Electric Car Range

I heard a spokesman for Volkswagen the the other day talking about an electric car they will soon produce and sell for 30,000. I get it. Everyone is climbing on the bandwagon. Moreover they have hopes of letting the feds help pay for the car.

However, I wish I had been there to challenge one of his statements. I can’t remember exactly, but I think he said the car would have a range of 250 miles, although it might have been 300. He cited the idea that most people don’t drive more than 50 miles each way to work. It seems they did some research on it and that makes it so.

I disagree with him in two respects. There are thousands, perhaps tens of thousands who drive over 100 miles each way to work. On a hot day where such a person would have to use his air-conditioning, he might be cutting things a little close, especially if he spends an hour or so traveling at a snail’s pace in traffic. If he is impeded by a traffic accident, he might end up having to pull over a call a tow truck after running out of electricity.

But it is far more than that, People do go on vacations from time to time. In order to do so, they might drive 500-700 miles in one day. With the electric car, they would have to plan on 250 miles at a time. On the other hand, they could go down to the rental agency and get a car that can go the extra mileage.

Then there is the person who uses his car in his work. While I was repairing computers, it was quite common for me to drive 500 miles in one day. That does not include 60 miles to and from home. I would suspect that a car like this would not be good for certain people in sales. I can’t think of any other such things but I would suspect there are many who can.

It is just the sort of thing that happens when people make decisions and don’t have to answer for them. Of course the spokesman is convinced it is good range. He doesn’t have to drive the car. If I buy the car, he is not the one who gets stuck without juice. That would be me.

I assure you, if he had to drive such a car, he would have an entirely different attitude. On the other hand, he might already realize the stupidity of the statement and is just saying what the company told him to say. To be sure, there are people around who have no difficulty in doing such things. Why not? It’s no skin off their nose.

Electric cars or fine for those who can afford such a second car. At this point, that does not include me. Get the range up to 600 miles and I might consider it. And, oh yes. They are going to have to get that price down some too. I can’t afford 30,000, even if it is quiet.

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