The Perfect Husband

There is an old story, which I have heard half a dozen times from various sources. Though it isn’t true, it certainly represents truth in a number of ways. Certainly, I wish I could get a few million to read it, so if you want, please pass it on multiple times.

It is said that a woman spends years seeking out the perfect husband. When she finds and marrys him, the first thing she does is start changing him. Then, after a few years, she complains that he is no longer the man she married.

To be sure, the story does have direct application, though it is not always true. Some women are unable to change their husbands. A few women are smart enough to be happy with the husband they have. Then there are a few women who are never happy, no matter how perfect the husband is.

Okay. I am having a little fun. There is no such thing as a perfect husband. Still, there are some a lot closer than others.

The point is this. I would hope that after the dems go running into the perfect states (Texas, Tennessee, Florida, etc.) they won’t start trying to change them. The truth is that California used to be a near perfect state. I know. I lived there. It voted Reagan to governor twice. It used to have the best education system in the states.

They did have a few flaws. They voted moonbeam into the governorship twice. I have no idea how that happened. All those folks rushing in from other states and from south of the border have destroyed it, while trying to make it perfect.

It was the democrats that did it for the purpose of taking power. It used to be that people were rushing in. Now they are rushing out. Even the billionaire car maker has fled the state, and he’s a big liberal. Hope he doesn’t start turning Texas blue. We don’t need that. Texas does not need that. and, of course, the country does not need that.

Then again, I guess it doesn’t matter. The dems have perfected their voting methods. They may soon control all three branches of government completely. At that point, they won’t destroy just Texas but the whole country. Then, the ‘wife’ will no longer have the perfect husband, but also she won’t have anywhere to find another.

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