Maybe Joe Should Have Checked With Kamala

The other day, it seems to me that I heard Joe say that he was handing over the whole border disaster to Kamala. For those that are unaware, I even wrote a post about it — how much better I felt about it. For those that did not figure it out, it was tongue-in-cheek. In no way did it make me feel better. The fact is, neither of them knows what they are doing on the matter, but it did look to me that Joe was trying to hand off the ball in the option play, hoping that he would not get tackled.

Now we find out that she is not in charge of it. There is no way that I know exactly what happened but I do have an imagination. My guess is, Kamala said something to the affect of “YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?!!!” Apparently she didn’t want the ball. Instead of taking it, she fumbled it. She sort of looked at it like a piece of dynamite attached to a lit fuse.

Now I ask you, just why would anyone want a hand-off like that?

Maybe a better way of putting it is, he handed her a grenade without the pin and she handed it back, saying “No way. You made this mess. You live with it. You’re not ruining my career!”

Meanwhile, the problem, whatever you want to call it, keeps getting worse. The shelters getting more crowded and the cartels keep benefiting.

20,000 Containers?

When I first heard of the ship being grounded cross-ways in the Suez Canal, I immediately had an idea. Maybe instead of building the canal, they should have just built a railway overland. The ships could unload and the cargo could be carried by rail. Then the ships could be reloaded and they would be on their way.

It is true that it would take time to load and unload, but the speed of the train would partially make that up. After all, the rail could be reasonably straight, which would allow the trains to run at, maybe 80 or 90 miles an hour. Then I heard that they had 20,000 containers on the ship.

Bear in mind, this is a rough calculation because I don’t have the exact numbers to work from. However, containers come in 10, 20 and 40 feet sizes. Train cars are up to 60 feet. That means you could put one 20 and one 40 foot container on each car. That assumes there are an equal number of 20 and 40 foot containers. Invariably, not all the railroad cars would not be fully loaded. For my calculation, I would consider that they are.

That would mean that it would take 10,000 railroad cars. That would mean that the train would need to be over a hundred miles long, actually more like 115 miles when you consider distance between cars and who knows how many locomotives.

My conclusion… I don’t think it would work. It would never be practical, though it could be done.

However, it does illustrate how big those ships are.

Cruise Ships

From time to time, I’ve looked at a few of those cruise ship things where they tout how nice it would be to go on a cruise ship. I also looked at a few of the river cruise videos. I think I sort of like the river cruises a little better but I do have something of a problem with them all, especially the river cruises.

It seems that no matter what the cruise or where they go, there is wine involved, at least twice a day. I mean, why would I need to board a ship to drink wine. Besides, it would be much less expensive if I just sat at home and drank it.

Actually, I don’t drink wine, or any alcoholic beverage. Also, whenever I can, I discourage others to do so. Therefore, my question is purely hypothetical. (I guess that is the word for it) The thing is, even if I did drink wine, it does add a substantial cost to getting drunk. I mean most of those cruises are a grand for each passenger.

It seems to me as if the people that put these shows on TV can’t think of anything else to do on the cruises. They go here and they go through some ancient city followed by a glass or two of wine. Then they go over there, where they sample the local wine. Then of course, it is over to this wonderful place where everyone enjoys a toast with this wine.

I don’t get it. Isn’t the purpose of these cruises to see the sights and get to know the people.

Even if I did enjoy wine, I don’t think I would want to go on any of these cruises. I mean, it would be nice to see the Eiffel Tower and the pyramids of Egypt. However, the question I have is, “Do they have any regular food?” I mean I like hamburgers, french fries and Diet Coke. Maybe I would need to notify the cruise line that I’m not too keen on the fancy stuff. Every now and again, I like a baked potato with a medium well steak, usually sirloin. And oh yes, I like my fish actually cooked, without the eyes looking back at me.

I guess that is why I will never get rich. I would never survive in the environment. I’m not one who likes fancy stuff. If I ever became a billionaire and bought a 150 foot yacht, It would have no bar or Jacuzzi. Also, I think I would want to make sure the chef would know how to make hamburgers and hot dogs.

I would guess any guests that I would have along wouldn’t like it so much, but it is my boat, my imagination. If they want raw fish, they need to use their imagination to get their boat and their chef. Then again, why would a person need a chef to cook raw fish. On the other hand, I suppose they could freeload with the billionaire they know.

To be sure, if you are one of those go green types, you might not want to go on those cruises. Even the imagination ones burn diesel like you wouldn’t believe.

Electric Car Range

I heard a spokesman for Volkswagen the the other day talking about an electric car they will soon produce and sell for 30,000. I get it. Everyone is climbing on the bandwagon. Moreover they have hopes of letting the feds help pay for the car.

