The Inevitable Result of the Pipeline

It is one of those old laws so to speak of the pipeline. If what you put in is bad, most likely what you get out the other end will be bad. So let’s take a quick look at the pipeline and what we are putting in and just what is coming out.

We put in children from broken Godless homes. We send them through schools where no one can say anyting about God, or even speak the truth about good and evil without someone losing his job. We teach that mankind has no greater importance than a whale, porpoise or ape, and the kids come out believing all things they are taught.

If a person is no more than an animal, but more intelligent and with apposing thumbs: if all man is doing is destroying plants, animals and the climate, then why not believe he has improved the world by destroying some of the horrible human inhabitants?

Don’t all animals go around killing others, even of their own type? Why shouldn’t men kill other men? We are only soulless animals as all the others.

Indeed, as a society, we kill even the youngest and most innocent. Joe speaks as if it is our duty kill babies before they have a chance to breathe the air we breath, to be sure, before they are protected by law.

If there are any statistics, I suspect they would prove at least 8 out of 10 killers come from broken homes where the Bible was never read.

And so it would seem that I’m blaming broken homes for all the shootings. Nothing could be farther from the truth. God tells us we each are responsible for our own actions.

After all, Eve blamed the snake. Adam blamed Eve and even implied God was guilty because He made Eve for him.

Mankind always looks for excuses, a way out. Yet, when we do we always make things worse. So, Joe tries to blame the weapon instead of the shooter. That makes about as much sense as Cain blaming the rock for his killing Able. You notice even Cain was not that dumb.

I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it till the day I die. The time to pray is before the disasters. Afterwards is too late. But then, the government won’t let us pray beforehand, only after.

So, the pipeline made up of broken homes and atheist schools keeps turning out kids who know not the difference between good and evil. To that degree, society is guilty. How can they know right from wrong when no one is permitted to teach them.

God’s Solution

Okay. It has been close to a week since the last tragedy. Horribly, 19 kids and 2 teachers were killed. We have heard the solutions barked out repeatedly by the dems, including the occupier of the Oval Office. It would seem, according to them, it is as simple as outlawing guns.

I see two errors in that logic. Guns have been available since before the Constitution and mass killings have only started in about the last 40 years. Certainly, the problem wasn’t around when I graduated high school.

In the 1960s, the gun laws were minimal. When the shootings started, the gun laws increased. If they would be effective, the shootings would have decreased. Obviously, they had no effect. Indeed, the shootings have only increased.

On the other hand, the Republicans want us to turn our schools into fortresses. Perhaps we need motes around them with draw bridges. We need high windowless stone walls.

I don’t yet know but that might actually work. However, there are still weaknesses in such a plan, though I will not go into the reasons now. They should be obvious.

Instead, I ask why should anything be done? Certainly, I am not suggesting that we shouldn’t do anything. Rather, I ask why the necessity? What happened 40 years ago that started the killings?

To understand, we must look at four things that had its beginning in 50s and 60s

First, and most importantly, Americans began an indifference toward God, His word and His law. This caused many other problems.

Satin and his his minions, the communists, the atheist and people who claimed to have an expert knowledge of the human mind…particularly the child psychologist, started teaching ideas contrary to the Word of God.

As things started turning south, these minions began blaming anything and everything but themselves.

As time went by, the minions turned their attack toward the family, knowing the family is the basic building block of any nation.

Then they turned towards destruction of the schools. Beginning with the colleges, the college students undermined every element of our culture.

The result is that this country bears little resemblance to the 1950s.

Now, they have set their sights on the Constitution, specifically on the 1st and 2nd amendments, which are the most important ones. While on the way to these goals, they are well on the way to destroying our voting systems.

So, what should we do. It’s simple but so difficult. Turn back to God. If the people would turn back to God, the families will be healed and their will be no need for gun laws or motes around our schools.

It is God’s solution and it is the only one that will work. Everything else will fail.

The closer a people are to God, the simpler the solutions

The farther a people are from God, the more difficult the problems.

All Right So Far!

Let me pass on a word of wisdom. You should not always judge things by your current circumstances. Sometimes things change. Mostly things change: sometimes for the better, frequently for the worse. I guess, to some degree, the Marines made a skeptic of me. It seemed every bad rumor came true while the good ones vaporized into… well they disappeared.

It reminds me of the optimist who fell from a 40 story building. It seems that he was head to say as he passed each floor, “I’m all right so far!” Well, circumstances were likely going to change for that optimist, and soon. It does not take long to fall 40 stories.

