A Double Fix

They say the carbon dioxide level is too high. So the first solution is to remove some carbon dioxide from the air and put it in large tanks of various sizes.

The second solution is to stage the tanks in strategic locations near forest and airports. In the event of a forest fire, at the correct time, release the carbon dioxide into the fire. Some tanks could be airlifted into location before being discharged.

This would replace the normal air around the fire and would reduce the burn rate, or maybe extinguish the fire entirely.

As a side note, it would greatly reduce the exhaust from the burning wood, which produces more smog than any fossil fuel. This smog, of course, contains carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

I doubt anyone would be interested in using such a method. The expense would be far greater than the benefit. The forests are not worth that much. Besides, if it worked, it would take an argument from both the tree hugers and the climate changers.

Maybe a better way would be to remove some of the trees each year, which would decrease some of the fuel. Moreover, the trees that are removed could be put to good use, far better use than if they were reduced to ashes.

Rising Sea Levels

Some like to blame rising sea levels on global warming. The fact is, there are at least 6 reasons the sea is rising that have nothing to do with global warming. Consider there are roughly 3 tons of dust that comes to this planet from space daily. That is over 1000 tons a year. If it is evenly distributed, that is almost 800 tons that goes into the oceans yearly. You add to that the tons of silt that the river wash down from the land, that is a lot. Every particle displaces just a little water.

Considering the size of the oceans, that is not much, but I would suspect it is more than caused by global warming.