Fear the Power

Unlike most folks, I actually listened to President Trump’s speech, the one that supposedly incited a riot. Sorry folks. It wasn’t there. In fact the opposite is true. He specifically told them to demonstrate peaceably. I have no idea where the media and the dems got the idea that he encouraged them to riot.

Then I thought it over, that is the whole situation. What if President Trump actually told them to riot. What if he told them to go in and tear things up? Conceivably, he might even tell them to set fire and ransack all the offices of the dems. Is it possible that they would have actually done it?

I’m not talking 50 or 60 people. I’m talking tens-of-thousands. The damage would be far greater. The riot would have lasted far longer. The restoration would likely take a decade.

Don’t get me wrong. I would never suggest such a thing and I’m sure the president wouldn’t either. The dems don’t seem to mind a little fire here and there. They would cheer at a few innocent bystanders getting hurt. They might even love the damage that could be done to all a the seats on the floor, that is if it could all be blamed on the president. The president, on the other hand would be horrified at the possibility, no matter who was behind it.

Nonetheless, the dems do seem to think that President Trump has some unseen power. He could just wave his hand say, “Go to it,” and stand back and watch. I don’t know. Maybe he does have such power. Maybe he could call out how bad that they treated him throughout his presidency. Maybe he could tell the crowd just how the election was stolen from them.

If that is true, and bear in mind, it is just a speculation. If it is true that he does have such power, just maybe the dems should have a little more fear for the man. Can you imagine if he decided to go after Pelosi. He’d hardly have to raise his voice and she’d be no more.

All right. I’m getting a little over the edge now. I am getting almost as bad as the dems that like to go around carrying the likeness of the president’s head. I am almost as bad as that actress that suggested blowing up the White House.

Still, you dems who claim the president is so powerful, you just might want to sleep with one eye open. It might not hurt to keep a half dozen armed guards around too. You just might want to fear the power.


Over the last 4 years, under President Trump we went through a great deal of construction. We brought back jobs, especially manufacturing and the world became much more stable. Not only were the minorities part of this, they were the primary beneficiaries.

In the next 4 years we will go through demolition. The dems will try to destroy everything President Trump built. They can’t help it. It is part of their genetic makeup. The problem is that they have decided to destroy anything else “Trump” as well.

Patrick Henry said, “I might not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it, to my death.”

On the other hand Pelosi and her minions have a different attitude. They will defend your rights to say what you want, as long as it agrees with them. If you don’t agree with them, they will do anything they can to shut you down. As far as they are concerned you have no freedom. They would like it very much if you would move out of their country. And of course, if something goes bad wrong, they will find a republican to blame it on.

The democrats believe in freedom for them and them only. For the rest, we must shut our mouths and submit to their rule… to their control… to their tyranny. Do you think you African-Americans will benefit? Forget it. The only time the dems are interested in you is when voting day approaches. Then, after you vote, they will forget you again. As I said, the only ones they want to benefit are themselves. They want the money. They want the control. The totally want the power. Along the way, they would not mind a few accolades, even if they don’t deserve them.

A Surprise for Those on Twitter

Those of you on Twitter just might want to reconsider. I understand, there are some who rely on Twitter for their business. The thing is, you see, Twitter controls you and those you communicate with. They determine what you say and with whom you communicate. If you step outside their bounds, there are penalties to pay.

Right now, that may not be a problem. However, consider, they might start taking offense to something you say. There is nothing stopping them from reducing your subject matter. On the other hand, one day you might decide to write about something they don’t like.

In effect, it might be like a boa-constrictor snake. They may continue to tighten their coils until they completely own you. You write as they say or you don’t write at all. Better to be free of their coils before it is too late. Better you send them a message now. If people reduce use of Twitter, then they are the ones under control. Maybe the best idea is to simply put them completely out of business. It will send a message to one and all that we are a nation of people who refuse to be controlled. Maybe, just possibly, conceivably, that would be a good thing. It would be better than a few elite controlling the many.

