A Hope and a Fear

After the court heard arguments on Mississipp’s abortion law, my hopes are rising as well as my fears. It is possible, perhaps probably that the court might let the law stand. It’s even remotely possible that Roe v Wade will be overturned.

My fear is that those FOCs will pass a law that would make it moot. They do currently have the majority in both chambers. Worse, I fear that there are plenty of RINOs that would be glad to help them.

What Do You Suppose Joe Pays in Rent?

Where was it that Joe spent Thanksgiving? How much did he pay for rent? You say he didn’t pay rent? Do you really believe that? I don’t.

You might find this strange but wealthy, powerful people have lots of friends and they generally pay for them, one way or the other. Do you think Joe would stay in that big house if he had not power or money? After all, Joe is a true friend of criminal s and he has proved it.

So Much for Individuality

Obama Care insurers that Uncle Sam can veto any procedures we think we need. Now mandatory vaccinatins insure we must undergo anything Uncle says we need.

Then too, just in time, they found a new variant to make sure we must be confined to our homes, regardless of the disasters to our economy and, or our society.

It does look to me like a good weapon for the final destruction of what is left of our nation…if we allow them.

The Summary of the Last 4 Dem Presidents

Obama forced Obama Care down our throats with the help of Nancy. (what a pair) Of course, being a former pres, he doesn’t need Obama Care. Isn’t he the lucky one. He can use his savings to build that sea wall he is going to need when the seas start getting deeper.

Obama forced Obama Care down our throats with the help of Nancy. (what a pair) Of course, being a former pres, he doesn’t need Obama Care. Isn’t he the lucky one. He can use his savings to build that sea wall he is going to need when the seas start getting deeper.

The only thing Jimmy Carter did was to give away the Panama Canal. Really wish we had that back.

Bill Clinton’s fame to claim is that he felt our pain. I’m pretty sure he didn’t. Regardless, he certainly doesn’t now. He’s living high on the hog and has a nice big house. If you ask me, he belongs in the big house.

Obama forced Obama Care down our throats with the help of Nancy. (what a pair) Of course, being a former pres, he doesn’t need Obama Care. Isn’t he the lucky one. He can use his savings to build that sea wall he is going to need when the seas start getting deeper.

Now Joe. I guess his main theme is that he has specialized in causing pain. The bad part is that I don’t know if he even knows it. Could someone please tell him?

My Opinion; They Got it Right

As near as I can tell, they got the Rittenhouse decision right. To me, it looked pretty obvious. More than that, I don’t think it should have even gone to trial, though there is one advantage to it being presented to a jury as well as to anyone who would watch it on the TV. He proved his innocence high and wide throughout the country.

On the other hand, we all learned an important lesson. If we are going to exorcise our right to self-defense, try not to use a gun, especially a big one. If you do use a gun, make sure to never shoot anyone more than once.

There are many alternatives to guns. For instance, you can use a butcher knife or even a rock. By staying away from using a gun, you avoid being convicted before the man dies. However, I would not suggest you follow that prosecutor’s advice and use your fist. If you do, they will have you coming and going. If you are not skilled, you will likely end up dead. If you are skilled, you will be accused of using your fists like deadly weapons.

As I watched the verdicts come down, I thought about the fortune that was paid for his defense. Now he and his mother are about destitute. It makes me wonder about ever putting up a defense under these conditions.

On the other hand, he just might have a few cases he can level on the media. He could actually end up being a billionaire like the one that sued that one news outfit. My guess is he is already a billionaire. Not bad for standing and looking an Indian face to face for a few minutes.

Then, I had another thought. That lawyer that only sues people with money might want to represent Rittenhouse. He could make a small fortune for he and his client. However, I thought better of it. The man is a hopeless liberal. He would never represent Rittenhouse for any amount of money. After all, the boy did use a gun for his defense and no self-respecting lib would ever represent a man who used a gun to shoot someone, even though his life was at risk.

