CRT. The New Political Weapon to Use Against FOCs

CRT, regardless of the name you give it, is the the teaching of racism.

Dems are in favor of teaching CRT (Critical Race Theory)

Therefore, dems, which I also call Friends Of Criminals, are in favor of teaching racism.

Hence, FOCs are in favor of racism.

When a conservative republican uses this weapon, he stands a greater chance of winning; he exposes CRT for what it is; and he encourages everyone to back away from the evil teaching of CRT as well other such subjects.

By the way, it will help expose the dems for what they are, heartless power hungry, criminal lovers.

Incidentally, why isn’t Fauci in prison, if nothing else, for the way he treats beagles?

A Jefferson Quote Worth Remembering

When the people fear the government, you have tyranny. When the government, you have liberty.

Maybe the FOCs should remember that, especially the one running governor of Virginia. That fellow put his foot so far down his throat that he will need a surgeon to remove it. Moreover, it just might send a red tsunami all the way to California.

I Propose 2 Constitutional Simple Amendments

I am realistic. Few, if any will pay attention to me but I believe the vast majority of the common folk will agree that both amendments would greatly improve things throughout the nation.

First, every person, even those who hold public office would be subject to same laws as everyone else. This would also apply to congressmen and senators and their staff. This would definitely include required costs and health programs.

[This would hopefully encourage the doing away with Obama care as well as a few other laws that should be removed.]

Secondly, all new bills would be limited to 10 pages or less, which will be the equivalent 8 1/2 x 11 inches of 11 point print. The pages would have half inch margins. Also they should be published 7 days unaltered before they could be voted on. If it’s altered, the time would start all over. This part could be overridden only by unanimous consent.

[This would keep the FOCs from hiding horribly things in big complex bills. Also, it would keep anyone from slipping bad things into an important bill at the last second. If anyone should try such a thing, everyone would know it. ]

I am sure many would complain about the amendments, most of whom draw government paychecks. I am sure most of those who work inside that big building with the huge dome on it would voice their opinions very loudly.

Now if only I can figure out a way to get Biden and FOCs to actually obey the laws.

It’s Just Not the Same

Many people like like to point out the migration that took place on Ellis Island and try to equivocate it the avalanche of those coming across the Mexican border. Even as they speak, they know it’s not nearly the same, that is unless they have less of a brain than a nail on the wall.

For those unable to figure out the difference, let me explain it.

First, no one who was sick was permitted into the country. Indeed the hospital where they were kept still stands and, though I might be wrong, it can still be toured. It was where the diseased were kept until well. Those who were not curable went back to where they came from. Had AIDS been a disease back then, no one would have been permitted in with it. However, today it is a political disease and people with AIDS are permitted in regularly, which likely resulted in the loss of many lives. Because there is no desire to do any tracing, there is no way to tell how many. There is no way to make a reasonable guess.

Secondly, it was highly organized. All who tried to enter were interviewed and if they were considered undesirable. they were returned to their country. Certainly, those who had a desire to overthrow the country were not permitted in. Those who had no money or a desired trade were turned away. It was not intended that we should be the welfare state of the world. Finally, those who were criminals were returned to their own country. To be sure, we were not perfect in this regard. Apparently, many criminals did make it through. However, they also turned many away. On the Mexican border, none are turned away.

Third, there were limits, quotas for each country. The obvious attempt was to keep any one nation from overwhelming our civilization. Even though most did separate themselves somewhat into groups, they eventually did assimilate. Until recently, we spoke one language in the schools businesses and our government. Now, when school meetings are held, it is not uncommon for them to be held in three languages. Worse, children are in our schools who don’t know the how to speak English, let alone read and write. They are not the only ones affected. All the learning is hampered.

And, by the way, it makes it more expensive too. Many who of those slowing the learning should not be in the classroom. They are there illegally. If ten illegal children are in a class, that means two-thirds are paying to educate three-thirds. That is not right.

