A Problem With Surveys

I had just finished a game of Free Cell, one of the many games of Solitaire offered by Microsoft.  Then a little window popped up asking me why I started the game.  Appearing on the window were also 5 or 6 choices.  I don’t know what happens for those of us that don’t find the reason.  I simply terminated the window and went on my way.

It does make me wonder when they take a while to figure out the meaning of it all.  Some will choose this, others that.  I suppose, some, like me, will decide not to reply.

Normally, I don’t respond to surveys or survey-like-questions.  However, Microsoft was nice enough to provide the entertainment essentially for free.  The problem is twofold.  First, none of the answers was even close. Second, there was not a suggestion, “None of the above.”

Ultimately, I had two choices, lie, or simply exit.  I chose to exit.

Over the years, I have noticed that it is a problem with people who write surveys.  They always assume that they have provided all possible replies.  Some even expect a yes/no reply when neither is correct.  Years ago, I agreed to take a survey over the phone.  I was asked to reply yes/no to many of the questions.  If I did, it would have been a lie.  An example was the question asking if I was in favor of immigration.  If I had said no, that would have been a lie.  I am in favor of legal immigration.  If I had said yes, that would have been a lie as I do not want illegal immigration.  So, all those in favor of only legal immigration were expected to lie, which would have yielded faulty data.

Needless to say, I refused to reply to the question.  In fact, I refused to reply to many of them.  As I think back over the whole thing, I am sure the woman wanted me to lie, though I am not sure of her reason.  Was she trying to prove that I was racist or that I was a liar?  I don’t know, maybe neither.

The bottom line, the woman was trying to put words in my mouth.  As I get older, it angers me all the more when I encounter such things.  So, I avoid the whole thing.  In a way, I guess that skews their data too.

In a way, I owe the woman that wrote the survey.  It opened my eyes.  Those who write surveys do it to gather information.  However, they also do it to distort the data.  Also, it is an obvious attempt to alter my opinion.  So, since that day, I don’t do surveys, especially political surveys, republican or democrat.  I don’t like it when people of any persuasion try to put words in my mouth.

If someone, anyone wants to know what I think, they don’t need a survey.  My thoughts are spelled out plainly in my posts.  Also, many of my opinions are displayed in my books.  Moreover, if they agree with my ideas, they just might accomplish more by telling others of my posts.

Also, I would strongly suggest that others do not reply to surveys.  For those that do, please beware of the subliminal suggestions.  Don’t lie just when they leave your choice out.  Better yet, terminate the survey when they ask an improper question.  After a while, maybe they will provide better questions and answers.

Then again, likely not.  It certainly will not happen overnight.

Who Wins?

As I sat and watched the goings on tonight, a question came to mind. Very likely it is the most important question of our time. Who wins?

After all is said and done. After all the votes are casts and counted. After all the legal wrangling is done. Who wins? Is it the republicans or democrats. Is it Biden or Trump.

Actually, none of this really matters. Actually, this is all sort of incidental. The real question is, do the people win?

The way I look at it, if Biden wins, the democrats win. If Trump wins then the republicans win. However, what does that do for our country. Obviously, if Biden wins, he wins. There will be no more investigations into his relationship with Ukraine or China. If the democrats win, there will be no more investigations into the FBI leadership and dozens will get away with one of the biggest crimes of all times. Moreover, they will know that they will be able to do it again, whenever it suits their purpose.

What would a loss mean to Trump. He would likely go back to his home in Florida and live out his years. To be sure, it would bother him. He would know the purpose of the democrats, but he would be powerless to do anything about it. It might even lead to an early grave.

The worst of it is that the people would lose. The economy would go south. We would lose the freedom of religion and the right to bear arms. We would lose the right to say what we believe and even what we think. We would likely lose our history and our children would never learn about our forefathers and our historic heroes. In the four years that the democrats would run the government they would, as they themselves said, change things. Indeed, they would change our nation and do away with the constitution. To them, it is an old document that keeps getting in their way.

On the other hand, if trump wins, the people win. From the very moment he took the oath of office, everything he did or thought of doing was for the people. Not one moment did he think of doing anything for himself.

The only thing the democrats think of is the power they will gain. Their least concern is the people.

So, when you vote, or refrain from voting, remember this question: Who wins?

