Afghan/Vietnam Comparisons

As time goes by, I can’t help but notice the way that people like to say, it’s another Vietnam; it’s another Saigon.

It is true that it would appear that history has somewhat repeated itself. There are many differences. Because others haven’t, I do feel it necessary to point out a few of these differences. The war in Vietnam was won. In essence it was over until the dems pulled the financing out. With the money gone, there was no way to maintain the victory. The war in Afghanistan was never won. The enemy simply went into hiding. There was never a real effort to win. I suspect that many Taliban went into hiding in the ranks of the Afghan army.

Perhaps the most important thing is that Vietnam ceased to be a problem for the US. Indeed, in the long run, the Vietnamese have become somewhat friendly with us. The Taliban will never tolerate us. Their two main goals are to destroy Israel and eliminate the US and that will never change. Eventually, like it or not, we will have to continue to deal with them and others like them. We simply gave them room to plan, train and build up their armies.

There is another aspect that I have never heard suggested that should have. As long as we had a good foothold in that area, we had a base of operations. We had a base from which we could strike anywhere in Asia. That just might be worth the price we paid. It does make me wonder if anyone considered that. Then again, maybe they did. They just might not have liked the idea. Then again, the Chinese and Russians wouldn’t like the idea either.

One more difference. As bad as the Vietnam communists were, they don’t hold a candle to the Taliban. Those Afghan women are very likely going to be treated just a little better than dirt. Those that went to school and learned to read and write will be treated worse.

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