The Investigation Is Done

For those unaware, they finished and released the study on the source of the China virus. I think we, one and all can assume it came from the lab. Of course, when they were asked, they said it was still classified.

However, here is the real secret, do you think they would keep it a secret if it didn’t come from the lab. Don’t you think they would tell anyone and everyone that it came from the animals, that is if it came from the animals.

Of course it came from the lab. Now they need time to come up with some really neat way of spinning it so that President Trump looks guilty, although he had not one thing to do with it.

By the way, why isn’t the real guilty party in jail? Why isn’t Fauci in an orange jumpsuit? Actually, I would be satisfied with white and black stripes or black and white stripes — just so long he is behind bars for the rest of his life.

By the way, wouldn’t it be nice to send Biden to the hoosegow too… for the way he handled that retreat from Afghanistan?

It Is Now About Time

It has become obvious that China turned a deadly virus loose on the world and on the US specifically. Even if they did not mean to release the virus, they did turn it loose on us with the intention of doing harm. That falls under the category of biological warfare.

At the least three things need to be done. First, we need to present a bill charging the closest possible estimate of what they cost us. [It is impossible to put a value on the lives.] My guess is that the UN would be the best place to present it. We should also suggest that any other nation that thinks they have been wronged should also present a bill and attach it to ours.

Second, no plane should be permitted to go non-stop from anywhere inside China to anywhere in the US or its territories. Moreover, all passengers departing China should not be permitted to enter the US until two weeks after leaving China. This would be more than punitive but also preventative. The China virus was not the first virus to originate in China and it is not likely to be the last. Optionally, this could also be required for ships. Either way, their crews should be allowed to leave their ships while harbored here.

Third, and probably most important, all financial dealings with China should be terminated inside one year. We need to send a message, not only to China, but to all other nations that we will not do business with any nation that wages war on us, even if the weapons are too small to see, even with a microscope.

It is unlikely that China will pay the bill. However, for as long as they refuse, we need to maintain this decree. Governments that turn things like this loose on the world do not deserve to be treated with equality. Moreover, they killed millions for which we would not be extracting a charge, for which they should be thankful.

New Mask Guidelines

Sunday: No masks

Monday: Wear masks inside if vaccinated, outside if not.

Tuesday: Wear two masks, one backward. You may ask why backward. Why not?

Wednesday: Only wear masks while outside, especially while swimming.

Thursday: TV day. Wear masks while watching TV.

Friday: Wear one mask at a time, but change them every two hours. Rotation of used masks is not permitted. (This provision was added for those selling masks. Be sure to discard all used masks.)

Saturday: Masks must be worn. That is to say, they may not be new. They most have some wear to them, you know like those tortured blue jeans.

Okay. The whole idea is stupid. However, can anyone prove it any less accurate than any others? I have not seen any tests results that say the things do any more than reduce my oxygen saturation levels. I would suspect that if anyone proved they weren’t effective, they likely wouldn’t post it. There is little or no benefit to it. Besides, anyone that did post such a thing would be in dire danger of being drummed out of The Society of Mask Experts. The society was established by those who love to say, “Follow the science.”

(By the way, one thing I do know about them is that I can’t wear one in the supermarket more than an hour without a break. I have a grate deal of respect for those who had to wear them all day.)

When’s the last time anyone checked to see if all those illegal aliens are properly wearing their masks. Build the Wall!!


At or about 1964 a song was written for the musical “Fanny,” and Barbara Streisand recorded it. It was, maybe, her most successful recording. I don’t know. I’m just guessing.

I remember hearing the song, over and over. It seems that every time I got in my car to go anywhere, it was on my radio sometime during my trip. I must admit, I still like the song, especially Streisand’s recording, though I can’t say much for her politics.

Maybe the most memorable lyrics are “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.”

Recently, the song was brought to mind, though, in a negative context. Nowadays it seems the FOCs (Dems) seem to have a little different attitude that could be expressed by a rewording of those famous words. It seems that their attitude is to teach People to hate People for the color of their skin. They have been doing it in our colleges and in our businesses. Now they have allowed the concept to invade our grade schools, even down to kindergarten.

