Literacy Is Not Optional

A few days ago, I posted my remarks about a report I thought I heard. The report was about the abject failure of the Tennessee school systems to teach reading. When I say school that means teachers.

Since then, unfortunately, it has been proven true.

These teachers have been trained in universities, many with masters degrees. The schools are given massive amounts of monies. They are given all the most modern technological teaching aids.

I have heard the reasons, really excuses for failure. Yet, in tmes past, teachers with no more than 12th grade educations have taught using nothing more than Bibles to teach and far more successfully.

Maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps it isn’t the teachers fault. Maybe the fault lies with the teacher’s teachers. Perhaps, the problem originated in the colleges. Maybe they can’t or don’t want to teach how to teach. It is entirely conceivable that their modern methods are at fault.

Then too, I’d really like to see a breakdown by school, by area, by district and yes by teacher. I don’t think we will ever see that. I suspect many teachers and administrators would be embarrassed, or should be.

I certainly understand that some of the blame lies with the parents. Still, the the teachers of the early 1900s got the job done under much worse conditions, while we were much more an agricultural nation.

More importantly, as the title of this post implies, we are in a different world today. Even the farmers have college degrees. Even they must be able to read and perform basic math. In this modern world, failing to be able to read and write is a recipe for failure.

Finally, it is imperative we keep the drugs out of our schools, out of our communities and out of our country. If we don’t, we will certainly need to shoulder some of the blame.

Color Me Surprised

For some time, I kept hearing about those Tennessee 3rd graders failing to meet third grade reading criteria would not be advanced to 4th grade. I thought little of it, though it did seem reasonable to me. The most important thing a child learn in early school is reading.

No one told me as much but I figured they would be holding back 3 to 5 percent. Then, I heard a news reporter casually say that 40 percent met the qualification.

Please! Please! Someone tell me the report was wrong or that my ears deceived me. If not, It does help me understand why Shelby County parents are trying to sneak their children into Desoto County schools.

Still, it would be far better if they fix their own schools. Somehow, I suspect that will not happen soon. I think they’re too busy teaching about going green or how bad Republicans are.

Neutral Law Enforcement

During my thirties, my job took me to New York, just outside Syracuse. There’s a nice park there where I used to walk. It beat looking at the hotel room walls.

It was the right time of year and the evenings were almost always wonderful. There was a baseball diamond there and, of course, little leaguers playing baseball.

When I stopped and watched the game, they found out I was from Mississippi. They suddenly realized they found the perfect unbiased umpire. They immediately put me to work calling balls and strikes.

Apparently, they were impressed with my fairness, if not my accuracy. They kept calling me back and they never complained, not once. Now that, in itself, is something of which for me to brag.

The point is this, people love an honest neutral arbiter, whether it be an umpire, a judge in a courtroom, a prosecutor or even law enforcement officers. I guess that nowadays it’s too much for we Americans to expect. No more fair umpires in our government. No more fair observations from TV and radio reporters. There are no hopes of getting unbiased reporting from newspapers. Finally, and worst of all, the historians are twisting history. They say things happened I know didn’t happen. At my age, I actually remember stuff firsthand.

It makes me sad. However, I have hope. There is a righteous judge. All accounts will be settled. The most devious government officials will pay. I don’t need to do a thing. God’s judgment is true. God’s judgment is sure. No one will get away with anything. Those who don’t believe it are only deceiving themselves.

What amazes me is some actually think they know and understand it. Yet, definitely, they continue their march. I can’t think of anything more foolish.

Half a Billion Tons

That’s how much silt the great Mississippi River dumps into the Gulf of Mexico each year. I might add there are a few others that are similar. There are some that dump more, many less.

That is a bunch of bunch of dirt displacing millions of tons of ocean water.

Now, let’s see. Do you suppose that would cause the ocean levels to rise.

Simple solution. Dig some of the dirt back out or pump ocean waters into man-made salt lakes and add lake front property. Make channels for shipping. Add beautiful landscaping for big hotels.

Build a bid wide beautiful mote just north of the Mexican border to stop illegal migration. Well, that wouldn’t work well in the mountainous areas. It’s a thougt, anyway. It sure would be nice to cut down ont the drug traffic too.

Joe and His Green Crowd FIGURATIVELY Got Shot Down

First, let me re-emphasize “figuratively.” That does not mean literally. No one shot at them, not even a peashooter. I say that lest someone misconstrue the meaning of my words.

If I heard the report right, a federal judge just OKed Phillips Petroleum’s drilling in Alaska, or at least the preparation for it. Now they can build the road, which will permit them to move their equipment in. Biden fought to stop them. He loves drilling for oil and mining for all sorts of things, as long as it is not within the US. He does not like anything benefiting American industry unless approved by the greenies.

I just love it when Joe and his greenies suffer such setbacks. To be sure, when they have setbacks, the American people benefit. In this case, it just might help hold the price down at the gas pumps. The only people that don’t like that are the greenies, those building wind mills and solar batteries, and those invested in EVs.

AND, by the way, from another but related report. Did you hear? The Saudis decided to decrease oil production. Or was it that they will try to increase prices. Either way, it is same, same.

The Unanticipated Obvious

I’ve said it and said it again. I barely made it through high school. I have no college degree, though I did have a littie college. Yet it seems I anticipated something the guys with with the big degrees overlooked. At least, they chose to ignore it.

