Questions for the FOCs

If there are so many that want the 4T bill, why do they have to do so much arm twisting to get it passed?

If there was no cheating on the election, why do they want to bury all the evidence? Why is it they don’t want the forensic experts to see it? Could it be that they know that it was not on the up and up?

Why is it that Biden doesn’t answer questions?

If they did such a good job in Afghanistan, why is it that they no longer want to talk about it? Seems to me, if they did so well, they would want to brag about it. Oh. Wait a minute. They did and that did not go over well.

Now let me see. Just why is it again that we need to spend 4.5 trillion dollars? Just who is it that has read the bill? Actually, at this point, I don’t even think it is done. Surely they will compete it before they pass it.

Just why is it that Kamala likes to laugh so hard at serious questions?

Just why is it that we need to build recharging stations all over the US. If we do and no one buys the electric cars, who will use them? Who will maintain them? For that matter, who is going to make money off them? Could it be the friends of the FOCs?

I’m sure you can think of a few questions I haven’t. However, the biggest question of all, how are we going to get them to answer any question? It is sort of like the FOCs. They never like answering questions, especially those that probe real problems. ?

The Message

In my last post, I suggested methods of sending messages. A short time ago, I saw an image on the TV. I hope that Biden and his friends saw that image on a nice big TV screen at the highest possible resolution. Indeed, I would hope he saw those people desperately trying get on those planes in 3-D.

It just maybe, might send them the message loud and clear that the bunch of them made a mistake. This isn’t a fender-bender type mistake. This isn’t like hitting your thumb with a hammer.

You, Biden. You, FOCs made a mistake that will kill thousands, maybe millions. Then again, dems don’t care about such things. After all, they are just people. You don’t know them. You never did meet them and you never will.

I would guess the only way they will be able sleep at night is to make sure they never see the message. They need to make sure they never hear the name of so much of one of those who will die. They need to be on their guard to never hear the story of the life of any of them.

I didn’t cause it, and it bothers me. How can they live with themselves?

The Epitome of Efficiency.

When Biden was elected president, I knew the stock market would turn south. Being as I do have a 401k I had hoped it would take 2 or 3 years maybe.

He did fool me. Looks like he has managed it in about 6 months. I guess he really knows how to do some things fast and efficiently. Now I shall have to rely much more on my Social Security. Maybe I need to rephrase that. I just might have to go back to work. I don’t know if that will be enough.

My guess is that I am not the only one in my situation. Anyone out there need a computer operator? I suspect I may have to settle for flipping hamburgers. I did it a fore. I suppose I can do it again. Just is, I will have to settle for shorter shifts at my age.

The Problem With Revolving Doors

As expected, Biden spoke of ridding the nation of guns. I guess he didn’t read my post last night. I must admit, it is a good idea to put more police out there, but only if they are properly trained and backed. If they are not backed, they effectively have no authority and they will accomplish little. Indeed, it might result in doing more harm than good.

However, his biggest problem is that he never addressed the problem of the revolving doors. If you have infinite policemen out there and they keep arresting criminals, what good will it do if they just go right back out the revolving doors? The policeman arrest the criminal; he stand before the judge. Then the culprit goes right back out the revolving door, just to commit more crimes.

The fact is that it accomplishes nothing. On the other hand, the criminal learns to have no fear of the law. Indeed, he mocks the man with the badge and laughs as he is goes through the process. He might even threaten the officer and his family. There is nothing the officer can do and there is nothing anyone else will do.

Until the revolving door is dealt with, the crime will only get worse month by month, day by day. I wrote a book, “His Protector,” that envisions a New York City close to what it is today, though maybe a little worse. At the time I wrote the book, New York was one of the safest cities in the world. It is one of the advantages of writing things that take place in the future. Never did I dream my prediction of the city would be so close to what it is today. It is about a lieutenant who was forcefully retired from the Marines and someone who is stocking him on the New York streets. Even with his martial art skills, he is afraid to walk the streets, especially at night.

I don’t know, but I would guess that is pretty close to what New York City is today and it is primarily for one simple reason, they refuse to lock up their criminals.

