They Called ‘Truth’

The official newspaper was called “Pravda,” which means truth. In other words, the Soviets wrote lies and called them truth. It is an example, a demonstration that calling something the truth doesn’t always make it so.

On the other side of the coin, the truth is the truth and it cannot be made a lie, as the dems would like to do. The one thing that confuses me, when they say up is down and down is up, half the county believes them. They don’t question it. To be sure they call the lie the truth and, lo and behold, most many have little or no doubt. Those that have enough sense to figure it out are very cautious to openly question the lie. Look what happened to President Trump when he dared to doubt the Pravda of the dems. He was impeached, not once but twice.

Let’s look at one thing Biden did, prevent the oil pipeline. Let’s look at the repercussions.

  1. Over 1000 people lost their jobs in one day. It was said they can get other jobs. However, the fact is that 1000 families will be going hungry for a while and Biden characteristically doesn’t care. It is possible that one or two families will lose their homes. Several family dogs will be going into shelters or just turn lose to fend for themselves.
  2. The cost of oil and gasoline will go up. Those who can afford it least will be affected by it the most, those that must drive to and from work and those who use vehicles for their work. Farmers and truckers will have to pay more for diesel and all of us will have to pay more for heating and AC.
    On the other hand, the Arabs and Russians will be cheering at the higher profits they will get for their oil. It will also likely help that horrible dictator in Venezuela. It is not a side effect. It is planned. Bidden wants to help the monster. He likes the man. The two of them have a great deal on common.
  3. The tourist industry industry will suffer, this after they are already suffering from the virus. If people have to pay more for gas, they will do less traveling. Of course, tourist must travel. It sort of goes hand and hand.
  4. This will invariably have repercussions throughout the country: in refineries, manufacturing and the cost of finished goods.
  5. Perhaps worst of all, along with the moratorium on fracking, will put us at the mercy of other countries for our energy. We will have to bend to the will of those countries producing energy.
  6. Finally, the oil will not be stopped by stopping the oil line. It is ridiculously to think so. The oil will simply travel by other means: rail, barge and truck. All of these methods are more dangerous, less efficient, and far more expensive.

Let’s face it. Pravda got it wrong then and Biden is getting it wrong now. The question is, is it because he doesn’t know better or because he is doing it on purpose. The one is as bad or worse than the other. In the end, damage is just as bad.

Insanely Obsessive

I’m not a psychiatrist, but something recently occurred to me. Maybe I could get a professional opinion.

The dems seem to have an obsession possibly to the point of insanity. They tried to remove Trump from office before he became president. They tried to remove him during the four years he was in office. Now they are trying to remove him from office after he already left office. No doubt about it, they seem to be possessed and driven by a demon.

Okay, that is not scientific. While I do believe that demons exists, demon possession is likely not in the book of psychiatry. Nonetheless, it has been used a time or two to represent a person’s state of mind. It appears that the dems will not rest until they have convicted the former president of something, if only j-walking. Only thing is, they can’t even seem to convict him of that.

So it would seem, driven by some kind of insanity, they are trying once again. It is contra-productive. By trying to prove him guilty, they are only proving that no one can find anything of which he is guilty. Even if the Senate were to find him guilty. The jury, the one that really counts, the public realizes his innocence. On the other hand, if he is found not guilty, they will have even failed again.

Then what? Do they pursue him in the conventional courts? I do not put it passed the dems. They just might try that. It will of course only prove my point, that they are insanely obsessive.

Incidentally, as an aside, the chief justice will not be overseeing the trial in the Senate. It would seem his decision is based on fear. It would seem to verify one of my earlier posts. I suggested that fear is the reason the justices don’t want to take up any of voter-fraud cases. Could it be that someone has suggested to them that they should conform… or else? I wonder what the or else is.

For Americans???

I just Heard Leo Terrell say something that really puts the finger on Biden’s problem. I hope Mr. Terrell will permit me to paraphrase. He said,

[Biden said that he will do things for Americans. Yet on his first day he signs 17 executive orders, all of which benefit other nations, not Americans.]

