Who is Talking?

I’ve seen the same commercial dozens of times. I’m sure the man or woman that designed it will be glad to know that I am well aware that there are 2 scoops of rasins in the rasin bran.

On the other hand, I never bought for a second that the sun was really talking. It was some man speaking into a microphone and pretending. I have it on good authority that suns, moons and planets lack voices or brains. Besides, they are horrible at taking direction.

Hence, I will never have any idea of who the voice is behind the sun in the commercial. On the other hand, I do have a few guesses as to who the puppeteers are that control the puppet in the oval office. It seems to take a team. Some control what he says. Some control where he goes, when he sits or stands. Occasionally, someone tells him to raise his voice or when to whisper. Truth is we all know. All we need do is look to see. It’s sort-of casual to the most obvious observer.


Anyone who has read any of my books knows that I am prone to mistakes. I leave words or phrases out or I put them in twice. In some cases I redundantly use also at the front of a sentence and use too at the end. In spite of every effort, I use there instead of their and vice-versa. Don’t know why. I really do know the difference.

When I wrote “Survivors,” I realized I had a tendency to spell the word ers instead of ors. So before I released the book, I did a search on “survivers,” and made 5 corrections. Then of all things, when I released the book, I spelt the title ers. Now that’s dumb and I was prompted reminded of it. I thanked the woman and made the correction. By the way, others who read the book liked it.

Now, it would seem that the dems are trying to convince us that Fauci and his friends were simply making mistakes about the China virus (the spread, the masks, closing schools, the source, etc, etc. and so forth) Here’s news for Fauci and all his comrads. Even I don’t make that many mistakes. That tells me it was all on purpose. It means they caused millions of deaths on purpose, as in intentionally.

If it was all by mistake, maybe that’s worse… that we would have someone in charge of our national health even more prone to mistakes than me.


It makes a person wonder about the loyalty of the leadership of AARP. Are they more loyal to their members from whom they get millions or to corporate bribers, from whom they get hundreds of millions.

Do you suppose that was why they came out in favor of Obama care even though most of their members were agin-it.

Informed Consent

Even though I had a 100 % blockage of one of my heart arteries, the doctor required what is called an informed consent. It means he has to tell me what he was going to do, the reasons and the risks.

Though my chest felt very badly after the 4 bypasses, he did me a great service. Considering it was over 15 years ago, I’d likely be pushing up daisies today if I did not have the procedure.

It was not the only time I had such conversations with doctors. Indeed, before a person can have a tooth filled, the dentist needs a signed consent form, technically, an informed consent form.

In addition, the doctor is responsible for maintaining a safe environment for any procedure he will undertake. Finally, all responsible doctors provide proper follow-up to make sure there are no complications.

On the other hand, none of these things were required for the abortionists. 12 and 13 year-olds were rushed to hospitals by parents not having a clue what was wrong. Then, the parents end up paying out a small fortune for complications from the abortion done a week ago.

Many of the states have recently changed this. Some have not. For those who have young daughters, I’d strongly suggest you move to a state where this sort of thing won’t happen. It would be best to avoid states that allow abortions. At least move to a state that require true informed consents and parental consent for minors. Maybe we can hope and pray for the rest of the states.

Really, you might ask yourself. Can a 12 year-old truly provide an informed consent. It is the least that should be required before an abortionist stops a beating heart. It is the least that should be required in light of true dangerous complications that are possible.

Finally, is it too much to require proper clinical environments and follow up.


The recent train derailing in Ohio has resulted in the following solid proof.

  1. dems are only interested in ecology when it is politically adventurous for them. You notice how Joe and Pete and their dem friends are trying to ignore the obvious disaster.
  2. dems can’t fix the disasters when they try. Politics, they are good at. Impeachment of guiltless presidents, they are well experienced at. Accomplishments of real work, not so much.
  3. Anything, especially oil can be shipped by pipes far more safely than train or truck. And by the way, while also producing less pollution.

