It’s Why I Call Him Joe

He doesn’t deserve the title of president. He doesn’t care that people die. He can have big dinners while babies starve from lack of formula. He doesn’t care as long as the illegal immigrants have plenty.

The creep is surrounded by death, and he cares little, as long as he can blame it on someone else. He blamed the China virus on Trump. He blamed the disaster in Afghanistan on first one then the other. To this day, he denies he left any Americans behind. Moreover, he doesn’t care that he and his crew have caused the death of countless people, both in the past and the future with his withdrawal methods. With his ideas of cutting back on police, he has become the friend of the criminal. He would be proud of it but he sees that it has cost him political power.

Ole Joe is proud that he has forced the price of oil to over $100 a barrel. I don’t know if he is smart enough to realize it is a fact that enabled Russia’s war machine. Regardless, he cares little about the destruction caused to Ukraine. It is a two ended disaster. It has caused death and destruction in Ukraine, and it has cost us billions to help Ukraine defend itself. Oh. And by the way, it has brought the world to the brink of World War Three.

Of all the horrible things he has done, bringing the world to the brink of war seems to be the one thing he fears. Your guess is as good as mine as to why.


One might wonder what happened to all the baby formula.

I just realized what happened to it all. There was a report that Joe has been working on the matter for 30 days. Given that little bit of info, it makes me wonder that the problem isn’t worse.


On the other hand, I hear the illegal aliens have 10 times more than they need. It is the nature of socialism. Governments rarely know how to properly distribute things. It is why the US generally relies on private businesses to do it. Private businesses have a reason to get it right…profit. It’s something which socialists simply do not understand at all. After all, their specialty is rigging elections.

Uncle Joe Has a Supply Problem

Some of the stuff we don’t want comes streaming across then the border, such as dangerous drugs.

On the other hand, lifesaving supplies such as baby formulas are getting in short supply.

Then again that is sort of what he wants. It all just started with the shortage of oil, by design. What are we going to run out of next, maybe water?

Oil; Good & Bad

If we were to believe the going green crowd, all oil is bad. However, this isn’t the way they act. When the price of oil started going through the ionosphere, we find that oil coming from any or all other countries must be better than the oil from within the US.

This is simply not true. The oil and natural gas within our country is cleaner and better. Besides, our drilling and pumping procedures produce less pollution.

This makes American petroleum products far better. Oddly the going green crowd prefers to have us pay twice the price for half the quality.

This tells me the only green they want is the green of cash. They don’t reduce carbon emissions. On the contrary, they cause far more.

I assure one and all, Rusky oil is not as good as American oil but it is over twice as expensive. Worse, when we buy Putin’s crude, we pay for his war.

When we buy Iran crude, we help them build nuclear weapons that they just might use on us.

I hate to think this is the purpose of the going green bunch, but I can’t imagine any other logical reasons.

If it Were Only True

There is a lie being spread, of course by the party of liars, that the overturn of Roe v Wade would make abortion instantly illegal.

I wish it were so but it is not. It simply puts the matter back in in the hands of the legislators, where it belonged in the first place. There is, naturally, a reason those in favor of the death of babies fear the legislators. In spite of the claim that one and are in favor of abortion, they do realize that the vast majority are not in favor of it as a form of birth control or gender selection.

Moreover, many states just might come up with some real logical restrictions. For instance:

  1. Time restrictions, as only in the first trimester.
  2. Safety restrictions. Today there are virtually no requirements for clinics. There are no follow-up requirements. In some cases, parents only find out about a daughter’s abortion after complications.
  3. Maybe a week or so delay should be in order. It is an important decision that will likely change things forever. It is not like taking the wrong exit from the interstate.
  4. A true conversation should take place with the one having the abortion. She should be well aware of possible complications and possibly life long problems.
  5. Some say a sonogram should be reqired. Is it so wrong to require the patient to realize just what she is about to take part in.
  6. Would it be so bad to require at least one parent’s permission or at least notice. First, post op problems can occur. Second, all other medicines and procedures require patient’s consent.
  7. Finally, the abotionists should be subject to malpractice lawsuits as any other doctor.

