Dead Sea Rumer

Some time ago, I suggested pumping sea water into the Salton Sea in southern California and into the Dead Sea. It would solve multiple problems, not to mention it would make some nice recreation areas.

Well, it looks like they will take my advice with the Dead Sea. I heard rumors but I don’t think it was because of my post. It seems the sea is going dry causing sink holes and making hazards near the sea.

From what I understand several folks lost some very valuable land. Restaurants have been closed and hotels have fallen into the holes.

It wouldn’t take much pumping. Just lay the pipe and open the valve. The water flow would be mostly downhill. It is even conceivable that the water could be used to fill recreational pools along the way.

The biggest problem would be the filtering required. However, the advantages would be enormous. It would lower the oceans, which would save all all the prime real estate in New York and Florida. And it won’t hurt the real estate prices at the Dead Sea either.

Now, if we can just talk the experts into doing the same with the Salton Sea. It would drastically increase the beach front property in the area.

Wait a minute. Maybe that’s a reason that will never happen. Who wants the value of their beach front property to fall? They wouldn’t want all those millionaires moving inland. Not for a minute.

The Negative Side of Crutches

A number of years ago, I broke my ankle. I’m not going to say how. I had to do that enough times after the ambulance arrived. Didn’t like that much. It was sort-of embarrassing. None the less, they gave me a set of crutches, after which I immediately fell.

Believe it or not, there is a knack for using them and they turned me loose without so much as one lesson,

To be fair, they are very useful. If no one invented them, then someone would. They are more than just handy. For some they are a necessity. However, there are some things that take a little experimentation. The trial and error can be painful. For instance, did anyone mention that there is an art to climbing stairs with them. Even harder going downstairs. Some doors can present problems, too.

Even a good-sized curb can be a serious blearier for the novice on crutches. No one knows this better than me. Over time, I did get pretty good at curbs. I never could handle more than two stairs though. Fortunately, that never became a serious issue. I simply turned around and sat on the steps. It was a little slower than walking up or down the steps, but it worked.

Carrying much of anything was impossible. I was able to prepare a full dinner, but I had no way to get it to the table. My wife had to do that part. Believe it or not, I carried up to two Diet Cokes at a time…in my pockets about 300 yards from the break room at work. I also learned to use a backpack. I might suggest, if you are looking to rely on crutches for a while, get you a nice pack that is easy to put on and take off.

One thing that really got to me was the pain to my wrists. When I told the doctor that my wrists were sore, no sympathy there. He said, “Good. You’re using them right.” That was not what I expected. I guess if you ever need to use the things, maybe you ought not expect sympathy either. I mean, they just hand the things to you and expect you to be an expert overnight.

I will say this. They helped me lose over thirty pounds. Now that’s idea. An exercise program using crutches. I can guarantee it works. It’s simply a matter of what all you can put up with. Somehow, I just can’t envision someone leading an exercise class in some big classroom, especially on TV.

On the other hand, maybe it would be nice to lead a class of people through obstacle courses with crutches. They would be far more appreciative for those who must rely on the things on a daily basis, maybe the rest of their lives. I certainly learned my lessons.

Incidentally, maybe the “going green people” can actually invent something useful for those using crutches instead of pushing the idea of big props that kill birds and freeze up when it gets really cold when they are really needed.

Proof Positive

The dems say we are ruining the planet by the emissions of CO2, all while spewing out exhaust with their big cars, big houses, private jets and big yachts.

They claim the oceans are rising while they buy beach front homes, frequently in Florida. They do this while they claim that all of Florida will be under water inside a decade or two. It might almost be wishful thinking. It would tilt the Electoral College in their favor.

The question is, just what does this prove? Just think about it a while. You just might figure it out. I can’t, but I’ve narrowed it down.

If what they claim is true, they cannot be too bright buying land that will soon be well submerged. If they are so afraid of carbon dioxide, they’d not spend so much of their ill gotten gains to generate it.

To me, it looks as if it’s proof positive that they don’t believe what they preach.

On the other hand, it might just be outright stupidity. You take your pick. Sometimes I think the one way; sometimes the other. Sometimes, I think it’s a little of both. Sometimes I think it’s just to keep folks like me guessing. I mean, really. What sane person would buy land that they know will soon be useless?


