A Problem With Surveys

I had just finished a game of Free Cell, one of the many games of Solitaire offered by Microsoft.  Then a little window popped up asking me why I started the game.  Appearing on the window were also 5 or 6 choices.  I don’t know what happens for those of us that don’t find the reason.  I simply terminated the window and went on my way.

It does make me wonder when they take a while to figure out the meaning of it all.  Some will choose this, others that.  I suppose, some, like me, will decide not to reply.

Normally, I don’t respond to surveys or survey-like-questions.  However, Microsoft was nice enough to provide the entertainment essentially for free.  The problem is twofold.  First, none of the answers was even close. Second, there was not a suggestion, “None of the above.”

Ultimately, I had two choices, lie, or simply exit.  I chose to exit.

Over the years, I have noticed that it is a problem with people who write surveys.  They always assume that they have provided all possible replies.  Some even expect a yes/no reply when neither is correct.  Years ago, I agreed to take a survey over the phone.  I was asked to reply yes/no to many of the questions.  If I did, it would have been a lie.  An example was the question asking if I was in favor of immigration.  If I had said no, that would have been a lie.  I am in favor of legal immigration.  If I had said yes, that would have been a lie as I do not want illegal immigration.  So, all those in favor of only legal immigration were expected to lie, which would have yielded faulty data.

Needless to say, I refused to reply to the question.  In fact, I refused to reply to many of them.  As I think back over the whole thing, I am sure the woman wanted me to lie, though I am not sure of her reason.  Was she trying to prove that I was racist or that I was a liar?  I don’t know, maybe neither.

The bottom line, the woman was trying to put words in my mouth.  As I get older, it angers me all the more when I encounter such things.  So, I avoid the whole thing.  In a way, I guess that skews their data too.

In a way, I owe the woman that wrote the survey.  It opened my eyes.  Those who write surveys do it to gather information.  However, they also do it to distort the data.  Also, it is an obvious attempt to alter my opinion.  So, since that day, I don’t do surveys, especially political surveys, republican or democrat.  I don’t like it when people of any persuasion try to put words in my mouth.

If someone, anyone wants to know what I think, they don’t need a survey.  My thoughts are spelled out plainly in my posts.  Also, many of my opinions are displayed in my books.  Moreover, if they agree with my ideas, they just might accomplish more by telling others of my posts.

Also, I would strongly suggest that others do not reply to surveys.  For those that do, please beware of the subliminal suggestions.  Don’t lie just when they leave your choice out.  Better yet, terminate the survey when they ask an improper question.  After a while, maybe they will provide better questions and answers.

Then again, likely not.  It certainly will not happen overnight.

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