Actually, that was sort of the way the prosecutor looked at it. He seemed to think Rittenhouse should have used his fist instead. He certainly talked of it enough.

Incidentally, how many want to suggest that Biden will offer an apology. Certainly not going to happen in this century.

One more thing. So you suppose they will ever have those trials for those imprisoned for Jan. 6?


There are rumors and then there are rumors about rumors. While I was in the Marines, I learned only to believe the bad rumors. It was surprising how often I was right. When I was wrong, I was never disappointed.

Normally, I try to stay away from rumors. It is sort of like gossiping and the Bible tells us that we shouldn’t do that. Nonetheless, I heard one rumor that just took hold of me, not that I want to spread it, but that I want to study it for just a short while.

It seems that someone has suggested that the FOCs have been looking into the procedures on how to replace a vice-president.

I thought on the subject. Just, why would they want to replace the VP? I figure it this way. They just might be thinking about what to do should Joe kick the bucket. On the other hand, maybe his lack mental ability have become so obvious that they want to talk him into resigning. “Come on Joe. You know we like you but we are getting tired of sending out search parties for you in The White House.” Of course you know this part is not true. I am sure they always keep a handler nearby, but you get the idea.

I really hate to think of it, but should Joe resign, we will be looking at Kamala as Commander in Chief and she’s the border czar that can’t seem to find the border. Oddly, she scares me more than Joe.

Then the thought occurs to me. There is no way Kamala would ever get re-elected. Remember, she’s the one that dropped out of the primaries before things even got started. The truth is, if it wasn’t for the fact that she is black and female, ol’ Joe would have never have selected her for a running mate. To this day, he probably wishes he hadn’t. Remember, he knows his frailty better than any of us and it is probable that even he is scared of what might happen should he have to leave her in charge.

That would suggest that they might want to first replace Kamala as VP and then, maybe replace Joe. Then, they would be in search of another VP.

This thought does sort of disturb me. Though we just might end up with a better president and VP, neither of them will have been elected. They will have been selected by the FOCs. That is scary. The might even select Pelosi or Mrs. Clinton. You remember her, Ms Deplorable herself.

Of course, none of this is likely true. Then again, remember my rule, “Believe only the bad rumors and you will never be disappointed.”

Apologies ?

Joe had some bad things to say about Rittenhouse without any proof to back up his words. I wonder if he will have any apologies when he finds out he was totally wrong.

I suspect not. It’s why I call him Joe. He certainly didn’t do anything to deserve to be called president. He was never elected. The FOCs and media pulled and pushed him across the finish line.

Then one day, his wife told him, “Guess what, Joe. You have just been elected president.”

Then Joe asked, “President of what. “

[What happened to the concept of the executive branch reserving judgment until after the verdict? Oh yes. I remember. Obama set the pattern when he improperly and wrongly accused those police officers of behaving stupidly, when they were doing their job properly. ]

It’s not a good practice for a president to jump to judgment. By the way, if my memory serves me correctly, I don’t think Obama apologized to those police officers either. It seems to be a pattern for FOC types. Four years they tried to find something on President Trump and never did. Yet, not one FOC offered an apology. Not one admitted to being wrong.

If the pattern holds true, none will this time either.

Common Sense for Bullies

All the way through junior high, I was fairly tall, though I was on the skinny side. Mostly, the bullies left me alone. However, in the eighth grade, there was one guy much bigger than me. He was not only taller but much heavier too. I preferred avoiding fights, but he didn’t.

So, one day, against my better judgement, we faced off. Even though he had both the height and weight advantage, he decided he needed a rock to face me. After it was all over, I did have a bruise over my eye. A small wound compared to what he left with. Oddly, he never bothered me after that.

Unfortunately, after reaching high school, most everyone caught up with me in height and, of course, I was still skinny. That was when I learned a little of tact. Still, there were those who wanted to prove he was the better fighter.

