Gov. Noem Nailed It

So far Gov. Noem has my favorite speech. Then again, President Trump hasn’t had his turn. regardless, Gov. Noem had a line that is well worth repeating and repeating. I’m not putting it in quotes because I’m not sure it is verbatim.

The socialists want to be the shepherds. The problem is that that means we have to be the sheep.

The only thing I would add to that is that they are awfully poor shepherds. They have caused countless deaths and immeasurable grief. Then, of all things, they stand in front of the microphones and beat on their chests and brag of all the good they did.

Nonetheless, her statement does sum it up better than I have heard before; they want to be the leaders and they don’t want us to have any say in the matter. They just want us to follow like good little sheep and keep our mouths shut.

Let me give you and example. Pelosi admitted to holding back on the China virus aid to make the prior president look bad. However, it was more than that. There was a secondary benefit and even then they knew it. By waiting, they were able to pass all the stuff they wanted to pass…all the stuff they knew they would never get past the Senate. They even had hopes of passing the $15 minimum wage. Also, thanks to their strategy, they are able to use tax dollars to promote and pay for abortions. (One of the gods)

As I have said many times before, it is all about control. They have no empathy for those who lost family to the China virus. The only reason they are providing help now is so that they might gain more control. Only 10% of the bill will go to China relief; the rest to pet projects. So they give us the morsel so that they can gain control. There is no other purpose. Their is no sympathy. Their is no desire to help. In the end, their only desire is control. They want to turn us all into sheep who just follow their instructions without complaint.

… for Political Gain

Over 500 thousand people have died from the China virus. The dems have decided to take advantage of it. How? To put subways near San Francisco. To raise the minimum wages. To build big bridges (if the bridge is needed, let it be funded by a separate bill. It has nothing to do with the virus.) To bail out state governments that know not how to run states. I’m sure you get the idea.

If these ideas are so good, let them become law in their own bills. If they cannot become law on their own, maybe they ought not become law. Might I remind you, the dems have House, Senate and White House.

As a side note, those who have read my past posts realize I seldom used the term China virus. Now that Biden has kept those in federal employment from using the term, I will use it every chance I have. Indeed I will use it when I have not a reason to use it. Moreover, I urge anyone and everyone to do the same. It would seem that he too has no problem capitalizing on the death and tragedy of Americans killed by, in essence, biological warfare.

One more note for Biden: He keeps complaining the previous administration left him nothing to fight the virus. That is an outright lie and he knows it. Had it not been for President Trump, he’d not have have the vaccine for another 3 or 4 years yet. More over, he had millions of doses the minute that he took the oath, which he doesn’t seem to respect much.

Where Credit is Due

Just heard about the strike that Biden ordered in Syria. I willingly give credit where credit is due. It certainly looked like the proper thing to do, given the recent strike by Iran. Moreover, given the time element, it appears to have been well thought out.

Pardon Me for Being Simple

If we put the criminals in prison, I would think it would decrease crime.

Why then do the dems want to let the criminals out of prison? Why is it that they want to let them out with low or no bail while awaiting trial?

The only explanation I can think of is that they want crime. I just don’t know why. Two things I do know. It is helping to sell guns and it is helping to promote drug abuse. For those not sharp enough to pick up on it, criminals do sell drugs… to our kids.

Why the Marines?

A number of times, people have asked me why I joined the Marines. I am sure I was qualified for any of the services, though I may not have finished Navy boot camp. I am a mediocre swimmer at best. At any rate the reason is simple. The basic training in the Marines is very tough. I know. I went through it. The physical part was very difficult. However, it was easy compared to the mental part.

Bottom line, the reason is simple. If I am stuck in a fox hole with another man and my life depends on him, I would really like to know he went through the same training as I did. No offense, Army, Navy and Air Force, but when my life depends on the man next to me, I prefer that he earned the right to wear the eagle, globe and anchor.

There were other things I learned in the Marines, things I never figured on. One of them was simple but it was drilled into my mind from the time I put my feet on those yellow foot prints to the time I finished Infantry Training Regiment. No excuses. They had a saying for it. However, I will not repeat it here. Needless to say, the meaning was simple, all people have excuses. Everyone has someone else to blame. No one wants to accept responsibility.

Maybe Gov. Cuomo should have joined the Marines. Maybe they could have taught him that lesson. It seems all he knows how to do is blame others and invent excuses. I definitely would not have wanted to share a fox hole with the likes of him.

By the way, he just might have learned a few other things too.

Examples of Assault Weapons

Nowadays, many politicians talk about assault weapons. I get the basic idea. They are likely referring to the AR-15 Rifle, generally a semi-automatic rifle. Truly, if that is what they mean, that is what they should say, AR-15. The term assault weapon encompasses a large list of weapons. I have included a few of them below.

  1. A rock. If used to perform a murder, it is a weapon, and of course, the murderer did assault the person. That would be true if the victim died or not.
  2. Spears or arrows.
  3. A sling shot. Though it is seldom deadly, it can be used to assail a person.
  4. A baseball bat, or for that matter a golf club. I guess it depends on which one is handy.
  5. A butcher knife.
  6. A fire extinguisher. However, current evidence says that one was not used Jan 6 in the Capitol Building.

