I noticed a number of folks poking fun at Obama for buying a huge house near the ocean.  They say if he really believed the ocean level was going to rise, the property would soon be under water.  Actually, that’s not true.

The problem can be fixed by a seawall and a good boat.  To be safe from the grater storms caused by climate change, it would likely have to be at least eight feet high.  To be on the safe side, maybe it should be twelve feet.  He would want to make sure he had a good pump and electric generator as it is possible that some water might spill over even a sixteen-foot wall.  Moreover, there would certainly be some seepage under the wall.

All the roads going to and from the home would be underwater.  So, a boat would be needed to go to and from the land.  To be sure, it would have to be able to go a hundred or so miles.

Alternately, he could build a heliport and use a helicopter.  The hitch with that idea is that the vehicle would have to be well protected.  Even now, that part of the country is suseptable to storms.

Truth be told, if the dummycrats really believe that the ocean levels are going to rise, they might want to start building seawalls all along the coast.  Also true of rivers would need seawalls near the ocean.

By the way, this would likely mean building a seawall many miles along the Rio Grande river.  Ultimately, the ocean might divide that part of Mexico from the US.  I might be wrong, but the dummycrats wouldn’t like that.

Definition of a Milli-second

Some time ago, I had a laugh when I heard a definition for the millisecond as the time between when the traficlight turns green and the when the person in the car behind you honks his horn.  I suppose this is still true but we need to add another entry that just might be a little more accurate.  I have observed that it is now about the time between when someone goes on a shooting rampage and the time the dummycrats call for gun laws. (You might notice I waited a while before I wrote anything on the subject.  I actually have some respect for the survivors of those who were killed and those who were wounded.)

I find this very disrectful.  Then again, why should I expect the dummycrats to be respectful. That would require some intellegence.

It is just another reason I call them dummycrats.  None of the laws they suggest would have stopped any of the shootings.  I might add that one man in California killed two men with a knife.  Moreover, he took a gun from one of those he stabbed.  No gun law would have stopped those killings.  Moreover, had he not been stopped, he could have used the stolen gun to kill many more.

By the way, lest anyone forget, one of the most successful mass killers in this country used a truck full of fertilizer.  Two terrorists used pressure cookers and likely leaned the method on the web.

When I was in the Marines, I carried an M16 rifle, the military version of the AR15.  I suppose you might call the M16 an assault weapon, but it is capable of both semi and fully automatic.  An AR15 is not an assault rifle.  It only looks like one.  It is strictly semi-automatic.  There are many other rifles that fire semi-automatic.

The truth of the matter is, all known; the dummycrats simply want to rid the country of guns.  They don’t like the second amendment.  Actually, they don’t much like any of The Constitution.  It is why they keep trying to alter it or ignore it.  Oddly, they even use it to destroy it.  The truth is socialism is not compatible with The Constitution.  It is why the dummycrats keep trying to do away with it.

Let’s take the example of the First Amendment.  This is where you can say what you want, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their ideas.

Now I have one more definition for you: Racist.  This is when someone does or says something the dummycrats (specifically the squad) don’t like.  The label is applied automatically, sort of, like when a knee jerks when a doctor applies his little mallet to it.  By the way, using the term requires about the same amount of intelligence as the doctor’s mallet.  About the same intelligence of the dummycrat.