Since those days, I spent a little time in the Marines and bulked up a little. I have hardly been confronted by bullies since then. There was one that wanted to fight me one night. Though he was much bigger, he was about to make a mistake. He was, well, should we say, inebriated. You might say, one good rule for any bully would be to avoid fights while under the influence. In this case, his girlfriend talked him out of it.

Thinking back over it, Jesus actually has some sound advice for bullies as well. Even though I am sure he never quite meant it that way, a bully should still pay heed to it.

“Or suppose a king is about to go to war against another king. Won’t he first sit down and consider whether he is able with ten thousand men to oppose the one coming against him with twenty thousand?” Luke 14:31Berean Study Bible.

Of course Jesus was speaking of kings and going to war. Still, it does seem to be a good idea for bullies to avoid trying to start fights with people who are bigger than them. Moreover, they might also stay away from those who have spent nine years in the Marines. Just a suggestion. Had that man tried to fight with me, he might have hurt me, but if I hit him once, they would have carried him away in a stretcher. He was bigger. I would have had to use whatever I knew to stop him.

However, if I may, let me get back to what Jesus was talking about, warring between nations. As the implication is, even warring nations prefer to find weaker nations, as did Hitler at the beginning of his endeavors. His error was when he started going after the more powerful ones. Or as the Japanese admiral said after attacking Perl Harbor, “I’m afraid we have waken a sleeping giant.”

My conclusion from all the above is, if you don’t like war, keep yourself strong and powerful. The others may not like you but neither will they fight you. This of course means keeping any enemy from from infiltrating our borders. One enemy inside our borders can do far more damage than ten outside. Even worse, we might not be able to tell who sent him.

At this point there are many who would like to attack us and they can all take advantage of the open border Joe has provided them. The enemy needn’t fight his way in. All he need do is walk in.

It’s a Simple Question

I’m not sure. Maybe someone has asked it and I never heard, neither the question nor the reply. I certainly would like to hear both the question and the answer. Actually, I am far more interested in the reply.

It is so odd, people get so bogged down with all the complex things. In this case, the one side says it is wrong to teach CRT while the other side says that they are not teaching CRT. This they do while they threaten to bring down the full investigatorial power of the most powerful investigation authority in the world. Such a threat comes close to shaking the foundations of that big rock on the tip of Spain; you know the ones the British owns.

To me it seems odd. It seems to me the question would have been asked and answered long ago. Well, maybe not answered. Those dummycrats do prefer to reply to the question not asked instead of the one that is asked. It is generally a little less embarrassing.

Oh. I guess you want to know the question. Maybe you would also like to know the answer. I know I would love to see the question asked of Psaki. I know she would not reply to it as she is very good at sidestepping the issues. I am sure that is why she gets paid the big bucks. I am sure that was the reason they chose her to meet the media each day. If she were playing dodge ball, no one would ever get close to hitting her. She stands up there with that big book of notes and whenever someone asks one of those questions she doesn’t like, she decides she will circle around to it.

I would suspect that if someone asks this simple little question she would really decide to do some serious circling.

The thing is, if CRT is not being taught in our schools, why are those in charge get so upset every time someone mentions it? If they don’t teach it, all they need to say is, you are right. It is despicable. We don’t teach it and we agree not to teach it regardless of what it is called.

I suspect they don’t want to make any such agreement. However, what I am still wondering is, why won’t someone ask the question in a place where one and all can hear both the question and answer. It is such a simple question, isn’t it? It is important to receive a truly honest reply.

They will likely reply with a lie or half truth (sort of the same). In such a case, if solid proof of the lie is revealed, it will show them for the liars they are.

Then again, to most of us conservatives, it will be nothing new.

Getting Along

As the man said, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Every day I get out on the road. During the day, especially after four in the afternoon, they get crowded. Now that we are approaching Christmas, they are going to get especially crowded around the stores, especially Walmart. Some of the intersections can get bottle-necked. There is one intersection near the Chick-fil-a where it can come that it can come to a complete stand still. It is the reason that we park about half a block away whenever we go there… and this though the dinning room is not yet open.