It is why I call the dems Friends Of Criminals (FOC). Who else would let the criminals go free as the do?! In a way, the FOCs have their own pipeline, only it is for criminals.

By the way, speaking of criminals, why is Fauci still walking free!!??

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Thank you for spending a little of your precious time with me.

DeRoy Murdock Said Something Worth Repeating

The Dems like to say they want to compromise. Well DeRoy Murdock came up with an excellent idea, though he might not have meant it as a compromise.

The Dems claim that the people who live in Washington DC get taxed but they get no meaningful representation. Well, what Mr. Murdock suggest is that we don’t tax the people who legitimately live within the limits of district.

I would suggest that the Federal government would not miss the revenues and it would be good for the city. People might even move there in an effort to make money instead of bribing congressmen. To be sure, those who want to live outside city and lobby would not be eligible. They would actually have to move in and become residents year-round.

Now let’s see. It would drive the value of the land up. It would somewhat extract all the liberals out of Virginia and Maryland. Moreover, it might actually result in some industry the city besides politics and tourism. It would also free monies to go for city infrastructure.

The thing is, who knows what all would happen after a few capitalist decide to move in and replace the liberals. They might actually have a city befitting of our great nation.

Thing is, it will never happen. Like all good ideas, the dems won’t let it happen. Besides, what they really want has nothing to do with the representation of the citizens of the district. It is all about power. If the district were to be added as a state, the dems would pick up another representative and two senators. To them, that is power. So, never mind the great idea. Their idea of the important thing is to keep control of both chambers and the presidency. Then of course, they will want the Supreme Court as well. That way, their kingdom will be complete and no one will be able to stand against them, other than China.

Oh. Did I mention they already control the media. What little conservative media remains will have to transmit from a ship off shore. It will become Radio Free America. Invariably, it will need to put up with harassment from the Union of Socialist America

The Goals of the Dems

  1. They obliterated the border security.
  2. They Have driven us well toward national bankruptcy plans to repay their contributors and leftist supporters.
  3. They allowed countless diseased people from all over the earth while managing to keep people arriving legally at airports under quarantine.
  4. The governors of four major states have managed to cause the deaths of unknown hundreds, thousands by putting diseased people into nursing homes.
  5. They have kept our schools and businesses closed for almost a year. Moreover, they hope to elongate that as much as possible.
  6. They caused at least one major plant to move to Mexico and, naturally, their plans call for many more. In this case it benefited Ford. Those that worked at the plant, not so much. To be sure, there will be no apologies or explanations. At best, they tell them to find jobs making solar panels, or maybe windmills.
  7. With all the illegals entering the country they have managed to increase the unemployment. On the other hand, they are decreasing wages. Cheaper to pay a Latino to clean hotel rooms than American citizens…of any ethnicity.
  8. They have just about ruined New York. Everyone who can is headed south, where the governors know how to run things. Worse, they have destroyed the tourist trade. Everyone knows that if they go to the Big Apple, they won’t be able to find a place to sit down and have a pizza. Some people are stuck in New York as value of their property has bottomed out.

It would seem that the dems managed this all in less than two months. That is fast than I expected. Given three more years, who knows what kind of things they will attain.

It is a fortunate thing that President Trump called for Project Warp Speed (the nine month development of vaccines). Had he not, the dems would still be fumbling around through the red tape and not even Biden or Harris would have received a shot for at least two more years. By that time, many more would have died and the economy would be totally in the tank. That would make things just right for the dems. The Chinese Communists would be able to just march into this country and we would be able to do little or nothing about it. Moreover, they would likely make their approach from Mexico. They would have no need for a sea landing.

… for Political Gain

Over 500 thousand people have died from the China virus. The dems have decided to take advantage of it. How? To put subways near San Francisco. To raise the minimum wages. To build big bridges (if the bridge is needed, let it be funded by a separate bill. It has nothing to do with the virus.) To bail out state governments that know not how to run states. I’m sure you get the idea.

If these ideas are so good, let them become law in their own bills. If they cannot become law on their own, maybe they ought not become law. Might I remind you, the dems have House, Senate and White House.