When they first started really pushing the electric autos, I actually wrote a post pointing out that the electric power grid would need some serious beefing up.

I don’t guess anyone paid any attention to me because it was only today I heard of anyone else taking note of the problem. As obvious as it was from the beginning, it seems to have taken about 4 years to realize that the grid just isn’t up to it.

Their suggestion to deal with the problem is to charge the batteries at work during the day instead of at home at night.

Guess I can’t have an electric car. Can’t plug it in at work. I’m retired.

Revisiting Electric Vehicles

Saw an ad on TV tonight, another electric vehicle. Looked it up on the internet… nearly $50,000. I’m guessing that after taxes and such, you’ll likely sign a contract for at least 55 grand before you get the keys.

If you have the spare change and you’re interested enough in keeping the planet green, you might not consider it a problem. On the other hand, if you regularly drive over 200 miles a day, you might want to reconsider.

So, I guess keeping the earth nice and green might still be a little expensive, especially for those of us living on Social Security. Considering my current income, it just might take me…. Never mind. I’ll let you do the math. Enough to say I won’t live nearly that long, unless I stumble onto the fountain of youth.

Getting the A/C Ready for Summer

You might want to reconsider having that central unit serviced for 1 to 3 thousand dollars. It seems every year it’s time to break out the old checkbook. On the other hand, you might not have enough cash to cool your primisis. You might have to pull out the credit card.

I have two window units that keep my 900 sq ft home cool withplenty to spare. 1 is 1000 btu and the other is 12000 btu. The little one I’ve had for over a decade. The big one is 3 years old. I’d guess I won’t put out one dime to have them serviced. If one or the other, or both fail me, it won’t cost me more than 800.

They are a little noisy. They don’t distribute the cool as much. But I can put up with a lot for 1 to 3 thousand a year. Then, of course, you likely have a larger income. You just might not mind the yearly cost.

The way I see it, they do it on purpose. They build the central units difficult and expensive to service. Most likely, they will continue to until enough people like me go to window units. Then, just maybe they will figure out how to avoid the big yearly charges.

To me, it’s time we tell those AC folks that we are tired of repaying for our ACs every few years.

Benefits of Incarceration of Criminals

Many try to use the cost of imprisonment to decrease it. Others like to say it doesn’t work. However, I will place before you many benefits of locking up the bad guys.

First, it discourages crime. If people see the possibility of spending serious time in real prisons, it just might decrease the temptation to steal the car or rob that store. If they realize that using any weapon in the the commitment a crime results in more hard time, it just might cut down on loss of life during crimes.

Then, there are indirect benefits, as in decreased insurance costs. Costs, in general would go down as they are related to theft in stores and medical costs due to injuries.

Oddly, even the “greenies” would benefit. Many cars have to be junked after they are stolen. This means more contaminants during the junking and the manufacturing of replacement autos.

My guess is that the biggest benefit is the decrease in murder. Murderers have a difficult time murdering from behind prison walls. This would far offset the cost of keeping the bad guys behind walls. Naturally, this is one of the aspects that can never be measured or calculated. Moreover, the pain can never be truly and totally known.

Then too, in an odd way, we can even save in the cost law enforcement. If we put the drug distributors in prison, we don’t need as many police officers, lawyers or judges. Oddly, it would help the dems in one of their goals…decreasing police funding. Ironically, I suspect even the police would like to see that. On the other hand, the lawyers just might not appreciate the loss of revenue.

Oddly, it might actually help one of the biggest goals of the libs. With the the decrease in crime, there would be a huge decrease in gun sales.

Then again, is it gun sales decrease they seek, or is it the second amendment they are actually after? I think I know the answer to that question, though the libs would prefer none of us ever know. The knowledge of the truth would ruin the effectiveness of the deceit.

As for me, the greatest benefit of incarnation of criminals is in the decrease of sadness from loss of life, property and the feelings of security while safely walking the streets.

Who Do You Trust?

It’s an interesting question, one you should ask of yourself as well as others. I must admit the question was prompted by an old TV show where the question was the title. During the show the contestants were asked if if they trusted themselves or their spouse to answer a question.

However, we must admit that we make decisions of of trust, not only daily, but by the minute. We trust the others to follow the rules of the road. We trust those who work in stores restaurants, mechanics and many other merchants. Most of us take it for granted that when we turn that key in the ignition, the car will start. (Or we become angry) We flip the light switch in a room and, usually the room is lit.

I have noted that, according to trust, people can be divided into at least 3 categories. As in the national motto, some of us trust God. We are called Christians. Some trust themselves and not God. I call them libertarians… conservatives without morals. Then, there are the liberals. Their motto is, in government we trust. In general, they lie, cheat, and steal all for themselves and the advancements of government control. In many cases they don’t even know it. But if they have no trust in God or themselves, who do they trust.

They rely on government for medicine, welfare and their next meal. If they don’t get substance from God or their own hands, from whom will they get it? The almighty government will provide but only if the almighty government is almighty. On the other hand, Christians and libertarians don’t want want to rely so much on government. So they really prefer keeping government size down.

I have an idea. Let’s put all the liberals in 25 states…their choice. Then we stand back and watch to see how long it takes for them to destroy those states. When everyone has their trust in their government, it will take very little time for their government to fail. I suppose some states will last longer than others. Some may actually figure things out and stop putting ultimate control in the hands of fallible humans.