Million Dollar Lawsuits

Over my lifetime, I’ve seen a lawsuit or two. Most generally they go after the outfit with the money. Just look at all the money they got from the big tobacco corporations. They also got a dollar or two from those that made and used asbestos.

Just look up lawsuit on the internet and you’ll find them by the dozens. However, you will find two things common with almost all of them. Those individuals guilty of intentional wrong rarely pay. In general their bank accounts remain in tact and they hardly ever spend a day behind bars.

Also, those that benefit the most are the lawyers, ironically on both sides of the suit. Moreover, the big corporations generally keep lawyers on staff or at least on retainer. Few harmed by tobacco ever saw a dollar from the $billion lawsuit. It went to lawyers, states, cities, etc.

Where’s the justice in that? Where’s the national benefit from such laws?

Sort of makes me think lawyers write laws to benefit lawyers.

Just an afterthought, a rhetoric question–just how many of those tobacco executives ever got charged with a crime though they knew their products harmed and killed? Just which of them was convicted of encouraging the youth into what is likely a lifelong deadly habit with ads aiming right at kids?

Confidence Games

Normally I don’t watch Bonanza. I wasn’t much of a fan even when they were first run. I must admit they did have some very picturesque scenes in a world where color TV was really coming into its own.

I did watch a rerun today about a big confidence ring trying to pull off a confidence game concerning a salted gold mine. I found it especially interesting when they broke for an advertisement that was clearly a scam, aka confidence scheme.

I had to let out a small laugh knowing that they wouldn’t fool many with their tricks. Then, I became more thoughtful as I realized just a few would be enough for the scammers to succeed. As for me, that’s too many.

Then, I considered it again. I guess most commercials are scams. Yet, for the advertisers, they call it success when they make a few dollars by deception.

We would all do well to remember most advertising has the purpose of getting our money, no matter how convincing it may be.

$10 Dollar Gasoline???

In the 70s an unexpected problem arose. The price of gasoline went to over a dollar. Well yes, it was a problem that caused many problems, especially in a world of approximately 30 cent fuel.

Suddenly, people were playing over 3 times as much, when they could find it. But it caused an odd, unexpected problem for those selling it. I remember it first hand. I was there.

Some dealt with the problem by selling gasoline by the liter. Some simply painted a one in front of that portion indicating the price and the cost of the sale.

Of course, now, very few expect $10 gasoline. However, that would only require a little more than doubling. Back in the 1970s, it more than trippled. One day it was 30 cents. 6 or 7 months later, it was 1.10 and climbing.

That was when we could find stuff. With it going up so fast, I suspect some held onto it as an investment comodity. They could not resist holding onto a few thousand gallons knowing the price will go up 3 or 4 percent in a month. In itself, this would drive the prices up.

Those of us buying the gas, dealt with the problem in three basic ways. We drove less. We pumped our own gas and we stayed away from name brands. Before, I bought only Standard and Chevron gas. After, all I looked at was the price.

Then again, frequently, we settled for accessibility. Many stations were out of gas or claimed to be. Some stations had 2 hour lines. Then they’d sell out on the car 2 cars in front of me.

In the long term, we bought smaller cars with smaller less powerful engines. It meant putting up with rougher rides in cramped environments and much less trunk space.

So now, the price of gas flirts with 4 dollars a gallon, we lack these methods we used last time around. I already buy Mapco gas. I pump my own fuel and my little 100 hp motor has problems with steep grades and I can forget toeing even a small trailer. A boat or travel trailer is out of the question. I’m already considering one of those Flintstone cars powered by foot power.

I suspect most of us would prefer that gas stay down perhaps to the 2 dollar range. For that reason, if nothing else, I’d strongly suggest firing all those dems in Congress, House and Senate. Most of them like the thought of 10 dollar gas. They want us to buy the more expensive, smaller electric cars, which do little or nothing to decrease “green gasses.” Actually, they’d prefer we walk, ride bikes, buses or trains while they ride in chauffeured luxury cars or fly around in private jets.

So, unless you like bicycling &+ buying gas by the liter, you might want to vote Republican. You might want to encourage your friends to vote Republican. You might even want to encourage your advisories to vote Republicans.

Paying 10 dollars a gallon is more than crazy. It’s crazy nuts. Then again, $2.50 a liter might sound better, but it won’t help the budget one iota. Indeed, just as I saw in the 70s, the price of everything will go up to match the increase in the cost of energy.


According to Joe and his defenders, Joe did not cause our current historic inflation. He uses the defense that it is worldwide. Being as he is not president of the world, he cannot have caused it.

It’s only another proof of their blindness, stupidity or power hunger (you choose which). All prices are tied to oil. Joe and those who put him in power have done what they can to push the price oil historically high. They should not be surprised at their results. It was as planned. They drove the price of gas up from $2 a gallon to $4 and were privately proud of it. They should have expected it.