Maximo Alvarez

After a brief look over the Web, I think most agree with me that Maximo Alvarez had the best speech so far during the Republican convention. He said he saw it all before. He knew the pattern. To be sure, he spoke many of the same words I did, but he spoke from first hand experience. He fought back tears as he saw the history being repeated.

It is proper to make sure that your realize that his parents escaped Spain during the civil war there. Then he escaped Fidel Castro’s Cuba. He said he saw people around him suffer and die before he left the island nation. At the end of his speech he said, “There is nowhere left to go.”

Now, may I add my words?

I have seen people become indignant because we dare to call Biden a communism. Well, when he speaks the words of a communist, in my book, that makes him a communist.

New York tried socialism and it didn’t work. California is trying socialism and it isn’t work. At one time both states had massive successful economies. By the day, their economies are crumbling. The worst part is that they aren’t satisfied with that. They expect to force their communism on us all while expecting us to bail them out.

They cannot manage their forests, so now, the California governor begs us for money to help them fight their fires. Because New York could not manage their medical supplies, the governor begged for money and supplies from the rest of us. Then he blames the president for the problem that came from a communist country. Tell me that makes sense.

If you want to know what the soviet union of the United States would look like, look at what New York looks like now. People are leaving the state in bunches. New York used to be the most populace state. Now, it follows California and Florida. If things continue, they could end up with less people than Mississippi.

Then as Maximo Alvarez said, where do we go when all the states resemble New York. What do we do when the US resembles China or Russia. What do we do when we go to the store and can’t find a loaf of bread? What do we do when there is no gasoline at the stations? What happens when they turn off the electricity as they do in California?

Right now, it only happens in other countries. Right now, it only happens in other states. What do you do you do when it happens here? What do we do? Where do we go?

We all make mistakes, small and great. Most of our mistakes we can recover from. Letting Biden and his friends take over would be a major mistake that we would never recover from–ever.


A little while ago, I heard a man on TV say that potatoes originated in Peru. “Now that can’t be,” I said to myself. “Everyone knows that potatoes were started in Ireland.”

Shows how much I know. I looked it up. Guess what? He was right and I was wrong. Surprised me but you can look it up yourself. However, it does leave me with a question. What did the people in Europe have for dinner before Columbus. I can hardly think of sitting down to a meal without potatoes, certainly not very often. Like the the guy in the advertisement on TV says, it is usually my bite.

Don’t tell my cardiologist but I could make an entire meal of nothing but mashed potatoes and gravy. I wouldn’t need another thing. Well, it would be nice to have a glass of cold milk with it.

Well. I do like fried rice too. The problem with that is that I have no idea how to make fried rice.

All Mixed Up

The more we become like others, the less we will be like us. And, at one time we were pretty good.

One of the things I noticed over the years is that people in the Soviet block would do just about anything to get into the United States. In fact, there were some who were desperate to do anything, period.

Many risked their lives to get from Cuba to the US. Indeed, many did die before reaching our shores and given the choice, they might do it again.

There must be a reason. There must be something here that they could not get in Russia.

Now of all things, there are people here who want to change the United States into something resembling the Soviet Union. Try figuring that one out.

As for me, it’s simple. Those folks wanting a socialist republic of the United States are simply mixed up. They haven’t got their heads on straight. I figure about four or five years living in China, as the Chinese do, just might help them understand what freedom is. Indeed, if they were to move to Cuba permanently, they just might start thinking of a way to make a seaworthy raft.

The US is a far cry from perfect. I will be one of the first to admit that. But the reason people want in here is that it is by far the best anyone has come up with.

For decades, the US was the example that the other nations tried to follow. Is it now smart for us to follow their example so that we would regress to what they are?

Sorry, but every time I hear the statement that we are the only country that does not have socialized health care, it makes me sick. What is it that they have that we don’t? Until Pelosi and those dummycrats started muddling with our health care system, we had the best health care in the world. Everyone came here to our doctors and our hospitals. Now, not so much.

Before the dummycrats and the unions we had the world’s most productive country in the world. Today, not so much. Everyone seems to want to go to China to have things made while our labor sets with their hands out wanting food stamps and other government assistants. And, of course, the dummycrats are in favor of strengthening the unions and their crooked leaders.

The more we become like others, the less we will be like us. And, at one time we were pretty good.

