Anyone who has read any of my books knows that I am prone to mistakes. I leave words or phrases out or I put them in twice. In some cases I redundantly use also at the front of a sentence and use too at the end. In spite of every effort, I use there instead of their and vice-versa. Don’t know why. I really do know the difference.

When I wrote “Survivors,” I realized I had a tendency to spell the word ers instead of ors. So before I released the book, I did a search on “survivers,” and made 5 corrections. Then of all things, when I released the book, I spelt the title ers. Now that’s dumb and I was prompted reminded of it. I thanked the woman and made the correction. By the way, others who read the book liked it.

Now, it would seem that the dems are trying to convince us that Fauci and his friends were simply making mistakes about the China virus (the spread, the masks, closing schools, the source, etc, etc. and so forth) Here’s news for Fauci and all his comrads. Even I don’t make that many mistakes. That tells me it was all on purpose. It means they caused millions of deaths on purpose, as in intentionally.

If it was all by mistake, maybe that’s worse… that we would have someone in charge of our national health even more prone to mistakes than me.

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