While We Can

Invariably, the first thing tyrants do as they take over a country, it to silence populace.  One of the first things to disappear from a free country is the freedom to speak or publish freely.  It is odd here in the US that we have gained some freedoms of expression while we have lost others.  While books containing drag-queen literature is becoming prevalent, the Bible and literature about it are more frequently being banned.  If a teacher should have it on his desk, it just might be grounds for dismissal.

On the other hand, in my son’s intermediate school, the teacher thought it would be a good idea for all the students in the class to plot their astrological charts.  May I say, astrology is more of a religion than Christianity?

However, my point today only brushes with the subjects.  My real concern is beyond the argument of which religion is or isn’t true.  The fact is that Christianity is currently hated more than any religion from any country, and this includes religions that openly worship the devil.  Indeed Satan worship is protected in all military services and all chaplains are required to honor it.  It seems it is completely contrary to the reason to have chaplains in the first place.

To be sure, every time someone raises a voice against the way Christianity is treated, whoa to he who speaks it.  Oddly, in some cases, it is a person right within the church that speaks ill of him who has the nerve to say that homosexuality is wrong, though God, himself speaks against it many times.  For sure, it is the primary, if not the only reason for the utter destruction of Sodom and Gomorra.  It is at least one reason that God Brought Israel into the promise land.  God, through the hand of Moses said as much, though most would like to ignore it.

Most times, it’s not a matter of knowing right from wrong.  The vast majority of us know from our youth.  The two problems are getting people to admit to the obvious and then do that which they know to be right.

Let us take a look at it.  Do you find Bibles in porn stores?  When you enter a bar, will you see reruns of Billy Gramm sermons on the TVs?  Of course not.  To the current public, there are many other things more important, not to mention, they can get embarrassing…seeing such things in such places.  It is as if we can keep God from seeing us if we leave our Bibles at home.

So now.  I guess we can’t take our Bibles to school.  Why?  Because we just might do something that the Lord will disapprove of?  I guess, when it come comes to sex ed.; we really don’t want God looking over our shoulder.  We certainly don’t want God to see the encouragement of killing the unborn.  Boy, would that get in the way.

So, our neighbors, our community, our government is doing what they can to shut us up.

So, before they do.  Before they remove from us the most important right of all, while we still can, perhaps it is time to say something.  Or we may not be able to say anything.  While we still can, maybe we should remind one and all, just cause you say it’s right, doesn’t make it so.

If we lose the first amendment, most certainly the rest of our freedoms will soon follow.  Then.  You just might think, I should have said something.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the subject of Frequently Asked Questions, I have this to say.  Are they truly frequently asked?  Out of all the times I have ever consulted frequently asked questions, I never found the one for which I needed an answer.  Worse yet, I could never find a category.  They always list 4, 5 or 6 categories, then “Other.”  Then when I look under other, I can’t find my question there either.  Not a thing comes close.

I guess that either makes me weird or their questions aren’t as inclusive as they would like to imply.  Moreover, it would seem that I am mostly on my own.  Frequently, I actually figure things out, though it takes some time.  On the other hand, I just tried to install a product that should have not taken over 3 hours to install.  I gave up after 16.  I don’t need any piece of software that I can’t install after 16 hours.  Moreover, it was also difficult to de-install.  Moreover, it was difficult to use.

Taught me a lesson or two.  Next time I am going to install something, I will make sure to mark the spot so I can return to whence I came.  Even that brings me angst.  I have not yet established much trust in the ability of the software that can restore that well.

Be that as I may, the whole thing prompted a thought.  Maybe the US government could establish a frequently asked question web site.  I’m not suggesting it would help much but it would be interesting just what questions they would post and what kind of answers they would concoct, for instance, “What is a woman?”

God’s law was clear, “Though shalt not murder.”  Simple.  Requires little in the way of explanation.  On the other hand, the government at every level has pages and pages on the subject.  Can you imagine querying murder on frequently asked questions?  Did you say you have a day or two to read the reply?

How about something on the subject of abortion.  No problem for the dems…any time, any place, by someone with an MD after his name.  No follow-up exam necessary.

Then, there is the matter of theft.  All you can get away with as long it has a value of less than a grand.  And, by the way, if someone stops you, you can sue their socks off, and get them too.

Contrary to the commandment, we are not to honor our parents.  The job of parenting has been turned over to the daycares, schools and colleges.  In short the government.  By the way, we’d better not forget it or the FBI will be after us.

Incidentally, if we ask who should be in control, it’s the dems.  We best not forget that either or we will be tossed in the hoosegow and we’ll not see the light of day for years, if ever.