Somehow, I think they did. Certainly they knew that when the price of energy increases, so would all else. It’s sort-of like overeating causes obesity. Try as one might, separation of the 2 is possible only in one’s fantasy desires.

Now they act surprised. Moreover, Joe is trying blame everyone but his son for the problems he intentionally brought on this world.

By the way, why isn’t Fauci in prison. He has had his part in worldwide disasters, financial as well as health, living and deaths.

Something I’d Like

Are you always looking for your remote. Do you lose remotes for things you rarely use, like those battery powered candles. Sometimes the things just become unusable, as when the dog eats it or when you drop it in the water.

What if all these things can be controlled from one device? I like the idea. I have a couple remotes that advertise they control everything and I can’t get them to control anything.

I have an idea that, when fully implemented, will resolve all the above problems at very little cost.

Overall, the best long-term solution is Bluetooth built into the TV and apps downloaded into smart phones and computers. As long as you know where your phone is, you can control your

TV, cable…or whatever else the phone is paired with. Moreover, when you are in the kitchen when that annoying commercial comes on, you can just pull out your phone and silence the irritant.

Mostly, the same thing can be done with wifi but I suspect not as easily. Not all homes have wifi.

There are many advantages that are not readily apparent. For instance, upgrading would be possible and easy. New devices could be added and removed easily. Stealing such a TV would be of no benefit as the pairing could be password protected.

The only temporary solution I foresee until TVS are equipped, is to build a temporary box, an interface equipped with IR for the TV, or whatever, and Bluetooth for the phone. Eventually, the IR would no longer be needed.

I have no means to further this idea beyond those of you who read my posts. Maybe, if you agree, you can pass my idea onto others. Maybe, hopefully, 1 or 2 of you are in a position to get it going. Maybe you can just suggest it to your phone carriers. I don’t care if others get the money but it would be nice if I could get a little credit for the idea.

To be sure, there is an alternate approach. Smart phones can be equipped with IR and the aps could be downloaded for specific devices. This could be done more quickly but I think Bluetooth is better long-term. Perhaps a combination is plausible.

Finally, if you like the idea, make a comment. If I get enough responses, maybe I can get the right person to listen to me.

8.7% COLA

Just received a message that the Social Security Cost Of Living Adjustment will be almost 9%. I don’t know if that’s a record but it’s the biggest in recent history.

Still, it doesn’t truly represent the real increase of living. Consider my grocery cost rarely went more than $125 per visit to the store. Nowadays, it’s over 200. My gas bill has doubled and the only reason my TV watching hasn’t gone through the roof is tha I no longer have cable.

When Biden keeps driving the up costs faster than he drives up Social Security payments, he’s not helping anyone relying on Social Security for a living. Even more, the cost goes up day by day. The COLAs go up once a year. As such, even if the COLAs were accurate, they would always be a year behind.

Then why should he care? I doubt he is concerned about the price of a gallon of milk or a gallon of gas. He likely could care less about how much bread it costs for a loaf of bread. His last concern is how much change it costs us for the changes he’s made.

Of course he does care about our votes, but only just before election days. On the other hand, should he lose any more of his mental facilities, it will all be over for him anyway. The dems can only conceal so much.

A Horrid Nightmare!

Last night I had a horrible nightmare. I dreamed I was back in the Marines, a gunnery sergeant in an infantry company headed to Camp Lejeune. Worse, I would have to drink that contaminated water for more than a year.

It must have been one of those horrible commercials. That’ll teach me to fall asleep with the TV on. I have always had a fear of having to trudge around in the mud. It’s why I went into the airwing.

By the way, I did get close enough to those who did trudge through the mud to have the utmost respect for them. That seems far more than those who choose to speak the foreign language of legalese. I hate it when anyone likes to jump on the chance to take advantage of a very unfortunate situation.

Maybe it would be a good idea if it would be required for all lawyers to report their profits from tort settlements. That way they would get all the disrespect they deserve.

One might say they are just helping those wronged. Yet take their reward from them and see how much help they are to anyone. Look at all the good they did during the tobacco suits. I wonder just how much of that money ended up in the hands of lawyers and their friends, the politicians verses those actually harmed by tobacco.

As far as I’m concerned, it is a nightmare worse than the one I had. When I awoke, the horror depated.

Rev. 3:20

Most of us within the borders of the USA are familiar with the passage from the last book in the Bible. Moreover, we know John quoted the Lord Jesus Himself.

To jar a few memories, let me quote the first verse of the familiar translation, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” I will not quote the full passage here. My hope is that you all will read it from your own Bible and maybe a little more.

The reason I bring it up is that I heard a sermon on it recently. Now let me see. The first time I heard the passage I think was in the first grade. I have read and heard it many times since. Every time, I think I completely understand it. Yet, every time, it seems I understand it a little more.

