It Doesn’t Matter

Longer back than I care to remember, I was walking through the King of Prussia Mall. I wasn’t shopping but killing time and looking around. From time to time I came across a woman, attractive in her mid twenties. She was whistling and I must admit very well.

However, she always whistled the same tune. Finally, I just had to ask, “Are you whistling Stranger in Paradise or Prince Igor. She broke into a big smile and replied, “I guess it doesn’t matter.”

For those familiar with the two works, you will know exactly what she was whistling. Prince Igor is an opera written by Alexander Borodin on or about 1869. Stranger in paradise uses essentially the same tune but is accredited to Robert Wright and George Forrest. It is from the musical Kismet but was made famous by Tony Bennett in 1953. The tune of Stranger in Paradise is essentially the same as that portion of Prince Igor.

Therefore, as she said, it didn’t matter. All but the most knowledgeable in such music could tell the difference from listening to the tune.

By the way, I have copies of both and I thoroughly enjoy them. By the way, I also enjoyed listening to the young lady in the mall.

Nonetheless, I have found there are many things that are called by different names. For instance drug stores in England are called chemists. Cats are also called felines and dogs are also called K-nines. In the old days, we used to call cars horseless carriages. A little more recently, they were automobiles. I have heard of truckers who were offended when you call their rig a truck.

Nowadays, we have a problem on the border, which was obviously caused by Biden. No matter what you want to call the problem, it is a disaster, a crisis or perhaps just a predictable catastrophe, the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane. So, the truth is, IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER what you call it. Does it? The kids are still going through pain and danger in very cramped conditions. The drug smugglers are still smuggling their dope. The criminals are still sneaking across the border while the Border Patrol take care of the kids. Those who traffic in prostitution and sweat shops still make their profits. Oh. And by the way, it is quite possible that one or two terrorists made it into the country. The thing about that is that we won’t know until one of them sets his bomb off, who knows where or when. In that case, it really does matter, but it would seem it doesn’t matter to the dems at all. The refuse to consider it.

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