Inflation : Bad for Folks; Good for US Government

I’m not writing anything new. Most everyone knows it. I’m just, so to speak, putting it in one box. How-some-ever, I am sure I will leave at least 1 thing out, maybe 2.

First bad for folks:

  1. Increase in cost of living, for example, fuel, food, utilities and autos. I am sure you can add a few.
  2. Increased interst rates. This adds to the cost of just almost everything.
  3. Loss of value of savings. If you have a 1000 dollar savings account, it gains value by the bank interest while losing value by the rate of inflation. Bank int=3%. Inflation rate=6%. Annual Loss in value 3%. On the other hand, if you just hide the money in your mattress, the value will decrease at 6%. If you stuffed 1000 in that mattress, you’ll have to stuff an additional $60 a year into that mattress just to maintain the value.
  4. It eats into earnings. Assuming a 6% inflation, you will need greater than a 6% increase in earnings to maintain value of earnings. Bear in mind, with greater income, your income tax will also increase. Hope the company you work for provides healthy raises.
  5. Finally, saddest of all. Those who have set retirement payments will have the buying power of those payments dwindle. In just a short time, he or she will have to struggle just to pay the landlord. Indeed, some older folks have gotten the boot, primarily because of inflation. Moreover, don’t get the idea that Social Security COLA increases keep up with true inflation. COLAs don’t take many things into consideration. I virtually live off Social Security. I know.

Secondly, consider the benefits to government

  1. Increase in revenues due to greater incomes and number of people in higher brackets.
  2. Debts incurred by the government are repaid by lower value dollar values. Considering $1000 of 10 year bonds will be repayed with, per se, $800 dollars value. Generally speaking the interest on federal bonds is far less than the inflation rates. Hence, buying federal bonds might be more secure than that mattress, but it’s not much better on the return, either.
  3. Ironically, it “increases” the value of the gold reserves. However, this is really an error in perception. The value of the gold remains relatively constant. The paper, on the other hand, is worth less.

Possible Solution for Robocalls or Telemarketers

  1. Check caller ID. If not recognized, don’t answer.
  2. When phone stops ringing, call back. If busy, it is likely robocaller or telemarketer attempting there next call. If they answer, if it is a business they will likely answer with 1. A recording 2. A business reply identifying their business 3. Some poor college kid might reply with no idea what to do. They generally are not trained to receive calls. Your choice as to what to do, most probably tell them to stop calling. Alternatively, you can simply hang up.
  3. Of course it could be Mom on a borrowed phone wanting some help. Apologize and tell her you’re on the way.
  4. If it is a telemarketer, refuse to do any business with them. It is the ultimate solution. If telemarketing doesn’t work, they will stop doing it. My guess is the phone companies will be the losers. They know when these guys set these things up & they know they are going to make a bundle on it. As. Long as the phone companies permit it, it will not stop, especially from foreign shores.

Neutral Law Enforcement

During my thirties, my job took me to New York, just outside Syracuse. There’s a nice park there where I used to walk. It beat looking at the hotel room walls.

It was the right time of year and the evenings were almost always wonderful. There was a baseball diamond there and, of course, little leaguers playing baseball.

When I stopped and watched the game, they found out I was from Mississippi. They suddenly realized they found the perfect unbiased umpire. They immediately put me to work calling balls and strikes.

Apparently, they were impressed with my fairness, if not my accuracy. They kept calling me back and they never complained, not once. Now that, in itself, is something of which for me to brag.

The point is this, people love an honest neutral arbiter, whether it be an umpire, a judge in a courtroom, a prosecutor or even law enforcement officers. I guess that nowadays it’s too much for we Americans to expect. No more fair umpires in our government. No more fair observations from TV and radio reporters. There are no hopes of getting unbiased reporting from newspapers. Finally, and worst of all, the historians are twisting history. They say things happened I know didn’t happen. At my age, I actually remember stuff firsthand.

It makes me sad. However, I have hope. There is a righteous judge. All accounts will be settled. The most devious government officials will pay. I don’t need to do a thing. God’s judgment is true. God’s judgment is sure. No one will get away with anything. Those who don’t believe it are only deceiving themselves.

What amazes me is some actually think they know and understand it. Yet, definitely, they continue their march. I can’t think of anything more foolish.

Those Who Took The Oath

The investigation is done, it concludes that Trump did nothing wrong. That means those who took an oath to enforce the law, namely, the leaders in the FBI and other federal agencies were the ones who knowingly did great wrong.

It also verified that many of the dem congregational leadership intentionaly used their office to promote lies, of course, with the aid of the media and social media.

Now, now that it is all over, the only people that are suffering are those who did nothing wrong. Indeed, some have even spent time in prison wrongly. Certainly Joe and his friends had their part in it all.

They know that they have gotten away with it. However, be sure God will avenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the subject of Frequently Asked Questions, I have this to say.  Are they truly frequently asked?  Out of all the times I have ever consulted frequently asked questions, I never found the one for which I needed an answer.  Worse yet, I could never find a category.  They always list 4, 5 or 6 categories, then “Other.”  Then when I look under other, I can’t find my question there either.  Not a thing comes close.