I guess it would be a bad idea to look for that on the FAQ list.  They will look for you and prohibit you from publishing a book, being on TV or radio.  Your name will instantly be mud, perhaps literally.

Incidentally, lest I forget, bribes too are wrong, even the ones that are completely legal. The Bible does make that perfectly clear. You wouldn’t doubt what this had you read the entire Bible. It really is in there, plain and simple to see for all. It says something about the way bribes cloud judgement. I am sure that is indisputable, even if you do not believe what is written.

Tell Me Why

Tell me why it is that we have women’s golfing.

Tell me why it is that we have Women’s basketball.

Tell me why it is that women rarely compete against men in baseball, football, and even tennis.  I’m not sure, but I think there is a separation between men and women’s table tennis.  Last time I checked, there are no men trying to get on women’s volleyball teams and not so many women trying to compete in the world men’s volleyball.  (Come to think of it, do colleges have volleyball teams?)

Then, one day a man who claims to be a woman gets on the college women’s swimming team.  Can you tell me why this is permitted?  Has the world simply lost all concepts of the obvious?

Let’s see.  I guess there are a few women that can beat a few men at arm wrestling, but, push come to shove, no woman will ever become the world champion.  It is highly unlikely too many women will even make it passed the preliminaries.  Yet, of course, many men will win in the women’s category of weight lifting.

It is stupidity on stupidity.  It is ignorance poured on ignorance.  Men and women are biologically different, regardless of what anyone might try to say to the contrary.

As a side note, isn’t it just wonderful having a Supreme Court justice who can’t provide a definition of a woman?  Is this something good for our country?

As a side, side note.  The newest justice was selected because she is a woman and black.  I guess ol’ Joe still knows the difference.  Moreover, she was selected out of a field of the “Best” women for the job and the “Best” Black woman for the job…according to Joe Biden.  If I were a black woman and was selected to be a Supreme Court justice, I would not consider that much to be pound of.  She was selected from approximately 7 or 8 percent of the population of the country.  It is not likely, but possible that 93 percent of those in the country would be a better pick.  They were never considered.

Just maybe someone might tell me why the justice has to be a black woman.  Wouldn’t it be better had she been selected from the best of the judges, regardless of gender or color.  Perhaps a black woman would have been selected and that would have meant much more.  I’m sure there are many black women judges who are highly qualified.  Some might even know the difference between a man and a woman.

A New Wonder Plane

Just saw it on the web…an electric powered seaplane capable of a hundred miles with 19 passengers. Now let’s see. That means it can go between L.A. or San Diego and Catalina. maybe without a recharge. That means it can go from L. A. to San Diego. I suspect it would take a few stops to go from L. A. to San Francisco.

That is a somewhat limited range though there is an advantage. Should the fuel…er, the charge, start running low, as long as it is over water, it can just about sit down anywhere. No need to look for a runway. On the other hand, it could be a long swim to shore.

I kind of like the idea of seaplanes. If I were a billionaire, I just might buy one. However, I think mine would be powered by gas. Much better to fly than swim.

Okay. That is just over the edge. I shouldn’t say things like that when people are doing what they can to save our planet. However, sometimes a person has to go over the edge a little to get people to that we are a long ways from truly practical electric planes. I did see the photo of the plane, though. It looks nice. Put a couple of gas guzzling engines on it, and they just might have a product they can sell.

This Is News?

Just finished watching what was loosely called overnight CBS news. My best guess was about some comedian discontinuing his late night program.

They called it news. Looked a whole lot more like an info-mercial to me. Wish they would really do a better, more informative job of labeling their programming. Then too, it was just that. A wish. I should know better by now.

E. R. M. (Electric Riding Mowers)

Some, a few might remember, some time ago, I predicted them. After using my electronic push mower a few weeks, it seems the logical progression.

Therefore, I had no surprise when I saw a number of them on display, but for over $5k. Really?!

I don’t know. Maybe someone saw my suggestion and designed the things. For the sake of my ego, I will say it was my idea first. However, my idea was simple, something that might cost a little less than a grand. I mean, all you need is put a seat on the mower I have and add some power wheels. My goodness. Did anyone hear of keep it simple stupid!?

I started doing the math. If I pay a kid 10 dollars a week, 26 weeks a year, that’s 260 a year. In ten years, I’m still better off paying the kid and I don’t need to get out in the summer heat.

I guess it is okay for some with really big lawns, but mine is not that big.

Besides, if I pay the kid, I save the cost of the electricity. On the other hand, if I ever get a 1 or 2 acre lot, I will likely buy the big expensive one. I mean, unlike electronic cars, the mower would always be near a charging station… that is as long as the power grid holds.