And so it is in life. The atheist is heard to say, “There is no God. Moreover, you see what I do and I never receive a punishment. Look around at all that goes on. Would a righteous God permit this?” He thinks in the present. At his birthday each year he is heard to say, “All right so far!”

The fall for that optimist is short. The life for that atheist is also short. Things will change and possibly sooner than he thinks. That fall from that roof is predictable. Life is not. Any day, life can bring death for any of us. If the atheist is wrong, his death is only the beginning of his pain. It might be a good reason to take another look at your theories on God and his promises and warnings.

A Hope and a Fear

After the court heard arguments on Mississipp’s abortion law, my hopes are rising as well as my fears. It is possible, perhaps probably that the court might let the law stand. It’s even remotely possible that Roe v Wade will be overturned.

My fear is that those FOCs will pass a law that would make it moot. They do currently have the majority in both chambers. Worse, I fear that there are plenty of RINOs that would be glad to help them.

When Is a skateboard a Club?

The short answer is, “When someone is beating someone over the head with it.”

Though the above should be casual to the most obvious observer, that stupid prosecutor in the Rittenhouse case clearly is unaware of this fact. Surely, if it was not covered in law school, he should be able to figure it out all by himself. Hence, my use of the adjective, stupid. He should have to have a sign with word on it hanging from his neck.

God warns us whoa to him who calls evil good and good evil. The prosecutor called self-defense murder. I think this somewhat meets the criteria. Moreover, it seems to be the practice of many prosecutors today to charge the innocent with crimes and let thieves and killers go free.

My biggest example is Fauci, who’s activities led to deaths of millions. Why is he not in jail while who knows how many innocent people people remain in prison for January 6. Where is their speedy trial guaranteed to them by the highest law of the land.

On the other hand, President Trump and many of his associates were prosecuted and impeached with bogus evidence by prosecutors, democrat representatives and a fake media, all of them on the rampage without rhythm or reason.

Not Quite Right

I received a pamphlet the other day from a church, if I remember right was in Kentucky. It did attract my curiosity being as I live near Memphis. Nonetheless, I started reading it. I found a list of things they believe.

As I started out, it did seem reasonable. Then I arrived at the statement that said that we are saved and remain saved as long as we remain faithful to the end. At that point, I immediately threw the package away. I determined that it was all counterfeit, the church and the writing and likely their teaching.

I must admit that it does sound reasonable but God said there is a way that seems right to man but the end of it is destruction. (Loose quote. You are welcome to look it up. If you can’t, ask someone to help you.)

The problem is that the statement is simply not biblical. You can look it up for yourself. The fact is that when a person is saved, the Holy Spirit puts His seal on you and it cannot be removed by anyone but God and God will not remove it. He promises eternal salvation not salvation until you mess up. He takes on all your sins: Past, Present and future. He is well aware of all of them. He was well aware of them as he began to lay the foundations of the world. Not the least of them nor the greatest of them will surprise him at all.

Moreover, the god that is presented in the pamphlet is pretty mean. Can you imagine him saying to someone who was saved, Sorry. Can’t let you in. Five minutes before you died, you lost your salvation.”

The idea also assumes a person might be saved multiple times. If not, once a person lost his salvation, he would be forever lost. I don’t think my God is like that. My God saved me when I was 13 years of age and He will not lose his grip on me, though I live to 140. (or even a thousand and forty) He can do that. He promised that He will. It is but one reason why he deserves our faith, our love, our respect our thanks as well as our worship and our devotion. Why would anyone want to turn his back on a God such as that. Strange as it may seem, none lose their salvation, though they may lose the joy of their salvation. Moreover, for many reasons, he just might take such a person home early.

Oh. By the way, one more thing. God does not chastise those he has not saved, only those to whom he has given eternal life. If you can do things you know are sinful and not feel the rod of God, you just might not be among those He has saved. You might want to think about that.

Just a Little Speculation

With all the prophecies, we can really get carried away with what the future holds. Most of the prophecies have or soon will be fulfilled. One only need open his eyes to realize it is true.

However, recently something occurred to me. Hardly anyone considers the past. To be sure, some have considered what Salomon’s home looked like, let alone the Temple. But my imagination has longings to go back farther than that; before the original sin.

By inspiration, Moses gives us a short glimpse of just what it might have been. Maybe I’m wrong. God did speak to Moses. Maybe God told him what it was like. Perhaps he even provided a quick vision of it.

Yet, we are told only that Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden and approximately where it was. Beyond that, we know very little of it.