However, I wish I had been there to challenge one of his statements. I can’t remember exactly, but I think he said the car would have a range of 250 miles, although it might have been 300. He cited the idea that most people don’t drive more than 50 miles each way to work. It seems they did some research on it and that makes it so.

I disagree with him in two respects. There are thousands, perhaps tens of thousands who drive over 100 miles each way to work. On a hot day where such a person would have to use his air-conditioning, he might be cutting things a little close, especially if he spends an hour or so traveling at a snail’s pace in traffic. If he is impeded by a traffic accident, he might end up having to pull over a call a tow truck after running out of electricity.

But it is far more than that, People do go on vacations from time to time. In order to do so, they might drive 500-700 miles in one day. With the electric car, they would have to plan on 250 miles at a time. On the other hand, they could go down to the rental agency and get a car that can go the extra mileage.

Then there is the person who uses his car in his work. While I was repairing computers, it was quite common for me to drive 500 miles in one day. That does not include 60 miles to and from home. I would suspect that a car like this would not be good for certain people in sales. I can’t think of any other such things but I would suspect there are many who can.

It is just the sort of thing that happens when people make decisions and don’t have to answer for them. Of course the spokesman is convinced it is good range. He doesn’t have to drive the car. If I buy the car, he is not the one who gets stuck without juice. That would be me.

I assure you, if he had to drive such a car, he would have an entirely different attitude. On the other hand, he might already realize the stupidity of the statement and is just saying what the company told him to say. To be sure, there are people around who have no difficulty in doing such things. Why not? It’s no skin off their nose.

Electric cars or fine for those who can afford such a second car. At this point, that does not include me. Get the range up to 600 miles and I might consider it. And, oh yes. They are going to have to get that price down some too. I can’t afford 30,000, even if it is quiet.

It Doesn’t Matter

Longer back than I care to remember, I was walking through the King of Prussia Mall. I wasn’t shopping but killing time and looking around. From time to time I came across a woman, attractive in her mid twenties. She was whistling and I must admit very well.

However, she always whistled the same tune. Finally, I just had to ask, “Are you whistling Stranger in Paradise or Prince Igor. She broke into a big smile and replied, “I guess it doesn’t matter.”

For those familiar with the two works, you will know exactly what she was whistling. Prince Igor is an opera written by Alexander Borodin on or about 1869. Stranger in paradise uses essentially the same tune but is accredited to Robert Wright and George Forrest. It is from the musical Kismet but was made famous by Tony Bennett in 1953. The tune of Stranger in Paradise is essentially the same as that portion of Prince Igor.

Therefore, as she said, it didn’t matter. All but the most knowledgeable in such music could tell the difference from listening to the tune.

By the way, I have copies of both and I thoroughly enjoy them. By the way, I also enjoyed listening to the young lady in the mall.

Nonetheless, I have found there are many things that are called by different names. For instance drug stores in England are called chemists. Cats are also called felines and dogs are also called K-nines. In the old days, we used to call cars horseless carriages. A little more recently, they were automobiles. I have heard of truckers who were offended when you call their rig a truck.

Nowadays, we have a problem on the border, which was obviously caused by Biden. No matter what you want to call the problem, it is a disaster, a crisis or perhaps just a predictable catastrophe, the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane. So, the truth is, IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER what you call it. Does it? The kids are still going through pain and danger in very cramped conditions. The drug smugglers are still smuggling their dope. The criminals are still sneaking across the border while the Border Patrol take care of the kids. Those who traffic in prostitution and sweat shops still make their profits. Oh. And by the way, it is quite possible that one or two terrorists made it into the country. The thing about that is that we won’t know until one of them sets his bomb off, who knows where or when. In that case, it really does matter, but it would seem it doesn’t matter to the dems at all. The refuse to consider it.

DeRoy Murdock Said Something Worth Repeating

The Dems like to say they want to compromise. Well DeRoy Murdock came up with an excellent idea, though he might not have meant it as a compromise.

The Dems claim that the people who live in Washington DC get taxed but they get no meaningful representation. Well, what Mr. Murdock suggest is that we don’t tax the people who legitimately live within the limits of district.

I would suggest that the Federal government would not miss the revenues and it would be good for the city. People might even move there in an effort to make money instead of bribing congressmen. To be sure, those who want to live outside city and lobby would not be eligible. They would actually have to move in and become residents year-round.

Now let’s see. It would drive the value of the land up. It would somewhat extract all the liberals out of Virginia and Maryland. Moreover, it might actually result in some industry the city besides politics and tourism. It would also free monies to go for city infrastructure.

The thing is, who knows what all would happen after a few capitalist decide to move in and replace the liberals. They might actually have a city befitting of our great nation.