Among other things, maybe the dems need to take another real look at pipelines. Then again, maybe ecology isn’t their real goal. Perhaps it isn’t the real issue. Just maybe Joe is more interested in delivering on bribes than in American interests.

Hint for Others Using TV Antennas

After giving up cable because of unrealistic prices, I made many adjustments to my antenna. Currently, I usually get good solid reception. From time-to-time, it still gets very unreliable and intermittent.

I had trouble figuring it out till last night. A windy, rainy storm came through and I started seeing the proverbial pixelating on the screen. Then I finally figured it out. UHF radio waves are impeded by heavy rain. Considering the weak signal to start with, it doesn’t take a lot destroy the TV picture.

Incidentally, it is the same reason satellite TV reception has problems. Satellite uses microwave, which is affected by rain even more. Think it over. It’s why weather radar works. The rain reflects the radio waves.

Just wish cable was not so unreasonably expensive.

Last Two

Late each night when I went home from work, I passed a real estate office. The owner(s) liked to post little quips, which I must admit I enjoyed reading.

One of them said, “Why didn’t Noah swat those last two when he had the chance.”

I suppose one may fill in the missing frustration. Perhaps, it might be the fly. That would be the pest most picnickers would suggest; or would it be the ants. I think the mosquito would have my vote. While in Nam, they used to bite my feet while I tried to sleep. Hence, I woke with itchy feet. As small as their little brains were, they seemed to realize that I really had to reach for my feet. By the time I did, they were alerted and gone.

In the end, I put my mosquito net up and it was the end to it while sleeping. While out and about, they still dive-bombed me regularly, as well as most of us.

Naturally, those of us with homes built of wood live in fear of termites. It is amazing how those little pests can do so much damage in so little time.

Maybe you have your own choice. Regardless, many of these insects do more than bug us. While in Nam, they made us take a quinine based drugs to prevent us from contracting a very deadly disease. Much of Africa was under attack by the sleeping sickness spread by the Tsetse fly. Memphis was almost turned into a big ghost town by yellow fever, spread by mosquitos. Then, of course. We can’t overlook Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease spread by ticks.

It does make one want go back a few years before Noah, like before Adam ate the fruit. Before the fall, I’m sure Adam never felt the bite of an insect.

Hence, you just might want to remember, sometimes, seemingly small things can have devastating, long lasting results.

Afterthought: those who take salvation so lightly just might want to look at it more seriously. Forever never ends and insects will be the least concern of any of those who reject the the gift of eternal life.

You Ever Wonder?

Joe, as far as I know, spent his entire life working for Uncle. You ever wonder where he got the money to buy his 2 big houses, at least one of which is on the beach? You ever wonder just how much he paid for them?

One thing I know. If all I made was senator’s pay, I’d not have been able to buy them. If I made twice senator’s pay, I’d not be able to buy them and buy groceries too.

Think about about it.

Wrong Question

I keep hearing the question, “Should we keep giving billions to Ukraine given that it might lead to WWIII?”

To me, it’s not even close to the right question. All we need to do is drive the price of oil down to $40 a barrel and Russia would have to withdraw. Putin would quickly run out of money. If we could drive the world price down to $20, as President Trump did, we just might see Putin looking for a new job.

Then, of course, the dems would not like that.

New Take on F.W.I.T.I.W.

Hope you don’t mind me using the abrieviation. I didn’t want my title to be to long. You see, I repaired electronic equipment for over 20 years and some problems were simply impossible. That was when I adopted the philosophy, Fiddle With It Till It Works. Oddly, most of the time works… or they sent someone else in to repaired the problem.

Well, I figured that Joe decided to use the same methods. Only he got it backwards. He’s fiddled everything till it’s all broken.

I might mention one more thing. I had good knowledge of electronics. Joe has not any idea of just how much he messed things up from sea to shining seas and well beyond.