Currently, none of the above requirements are in effect. Perhaps, maybe, just possibly, some good can come out of this, even though the killing will likely continue.

Maybe parents will not be blind sided by a botched abortion. Is that so horrible?

2 Questions for the Going Green Folks

First, do you use drive throughs instead of going indoors for eating, banking, etc.

Second, do you let your engine idle or turn it off whilst waiting to move forward in line?

No cheating now. It matters not if it is over 90 or under 30. Letting a car idle to stay cool just isn’t cool.

As for me, I don’t like drive throughs. Whenever possible, I park and go in.

As my aside, I visited a McDonald’s a few days ago and they said I had to use the kiosk. I said, “Bye.”

As I drove off, I suggested to my wife that we could have gone through the drive through, parked the car and then then ate inside. Instead, we went to the Subway right across the street and ate healthy. As I said, I don’t like drive throughs. It also rubs me the wrong way when I’m told to use kiosks that never work for me. It might be different if I could actually get the thing to work.

Besides, I don’t like letting my car idle without a good reason. It wastes gas and generates pollution for no reason.

So, those of you going green, do you use drive throughs?

Far Right?

One should not lump those who follow President Trump in with the “Far” right. To put 70 million people in the category of the fringe elements is incongruous. Technically, 70 million people cannot be on the fringe by definition. For if the movement contains 70 million, it is not a fringe but a major sector, that is at least nearly as many as those who voted for Joe. (As a note, as I said before, he does not deserve to be called president. He is a liar, a killer and mostly, a puppet. See prior posts.)

Moreover, let me remind one and all, that Hitler, who is considered by many as extreme right was really a socialist. In German, the word socialist is in the acronym NAZI. Trump was neither far right nor a NAZI. The NAZIs hated the truth and burned books. Trump was indeed the victim of such treatment. Anyone who spoke well of him, anyone who suggested that the election was improper gets immediately canceled. That is the way of the socialists, rather communist or NAZI. It is the way of those who would be royalty.

Let me post this reminder, rather a fraudulent election or not, there were irregularities and there were laws that were broken. It is not wrong to point this out. Indeed, it is wrong to ignore them as the FOCs and RINOs did.

Virtual Fingerprints

The FOCs would like very much to have us believe their lies while hiding the truths.

The devil, that is Satan would like very much for us to believe his lies while hiding God’s truths, lest men learn the truth of the plan of salvation and be saved.

For those with their eyes open to the truth, it would appear that Satan’s fingerprints are all over the methods of the dems.

Example in point: there is a man, a congressman who stood and repeatedly said he had solid proof of the Russia collusion. Yet, today we have yet to see that proof. Looks like a lie to me. It’s not just a statement of ignorance, but a statement made for the purpose of deceit. Moreover, partially based on this lie, a president was impeached. Now that the lie is exposed, not so much as a hint of an apology from the liar. There is now hint of remorse. Indeed, you confront the man today, he will not admit to the untruth. Indeed, he just might repeat it. Sounds to me as if it has Satan’s fingerprint to me.

If I am wrong, the man owes it to us and the nation to bring forth his proof. But he won’t. For he has no proof and he knew this from the start. Therefore he stands before us one of Satan’s great tools and those who help him aids the devil.

The Side Effect

To be sure, abortion is the industry of death. Without killing, the so-called doctors would have to actually save lives for a change.

However, even pro life people are apt to overlook what should be casual to the most obvious observer. Abortion, the killing of the most innocent of humans, cheapens life. If it is okay to kill babies, then it’s okay to kill anyone for any reason.

Those of us that would like to teach the sanctity of human life are hampered by Planned Parenthood who is trying to convince that a new life has no importance. Worse yet, the life is a nuisance to be tossed out with the trash or used in research.

Thing is, if we could ask the baby about it, what would he or she say?