They are taught that black people are the unluckiest people in the world and white people are the luckiest. One Friend of Criminals (FOC) even said that racism is the worst that it has ever been in this country. (Maybe he has forgotten the days of slavery.) Some folks just open their mouths and lies come pouring out. They can’t help it. It is in their nature.

The fact is that they want to sew discord and hate. They want People to hate People. They want to cause chaos so that they can promise their grand solution, communism.

For those that are not already aware, communism is never a solution. If you have any doubts, just look at those countries where communist rule. No one is fighting to get in those countries. Most are trying to leave.

On the other hand, the country founded on capitalism, everyone is trying to get in. It really should a giant hint for the wise.

Think about it. In China, you only have what they allow you to have. In the US, you have, mostly, what you have earned. To be sure, the socialist have already infiltrated. They do take part of your earnings and give it to those who will not work. They allow rioters to go through businesses and take what they want, burning the rest.

And, by the way, the FOCs refuse to fire Fauci, the one who financed the lab that made the virus that killed over three million… “People.” Why isn’t he in an orange jumpsuit?

Let’s Really Upset China

Seems every time someone accidentally says something that implies that Taiwan is an independent nation, China gets upset. Maybe after what they did with that virus, we ought to formally recognize Taiwan as a nation, put an embassy and everything in there. They might get upset over it but it would be the last time they would get upset about it.

Besides, it would serve them right for releasing that virus on us. They might have released it by accident, but they definitely spread worldwide intentionally, resulting in the deaths of millions.

No need to worry about this one, China. Joe would never do something like that to his buddies. On the other hand, if former President Trump got back in The White House….

Politics and Medicine

I would suspect that there is a little politicking in most professions. Surely, medicine is no exceptions. I don’t have any first hand knowledge on the matter, but it only stands to reason that egos do collide from time to time.

However, if there was ever a time for politics to take a back seat to medicine, the pandemic was one of them. Yet, looking back over the past 18 or so months, I see that medicine took the back seat. The dems took the attitude that they should use the disaster to get rid of President Trump, when he was one of the few that did most everything right. His interest was always based on the health and lives of everyone.

There was however one mistake he did make. He suggested that Hydroxychloroquine might be used as a cure. The dems really jumped on that. By the time they got done, you’d think it was one of the worst poisons ever invented by man. Had the president not said anything about it, the doctors could have used the drug to treat hundreds of thousands. However, for the sake of politicians, the use of the drug was virtually band for use against the China virus.

Now it would appear that Fauci, who was supposed to be a doctor (who likely took the Hippocratic Oath) has chosen politics over medicine, which likely led to the loss of tens of thousands of lives. It would appear he does not believe in the concept of, “First, do no harm.” If that were his goal, he sure did get that one wrong. It would appear that he helped to finance the whole thing. Moreover, every time he issued instructions, he got it wrong. Then, while everyone panicked, he played the innocent bystander.

Certainly, China played their role in the pandemic. They decided to play politics too, or perhaps, they decided to take advantage of the problem. First they said one thing and then the other, while nothing they said was true. All the while they encouraged their diseased people to travel all over the world, treating them like human biological bombs.

Now, over a year after the whole thing started, some of this info is coming to light. Now, about all Fauci will say is, “I didn’t do it. It wasn’t my fault.”

And, of course, all the dems can say is, “Trump did it!”

Meanwhile, people with the China virus, TB and who knows what all communicable diseases come flowing unchecked across the border and the dems don’t care. They stand there encouraging them, “Come one come all. Y’all are welcome as two peas in a pod.” Biden made that political decision. I wonder how many lives that will cost. No since asking if Biden cares. We already know, for him, politics and power take priority.

Another Year Gone By

…and so it is that the world, spinning on its axis, made one more tour around the sun. And another year went by since the beginning of another Chinese epidemic. This time, it was a pandemic. All the time, the Chinese, the dems, the social media and news media all collaborated to suppress the truth about the origin of the Chinese virus.

So, what have they accomplished? Some say that the truth will be found out anyway. Biden has ordered his investigation and I am sure they will do a thorough job, assuming the Chinese will let them in. More likely, the investigators will never land on the Chinese shores, let alone darken the halls of the research lab. Then, after another 90 days delay, they will say, we tried but they wouldn’t let us in.

So we all shrug and hold our hands in the air and write off over six million lives.