Fourth, many who come over the border are criminals. It causes the crime rates to go up and it increases the cost of enforcing the law. Many communities that were reasonably peaceful now have a meaningful population of criminals who are not Americans.

Fifth, back in the day, cartels did not control our borders. Nowadays, they do control the Mexican borders. The US would be completely right to send in troops and wipe out the cartels. The US is under their attack. However, no one, but not one will do that, though they fire across the river nightly.

If things were now as they were then, I would not mind the immigration. Somehow, I don’t think there are many who will pay me any attention. They are afraid of someone saying something in the social media, which would force them out into the Outer Limits.

So instead, they watch as our nation falls into oblivion.



Putting out Fires?

From time to time, I have heard of people who were put into positions where they were figuratively spending all their time going around putting out fires.

Now Biden. He is quite different. He doesn’t go around putting out fires, he likes to start them. As near as I can tell, he has 8 or 9 of them going and they are all well out of control. Moreover, he is proud of it.

By the way, may I remind everyone, not all change is good. Obama promised change and look what he did. Biden keeps promising change and that is what I fear.

New, Just Off the Wire. Cuomo Just Charged With a Sex Crime.

It is true. Can you believe it? On the other hand, he seems to be getting away with killing thousands of old folks. Bet that is okay. They are just old folks. They wont be missed anyway. Well, not by very many. Besides, all they were doing was hanging around nursing homes using important resources. They were of no use to society. It would be better sending them out on their own like many various tribes used to do. You know. Out of sight – out of mind.

Wouldn’t it Be Nice?

My wife, whom I lover very much, had a cataract removed. As you can imagine, we were both very apprehensive while looking forward to the procedure. Today, we found out that she now has 20-25 vision in the eye they worked on. Considering that her vision used to be in the 20-2000 range, I was ready to do cartwheels down the street. Well, almost. I never could do cartwheels. Now that I am 72, even less so. I reconsidered as I just might break something.

She still needs to go through the whole thing again for the other eye, please pray for us. Nonetheless, it sure was nice that she is able to see so well through the one eye. Even should things not go so well on the other, we are very thankful to God that it turned out this well on the one eye.

And then I got to thinking things over. Wouldn’t be nice if someone could perform an operation on Biden and his FOCs so that he and his bunch might see just how much damage he has done to this country.

Actually, I am not sure that would work. I suspect he already knows. I suspect it is exactly what they want.

We Squeaked by and Didn’t Know It.

I saw the congressional meetings where they questioned the current attorney general. I have come to the conclusion that we have a lot to thank the Lord for as well as the minority leader of the Senate. The current AG, who was just almost became a Supreme Court justice, not only leans hard left; but also he hasn’t a clue as to what is going on. Maybe, perhaps, he had some good clerks that helped him look good. He certainly didn’t look good today.

Mostly, he is one of those guys that never answers the question posed but rather the question he wants to answer. in one instance, I saw him try to turn a simple yes/no question into a 15 minute dissertation. I know someone trained him to say that in the hopes of making him appear well versed in the law. Instead he appeared lacking in common sense.

To think Obama wanted to appoint the man, to think Biden did appoint him. It makes the former president as well as the current one look pretty bad.

Why Dems Are Utter Failures

To be sure dems can run governments well. The problem arises when they need to deal with businesses or run a fighting force. They simply cannot comprehend profits. They do not realize the importance of destroying the opponent’s will to fight.

I think they lack the reality that businesses that don’t make a profit don’t survive. They honestly beleave that the purpose of a business is to supply jobs and distribute paychecks.

The concept that an army exists to kill and destroy the enemy before they kill or capture us is totally foreign them. They seem to think it’s purpose is to provide social engineering. When they make rules for the military, they pay little or no attention to how it will affect their ability to fight.

Moreover, the thought that any country might want to take us over seems oblivious to them.

This is all likely due to their never running a business or held a command under combat or even under training. Then again, they just might have slept through their history classes. Let’s face it;history is full of stuff like that.