Home of the Brave

Most of us recognize the words. We hear them regularly, though some would prefer to hide in locker rooms. Some, figuratively, defiantly, put their fingers in their ears every time the words are sung.

On the other hand, there are those that would do all they can to effectively negate the words. They want to make sure none of us !!are!! brave.

If we protect ourselves, if we protect others, if we defy the greenies, be sure; we will pay. They will find things with which to prosecure us. Never mind if it’s right. Never mind if it is even legal.

In many situations, a mere threat is enough to cause most to take the fetal position and cower. Even should we successfully defend ourselves in court, they ruin our lives. Indeed, in some cases a simple accusation in the NY Times is all it takes. In a way, it’s worse than a court case. We never get a day in court. We never get a chance to confront and challenge the accusers or their evidence. That jury of public opinion can be very rough and frequently wrong.

So, if those in control – the government, the media, the social media etc, etc, and so forth – have their way, the US will not be the home of the brave. Nothing will be left but the disarmed cowards. The brave will be disarmed and behind bars.

Then the controllers walk in and take control. No one will be left to stop them. No one dare be brave enough. Even if there were, they’d have no weapons with which to fight. The guns will all be locked up while criminals will be roving the streets. None of us want a such a world but it is the one for which we are headed. And by the way, don’t dare stand in the way, that is unless you want to have your name printed in the Pravda Times.

Kremlin Fake

Just saw the video of the so-called attack on the Kremlin. Not only is it fake; it’s a very poor fake. I can’t imagine anyone risking life and limb to fire something slightly greater than a Roman candle.

Moreover, it seemed to be just about dead center in the video. Now isn’t that convenient.

The only time you can believe Putin or his cronies is during their silence. Even then, I’d be suspicious.

My suspension is that the falsehood is likely an indication of Putin’s frustration.

Tell Me Why

Tell me why it is that we have women’s golfing.

Tell me why it is that we have Women’s basketball.

Tell me why it is that women rarely compete against men in baseball, football, and even tennis.  I’m not sure, but I think there is a separation between men and women’s table tennis.  Last time I checked, there are no men trying to get on women’s volleyball teams and not so many women trying to compete in the world men’s volleyball.  (Come to think of it, do colleges have volleyball teams?)

Then, one day a man who claims to be a woman gets on the college women’s swimming team.  Can you tell me why this is permitted?  Has the world simply lost all concepts of the obvious?

Let’s see.  I guess there are a few women that can beat a few men at arm wrestling, but, push come to shove, no woman will ever become the world champion.  It is highly unlikely too many women will even make it passed the preliminaries.  Yet, of course, many men will win in the women’s category of weight lifting.

It is stupidity on stupidity.  It is ignorance poured on ignorance.  Men and women are biologically different, regardless of what anyone might try to say to the contrary.

As a side note, isn’t it just wonderful having a Supreme Court justice who can’t provide a definition of a woman?  Is this something good for our country?

As a side, side note.  The newest justice was selected because she is a woman and black.  I guess ol’ Joe still knows the difference.  Moreover, she was selected out of a field of the “Best” women for the job and the “Best” Black woman for the job…according to Joe Biden.  If I were a black woman and was selected to be a Supreme Court justice, I would not consider that much to be pound of.  She was selected from approximately 7 or 8 percent of the population of the country.  It is not likely, but possible that 93 percent of those in the country would be a better pick.  They were never considered.

Just maybe someone might tell me why the justice has to be a black woman.  Wouldn’t it be better had she been selected from the best of the judges, regardless of gender or color.  Perhaps a black woman would have been selected and that would have meant much more.  I’m sure there are many black women judges who are highly qualified.  Some might even know the difference between a man and a woman.

Decisions, Decisions

There was a time when kings had to make earth-shaking decisions. Not so much now. It would seem that the big decision of the month for the King of England is, who will or will not be invited to his coronation? Of course, that is a tough decision. It just may be that the king would prefer earth-shaking decisions. Those family squabbles can get serious.

Nonetheless, I won’t be there, literally or figuratively. Even though I am retired, I have more important things to do. Let/s see. This afternoon, I did have to repair a screen door closer. Don’t want those bugs getting in the house.

My interest in kings ended when George Washington turned down his chance at the throne. I think it’s a good idea for the rest of us to keep our heads on straight. We don’t need controllers or kings heading our nation, like Joe.

Foolish Me!

Foolish me. I always thought it was black mail to threaten to reveal something unless the victim pays the black mailer something of value. I guess not.

Foolish me, I thought black mailers were supposed to be imprisoned. I thought it was known legally as extortion. I guess not.

Two known extortionists (black mailers) have never been charged. They have never been arrested for it. They have never been indicted.

On the other hand, their victim was. I suspect that as long as the dems have their way, they are immune to the charges.

It sort-of discourages Republicans from running for office. Most don’t have the money with which to fight the extortionists and no-good prosecutors too, not to mention the time and reputations involved. Something tells me that it’s exactly the way the dems want it. Me thinks it’s the plan of the dirty, low-down controllers.