By the way, I do not have a Twitter account. I am not on that page thing. It does slow me down a little, maybe a lot. but I do alright. More important they don’t own me.

I have a solution

In the middle of the southern California desert there is a lake. I have seen it. If you take a little time, you can find it on the Google maps. It is a short distance from Indio. It used to be a big tourist place. People used to go there and swim and ski.

Not so much anymore. You see it has two problems. First it is getting smaller. Second, as suggested by its name, it is full of salt water. As the water evaporates, the the Salton Sea becomes more salty. Currently, the water is about 30% saltier than the ocean, which makes it quite toxic.

Currently, they tell me the ocean level is rising. I wrote a post on this, I guess about a year ago. I’m not going back through that, but very little of it has to do with global warming. Mostly, the Salton Sea is below sea level. Water could be filtered and then permitted from the ocean into the lake. In order to increase the level of the lake back to the desired level, it would take millions, perhaps billions of gallons of water.

There. You see, it would be a win, win, win for all. The recreation area would be restored. The water would be less salty and the ocean would would go down a little. Who knows? Maybe we could actually increase the level a little above the original level. Moreover, maybe there are other places we could find to store all that access ocean water. Maybe we could allow a little into the dead sea.

If we really got rambunctious, we might even dig a few holes specifically for the water. Can you imagine a lake in the middle of Saudi Arabia. It would permit swimming and boating in an otherwise arid area. And, of course, it would drastically increase the value of the land. They could build hotels, apartments and even homes along the shore.

Who knows, if we build enough of these lakes around, we might help the temperature go down. The vaporization from the lakes would help cool things down. It might even cause a little rain around the lakes. This in turn would decrease the so-called global warming.

Then, of course, we can’t do any of these things. The dems would not like it. They would lose one of they big clubs with which to destroy the republicans.

So, no matter how good the idea, forget it. It won’t happen. Not if the global warmest crowd has anything to say about it.

For What Reason?

In general, I think the vast populous knows that there was cheating. The vast percentage of republicans know simply because they kept their eyes open. Being as the dems were doing the cheating, they are well aware of it. Indeed, they are far more aware of it but they simply try to hide it and not to well. Failing at that they try to deny it, this while they still figuratively have their paws in the cookie jar.

I have been thinking on the subject and a question occurred to me. For what reason do they cheat? Clearly, they realize, with their ideas and nominees, they that it is the only way they can win. Clearly, they think winning is really, really important; enough so that they go to great risk. If it gets out of hand, it would cause a scandal from which they would never recover.

There may be other reasons I haven’t considered, but I have come up with two. Possibly they think they are doing it for our good. On the other hand, maybe they are doing it for their good, to enhance their power and riches.

Knowing the nature of the dems, I suspect it is the selfish rather than the altruistic reason. I just can’t imagine them having any concern for the folks, especially when I see them doing things that have led to the death of so many people. It’s sort of like expecting a snake to act like a nice friendly dog. Nice is simply not in their nature, though they do try to act like it is.

In that respect, it means snakes are better than democrats. Snakes have no pretense of being good. You see, they know that the more money that goes through the government, the more they can skim off for themselves.

Project Age

On Jan 8/9 2021, my book “Project Age” will be free for your Kindle. Just find it on my author’s page per instructions on my WordPress home page. Also, you can simply look up my name on Amazon.com. (The problem with that is that there may be entirely too many distractions that way.)

A number of times, I tried to get someone else, a good author to write this book. When I failed, I decided it was important enough for me to write. I was, to be sure one of my more difficult books for me and I am afraid I didn’t do anywhere near as well as I hoped.

Nonetheless, there are many thoughtful passages as well as a few passages that just might be considered full of suspense. My purpose in writing it was to point out that things are not always as they seem. Sometimes, the government deceives us for our own good. That is to say, to keep us safe, they hide things from us as well as congress. I do wonder just how many congressmen had knowledge of the Manhattan Project (The first atomic bombs)

At any rate, in this book, there is a passage in which word gets out that Project AGE is an elixir that greatly retards the aging process. As anyone can imagine, there are many, especially in congress who should get the expensive and highly limited supply of the elixir.