I have seen it dozens of times; a man waving people into the Capitol building on Jan 6 and encouraging them to enter. The man’s name has been determined to be Ray Epps. At this point, it seems no one knows a thing about him. He does not seem to be connected to the FBI or any other federal organization.

I would hope one of the first things the Republicans do when they take control of the House is to summon Ray Epps. I personally would like to know:

A. Who signs his paycheck

B. Who told him to encourage people to enter the Capitol

C. How it is he avoided being charged with a crime when people just in the area are languishing in jail without charges right now, nearly a year after the event.

Do you suppose that the dems have paid for the man to disappear onto the French Riviera for the rest of his life. On the other hand, someone might pull the Clinton method and have the man commit suicide. He might be told, “Commit suicide or lose all your relatives and friends.” Such things have been done before and I would not put the dems above such a thing. After all, to them, there is nothing more important than the next election and the power it will give them. It is quite possible that Ray Epps just might know too much for him to continue to live. I wonder if we are going to find him conveniently dead in some park or federal prison. And, of course, it will be declared suicide, absolutely.


As i switched from one channel to another, I landed briefly on a channel showing men in search of gold in the country of Australia. Partially through a narator they fussed because it rained. They said that they couldn’t search for gold while the dirt was wet.

I shook my head at the irony. Without the water brought by the rain, they’d be hard pressed to search for gold. It is with water that they separate the gold from the dirt.

Don’t get me wrong. Gold is used for more than looks. The fact that it resists corrosion makes it very useful in many industries.

However, let’s put it in proper perspective. If God removed all gold from this earth, it would cause problems, some which would be serious. On the other hand, if God were to withhold His rains for a month, it would start causing serious problems.

If the rains ceased for a year, people would die by the millions. If it stopped raining for a decade, the only life left on the planet would be a few doomsday preppers, maybe. And, by the way, they’d not have much to look forward to.

As a side note, there would be a big push on desalination plants. Few, if any would have any interest in that yellow metal. Water is what men would seek. It would not be to look at but to survive.

I know those gold hunters make their living finding gold; but I would hope they will remember to keep their perspectives.

$10 Dollar Gasoline???

In the 70s an unexpected problem arose. The price of gasoline went to over a dollar. Well yes, it was a problem that caused many problems, especially in a world of approximately 30 cent fuel.

Suddenly, people were playing over 3 times as much, when they could find it. But it caused an odd, unexpected problem for those selling it. I remember it first hand. I was there.

Some dealt with the problem by selling gasoline by the liter. Some simply painted a one in front of that portion indicating the price and the cost of the sale.

Of course, now, very few expect $10 gasoline. However, that would only require a little more than doubling. Back in the 1970s, it more than trippled. One day it was 30 cents. 6 or 7 months later, it was 1.10 and climbing.

That was when we could find stuff. With it going up so fast, I suspect some held onto it as an investment comodity. They could not resist holding onto a few thousand gallons knowing the price will go up 3 or 4 percent in a month. In itself, this would drive the prices up.

Those of us buying the gas, dealt with the problem in three basic ways. We drove less. We pumped our own gas and we stayed away from name brands. Before, I bought only Standard and Chevron gas. After, all I looked at was the price.

Then again, frequently, we settled for accessibility. Many stations were out of gas or claimed to be. Some stations had 2 hour lines. Then they’d sell out on the car 2 cars in front of me.

In the long term, we bought smaller cars with smaller less powerful engines. It meant putting up with rougher rides in cramped environments and much less trunk space.

So now, the price of gas flirts with 4 dollars a gallon, we lack these methods we used last time around. I already buy Mapco gas. I pump my own fuel and my little 100 hp motor has problems with steep grades and I can forget toeing even a small trailer. A boat or travel trailer is out of the question. I’m already considering one of those Flintstone cars powered by foot power.

I suspect most of us would prefer that gas stay down perhaps to the 2 dollar range. For that reason, if nothing else, I’d strongly suggest firing all those dems in Congress, House and Senate. Most of them like the thought of 10 dollar gas. They want us to buy the more expensive, smaller electric cars, which do little or nothing to decrease “green gasses.” Actually, they’d prefer we walk, ride bikes, buses or trains while they ride in chauffeured luxury cars or fly around in private jets.