I Don’t Do Surveys

I have had a little to say about surveys already, but maybe it is a good time to revisit the idea. The problem with the surveys is the wording of the questions. Many times, there is no true answers. They ask true false questions when the reply is neither true nor false. They ask multiple choice questions when they don’t have my answer listed. Unfortunately, they do not include a choice of none of the above.

Generally, after the 1st 3 or 4 questions, I know the purpose of the survey and who is behind it. Without doubt, the questions are worded to benefit those sponsoring the questionnaire. Indeed, the survey is obviously intended to affect opinion more than determining opinions.

The promp for me writing this is a request for my cellphone phone provider to take a survey. Thought about taking it just to gather evidence. You think, maybe those questions just might be worded without bias? I think not.

On the other hand, if you want my opinion on my provider, I will be glad to tell anyone. But don’t expect it to be either rosey or horid. However, there is one thing I would like to tell one and all. They have included some things on the phone that I cannot remove. For instance; I can’t remove tic toc. There are holidays on the calendar that cannot be removed. Perhaps worst, I keep setting the ‘do not disturb ‘ function unintentionally and without knowing it. As a result I missed 5 calls, 3 of which were important… sort of the reason I carry a cell phone.

It does make me wonder if that was in some way on their survey.

And, oh yes. I am still wondering how I turned the do not disturb function on. Just maybe I’ll find out one day…hopefully before I miss another important call, as when my wife is desperately trying to call me.

Dems Complain About Gun Sales

According to the news media, the Democrats are complaining about the recent increase in gun sales.

Me thinks they need a lesson on cause and effect. Most, including myself are considering buying guns because of the rise in crime. I assure you, if I buy a gun, it will not cause crime. On the other hand, it just might decrease it some.

Just maybe, if the dems decrease crime, such as riots, arson, pilfering and outright murder, we’d not have as much urge to spend the money for our training, weapon(s), ammunition and practice to keep ourselves safe.

And, by the way, if any of us does need to defend ourselves and families, we stand stand the rea1 risk of imprisonment. Which can result the family being left out in cold. Still better than the wife and kids waking up dead because some no account DA is not doing his duty.

At the very least, a person using his gun in his defense will need to defend his actions, perhaps even without ever shooting it. Indeed, it is illegal to brandish a weapon, even though brandishing the gun might save multiple lives, including the assailants.

As near as I can tell, a lot depends on the DA. As in Rittenhouse’s case, the DA went after him for about a year. I cannot imagine what he paid for lawyers. In the end he won, but it could have gone the other way. He could be sitting in prison while most the rioters would go free. I just might be wrong, but I don’t think the DA went after one of the arsonists, even though I don’t think any of them can claim they set the fires in self defense.

Me thinks the DA is a LITTLE biased. And such might be the case for any person firing a weapon in self defense.

IIncidentally, in every case of self defense, there is a true crime, the assault by the one wounded or killed. Without the attack, there is no need for the defense!

Wrong Strategy

I don’t know why the bunch trying to prove fraud used the strategy. It was all wrong. The world was busy covering it up before the election was over. The approach should have been an attempt to prove they did not obey the law. Now only could it easily be proved but some of the guilty outright admitted it.

Now we have a big, awful settlement, likely settled for convenience and appearance than for any wrongdoing. Many good lawyers suggested that FOX might have beat it. I don’t know. I’m not a lawyer. However, now FOX will be far more careful of what they say and about whom. It only gave the dems more encouragement.

On the other hand, if they had said they did not follow the law, the dems would not have sued and it would have been much worse for the dems.

As an aside, we might have done better in 2022 and Fauci might be in prison for the next thousand years.

Yesteryear and Now

In the 1950s and 1960s, if my memory serves me correctly, there were more guns per capita than now. Moreover, the so-called assault rifle, the AR15 more easily purchased then than now. Yet, it is only in the last couple of decades that the gun started being used as now. What do you suppose the reason is.

Well, let’s see. Back then people respected life. The respected law. And, of course, they spent much more time praying. They spent a lot more time in church. Abortion was not available on demand. Most children had both mothers and fathers. Divorce was not nearly as easy or as prevalent as now.

People can deny it all day long but I do believe the evidence is before us.

Oh yes. One more thing. Back then, you commit a crime, especially with a weapon, you generally went behind the big walls. It was something of a foregone conclusion. Now, you shot someone in NY, NY, you’re out on the street the next day, without having to pay a penny in bail. Sort of negates the teeth in the law, doesn’t it? It does advertise, crime without punishment.

Then again, it is that way because it is the way Joe and the dems like it.