I wonder. Does this remind you of the way it is with the vaccine developed for the China Virus. I mean, A.O.C., though under 40 just had to have her dose… to prove it was safe. Does anyone believe that? I don’t. There is one thing I certainly didn’t foresee, giving it to convicts before the rest of the populous. I guess the criminals came up with that idea, or maybe their lawyers.

I’m 73, I have high blood pressure and I’m diabetic. I actually do have a reason to want to be one of the first. However, I am patient. I’ll wait until all those greedy souls get theirs. It sort of works out the same anyway. After everyone else is inoculated, there is no one for me to catch it from.

At any rate, I figure it is good for everyone to fight it out. We all will find out just what they are made of, when it really comes right down to it. It is clear that A.O.C. is one of those who thinks of no one but herself. Also, she just might be one of those who lets fear rule her life.

To be sure, there are others like A.O.C. I guess she is just one of the most obvious.

By the way, it is worth noting that all those dummycrats were full of it before the vaccine was released. They said they would have no part of it because it was developed by President Trump. Now it would seem they would take it no matter who developed it. As I said, it tells us what they are made of.

One more thing. Imagine, if you will, the real commotion in the event there were actually an anti-ageing elixir. It might actually come down to some real bear knuckle contests. It might also cause some real racial divides. I don’t know. We can only imagine.

Warnock, Really?

I’m not a Georgia citizen. So, unlike so many others, I am going to keep my nose out the Georgia race, tempting as it is. There is however one thing I feel the need to point out. Warnock either has very little knowledge of the Bible or he likes to lie about it. I guess, in a way, it is somewhat the same. If he lacks the knowledge, then he speaks under pretense, which is sort of like lying.

Regardless, he suggested that we should give money to the government so that the government can give to the poor. Sorry, Warnock. It is not in the Bible though there are a number of people that do make the same mistake. In general, those that are prone to the mistake are communists, being as that is their pretense.

On the other hand, the Bible suggest voluntary giving, mostly directly to those in need. There is not even the hint that the government should get involved. This sort of makes sense being as those in government generally take more than their share when they redistribute the wealth.

By the way, the Robin Hood idea does not apply either. Robin Hood stole from the rich government and gave to the poor people, those from whom the extravagant taxes were are taken. So you see, even from the human aspect, his ideas are stupid.

Warnock falls into the category of people I call controllers. They preach communism but that is but just the jewel meant to distract. What he really wants to do is to control. He wants to control what you do, what you say, and even what you think. Some might call that an opinion. I call it obvious.

Laws Without Teeth

When I was much younger, I never thought about it much. As I get older, and hopefully wiser, I started thinking of laws more.

Let’s see. In a little more perfect world, there would be no need to put teeth to lays… not one need to enforce them. Consider a law against robbery without the need of a threat of penalty. All you need is a law against murder and murders would cease. Imagine a world where we could make laws against speeding without the need to enforce them.

It wouldn’t be long before there would be little need for policemen. After all, there job is law enforcement. They and the courts supply the teeth to the law. If everyone just simply obeyed all laws that are passed, think of all the money we would save. The need for lawyers would be drastically reduced if not completely eliminated.

The truth is that a law that is not enforceable has no purpose. Moreover, a law that is not enforced may as well not exist.

Think of all those who have been rioting and calling it demonstrating. Consider the looting and arson. Thousands, maybe tens of thousands are guilty and few were ever arrested. Fewer yet were prosecuted. Over the months, I wonder, just how many ever spent a day in jail. They have all become laws without teeth. The offenders of the law realize it and they are taking full advantage of it. It has rendered the law void, useless. It would seem we have decided to let the lawless get away with anything while those obeying the law suffer.

However, it is far more than that. It is against the law to vote in one state while you live in another. They law would seem to have teeth. There are penalties for such things. Yet they are not enforced. So, when people realize they can do it and not suffer the consequences when caught, the law is voided. It is as if it doesn’t exist. Hence the lawless effectively rewrite our laws.

