Who Wins?

As I sat and watched the goings on tonight, a question came to mind. Very likely it is the most important question of our time. Who wins?

After all is said and done. After all the votes are casts and counted. After all the legal wrangling is done. Who wins? Is it the republicans or democrats. Is it Biden or Trump.

Actually, none of this really matters. Actually, this is all sort of incidental. The real question is, do the people win?

The way I look at it, if Biden wins, the democrats win. If Trump wins then the republicans win. However, what does that do for our country. Obviously, if Biden wins, he wins. There will be no more investigations into his relationship with Ukraine or China. If the democrats win, there will be no more investigations into the FBI leadership and dozens will get away with one of the biggest crimes of all times. Moreover, they will know that they will be able to do it again, whenever it suits their purpose.

What would a loss mean to Trump. He would likely go back to his home in Florida and live out his years. To be sure, it would bother him. He would know the purpose of the democrats, but he would be powerless to do anything about it. It might even lead to an early grave.

The worst of it is that the people would lose. The economy would go south. We would lose the freedom of religion and the right to bear arms. We would lose the right to say what we believe and even what we think. We would likely lose our history and our children would never learn about our forefathers and our historic heroes. In the four years that the democrats would run the government they would, as they themselves said, change things. Indeed, they would change our nation and do away with the constitution. To them, it is an old document that keeps getting in their way.

On the other hand, if trump wins, the people win. From the very moment he took the oath of office, everything he did or thought of doing was for the people. Not one moment did he think of doing anything for himself.

The only thing the democrats think of is the power they will gain. Their least concern is the people.

So, when you vote, or refrain from voting, remember this question: Who wins?

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