In a sense, the prosecutor said as much during his campaign. It’s not surprise he got it all upside-down.

Another Reason to Leave Michigan

If not for the biting cold and deep snow, the Michigan government has given yet another reason to leave the state. It seems they saw fit to repeal the right to work law.

For those who don’t know, this just gave the unions a lot more power and it forces Republicans to give to the Democrat party and dem candidates. Now, is that right? Of course not. Does that bother the dems? Of course not.

My suspicion is that the dems are cheering. They just managed to again twist the election process.

By the way, they also took a little freedom from the little guy. Then again, that is the specialty of dems, taking freedoms… bit by bit, little by little.

Tell me. Is it better to lose your freedom bit by bit or all at once. Seems to me, in the end, there is no difference.

Problems for NY City DA

Seems that the so called case against President Trump is falling apart for the NY prosecutor. He’s having abvery difficult time getting an indictment from the grand jury.

Hint for those who don’t know, it is far easier to get an indictment from a grand jury than a conviction from a jury.

Worse for the DA, it has come to light that there is a letter in Stormy Daniels` hand writing denying any sexual relationship between her and Trump. Hence, it removes any motivation for hush money.

Therefore, the blackmail had no basis. Therefore, the payment was for convenience, not to cover any sins.

Something tells me that this is just one more false charge agin’ Trump that will just fade away. No one will admit wrong doing for bringing the charge. There will be no apology, certainly nothing public or in writing. The charge will simply fade away as all the others brought against him.

My 3 Biggest Questions

  1. Who is Epps?
  2. Who signed his paychecks for last 4 or 5 years?
  3. Why was he encouraging people to go into the Capitaol Building?

Oh, yes. One more thing. How in the world has the man droped off the planet? Do you suppose Pelosi had him hidden in the witness protection program.

If anyone sees him, could you please tell me where? I have questions for him. I suspect I am nowhere near alone.

Competition is a Wonderful Thing

Let’s go back to the days of yore. Let’s imagine 3 cobblers set up shop. Which one will have the most success. To some degree, the one that is the fastest. However, the cobbler who makes a thousand shoes will never succeed unless he can sell his shoes. Therefore, his shoes need to be of good quality and the proper sizes. No one will buy shoes that are too small or will fall apart in a week.

If there were just 1 cobbler, we’d be stuck with whatever he wanted to make. The footware would be ugly, ill fitting and they wouldn’t last. The instant a second cobbler opens up shop, and then a 3rd and fourth, the quality would go up and the cost would go down.

It’s the way competition works and it’s wonderful. For well over 200 years, it has turned the USA to the greatest nation ever. There is no other country where people are willing to risk everything to get in. Moreover, as badly as the illegal aliens are treated, they hide in fear of being sent home.

Yet we prevent fair competition in one of the most important parts of our society. Of course private schools have a hard time competing with public schools. The government is picking up the tab for public schools.

Yet, there are thousands of parents willing to make great sacrifices to put their children in private schools. The why is quite simple. Public schools lack quality. They simply lack good teachers, good curriculum or good results.

The libs brag about public schools but, take away public funding and they would instantly go away. I know this is true because the libs themselves have said as much. They have said if monies are diverted to private schools, the public schools would go away. They actually live in fear of it.

Well, maybe they should go away. It is the way of competition. Only the better schools would survive. Only the best teachers would continue to teach. It is the American way. It is what made America great. Why in the world should we settle for a less than a mediocre education system when we are paying for the best?

Settling for mediocre schools is worse than Settling for mediocre shoes. And yet we stand by and watch our public school funds being poured down the proverbial drain…without results.

Who Do You Trust?

It’s an interesting question, one you should ask of yourself as well as others. I must admit the question was prompted by an old TV show where the question was the title. During the show the contestants were asked if if they trusted themselves or their spouse to answer a question.

However, we must admit that we make decisions of of trust, not only daily, but by the minute. We trust the others to follow the rules of the road. We trust those who work in stores restaurants, mechanics and many other merchants. Most of us take it for granted that when we turn that key in the ignition, the car will start. (Or we become angry) We flip the light switch in a room and, usually the room is lit.

I have noted that, according to trust, people can be divided into at least 3 categories. As in the national motto, some of us trust God. We are called Christians. Some trust themselves and not God. I call them libertarians… conservatives without morals. Then, there are the liberals. Their motto is, in government we trust. In general, they lie, cheat, and steal all for themselves and the advancements of government control. In many cases they don’t even know it. But if they have no trust in God or themselves, who do they trust.

They rely on government for medicine, welfare and their next meal. If they don’t get substance from God or their own hands, from whom will they get it? The almighty government will provide but only if the almighty government is almighty. On the other hand, Christians and libertarians don’t want want to rely so much on government. So they really prefer keeping government size down.

I have an idea. Let’s put all the liberals in 25 states…their choice. Then we stand back and watch to see how long it takes for them to destroy those states. When everyone has their trust in their government, it will take very little time for their government to fail. I suppose some states will last longer than others. Some may actually figure things out and stop putting ultimate control in the hands of fallible humans.