Moreover, some laws are written completely without teeth. You look at the code and there is no punishment designated. So the Pennsylvania secretary of state intentionally disobeys the voting laws and openly admits it. Law enforcement cannot even slap his hand. They are powerless to do a thing, that is, even if they want.

And of course, the Supreme Court sits in their ivory tower and refuses to do nothing. And now… we have become a nation without voting laws. As the man said, “He who counts the ballots wins the election.” And, as I said before, only those who obey the law suffer.

People & Robots

From the time I was ten, I was exposed to computers.  My brother, who designed the things, started exposing me to terms like bits and bytes long before they the public knew of them.  If I remember right, this was about 1958 or 1959.  I was already picking up general electronic terms as well.  I could read the color codes on a resistor almost as well as I could read the regular number system.  I didn’t use little limericks to memorize it either as others did.

One of the first things I learned about computers is that they are dumb.  They know less than nothing.  All their apparent intelligence must be programmed into them.  Even then, all results are completely predictable.  If a computer doesn’t do what it is designed to do, then something is wrong with it.

Let’s look at the most basic special purpose digital computer, the calculator.  Hopefully, every time you add the same two numbers, it should come up with the exact same result.  It is predictable.  If you get a different result, it is broke.  It is useless.  You might as well toss it because it is unusable.

We humans, on the other hand, are, at least to some degree, unpredictable.  You put ten men in the same situation and it is quite possible to come out with ten different results.

You see, when God made man, he gave us what is called a free will.  That is to say, for the most part, he lets us do what we want to do, though we frequently do what He doesn’t want to do.

He could have stopped Adam and Eve from eating the fruit, but then, Adam would not have had a free will.  And God wanted us all to have a free will.

To be sure, ultimately, God’s will is always accomplished.  At times, a man wants to do something that is completely against God’s will.  For instance, when God told Jonah to go to Nineveh, Jonah decided to go anywhere but Nineveh.  It was a direct collision of Jonah’s will with God’s and God decided His will would prevail.

Even at that, God didn’t just treat him like a robot.  Jonah was still able to rebel.  It was only by circumstances that He drove Jonah back to Nineveh, this even though Jonah would have preferred death to going to Nineveh.  Jonah still had the ability to exercise his free will, though without much success.

In the end, God accomplished at least two things.  First, the entirety of Nineveh repented from their evil and turned to God.  Second, He taught Jonah a few important lessons.  I don’t know.  Maybe He accomplished a few other things.  He can do things like that.  Certainly, the book of Jonah, to this day has a few lessons for us all.

Even so, I have come upon passages I simply don’t understand.  Such is the 15th chapter of Deuteronomy.  First time I read that, I was very perplexed.  In it, God instructs the master to give the slave a chance for freedom.  If the slave chooses to remain a slave to the master, the master is to punch a hole in the ear and put a ring in it.

  1. It does seem odd to me that any man should want to remain a slave.
  2. It seemed odd to me that God would sanction such a thing.
  3. Why should there even be a need for such a law?

Over time, my eyes were opened.  I found, oddly, there are people who like to be told what to do.  They like a world where they don’t have to make decisions.  I guess, to a small degree, I am in this category.  I don’t much care for being the leader.  I would much rather someone else make the decisions and I just do what I’m told.  However, sometimes I do get a little rebellious, or more likely, lazy.

It is common for us followers to get the idea that we would make a much better leader.  Yet, when put in the position of leading, we fail.

Now, what makes me bring this up?  I heard a statement made by a member of the Chinese Communist leadership that sort of opened my eyes the other day.  He said that in China, we follow orders.  You in the US do what you want.

So.  I guess that is what the socialists want us to do.  They want us to stop making decisions and just follow orders.  What we are to do, say and think should be all determined by the leadership, regardless of how inept that leadership is.  I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a recipe for disaster.  The primary problem is that leaders seldom have the good of everyone in mind.  They always get the best of everything, shelter, transportation, medical and food.  When two men need a liver transplant and one is in the leadership, guess who gets the liver.  The same goes for every other aspect of life.