I have seen places and I have seen photos of places that are grand and beautiful. I have seen photos of the a waterfall near the Grand Canyon that seemed to be as nice and as beautiful as the garden must have been. However, by logic we know it was nowhere near the equivalent.

God turned over the garden to Adam and Eve, not to just sit and admire it, but to work it. Yes, even back then man had to work. I would guess, however, it was Adam’s a work love. Oddly, some men today like to work on gardens so it’s not that much of a stretch to believe. However, when he worked the garden, there were no weeds. The weeds and thistles we are told did not occur until after the fall.

My best guess is that everywhere Adam looked there was food. We are also told that water came up from the ground to water the garden. It would appear that Eve did not have to carry a sprinkling bucket to water the flowers.

I would expect the world was a whole lot different back then. Even so, I would expect that it underwent the greatest change during and after the flood. I am not being all that speculative when I say that it may not have rained before the flood. First there others that have suggested it might be. After all, the rainbow apparently did not occur until after the flood.

At this, my imagination goes wild. I will not know how accurate these speculations are in this lifetime. In a way, I am looking forward to finding out if I am right.

My vision of the earth before the flood is one where most of the water was underground. There were far less extremes of mountains and valleys. Likely, there was no ocean. I am not saying that was the way it was. It just is that, in my mind it fits. There would be far more land and I also suspect the atmosphere was thicker, perhaps twice as thick.

Scientist tell us that a meteor hit the planet somewhere in Gulf of Mexico. Perhaps. God just might have sent it. Nonetheless, a major change occurred. The water came up out of the earth. The valleys depend and the mountains rose, perhaps the result of the meteor shattering the crust of the earth.

Thinning of the atmosphere might have occurred at this time. After all, we have found evidence of huge dragon flies. That would only be possible with an atmosphere that is rich in oxygen. Insects breath through their skin, not lungs as reptiles and mammals.

Now there I go, speculating and I’m not supposed to do that. Nonetheless, we know three things. Before man’s fall, man lived in a paradise. Because of man’s fall, we live in a world where evil is attempting to overthrow God’s creation. One day, God will set it straight again. I suspect it will be better than before.

We, God’s most prized creation, are given a choice. Do we spend our eternity with him or do we spend eternity in pain and suffering. This is not speculation. If you chose Christ as your savior, you will spend eternity in a place better than The Garden of Eden. If you don’t, your punishment awaits you.

The men in Noah’s time did not believe him that a flood would come. They were given years to repent, all the time that Noah spent working on the ark. When God closed and sealed the door on the ark, perhaps millions of men died. They were given their chance and they mocked Noah, and in effect God too. Today, they are still suffering for their decision. The suffering did not stop with their death. The real suffering only stated.

God is patient. He loves us very much. But when He decides close the door of salvation a person, He will punish those who have chosen to turn from Him.

Ecclesiastes 9:11

The chapter and verse are easy to remember, the date of the attack on the World Trade center. The meaning of the word, Ecclesiastes is traditionally teacher or probably more accurate, preacher. Being as preachers do teach, it might mean both. Most attribute the book to Solomon. If, after going to heaven, we find out he was not the author, we will be a little surprised.

In the passage of 9:11 and a little beyond, the preacher tells us something a little unusual. He says in many ways that the winner of a contest is not always the one best equipped to win. The swiftest might not win the race. It does not give a reason, but my is guess three fold. First, desire does play an important part in winning any contest. Indeed, even the training is prompted by desire. Second, the swifter just might pull a muscle. It has happened. Third, the faster contestant just might trip or stumble. Even a momentary loss of footing can slow the runner enough to lose the race.

In the passage, the preacher attributes it to chance. Now let’s see. I’m 73. do you really think I stand a chance against a well trained 20 year-old. I don’t think it will happen. Yet, when David slung his stone, he brought down a giant much larger, better armored and better trained then himself. The Bible is full of passages where the Israelite armies overcame armies much greater than their own.

I think we can say, without doubt, God can and does determine the outcome of battles and wars. I do believe that our Revolutionary War is an example, though it is not written in stone. On the other hand, look at how the Jew did battle with those who tried to push them out and into the Med. I mean, that first effort by those Arabs was ridiculous. The Arabs had all the training, all the tanks and planes. On the other hand, the Jews didn’t even speak the same language. If you can’t accept that God had a part in that, you can’t see too well…and I don’t mean with your eyes.