The Truth About Hope

One day a man starts out from one of the small airfields on the island of Santa Catalina off the coast of California. He starts flying west and hopes to find an airfield soon. In this case, his best hopes are to end up wet. There are no airfields west of Catalina in the range of a Cessna single engine prop.

A woman in Saint Louis boards a south-bound train in hopes of going to Chicago. Eventually, the only place her hopes will get her is New Orleans. Then again, maybe that was where she hoped to go. Many folks prefer New Orleans to Chicago. In general, the weather is better.

Neither of the above stories is true. However, people get turned around all the time. One afternoon, when I pulled out of a Sonic restaurant, I thought I turned west. I hoped, shortly, I would approach my home.

Needless to say, hope didn’t do me any good. On the other hand, when I stood outside my car and saw that the sun was behind me, I realized my error. Strange thing, though I was going east, I was absolutely convinced I was going west.

For me, the problem was doubled. I was getting low on gas and I didn’t see a hope of a gas station anywhere. At least I saw the error and drove north where I would likely find a gas station, which I did after about five miles.

The thing is, democrats like to talk a lot about hope. The problem is that they do this while all the time leading the country in the wrong direction.

It’s just not safe when you put your hope in people who don’t know what to do or how to do it. The fact is that most democrat politicians have never run company. The never met a payroll. In many cases, they never held down a real job.

Obama was a neighborhood organizer. Biden has always been a politician. Before getting into politics, Kamala Harris was a lawyer and, from what I understand, not a very good one. Some would go so far to say she wasn’t very honest either. Are these the leaders on whom we want to place our hope?

One more thing about hope, which is even more important. There are many who hope they will go to heaven who won’t. Satan has sold them a bill of goods. What he offers is a counterfeit faith. It is logical that if he hopes to fool people, he needs to make the counterfeit look very much like the real thing.

I would suggest, that you make sure you have the real thing, not the counterfeit. Hell is a horrible place and forever is a long time. It is a place without hope, ever.


I just heard that some democrats are considering removing the phrase “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance.

Now that surprises me.  My guess is that they would want to remove the pledge altogether.  After all, they do believe in globalism and they do believe in open borders.  With those beliefs, why have any allegiance to anything but the UN.

What’s in a Name

The official name is Democrat Party, though mostly they call themselves the Democratic Party. Andrew Jackson was the first democrat president. many hold the man in high regards but I don’t. I have many reasons but certainly the worst reason is the way he treated the Indians. Ever hear of The Trail of Tears?

Now, there are some who suggest that the name of the party be changed. They give reasons but it is not my point to get into that right now. One thing I do know is that democracy and socialism cannot coexist. For instance, to call it the socialist democrat party would be an oxymoron. Any party that is socialists cannot be democratic. Also, any party that is democratic cannot be socialist. Even if it does exist, it won’t for long. The socialists will take it over.

Mixing socialism and democracy is like trying to mix oil and water. You can put it in a blender and mix it for a while, but after a while, the oil will always float to the surface. By the way, socialism, too will always come out on top. Soon it will be socialism and then a dictatorship.

At any rate, as for a new name, why not call it what it has already become, a socialist party. By definition, in a democracy, the people make the choices. In a society this large, holding a nation wide vote for all decisions would be impossible. As I look around, it would seem the people haven’t had any say in the party for a decade or two. All the decisions seem to be made by the leaders. Moreover, I’m not really sure who those leaders are.

I look at the mayors, the elected leaders of cities and I wonder just who is pulling their strings. Do they really want the rioting in their streets? I look at the US representatives and I think about the way they vote sometimes. Do they really vote their conscience or what their constituents want? I rather suspect they vote the way Pelosi wants them to vote. Every time they vote against her, they rightfully look over their shoulder thinking about who will challenge them during their next primary. I ask you. Is that a democracy? It sounds more like king of the hill, or, in this case, queen.

The methods are no different than the ones they used in Russia and China. Their ultimate goal is control. Their ultimate desire is tyranny. A central rule, first within the nation, and then throughout the world. You doubt me. Read the Communist Manifesto. It’s all plainly spelled out there for one and all to see. Why should you expect anything different. Is there a reason to doubt their goals?

The government of the US is a republic, not a democracy. As Benjamin Franklin told the woman that day, “…if we can keep it.” It would appear that the socialist party would like to make sure we won’t keep it, or for that mater even our nation.