So, unless you like bicycling &+ buying gas by the liter, you might want to vote Republican. You might want to encourage your friends to vote Republican. You might even want to encourage your advisories to vote Republicans.

Paying 10 dollars a gallon is more than crazy. It’s crazy nuts. Then again, $2.50 a liter might sound better, but it won’t help the budget one iota. Indeed, just as I saw in the 70s, the price of everything will go up to match the increase in the cost of energy.

8.7% COLA

Just received a message that the Social Security Cost Of Living Adjustment will be almost 9%. I don’t know if that’s a record but it’s the biggest in recent history.

Still, it doesn’t truly represent the real increase of living. Consider my grocery cost rarely went more than $125 per visit to the store. Nowadays, it’s over 200. My gas bill has doubled and the only reason my TV watching hasn’t gone through the roof is tha I no longer have cable.

When Biden keeps driving the up costs faster than he drives up Social Security payments, he’s not helping anyone relying on Social Security for a living. Even more, the cost goes up day by day. The COLAs go up once a year. As such, even if the COLAs were accurate, they would always be a year behind.

Then why should he care? I doubt he is concerned about the price of a gallon of milk or a gallon of gas. He likely could care less about how much bread it costs for a loaf of bread. His last concern is how much change it costs us for the changes he’s made.

Of course he does care about our votes, but only just before election days. On the other hand, should he lose any more of his mental facilities, it will all be over for him anyway. The dems can only conceal so much.

Rules of the Road

My wife’s grandfather used to patrol the highways of Arkansas mainly looking for truckers who operated outside the rules of the road.

In general, he didn’t spend much time in Ft. Smith, he did occasionally write a citation there. One day, a few months before retiring, he stopped a woman for driving the wrong way on a one way street.

After very politely explaining the dangers of her actions, she pointed at a nearby by sign. It seems they changed the proper direction without notifying him. After a quick courteous apology, he tipped his hat and wished her a good day.

It all started many years ago. They made a road, painted a line down the middle of it, assigned a speed limit and expected us to follow the rules. The rules and the roads have become more complex but we are still expected to follow the rules. Certainly, we are expected to drive the right direction on a one way road.

Sometimes, in spite of all our best efforts, we make mistakes. If we are fortunate we and all others drive away safely, but not always. Sometimes, people are hurt. Sometimes vehicles and properties are damaged. Worst, sometimes people are killed.

It is why we are given warnings and tickets for running red lights. Sometimes, we get tickets. We don’t like it but we can’t imagine the alternative. Without enforced rules of the road, driving wouldn’t be safe for any person unless they are driving a tank.

It is easy to see for driving. However, it is even more so for for ordinances, laws and regulations. However, if they aren’t enforced, it is the same as highways without enforcement. There are many who would simply ignore them.

If we don’t incarnate those who steal, we encourage theft. If we don’t imprison those who hurt and kill, then we will have assaults and murders. The one thing just follows the other. It would be nice to be able to live in a world without prisons but such an effort will most certainly result in a would of fears and nightmares. It is why our founding fathers built prisons.

They figured it out a long time ago. Life is far better with the criminals behind big walls. It may or may not help the criminals but it certainly improves society.

Moreover, like the police car to the speeder, the enforced law decreases the tendency to steal or kill.

It does make a person with a brain wonder wny the FOCs, aka democrats, openly allow, even encourage the breaking of laws. Perhaps, maybe, just possibly, it is by design. If they destroy our society, they believe they can rebuild it the way they want it, which is not the way we want it.

The way we want it is the elected are the servants and we the electors rule. The way they want it is they are the royalty and we are the servants. If you listen to their speakers closely, they will actually say so.

If they have things their way, the rules, all the rules will benefit them. You notice, already, many of the rules that we live under, Congress doesn’t. They are special. They are the royalty.

Time Flies

Time flies, if you can, but it takes a keen eye.

Some may have difficulty making sense of the above sentence. If so, the hint is that “[You]” is the understood subject.

Maybe you can have some fun with your friends and the above sentence, which though it appears nonsense, is a proper, though useless sentence.

And by way, the sentence makes far more sense than some of the going green ideas out there.