Nonetheless, most of us make it through just fine, though our nerves are a bit frazzled and we burn maybe a quart of gas getting the quarter mile or so. Then too, there is the time element. The reason we usually get along on the road is because of laws, rules that govern who can go and when. We are also encouraged to let the other drivers know our intentions. I find most drivers are courteous provided I use my signals and don’t make any sudden moves. As my brother told me before I did any driving, “Surprises might be fine for birthdays, but not so much for driving.”

Occasionally, though all the rules of the road are followed by everyone, people do have accidents. However, ‘accidents’ are generally the results of someone doing something wrong. Sometimes, it is unintentional; sometime it is right on purpose. Some take advantage of some imagined privilege and before you know it, bumpers are touching and then the tempers really flare. Sometimes, because someone thinks he is special and it ends in the loss of life. In such cases, the police become involved and no one likes the outcome.

When we were making a long road trip, my brother mentioned something that amazed me. On the two lane highway, people were passing each other at the relative speed of 130 mph, assuming both drivers are at the speed limit. A head on collision at that speed is almost always fatal. Yet, we do it everyday, somewhat casually, assuming the driver going the other way is going to stay on his side of the line. By the way, we do this just about 3 or 4 feet apart as we pass. As I think it over, it scares me. However, I still do it, giving it little thought.

The thing is, if we don’t “Just get along,” the results can be horrible, even fatal. So, in general, we follow the rules. In general, we remain relatively courteous. When it calls for it, we take our turn.

On the other hand there are those who are special. When one lane is closed, they wait until the last minute to make the lane change. It isn’t that they just crowd in front of me, but they are also crowding in front of the fifty patient drivers behind me who do it right. Sometimes they go into the emergency lanes. The police don’t like that because the lanes are reserved for real emergencies, not privileged drivers. It makes it difficult for ambulances, fire vehicles and tow trucks to make it through.

Sometimes these privileged drivers enter intersections, knowing that there is not going to be any room for them on the opposite side. When people do that, they cause gridlock. That is sort of what happens near the Chick-fil-a. Lights turn green; lights turn red. Then, because there are cars in the intersection, no one goes anywhere.

I can go on and on, but I am sure you know what I mean. The purpose for me explaining that which you know is to point out something that just might not be so obvious. We have other laws too, rules that we are supposed to follow. When we don’t it can result in problems. Yet there are people who disobey them. In some cases, they are caught by police and they are made to pay for the infractions. Other times, they get away with it. Here lately, it would seem they get away with it, as others watch. Sometimes even while others cheer them on. Sometimes, right in front of the eyes of law enforcement officers.

In situations such as this, it is as if there are no laws. It makes us a lawless society. In the end, it is to the detriment of all. For no one wants to live where there is no law.

Yet we have a political party that would have such a country. They want us to live in a place of theft and pillaging. They like it when the murderer murders and the innocent citizen goes to prison for defending his life and property. The figuratively put cuffs on the border patrol and ICE while they wave the law breaking illegal aliens through.

To be sure, where there is no enforcement, there is no law. Where there is no law, there is no justice. Where there is no justice, there is no just getting along. It was the reason for the law in the first place. But then the lawless society is exactly what they want and it is exactly what they are forcing onto the rest of us, like it or not.

Due to recent revelations, it would appear our nations number one law enforcement organization threw all the laws away. Instead of enforcing them they were breaking them. Dozens suffered the results directly. We all suffered indirectly. Yet, I doubt any of those really behind it will ever see the inside of a prison cell. Certainly neither of the Clintons will. There power and influence are simply too great. This is ironic seeing as Mrs. Clinton said that no one is above the law. Besides, there is no way the media will permit either of the Clintons to suffer such indignity.

If it becomes that way on the roadways, we might all be better walking.