This is the way it was in the USSR and they went bankrupt.  This is the way it is in China and they would not succeed without steeling all of our ideas.  Socialism discourages free thinking, which is the source of ideas.  Why invent the better mousetrap if you aren’t rewarded for it?

Nonetheless, let me go back to my three bullet points.  The answer to the first question is simple.  Some men don’t want to be free.  They like the idea of security being provided by the master, or in this case the state.  It is an easy life, to do what you are told and to think what you are told to think.  Some men prefer the easy life to freedom, even to the point that some ever prefer living in prison where everything is taken care of for them.

God sanctioned the practice for that reason.  It gave some men an out to taking care of themselves.  Also, oddly, to some degree, it kept them from choosing to be criminals.  Moreover, in that day, it seemed that there were strong voluntary bonds of friendship to be formed between slave and master.

When Abraham chose a servant to choose a wife for his son, the man could have just as easily left.  Apparently, Abraham trusted his servant and the servant loved his master.  Yet, the servant was wise in the way he chose the wife.  (By the way, God also provided some guidance.)

Third point, the law permitted the slave a choice.  If he wanted his freedom, the master had no recourse but to set him free.  No one could force him to stay with the master.

Today, in the US we don’t have such laws.  We no longer have slaves.  It does make me wonder, though just a little.  Just how things would have been in the days before the Civil War had the South been forced to conform to the aforementioned law.  I’m going to let you come to your own conclusions but I’m sure things would have been a lot different.

Today, we don’t have masters and servants.  We have employers and employees.  An employee is free to leave at any time.  An employer, within limits is permitted to dismiss an employee for cause.  The system seems to work well.  It would appear that the socialists don’t like the system.

I suppose many might suggest all sorts of reasons they don’t like it.  The out and out truth is simple.  It chips away at their effort for gaining power.  And power is their goal, no matter whose toes they step on, no matter who they have to climb over to get to the top.  Then when they get there they are the worst leaders.

It is a fact that the socialists are very good at spending money, not so much in making it.  Every blue state is falling apart financially.  At first it was slow.  Now it is rapid.  California seems to have lost one representative, perhaps the first time in recent history.  New York might lose two.  Texas and Florida will each picking up one.  Unless there is a change leadership, by the next census, California and New York may well lose a forth or more of their representatives.

The horrible thing is, the leaders of New York and California are expecting the people from Texas and Florida to bail them out and that is not right.  I say, let them fail and learn the lesson of socialism as did the USSR.

God did not make us robots.  He does not control us like robots but the socialists would just love to control us all.  They want us to shut up and take orders.  They want our brains to function like computers.  They demand we respect them while they don’t deserve the respect of a dog.

The Smartest People in the World

You ever notice how the democrats claim to be so smart, indeed they claim to be the smartest people in the world. They want to run your lives because you lack the ability to make basic decisions.

Then, when you catch them with the goods, when you catch them with their hand in the till, when you catch them breaking the law, then they plead the Sgt Schultz defense…”I know nothing.” “I don’t recall.” “I didn’t know.” “You mean my son is a crook?”

Concerning the voter frauds. Biden asks, “What fraud? I don’t see any fraud. I won that election fair and square.” The truth he knows better. After all, he is one of the smartest men in the world. If he can’t figure it out, actually he’s pretty dumb. Over half the country figured it out. If he doesn’t know, that would put him in the lowest fifty-percentile in the country.

Of course if you find any of them next to a dead body, it is slightly different. They suddenly become blind. “What dead body. I don’t see a dead body. Do you see a dead body? I can’t imagine how that got there.”

Some may say they are not responsible for any deaths. To those, I suggest you get your vision checked. Obama let over a million die. Ms. Clinton let at least four die, I would suspect more. The governor of New York State let thousands die in nursing homes. Not one of them will own up to it. Not one of them feels the least of a twinge of guilt. Instead, they ask, “What dead bodies? Does anyone see any dead bodies?”