Thing is, it will never happen. Like all good ideas, the dems won’t let it happen. Besides, what they really want has nothing to do with the representation of the citizens of the district. It is all about power. If the district were to be added as a state, the dems would pick up another representative and two senators. To them, that is power. So, never mind the great idea. Their idea of the important thing is to keep control of both chambers and the presidency. Then of course, they will want the Supreme Court as well. That way, their kingdom will be complete and no one will be able to stand against them, other than China.

Oh. Did I mention they already control the media. What little conservative media remains will have to transmit from a ship off shore. It will become Radio Free America. Invariably, it will need to put up with harassment from the Union of Socialist America

The First Assault Weapon

Well, there was another killing, 10 people. It was horrible. I’m not going to try to figure out the reason or the method. It just is, immediately, the liberals are no doubt going to declare that they have the perfect law to stop such things. It isn’t true. If you read the law they have drawn up and compare it to the killing, guess what. It wouldn’t have stopped a thing. It would not have altered it at all. In all probability, it would not alter future killings either.

It is always their pattern. They keep using tragedy to destroy the Second Amendment. They always like to use tragedy. It is their means and their method. They don’t really care about the deaths. Their guys cause deaths all the time and they don’t care. As a matter of fact, as they expression goes, they move heaven and earth to cover it up. There are four governors that are presently guilty of thousands of deaths and, I assure you, it does not bother their consciences one bit.

However, as long as we are talking about weapons, please allow me to take advantage of the situation to speak about the Bible. Right near the front of it, you will find the first use of an assault weapon, a rock. With it Cain killed Able. By the way, it is a very effective weapon. David used his sling to hurl one at a giant. All he needed was one to bring down the man who was wearing armor and carried a couple of weapons of his own.

Even today, a rock can be a vicious weapon. They are using them in Israel and they are just as dangerous today as then. If one of those Arabs manages to hit an Israeli, it could kill him. This while many Americans watch the news and do not feel the police are justified at shooting back.

The fact is that a sling in the right hands can be more dangerous than a bow and arrow. Moreover, it is far easier to conceal. Even more, they are not serialized. If the rock is recovered there is no way to determine from which sling it came or who used it. As such, in a way, the oldest weapon just might be one of the most dangerous.

At least, if a killer uses a gun to kill someone, there is a way to prove it.

Problem Solving 101

I have heard from a number of different sources that the first step in solving a problem is realizing you have one. By extension, I would suggest that it is also the first step in solving a crisis. It would appear that Biden is unaware that he has a problem on the border, let alone a crises. As such, why should we ever expect any solutions from his direction. He will never realize we have a problem. He and those around him are doing all they can to make sure that doesn’t happen. Indeed, they are doing all they can to convince us.

You ask him about the crisis and he responds, “What crisis? I don’t see a crisis. Do you see a crisis? Well, maybe we have a little challenge.”

Let’s hope this is not the way he solves all very bad problems.

The Goals of the Dems

  1. They obliterated the border security.
  2. They Have driven us well toward national bankruptcy plans to repay their contributors and leftist supporters.
  3. They allowed countless diseased people from all over the earth while managing to keep people arriving legally at airports under quarantine.
  4. The governors of four major states have managed to cause the deaths of unknown hundreds, thousands by putting diseased people into nursing homes.
  5. They have kept our schools and businesses closed for almost a year. Moreover, they hope to elongate that as much as possible.
  6. They caused at least one major plant to move to Mexico and, naturally, their plans call for many more. In this case it benefited Ford. Those that worked at the plant, not so much. To be sure, there will be no apologies or explanations. At best, they tell them to find jobs making solar panels, or maybe windmills.
  7. With all the illegals entering the country they have managed to increase the unemployment. On the other hand, they are decreasing wages. Cheaper to pay a Latino to clean hotel rooms than American citizens…of any ethnicity.
  8. They have just about ruined New York. Everyone who can is headed south, where the governors know how to run things. Worse, they have destroyed the tourist trade. Everyone knows that if they go to the Big Apple, they won’t be able to find a place to sit down and have a pizza. Some people are stuck in New York as value of their property has bottomed out.

It would seem that the dems managed this all in less than two months. That is fast than I expected. Given three more years, who knows what kind of things they will attain.

It is a fortunate thing that President Trump called for Project Warp Speed (the nine month development of vaccines). Had he not, the dems would still be fumbling around through the red tape and not even Biden or Harris would have received a shot for at least two more years. By that time, many more would have died and the economy would be totally in the tank. That would make things just right for the dems. The Chinese Communists would be able to just march into this country and we would be able to do little or nothing about it. Moreover, they would likely make their approach from Mexico. They would have no need for a sea landing.