I think you get the idea. If you are going to try to outlaw a weapon, maybe you should be more specific. Otherwise we may not be able to buy golf balls.

A Tale of Two Governors

When I first considered this post, I also considered the title a tale of two states. Obviously, I borrowed the concept, “A Tale of Two Cities” and choosing the two state idea would fit the old title better but not the circumstance so much.

To be sure, both states are suffering but, on the other hand, the governors are in deep trouble. I’m sure that you have figured it out, that is, to whom and to which states I am referring. It would appear both governors have been disasters to their states and they love to blame it on others. At this point, it would appear that Newsom will soon be removed from being governor and will likely suffer a political death. Much the same can be said about Gov. Cuomo, but more so. He just might end up trading his expensive suits for a very plain and common orange jumpsuit.

To be truthful, I don’t think Cuomo will ever get convicted of anything, not with a democrat president, though the state just might find something for which to convict him. Now that would be a trial to be seen, a real trial in a real court. It would bear little resemblance to the mock trial held in The Senate recently.

I like the question a man asked the news-person today, “Is it really okay to invent evidence.” as they did against Trump. Well, if Cuomo is tried, the evidence will not be invented and if he is convicted, he will not just be removed from office, but he would, as they say, “…go directly to jail.”

As for Newsom, he will likely just find some big mansion to retire to and live out his life in disgrace. What real useful purpose would he serve. Naturally, he would want all his servants to wear space suits. He wouldn’t want to catch anything from them.

Cooking With Gas or Electric?

Just saw an article on cooking with gas, and its downsides. The author, very likely a person with a college or two, tried to convince me that it is better to cook with electricity. He had a reason or four. On the other hand, I have cooked with electric and I have cooked with gas and, though I have no college I would much rather cook with gas.

  1. It cost less
  2. It is faster
  3. It is instant. Electric may need a few adjustments to decide on a correct setting being as heating elements take time to heat or cool.
  4. It is more environmentally friendly. While electric does not generate exhausts, generating the electricity does.
  5. It is more reliable. I have lived in my current residence for about 40 years. I have never lost my gas supply. In general, I have lost electric at least once a year. In two instances I lost it for 3 days or more. While it may not get as cold as it does up north, it does get below freezing, as it is now.
  6. While the newer electric stoves do have a few nice features, I prefer to have something that will work when I turn it on. I guess people that have more money than me prefer the induction ranges, mine works. I haven’t replaced it for about 30 years.

So as for me, you can take your electric stoves and stuff them. And, by the way, I have also replaced my electric hot water heater and clothes dryer with gas. Both work better and drastically decreased my over all utility prices.

As a side note, our electric grid is always on the brink of being overloaded. It is the nature of the beast. Their logic is simple. Never build any more than needed. You save money that way.

Ignore the Future

A look at priorities

Any halfway decent chess player will tell you that it is the long sighted player who is does well.  The good players will normally think at least 8 moves ahead.

Currently, I play games of Free Space on my computer and I have been playing it for years.  Again, I have found, if you want to win consistently, you need to plan far ahead.  If don’t you will frequently lose.  Indeed, the moves that appear the most obvious will frequently lead you to a dead end.  Those moves that seem the least redeeming open up into wins.

The same can be said about many things.  Certainly, none of us really wants to put our shoulder to grindstone and study in school.  Yet, consistently, those who study the most frequently get the best paying jobs.

Yet, it surprises me as I look out into society today and see all those who have spent their lives studying and accumulating knowledge making very short sighted decisions.

They put a super priority on global warming when there are far more important things.  I assure you, if China takes control of this world, going green will be the least of anyone’s concerns.  Yet businesses make nice with China, knowing that, in the long run, it will end in disaster.


Why is it that China sells steel and aluminum at a loss?  Why do they go into backward countries and set up infrastructure systems and provide low interest and no interest loans?

The answer is simple.  They want world domination.  And today, guess what?  They have American, so-called geniuses helping them, willingly, even gladly.  Some of them even are taking part in the takeover.  Some of the American multi-billionaires help in financing the takeover.

That’s stupid.  In a real communist society, there are no millionaires, let alone billionaires.  In theory no one gets any more; no one gets any less regardless of what they do or don’t do.

It would seem, very few geniuses these days want to look past the next few days.  So, like the beginner chess player, we don’t ever look past the next move.  Like the novice politician, we never look past the next month, let alone the next year.  The businessman never looks past his profits.  Tomorrow is everything and we ignore the future.

Temperatures Plunging

It’s 9 degrees today in Chicago. I know because I heard it on the news.

When I checked the temperature here near Memphis, I saw it was 9 degrees. Only it didn’t make the news.

I suspect that Chicago has seen temperatures that cold and colder. Where’s the news?

I have lived here for 40 years. I don’t recall it getting colder than 10 degrees ever before, yet no one has mentioned us on national news. I guess we don’t rate. I think there are some that don’t even consider us part of the country.