There is a possibility, slim as it might be. If there is any evidence remaining, and I doubt it, we could force the Chinese to let us in and it would be simple. If a hundred or more countries got together and demanded our entry under threat of shutting down all trade with China, they would let us in. They would have no choice.

First, it would never happen. Too many people want the secret to remain hidden, in spite of their killing millions. You see, the Chinese have no qualms in the loss of life and the dems don’t much care either. Moreover, there is no way that they want anything uncovered.

Second, a year went by. The Chinese have had more than enough time to figuratively bury the evidence. Most of those who know are dead and everyone knows, the dead don’t talk. Therefore, even should we have another year to investigate, even if this little planet makes one more trip around the sun, we will likely know no more than we do now…maybe less.

… for Political Gain

Over 500 thousand people have died from the China virus. The dems have decided to take advantage of it. How? To put subways near San Francisco. To raise the minimum wages. To build big bridges (if the bridge is needed, let it be funded by a separate bill. It has nothing to do with the virus.) To bail out state governments that know not how to run states. I’m sure you get the idea.

If these ideas are so good, let them become law in their own bills. If they cannot become law on their own, maybe they ought not become law. Might I remind you, the dems have House, Senate and White House.

As a side note, those who have read my past posts realize I seldom used the term China virus. Now that Biden has kept those in federal employment from using the term, I will use it every chance I have. Indeed I will use it when I have not a reason to use it. Moreover, I urge anyone and everyone to do the same. It would seem that he too has no problem capitalizing on the death and tragedy of Americans killed by, in essence, biological warfare.

One more note for Biden: He keeps complaining the previous administration left him nothing to fight the virus. That is an outright lie and he knows it. Had it not been for President Trump, he’d not have have the vaccine for another 3 or 4 years yet. More over, he had millions of doses the minute that he took the oath, which he doesn’t seem to respect much.

COVID19 Historical Facts

For almost a year:

  1. Very, very few federal employees went without a check
  2. Most state employees needed to concern themselves with where the next meal was coming from.
  3. In general, most city employees were secure in there jobs, that is, except for the police.
  4. Waiters and waitresses, on the other hand….

What They Don’t Say

Something I have repeated a number of times is that the most successful way to fool someone is not so much by what is said, but by what is not said. It is certainly one of Satan’s most effective methods. When he was tempting Jesus, he quoted scripture, the ultimate truth. However, Jesus quoted scripture back at him, the parts that Satan decided to leave out.

And so it is that, repeatedly, I hear the covid19 stats quoted over the TV and radio. They keep talking about how the infection rate is climbing. On some occasions they point out that the hospitals are getting crowded.

They like to leave out the part that the rate is partially increasing because of the large number of tests run daily. I say, partially, because, some of the increase is real. However, the increase is not as great as the numbers would indicate, not nearly. If you’ll recall, the City of New York was running out of beds. It is only recently that the city had to open the emergency hospital built by President Trump earlier.

I don’t know, but my best guess, for what it is worth is that the real increase is about 30-40% of the apparent increase. This can be guessed by the number of cases that result in hospitalizations.

There is, however, another far more important deception. In every instance that they report the deaths, it is the accumulative deaths. I have never heard anything about the daily deaths. Guess what? It is has been under 2000 a day for the last few weeks. There were several days that it was at or around 800.

Any number of deaths is bad, to be sure. There is no need to repeat the overused statement. However, in this case, it was a stat purposely left out to deceive you. Considering there are 230 million in the US, if my math is right, that is less than 5 people per million.

I don’t like reducing people to statistics, but it is the democrats that insist on it. Every day they shout them from the highest hilltop. The problem is that they don’t call the whole truth out. They like to keep part of it from us.

When I sat down to write this, the first thing I did was to look up the stats. It took me about 20 minutes to find our the daily deaths. It seems no one wants me, or anyone to know the little secret. It might not be hidden, but it isn’t well displayed either.

What does all this mean? Guess what? The doctors are figuring it out. They are finding meds that work. They are finding ways of fighting off the horrid virus.

Oh! One more thing! There is nothing in the stats that explains how many died of other ailments, or maybe even accidents. Such things have a tendency to skew the facts.

So next time a democrat tells you something, you just might want to ask yourself just what it is they are not telling you?