I’ve Created a (small) Monster

It may seem a confused statement, but it’s undeniably true. I decided to get a string out and play with Cali, the calico cat. She certainly took it more seriously than did I. No doubt, she was enjoying it.

It appeared she’d not tire of it but I did. I sat the string down and and walked away. Now, she follows me around howling. I don’t understand her reasoning but, apparently she does not like it now that the string has died.

I don’t know. Maybe you have a better explanation. Actually, I have no explanation, just a guess.

Felines. Who can figure them. Almost as complicated as my new phone, which, from time to time, I can’t answer…especially frustrating when the call is from a grandchild…not so much for telemarketers.

Half a Billion Tons

That’s how much silt the great Mississippi River dumps into the Gulf of Mexico each year. I might add there are a few others that are similar. There are some that dump more, many less.

That is a bunch of bunch of dirt displacing millions of tons of ocean water.

Now, let’s see. Do you suppose that would cause the ocean levels to rise.

Simple solution. Dig some of the dirt back out or pump ocean waters into man-made salt lakes and add lake front property. Make channels for shipping. Add beautiful landscaping for big hotels.

Build a bid wide beautiful mote just north of the Mexican border to stop illegal migration. Well, that wouldn’t work well in the mountainous areas. It’s a thougt, anyway. It sure would be nice to cut down ont the drug traffic too.


Just heard on a CBS report that homosexuals will have restrictions on giving blood.

I suspect there are thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of families that wish that happened, oh, in the 70s.

Maybe it’s about time to change some of the other politically correct rules and laws too. Just maybe it’s 40 years late for that too.

Then again, what do a few thousand lives mean? Truly what gain did they cause our society? On the other hand, what, who have we lost?

As I said before, dems have no respect for human lives. All they care about is taking control. Indeed, if it served their purpose, they would not hesitate in driving the figurative bus right over the homosexuals, or anyone else if it served their purposes. Indeed, even today, they are using Planned Parenthood to hold down Black population. (Look up origin of Family Planning)

AIDS and birth control and open borders, individually, have killed more than all gun killings, I suspect in the last 5 decades.

Tell Me Why

Tell me why it is that we have women’s golfing.

Tell me why it is that we have Women’s basketball.

Tell me why it is that women rarely compete against men in baseball, football, and even tennis.  I’m not sure, but I think there is a separation between men and women’s table tennis.  Last time I checked, there are no men trying to get on women’s volleyball teams and not so many women trying to compete in the world men’s volleyball.  (Come to think of it, do colleges have volleyball teams?)

Then, one day a man who claims to be a woman gets on the college women’s swimming team.  Can you tell me why this is permitted?  Has the world simply lost all concepts of the obvious?

Let’s see.  I guess there are a few women that can beat a few men at arm wrestling, but, push come to shove, no woman will ever become the world champion.  It is highly unlikely too many women will even make it passed the preliminaries.  Yet, of course, many men will win in the women’s category of weight lifting.

It is stupidity on stupidity.  It is ignorance poured on ignorance.  Men and women are biologically different, regardless of what anyone might try to say to the contrary.

As a side note, isn’t it just wonderful having a Supreme Court justice who can’t provide a definition of a woman?  Is this something good for our country?

As a side, side note.  The newest justice was selected because she is a woman and black.  I guess ol’ Joe still knows the difference.  Moreover, she was selected out of a field of the “Best” women for the job and the “Best” Black woman for the job…according to Joe Biden.  If I were a black woman and was selected to be a Supreme Court justice, I would not consider that much to be pound of.  She was selected from approximately 7 or 8 percent of the population of the country.  It is not likely, but possible that 93 percent of those in the country would be a better pick.  They were never considered.

Just maybe someone might tell me why the justice has to be a black woman.  Wouldn’t it be better had she been selected from the best of the judges, regardless of gender or color.  Perhaps a black woman would have been selected and that would have meant much more.  I’m sure there are many black women judges who are highly qualified.  Some might even know the difference between a man and a woman.

I Don’t Do Surveys

I have had a little to say about surveys already, but maybe it is a good time to revisit the idea. The problem with the surveys is the wording of the questions. Many times, there is no true answers. They ask true false questions when the reply is neither true nor false. They ask multiple choice questions when they don’t have my answer listed. Unfortunately, they do not include a choice of none of the above.

Generally, after the 1st 3 or 4 questions, I know the purpose of the survey and who is behind it. Without doubt, the questions are worded to benefit those sponsoring the questionnaire. Indeed, the survey is obviously intended to affect opinion more than determining opinions.

The promp for me writing this is a request for my cellphone phone provider to take a survey. Thought about taking it just to gather evidence. You think, maybe those questions just might be worded without bias? I think not.

On the other hand, if you want my opinion on my provider, I will be glad to tell anyone. But don’t expect it to be either rosey or horid. However, there is one thing I would like to tell one and all. They have included some things on the phone that I cannot remove. For instance; I can’t remove tic toc. There are holidays on the calendar that cannot be removed. Perhaps worst, I keep setting the ‘do not disturb ‘ function unintentionally and without knowing it. As a result I missed 5 calls, 3 of which were important… sort of the reason I carry a cell phone.

