The Message

In my last post, I suggested methods of sending messages. A short time ago, I saw an image on the TV. I hope that Biden and his friends saw that image on a nice big TV screen at the highest possible resolution. Indeed, I would hope he saw those people desperately trying get on those planes in 3-D.

It just maybe, might send them the message loud and clear that the bunch of them made a mistake. This isn’t a fender-bender type mistake. This isn’t like hitting your thumb with a hammer.

You, Biden. You, FOCs made a mistake that will kill thousands, maybe millions. Then again, dems don’t care about such things. After all, they are just people. You don’t know them. You never did meet them and you never will.

I would guess the only way they will be able sleep at night is to make sure they never see the message. They need to make sure they never hear the name of so much of one of those who will die. They need to be on their guard to never hear the story of the life of any of them.

I didn’t cause it, and it bothers me. How can they live with themselves?

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