I guess that either makes me weird or their questions aren’t as inclusive as they would like to imply.  Moreover, it would seem that I am mostly on my own.  Frequently, I actually figure things out, though it takes some time.  On the other hand, I just tried to install a product that should have not taken over 3 hours to install.  I gave up after 16.  I don’t need any piece of software that I can’t install after 16 hours.  Moreover, it was also difficult to de-install.  Moreover, it was difficult to use.

Taught me a lesson or two.  Next time I am going to install something, I will make sure to mark the spot so I can return to whence I came.  Even that brings me angst.  I have not yet established much trust in the ability of the software that can restore that well.

Be that as I may, the whole thing prompted a thought.  Maybe the US government could establish a frequently asked question web site.  I’m not suggesting it would help much but it would be interesting just what questions they would post and what kind of answers they would concoct, for instance, “What is a woman?”

God’s law was clear, “Though shalt not murder.”  Simple.  Requires little in the way of explanation.  On the other hand, the government at every level has pages and pages on the subject.  Can you imagine querying murder on frequently asked questions?  Did you say you have a day or two to read the reply?

How about something on the subject of abortion.  No problem for the dems…any time, any place, by someone with an MD after his name.  No follow-up exam necessary.

Then, there is the matter of theft.  All you can get away with as long it has a value of less than a grand.  And, by the way, if someone stops you, you can sue their socks off, and get them too.

Contrary to the commandment, we are not to honor our parents.  The job of parenting has been turned over to the daycares, schools and colleges.  In short the government.  By the way, we’d better not forget it or the FBI will be after us.

Incidentally, if we ask who should be in control, it’s the dems.  We best not forget that either or we will be tossed in the hoosegow and we’ll not see the light of day for years, if ever.

I guess it would be a bad idea to look for that on the FAQ list.  They will look for you and prohibit you from publishing a book, being on TV or radio.  Your name will instantly be mud, perhaps literally.

Incidentally, lest I forget, bribes too are wrong, even the ones that are completely legal. The Bible does make that perfectly clear. You wouldn’t doubt what this had you read the entire Bible. It really is in there, plain and simple to see for all. It says something about the way bribes cloud judgement. I am sure that is indisputable, even if you do not believe what is written.

Yesteryear and Now

In the 1950s and 1960s, if my memory serves me correctly, there were more guns per capita than now. Moreover, the so-called assault rifle, the AR15 more easily purchased then than now. Yet, it is only in the last couple of decades that the gun started being used as now. What do you suppose the reason is.

Well, let’s see. Back then people respected life. The respected law. And, of course, they spent much more time praying. They spent a lot more time in church. Abortion was not available on demand. Most children had both mothers and fathers. Divorce was not nearly as easy or as prevalent as now.

People can deny it all day long but I do believe the evidence is before us.

Oh yes. One more thing. Back then, you commit a crime, especially with a weapon, you generally went behind the big walls. It was something of a foregone conclusion. Now, you shot someone in NY, NY, you’re out on the street the next day, without having to pay a penny in bail. Sort of negates the teeth in the law, doesn’t it? It does advertise, crime without punishment.

Then again, it is that way because it is the way Joe and the dems like it.

One Little Question

When Joe decided to look for a replacement Supreme Court Justice, he said he wanted a minority woman.

The minority, I understand. However, how can he tell he appointed a woman when the dems can’t seem to tell the difference. I mean, at any time, she can stand and say, I’m really a man. Then, she would be a he. And Joe would have failed at his quest.

Then again he could have appointed a man and he could have called himself a woman. Then, to half the people in the county, he would have appointed a man. To the other half, well, they could have been just a little confused. They would have a really tough time trying to figure it out. Would he have appointed the promised woman or would he have just used a politically correct way of telling a whopper.

After Breaking Rules

The magic three rules…. The three state representatives were expelled, not for nothing, but for breaking several rules. The breaking of rules disrupted the proceedings and brought everything to a stop.

They knew the rules. They knew what would happen to them after breaking the rules. Moreover, they had no repentance. They decided what they did was proper. They figured the Tennessee house chamber was a good place to hold a demonstration.

Now, they have been, figuratively thrown out on their ears. Maybe it is about time more people realize that there are penalties for their actions. We certainly do not need lawlessness inside the state house chambers.

Better to keep protests outside, where they are legal and proper.

The Real Trump Error

Had businessman Trump moved to Florida or Texas 5 years earlier, the NY, NY would not have been able to charge President Trump with anything.

The lesson we should all take away from this tragedy is, don’t live in NY, NY. We probably ought to stay out of CA, IL, and similar other states too.

Note: If you live in NY, NY, you to can be charged with 34 crimes you didn’t commit either.

The Reason

There is a reason they come. They immigrate by the millions. They fly in. They drive in. They walk in. They swim in and they come by boat. Even more want to leave their country and come to the USA but can’t.

They come in legally ar greate expense. They come in illegally at great risk. Many hide here hoping that they won’t have to return…this sometimes risking lives of family, friends and themselves.

There are a few very good reasons for this. Certainly, one reason is because of our justice system. I mean in other countries people are imprisoned for political reasons.

That just doesn’t happen in this country, that is, until now.