It does make me wonder if that was in some way on their survey.

And, oh yes. I am still wondering how I turned the do not disturb function on. Just maybe I’ll find out one day…hopefully before I miss another important call, as when my wife is desperately trying to call me.


Most of us are familiar with the abbreviation for Universal Serial Bus. Can’t remember exactly when but the concept mostly started because the printer parallel port was becoming outdated.

Engineers had figured a way to run non printer devices off the parallel port but it was a slow cluge. Not only that. The printers were getting faster and sometimes had to wait while the printer port caught up.

In addition, they were starting to feel the limits of devices on the PC. 2 serial and one parallel port was very limiting to many. For a while they held on, but once the USB technology came along, it all but eliminated both the serial and parallel ports. Moreover, even the mouse and keyboard connections are disappearing.

I do find it odd, but this revolution has dramatically changed other things too, I suspect without plan or expectations. It started with cell phones. Every cell I’ve had after my first, was and is charged by USB. Now, it seems everything is charged by USB cable. I have cameras, flashlights and a GPS that must occasionally be connected to a USB cable from time to time. I’m sure it is only the beginning of charging everything but our auto off the system.

The odd thing is that the USB is no longer universal. I have one for my phone, one for my external disk drives and still another for my printer. Nowadays, when you go into a computer store and ask for a USB cable it is akin to asking for a turkey sandwich at Subway. Six or twelve inch length bread. Italian, wheat, cheese, etc. Just as there are many types of bread, there are many types of non-Universal Serial Buses as well as various lengths.

Here’s a hint. When in search for a USB cable, be sure which one you need.

On the other hand, if you have a new printer as mine, you don’t need a printer cable of any kind. The computer communicates via radio waves. Maybe they are going to attempt to do away with USBs. ??Maybe?? Then the cables would just be used for charging things. Wonder how long it woult take to charge an EV with one.


President Trump was just indicted by a New York not so grand jury. This says far more about New York, New York than it does about President Trump. It states volumes about the prosecutor and it speaks volumes about the people of New York, New York.

By the way, it might also explain why folks are leaving the state by the hundreds of thousands, especially from the City of New York. Moreover, it will give the city and the state a black eye for as long long as they might remain.

I am a native of California and every day I become more ashamed of it. Just maybe those who come from New York will go well out of their way to keep us from knowing it. Then again, what do I know? They just might be foolish enough to be proud of their city, their prosecutor and their state. The folks up there will never fail to amaze me. Those people up there aren’t just nuts. They’re crazy nuts.

Calling Abnormal Normal

Some have complained that we are calling the Nashville shooter abnormal. Question: Who in their right mind would call a killer of 6 people normal, regardless of weaponry.

Indeed, they want us to call the woman normal. Here’s the news. With me, that’s not going to happen. Abnormal, for me, will always be absolutely abnormal.

Calling abnormal normal isn’t just nuts. It’s crazy nuts.

Criminals Will Always Have Weapons

Even if nothing more than slings, bad people will will always have weapons and they will always do bad things. It is why I keep saying that we need to keep them locked up, that is to say the criminals, not the weapons.

Lest you get the wrong idea, slings can be very dangerous. Moreover, slings don’t have serial numbers. They lack lans & grooves, which might be used to ID the slinger. Be that as it may, criminals can steal, smuggle or even build weapons including guns. Strange as it may seem, some criminal types are also geniuses.

Maybe the ammo would be a little more difficult but men have been making guns and ammo for 6 or 7 hundred years. It’s not that hard, especially with a good machine shop. How many chemists know the secrets of good gun powder and are ready and willing to make it for the right price.

So. You take the guns away from good law abiding citizens. The military will have guns. The police will have guns. The criminals will have guns. The rest of us, I guess will have to live behind bars to stay safe.

Sort-of reverses things doesn’t it? While we hide in our private fortresses, the criminals rome free. Could it be that it’s what the dems want?

Speaking of criminals. You notice Fauci has a book deal. Seems to me there is a law against criminals profiting from their criminal efforts. Just goes to show, laws that aren’t enforced are pointless. It’s sort of like trying to take the guns from criminals. Just not going to happen.

The winners of the gun laws will be the criminals.

Incidentally, did you hear the latest from the World Health Organization? Seems they finally figured it out. They no longer recommend shots for healthy youth. Wonder just who told the WHO.

Problems for NY City DA

Seems that the so called case against President Trump is falling apart for the NY prosecutor. He’s having abvery difficult time getting an indictment from the grand jury.

Hint for those who don’t know, it is far easier to get an indictment from a grand jury than a conviction from a jury.

Worse for the DA, it has come to light that there is a letter in Stormy Daniels` hand writing denying any sexual relationship between her and Trump. Hence, it removes any motivation for hush money.

Therefore, the blackmail had no basis. Therefore, the payment was for convenience, not to cover any sins.

Something tells me that this is just one more false charge agin’ Trump that will just fade away. No one will admit wrong doing for bringing the charge. There will be no apology, certainly nothing public or in writing. The charge will simply fade away as all the others brought against him.