As far as I am concerned, the above two sentences should be shouted from the rooftops. They should be broadcasts from every radio station. They should be tweeted by every tweeter. Somehow, I don’t think that will happen.

I might add, not only that, when he disallowed the pipeline, he not only helped foreigners, but also put thousands of Americans out of work, today. Also, I wonder just how many Canadians cheered when they heard the news.

I have but one word for Biden, fraud. He knows he is one and so do most of the people in this country. I will never call him president. He has blatantly stolen the office and it is something he will never truly be able to deny. By preventing proper investigations, the dems have seen to that.

When the forefathers chose to require presidents to be born in the US, the reason was obvious. They wanted to make sure they did not represent foreign nations. At this point, it would see Biden has chosen to represent exclusively foreign nations. As for we Americans, sorry. We just get left out. We don’t rate.

My New Answer!

The other day, I was asked what I thought about our new president.

Now there’s a question that begs an answer of an hour or two, maybe three. Though I had the time, I’m sure the person that asked it didn’t. Moreover, he likely wouldn’t have liked my report anyway. I could see by his expression that he was one of those people who was actually proud of voting for the man.

Quickly, I sought a short answer, one that just might let him know what I thing.

After a second or two, I used the selfish reply, “I just hope my 401k survives the man for four years.”

I could see from his expression that I got my point across. More than that, I think it hit home. Perhaps it was one aspect of his vote that he didn’t consider.

Then again, my 401k may only have to survive 3 or 4 months. The left will likely find a reason for him to resign to resign so a real communist can take over.

Just maybe, all y’ll liberals out there with money in a 401k just might want to keep a close eye on the stock market whilst you hero is in office. I’m not talking about the one in office now, but the one anxiously standing in the wing… the one that, when running for pres couldn’t survive the first round in the primary.

Conform or Else!!

We all spent our days in school. At least to some degree, we were expected to conform. Mostly, we had to conform to the rules set by the teachers. However, as we grew older, we noticed that, if we were going to be popular, we needed to conform to the norms set by other students. certainly, right at the top for boys: we had to have the right tennis shoes. Not only did they have to be the right brand, but the right specific model.

For girls, I guess it was style. The right hair-do and the right kind of clothing was a must. Woe be to the girl whose parents could not afford such things. They became outsiders and they were never accepted in the better circles.

Then there were the college days. Learning was just something done on the side. The most important thing was to get in the right cliques and be known by the right people. This in turn help to determine who might hire whom. Here lately, there is another part of conforming. No one dare say or do anything to indicate they are conservative. Worst of all, don’t ever say anything in favor of President Trump. If a modern Yale student lets it be known that he is in favor of President Trump, he will not be permitted in any of the prestige organizations. His grades might start taking a nose dive and it is even possible he might be expelled, but always for other reasons.

Then too, if someone finds out that a former student worked for the president, it is now a high priority to make sure that they must surrender their sheepskin back to the school. Moreover, it is very important that they quickly conform or they will never get a good job ever again. What a horrible thing it would be for someone who worked for the president to get a position where he might influence people to do good things. (and most of my life, educators tried to convince me that once I got an education it is mine. No one can take it away from me. Maybe this is not as true as they claimed.)

Now, it has risen to new heights, or should I say lows. Woe to those who write or say anything to favor the conservatives. There are those in Congress demanding the dismissal of all members who would not immediately accept the presidency of Biden.

After the forefathers wrote The United States Constitution, they almost immediately added The Bill of Rights. The very first amendment insured freedom of the press and of speech. So, the government may not limit speech or the press in almost any way. However, the dems found a very effective way around that.

The New York Post came out with a factual article on Biden’s son and dems turned to the mainstream and social media, and stopped the oldest paper in the land – cold. Guess what? The founding fathers never thought of that one. Who could have predicted the likes of Twitter and Face Book? If they had thought ahead, they just might have made provisions. However, at the time they wrote the first amendment, they had no way of foreseeing computers, let alone things such as Twitter.

Moreover, the technology has outraced the law. Because it was not foreseen, appropriate changes were not made. Now it is too late. Even now, I with my little blog, have started experiencing small difficulties. Even I might be faced with the ultimate order, conform or else!

