforms, but they use the exact same tactics. Indeed, the Nazis could take a few lessons from those on the left. They seek to control what we do, what we say and oh yes, the way we vote. They strike fear into the heart of any man, woman or child who dares says or does anything politically incorrect. If they persist, they ruin their lives and the lives of those around them.

‘Global warming,’ ‘abortion rights,’ ‘Black Lives Matter, etc are all simple covers for communists movements.

I too have some fear. I’m not sure, but I am afraid that it is too late to do anything about it. It has all just swept under us all quietly and quickly in just a few short decades. As Lincoln said, our destruction is from within and it will be complete.

The Light At the End of the Tunnel

It would appear that the light at the end of the tunnel was daylight, which is a vaccination. That light was not only provided by President Trump, but he also shortened the tunnel. Instead of the tunnel being five years, as usual, it was but seven months.

This will save lives. This will help the economy. This will help thousands go back to work over four years earlier.

Dozens mocked him for saying it would arrive. Impossible they said. It can’t be done said others. Now, guess what? It’s here. Other than a few people on a couple of news programs, I have not heard anyone praise him for it. Seldom do you hear anyone voice their thanks. Still, there are those that mock and ridicule him.

I suppose, if it comes right down to it, I think it would kill all those naysayers to admit they were wrong and apologize. That would tear at their very souls to admit to their error. It is their pride that stands in their way.

And, of course, even if the vaccine saves their mother or father, they would never ever say thank you, even in private. What does that say about them? Maybe, just maybe they are far worse than what they called President Trump. If they got themselves a good mirror, they’d see that, that is, if they could stand to look at their reflections.

By the way, the president also has likely saved millions of lives in the future. Henceforth, if we need a vaccine, seven months will be the new norm, instead of five years.

Wendy’s, Are You Listening?

I suspect not. It think it would be more likely that Dave would hear me than the staff he left behind.

Just the same, if you are listening, you just lost a customer. I just finished a game of Free Cell and clicked on ‘New Game.’ Almost instantly, without warning, I heard this loud voice accompanying a Wendy’s add. I jumped three or four inches out of my seat. Once I recovered, I muted the sound and waited until the add was done. Learning my lesson, I think I shall mute the sound before clicking on new game again. That really was quite a start and it didn’t do my ears any good either.

Anyone else listening, you might take this as a warning. You pull this one on me and I won’t be your customer either. I will also have a tendency to speak badly of you as well. Maybe it won’t make any measurable difference but I think Dave would be ashamed of this add, especially if it happened to him in his later years.

Shame on you for scaring a man out of two years of his life, especially as I have so few left.

Some Folks Just Can’t Run an Election

It would appear that the Georgia secretary of state doesn’t know how to run an election. Actually, that fella in Pennsylvania doesn’t understand how either. We here in Mississippi might not know a few of those fancy things those boys in Georgia can do, but our election went off without a hitch. Most of the results were in by midnight. That fella in Georgia counted the votes three times and still got it wrong.

I’m sure if y’ll in Georgia need help, our secretary of state can teach ya. That goes for all y’ll up north like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin too.

By the way, Alabama got it right the first time too. I’m not sure when they were done, but my guess is you fellas were only about half done with your first count.

Well, I must admit, y’ll did have problems with that ‘water main.’ Glad to hear no one drowned. Still, that slowed you but a couple of hours. From what I understand, no one needed any boats after the minor flood.

Also, of course, y’ll have such massive populations. All y’ll had a lot more voters than Mississippi. I know how that works. You have twice the voters so it takes four times longer. I think all those fancy mathematicians call that exponential or something like that.

However, if that’s true, how did Florida get done so fast. And by the way, no one doubts their outcome. And, oh yes. Texas got done in a hurry too. No doubts about their results, either.

On the other hand, from what I understand New York is still counting votes. It seems every time they get done, they find another dozen ballots. California really isn’t doing much better, though I do think most of their races are settled. Then, mostly it doesn’t matter in most of those races who wins. With just a few exceptions, no matter who wins it’s a democrat… or might as well be.

I simply don’t understand it. How is it that a man with a college degree can’t run a fair & equitable election that people can trust. The truth be known, I don’t think any of them wanted to. If they did, Trump would have won and they didn’t want that. They wanted to put their fingers on the scale enough to put Biden in. Their plot just might have backfired in their faces. At this point, I doubt anyone with a brain would ever trust them to run a state fair. Come to think of it, it is probably easier to run an election than a state fair.

The Night of Destruction

It is plain to see. Even if there was no fraud, there was a heavy appearance of it. I heard one report that over 80% of the people believed there was fraud. I don’t know but I would suspect, truth known, it is more like 90%. I mean it is pretty obvious.

The election was stolen. However, it is far worse. In just one night, the democrats have managed to destroy all our faith in our electoral system. That is sad. It will take a long time to rebuild, if ever.