As a side note, those who have read my past posts realize I seldom used the term China virus. Now that Biden has kept those in federal employment from using the term, I will use it every chance I have. Indeed I will use it when I have not a reason to use it. Moreover, I urge anyone and everyone to do the same. It would seem that he too has no problem capitalizing on the death and tragedy of Americans killed by, in essence, biological warfare.

One more note for Biden: He keeps complaining the previous administration left him nothing to fight the virus. That is an outright lie and he knows it. Had it not been for President Trump, he’d not have have the vaccine for another 3 or 4 years yet. More over, he had millions of doses the minute that he took the oath, which he doesn’t seem to respect much.

A Title Wave

As Biden started opening up the border, I tried so hard to think of a good analogy. Well, maybe I have one. I do find it interesting that he shut out all the folks on flight from outside the US without a test and quarantine while he permits all the illegals to flow in without concern.

It did remind me of a man who just shut off the facet valve while ignoring the tidal wave on the way. I mean it is a good thing to shut off the valve. He cuts down on water usage and it does decrease the water flow into the area somewhat. However, he just might wished he had built a big sea wall before that tidal wave hit.

Now, you see he turned off the spigot at the airports, cutting off the trickle. On the other hand, he has ignored the border allowing the onslaught of the wave of sick sick aliens. When all is said and done, there just might be a few folks asking him why he did that…especially when the covid19 spreads throughout the country from the border you left insecure — intentionally. I mean isn’t he the one who was going to solve the virus problem?

Thank You Biden

I just checked my 401k, which had been doing well. Not so much now. It just lost 6,000 over the last 2 days. Then to, why should he care. He issued any apologies when he his signature cost the lives, oh somewhere in around 30,000 or more lives. After all, when you’re dealing with those kind of numbers, who cares?

Where’s the Cake

After Biden waved his pen and put thousands of people out of work, he was asked about the sudden unemployment. In essence he replied, let them find other jobs. It reminded me of the quote attributed to Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat cake.”

She was said to have said it out of ignorance. She figured that if the people ran out of bread they could eat cake instead. Of course, the only ones who had food were the royalty. There was no bread and there was no cake. And so the people revolted. After the revolution, royalty was very rare in France. Most lost their heads.

And now, the dems say, let them get other jobs. Apparently they speak with the same ignorance that Marie spoke with. Guess what? Unemployment is up. Jobs are down. On top of this, there is going to be even more competition for the jobs there are. In a couple of weeks, there is going to be flood of illegals into this nation such that we have never seen. They will take our jobs and flood our hospitals. Many will bring their crime, their disease and become burdens to the welfare system. To be sure the governor of California has already promised them healthcare, free no less.

As with the Marie Antoinette, the dems are telling those who lost their jobs to eat cake, but there is no cake. People will sit around the dinner table, but there will be no dinner. The jobs they lost paid over a hundred grand. If they are lucky, they might get a job paying a fifth of that. They will lose their houses, their cars and their 401ks. They might not find a job at all. For those unaware, such things often lead to alcoholism and suicides. And all Biden can say is “Let them eat cake.”

If there are many wonderful ‘green’ jobs where are they? Just maybe, before Biden signed those pieces of paper, he should have looked around a little. Maybe he could have looked in the help wanted ads for jobs paying 100- thousand. I don’t know. Would he have found a few thousand jobs offering salaries of 80 grand.

The Constitution was written with latitude. Those that wrote it thought that those running our government would somewhat know what they were doing. They never considered the gross stupidity of those holding office today.

Then again, they never figured that there would be so much dishonesty in our voting. They never figured that a few men and corporation would provide so much of the campaigning. When they provided freedom of the press, they never figured that they would seek the destruction of our republic.

Then again, they handed the country over to the younger generation, knowing how fragile it was. For over two hundred years, we held onto it. If the forefathers say the nation today, the one they started, they just might be a little repentant. It just might bring tears to their eyes.

Bottom line, if the dems keep telling us to eat cake, they just might expect a revolution. Not from me. I’m too old. I wouldn’t even suggest it. It is an observation. When the pressure in the boiler gets to high, things are going to happen.