What is the or else? I don’t know. However, if this conform disease is not stopped, this world will become far worse than Orwell’s “1984,” albeit a few decades late. Eventually, we will all conform or we will be canceled. If need be, that means languishing away in some prison. If need be, it will mean being injected with poison until dead.

You see, the left will protect a killer from the death penalty. However, if someone refuses to conform, they don’t deserve to breathe. A dog’s life is worth more.

By the way, once we are all canceled, the main stream media will be next. The members of congress must conform. The conservatives must conform. Finally, of course, the mainstream media will have to conform. No one can be allowed to think for himself. Other than the leaders, there will be no exceptions. There will no longer be a first amendment. In fact there will no longer be a constitution. It is their ultimate goal. If we don’t stand in their way, they will reach it.

Please Excuse Me if I Seem a Bit Dull

Over and over, the one time after the other, I keep hearing these people on TV say things about it being so horrible that illegal aliens are voting.

To be sure, it is a bad thing for anyone to allow an illegal alien to vote, but does that mean we are supposed to let legal aliens vote. Seems to me, the primary requirement to vote is that a person be a citizen, born or naturalized, in order to vote. It seems to me that, at least in national elections, aliens -legal or not- should not be allowed to vote.

Then, of course, why should I have anything to say on the matter.

Disney, are You Listening? I have a Solution for You

It would appear that wonderful governor you democrats voted into office has just about closed your theme park permanently, because of the virus. I just might have a solution for your problem. I got the idea from one of my books. Just simply move the whole park, the hotels and restaurants onto an artificial island about ten miles off the coast of Orange county.

I don’t know what methods might be best. In my book, I used big barges. I am sure you could use bigger ones. It is also possible that you could buy a bunch of dirt and or sand and pile it up our there. Ether way, you could add an attraction. Under water viewing while the customer’s eat in “Mr Nemo’s Fine Seafood.” I really do like that idea. You could have a big mock-up of the infamous Nautilus, obviously, the Verne one.

Docks and heliports could be added to bring people to and from the island. If you used the barge method, you could use stabilizers for when it got a little stormy. Then too, everyone knows that the ocean off the south coast of California is ideal most of the time. In general, it is mostly tolerable the rest of the time. You would only need to shut down things a few days a year.

One big benefit is that the park would no longer be in California. You would not be subject to California property or income taxes. You could almost operate the park with what you would save on the levees. Moreover, you’d not need to pay any extra taxes on hotel or restaurant operations.

Well, there is one sticky wicket. There is no way that your wonderful governor will permit operations from the mainland… not while that virus continues to exist. Still, the idea is pretty good for a nice hotel. Maybe you could use the idea for a hotel anyway. Then again, there are regulations and red tape. It might take you a decade or two to get permission to start such a thing. You know how those democrats like to run governments. You might need a century to open the thing. It just might be a good idea to build a hundred miles off the coast. Then, what would be the point? A hotel a hundred miles from land?

By the way, for you Californians, I have a hint. Replacing the governor is not even a good start in getting things straightened out. It would be far better to reset the whole thing and start from scratch and disallow anyone with a D after his name from running for office.

Wishful Thinking

I understand that there is now proof that the attack on the Capital building was but left wing agitators and the dems plan to issue an apology to President Trump and his followers.

Did I mention that I am a fiction writer. The above is the way it would have appeared in one of my books. It never happened. It never will happen. Even though the first part might eventually come true, the dems would never admit it. Far more, they would never issue an apology even if someone held a shotgun to their collective swelled heads. It is against their nature. So, even though the FBI announced that the attack was planned almost two days before the speech, you will not hear a peep from the dems about it. The mainstream media will do what they can to hide it. Also, I doubt that anyone mentioned that at least one Antifa leader was arrested and is being charged.

It really makes me wonder if the dems or I are the most imaginative. To be sure, regardless, the dems are glad of the break in and riot. It almost provides them with another chance to convict President Trump of doing something wrong, even though he is innocent. With the ultimate in irony, they just might remove him from office… after he is no longer in office.