Consider if a pastor were to invite himself to my house for diner. Many would be glad at the chance. They may have large impressive homes and they would love the chance to show off their “humble abode.”

Me. Not so much. My abode really is humble. It is small and not well kept. He and his wife would have difficulty finding a place to turn around. Moreover, our little 900 sq ft house has but two chairs in the small living room.

Needless-to-say, I would quickly suggest a nice restaurant instead. Naturally, I’d pick up the tab. It would be better for him; much better for me.

Then again, with good weather, maybe we could eat in the back yard. The hitch there is that he just might not care for my cooking.

Now. What does this have to do with Rev. 3:20. To me, it should be obvious. Yet, I just realized it. I feel the same way about the Lord Jesus as about the pastor.

I don’t want Jesus in my heart. Look at the mess He would see. I would be so, so embarrassed! Yet, He spoke those words and when Jesus speaks, his words are intentionally and with full understanding. He knows the mess in my heart. He even knew what it would be before He spoke those words known now throughout the world.

Oddly, when he did, he did not exclude me…or you. NOW THAT’S AMAZING! When he spoke He included me. Now just why would the most most powerful and most notable person ever to walk the earth want to dine with me? Why would he prefer the filth of my heart to the finest restaurant?

As unreasonable as that seems, it’s true. The Lord Jesus does not lie.

I guess I should get used to His seeing the worst part of me. Maybe better, I need to let him start cleaning things up. That would better, far better.

Now, as for inviting the preacher to dine. I wonder if he likes the Outback Restaurant. I ate there a few times. I suspect a pastor, as most, would prefer it to my little table.

Sometimes I Wonder About Ads Actors & Models

I was waiting in a doctor’s office many winters ago and looking in magazine. I came across a large photo ad of a woman. The ad had little in the way of words and the woman had little in the way of clothing.

I laughed and covered the few words and showed the photo to my wife. Then, I asked her what she thought the ad was about. She shrugged and I uncovered the few words. She laughed too when she realized the ad was about shoes.

Nowadays, I think back over the ad. I wonder how many shoes it sold, how much the ad costs, and how much the model was paid. Then again, I look at things in ways no one else does. My wife will attest to it. My biggest question was and is, did the woman even know what she was advertising?

Such is the case in many modern day ads with scantily dressed women striking well-planned posses. Sometimes they act as if they are trying to lose what little clothing they have. The question comes to my mind, does the woman really know that she’s advertising a little magic pill?

Sometimes I wonder, if you ask the woman what the ad is for, could she say? For that matter can the photographer?

It is amazing what these ad people can do. Coca-Cola put a bunch of people on the side of a mountain and convinced the world that they would like teach the world to sing. The ad became reqested causing a problem for the stations. If they just played the ad on request, they would provide free advertising. Wonder if anyone foresaw that.

Here’s the real kicker. Only a small handful of people were recorded the song. We never got to hear all those folks on the hill. I wonder if they knew it. I wonder if they even knew the words, though I imagine they did.

Such is the case from time to time. I imagine the director of a new commercial finds a good looking dancer to jump around and mouth the words as we never see the real singers.

Maybe we need a truth in advertising law. Any time the models aren’t the ones we hear, a disclaimer should be flashed on the screen. Also all models should be told ahead of time what they will be advertising. It’s only fair. If they are going to put words in their mouths, they really should know what the words are.

Moreover, if we are to believe the words, or the poses, at least those presenting them should know what they are advertising, even if they don’t believe them…that is even if they know them to be false…that is…even if they know them to be lies.

Or, in the case of the one selling shoes, no matter how little clothing she is wearing.

Representative Cheney Does Not Represent

I think this becomes casual to the most obvious observer when you consider the margin by which she is being voted out of office. Therefore, I submit that her seat on the current kangaroo hearing on January 6 is illegitimate.

She claims to represent her constitutes while all the time, her representation is of of her colleague dems. Moreover, she makes no effort to deny it.

If there were such thing as recalls of representatives, she would already be gone. Then again, maybe not. With the fear of an immediate loss of her job, she wouldn’t have done the things she’s done. Her idiocy would have been far more apparent to her.

Now, the only question that remains is what she will do come January. She might write books that no one will read. I don’t know, but she might go into practicing law. Certainly, she likely needs a lot of practice. She might join all those others who practice legal bribery; that is those who lobby for wealth. I’m sure there are many dems that will help her to get set up in that endeavor.

Wait a minute. Maybe I need to apologize somewhat. I’ve written over thirty books and hardly anyone has read them. On the other hand, millions of her book will be printed, purchased, distributed to warehouses and just sit there. It is one of the most common ways to bribe dishonest representatives. And it works quite successfully.