I am not saying that God takes a direct part in all wars, though he always knows and permits the results. Sometimes, as the preacher said, it is coincidence. However, when a small army overcomes a large army, I think we can attribute it to divine intervention, poor training or a matter of desire.

Let’s look at how quickly the Taliban overtook the larger and better equipped Afghan army. I’m not sure, but I don’t think God played a direct role in it. Nether the the Taliban nor the Afghan worship the one true God. I may be wrong. God might have had another reason to intervene, one I don’t see.

However, looking at it from the purely human aspect, I attribute it to desire and training. The Taliban, might not have had the equipment but they did have experience and desire. The Afghans certainly had the equipment, but as soon as the fighting started, they turned and ran. That is lack of desire and training. To some degree, from my own experience, desire is part of training.

I do think it does say something about our generals. As one anchor person said today, while the Taliban were busy overrunning the Afghans, our generals are busy teaching woke-ism. It would appear that we are too busy performing social experiments in our military today to teach fighting. If we don’t stop it, we will look just as bad as the Afghans. Our enemies will be able to walk over us and they will not even need the help of the Almighty…nor coincidence.

The priority of our military should be to train to fight. That means teaching. That means toughening, mentally as well as physically. That means making those who fight for us to be as steel. We should always put our faith in God, but not luck. Coincidences will not always work in our favor, especially if we turn away from God.

Warnock, Really?

I’m not a Georgia citizen. So, unlike so many others, I am going to keep my nose out the Georgia race, tempting as it is. There is however one thing I feel the need to point out. Warnock either has very little knowledge of the Bible or he likes to lie about it. I guess, in a way, it is somewhat the same. If he lacks the knowledge, then he speaks under pretense, which is sort of like lying.

Regardless, he suggested that we should give money to the government so that the government can give to the poor. Sorry, Warnock. It is not in the Bible though there are a number of people that do make the same mistake. In general, those that are prone to the mistake are communists, being as that is their pretense.

On the other hand, the Bible suggest voluntary giving, mostly directly to those in need. There is not even the hint that the government should get involved. This sort of makes sense being as those in government generally take more than their share when they redistribute the wealth.

By the way, the Robin Hood idea does not apply either. Robin Hood stole from the rich government and gave to the poor people, those from whom the extravagant taxes were are taken. So you see, even from the human aspect, his ideas are stupid.

Warnock falls into the category of people I call controllers. They preach communism but that is but just the jewel meant to distract. What he really wants to do is to control. He wants to control what you do, what you say, and even what you think. Some might call that an opinion. I call it obvious.


Today, I received a pamphlet in the mail from Catholics. I do not know if it was a church or just an organization. Nonetheless, I noticed that the pamphlet had a paragraph on purgatory. It surprised me because I thought they gave up on that hoax. The scam had been uncovered ever since Bibles were readily available and people could read the scripture for themselves.

Nonetheless, this is the hoax. When a person dies, they go to purgatory during which time they pay for all the wrong they did. If someone, usually a relative provided things of value to the church, then it could be used to lessen the time the person spends in purgatory. Hence, wealth was used to help relatives into heaven.

There is one thing that the wealth accomplishes to this day. It makes the Catholic church rich. It was the whole purpose of the hoax. The Catholic church needed money. So, one of the clerics came up with this idea.

Firstly, there was no talk of purgatory until centuries after Jesus’ resurrection.

Second, if you have a word processor and you were to load the entire Bible into it; then did a word search on purgatory, you would not find it. It is not there. There is nothing there that resembles it. Certainly, Jesus did not use the term. He used the term hell and He used the term Heaven. On at least one occasion, He used the term paradise, but not purgatory. If there were such a place, don’t you think He would have said something about it?

Third, Jesus made it quite clear. There are those who will go to heaven and there are those who will go to hell. There was no mention of purgatory.

Finally, a word about wealth. No one, but no one can purchase salvation. If there was a purgatory, God would not want anyone’s wealth. If God wanted it, he could make more wealth than what is on earth. However, wealth serves Him no purpose. For what is He going to use it?

Moreover, if you stack all your good works on top of each other, it would not begin to reach to heaven for just one person. God is not impressed by anything you do in your pride. The only thing he respects are the things you do in the name of Jesus. That which is done without faith in Jesus is as filthy rags.

It is one of the biggest lies that Satan teaches, that we can impress God with what we do with our hands or what we give him without faith. Certainly faith in the Catholic church will gain you nothing. On the contrary. In God’s eyes it is idolatry. God’s word should be the foundation for our faith, not some edict from Rome.