By the way, I never have seen that evidence of Adam Schiff’s proof of Russian collusion. I guess he is pretty good at fiction too.

Revenge for What?

The dems, after four solid years of badgering President Trump have apparently gotten their revenge. However, it does prompt the question, “For what?”

It is obvious that the dems have sought revenge from the time Trump became President Trump, and a little before. They have been figuratively after his head for some reason; I just don’t know what.

Is it because of all the people, especially minorities that he provided jobs for. Is it because of the far better national security he has provided. Are they upset because he brought life back to rust-belt and the mining regions. Maybe they don’t like the lower prices for gasoline. Surely it wasn’t because of the fantastic economy. Indeed, had in not been for the virus blindsiding the country, and the entire world, the Dow would likely be pushing 35,000. Were they upset that people like me were making so much money off our 401k’s

I don’t know.

They claimed he lied. Yet, to the best of my knowledge he fulfilled his pre-election promises better than any president I ever saw. (and I have been around a while or two) perhaps that is why they didn’t like him. All of us Walmart shoppers were moving up in the world.

Oh! I Know why! It is simple. He did so well that it made the dems inept. In fact, he even made many republicans look bad. And by the way, in spite of the badgering and lack of cooperation, he actually did the one thing that will slow the flood over the border. He built a wall.

While everyone else, on both sides of the isle promised comprehensive immigration reform, Trump promised a wall. In as much as any man can, he succeeded. More important, he brought illegal immigration to a virtual halt.

By the way, had he not stopped the flow, far more US citizens would have suffered and died from the virus. One out of five trying to come north were infected with virus. And the dems claimed that he did nothing to control the virus. The truth is that they did nothing to stop it. In fact, if we had done as Biden suggested, it would have been close to twice as bad.

And for this the dems demanded vengeance. It is not by mere coincidence that the states that have the worst problems with the virus are those run by the dems. I won’t go so far as to suggest that the dems did it on purpose to give them something to hold against President Trump. However, I would not be surprised if someone provided me positive proof. Let’s face it. All that they did made it worse.

Florida had less than half the problem, even though they had a bigger and older population. Think about it. Florida had a republican governor. I don’t know about the governor of New York. It is conceivable the dems will disown him after the damage he did to New York. Florida is well on the way to recovery. I’m not sure New York has hit bottom yet. It might take decades for New York to recover. It is only by chance that the census was before the virus. Had it been after, New York just might have lost 1 or 2 more representatives than they did. New York has lost millions. They will raise taxes in an effort to recover, driving even more south.

Why the Dems Won in Georgia?

I noticed a headline. It asked the question as to why the dems won the senate runoff elections. I didn’t read the article. I saw no sense to it. I already know. They had tons of money and they cheated.

I consider it poor manners for people to use their money to influence Mississippi with New York money. I know it is legal but there are many things that are legal that are wrong. The way I look at it, it is none of New York’s business who we vote for to represent us.

I only use this as an example. In the case of Georgia, more money was spent from outside the state than inside the state, on both sides. Moreover, there were dozens of politicians that came in from outside the state. That is a bad practice. None of their business who the Georgians vote for, or at least it should be.

Because the vote effected the national outcome, everyone decided it was okay to come in and voice their opinion. I guess it did benefit Georgia in one respect. That money came flowing into Georgia by the millions. It had to benefit someone of the locals.

Still, I can’t help but remember a governor race we had in Mississippi. There was a talk show host in Memphis who decided he did not like the republican nominee. Every day, the man harped on how bad the republican was. Guess what? We ended up with a democrat governor, one of the worst that I know of.

The talk show host was a conservative. Generally, he had a good point of view, but in this case, he should have kept his mouth shut. I will never know what affect the man had on the election. Had he put a zipper on it, we might have still ended up with the dem in the governor’s house. Thing is, we’ll never know. By the way, The Georgians will never know who would have won without the tons of money coming down from the north.

The fella that wrote the article I didn’t read, if he’s not from Georgia, I think the Georgians would Prefer he wrote about something he knew. If he’s from New York, maybe he should help straighten out the mess they have up there.