A Short Word About the Oscars

  1. I don’t blame Will Smith for hitting the guy. If I were in a similar situation, I’d do the same.
  2. The media made entirely too much of it. It would seem anyone who watches a few hours of news a day have seen the replay ten to fifteen times. That is about 8 or 9 times too many.
  3. The academy should take the hint. It has been decades since anyone has talked this much about the Oscar Awards. Maybe they should have 2 or 3 cage fights during the next awards featuring actors. At least one of the fights should be between women. It doesn’t much matter if they are real or not; it would do wonders for the ratings. It just shows to go, most everyone likes to see a good show or fight. It doesn’t really make much difference.
  4. They could sell DVRs of it showing various angles. It might have more success than their movies.
  5. Afterwards, everyone can go home and eat pizza as they all talk about it. That would be the best part.

AOC Was Right

As hard as it might be to believe, she was right. It does give credence to the adage that the old broke clock is precisely correct twice a day.

She said most don’t know what capitalism is. Most don’t know what socialism is.

The fact is most Americans would not know the difference if their lives depended on it. It’s a shame because their freedom and their lives do depend on it.

Now I have a question for the congresswoman. If she knows the difference, why does she prefer the worse. It is not that difficult to known which is better.

Just maybe it is that she does know. Just maybe she wants to be part of the elite, formally known as the royalty.

My suggestion is that we all learn the benefits of capitalism before losing our freedom.

Remember, loss of liberty is one generation away. People such as AOC have the desire to take it from us. …and, by the way, she has many comrades. Comrades is cohorts for the commies.

As an aside, AOC ought not brag. The reason most people can’t tell the difference is because the education system failed to teach them. Just another good reason for school choice. Do we really want to send out children to schools that fail or refuse to teach?

Using school choise is an effective form of capitalism. The good schools thrive. Those that can’t or won’t teach fail. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Then again, it just might be AOCs desire to keep our children ignorant.

Definition of a Woman

No matter what else we know, Judge Brown Jackson is a liar and most certainly lied under oath. She said she did not know the definition of a woman. We might not be able to prove it but i am quite sure that she could have come up with 4 or 5 definitions, all valid.

I know it. She knows it. Most of us know it.

Saying she couldn’t was her way of dodging the very simple, unexpected question. She was in dread fear of being attacked by the woke bunch.

There is no doubt she will be voted in. Also, there will be no doubt there will be a dishonest justice on the Court for a while.

For the Dems, i am sure they will considerably comfort.

Debris !

After our recent snow, our trees lost several limbs. In itself this wasn’t the half. Some of them, some of the biggest ones landed on my storage shed. What a mess. Oh, yes, a couple of them totally mutilated my gate, which cost me me $200 and a couple of afternoons.

The steel shed, though it is now useless, did protect everything inside from physical damage. I am now considering 3 or 4 options to replace it. The thing is, no matter, I must first remove the ton, literally, of debris on and around it.

I looked here and there for some assistance, but it is to small a disaster to call FEMA. It’s one of those in between things. It’d be, maybe better had it been worse. (Now figure that irony)

So, every now and then, when I feel like it and weather permits, I take my rake, shovel and electric chainsaw out and work until I can’t. At 72, that’s not long.

For those that think I’m complaining, I’m not.

I saw a middle-aged man shoveling debris in Ukraine. He has every right to complain. He has a right to complain about Putin and his army. He has a right to complain about politicians who can and should have helped, but are more concerned about climate change. He had a lot to complain about.

Instead, he goes about his task. He is possibly feeling the pains of loss of loved ones and/or friends. He might possibly be wishing someone had sent more weapons and planes. It is not likely, but possible he wished the dems hadn’t cheated on our election. Even he likely knows that there wouldn’t be a war if Trump had been in the Oval Office. He would know that because Putin waited for Biden. Only then was there war.

No, I don’t complain about a little weather. There are many things that are far worse.

Who Was That Lady?

It is the name of an old film, or close to it. I saw it at the theater. I had a pretty good laugh at it, as did those who went with me.

I was reminded of the film when, for the thousandth or so time I saw Joe and his son apparently going through a line in a cafe. Most of us I guess pay little attention to the woman behind the counter in the light green shirt.

Then, tonight, as I saw the picture again, a number of questions occurred to me. Who is she? Does she know Joe? Does Joe or his son know her and how well? Did she have to sign some kind of release?

Then, I wonder about how it affected her life. Did she get more dates? Less dates? Or maybe she is/was married. For that matter, did she get married as a result of the photo. (Her future husband says, “Hey you’re the one in that photo.”) Then again, maybe Joe’s son asked her out.

On the other hand, maybe they were dating before the photo. In a way, she does seem to have some recognition for them.

Then there is the matter of politics. Is she a democrat or republican. Maybe neither.

At any rate, I did try to find the photo on the internet. No luck. Not one bit. So, I would suspect along with many others, I will never know the answers to any of the questions. I will forever wonder, “Who Was That Lady?” Moreover, I doubt that Joe or his son would be able to help me.

A Question for the Future Associate Supreme Court Justice

I really would not want her to answer. but the question should be asked, for her benefit as well as Joe’s and the other senators.

“How does it feel to be the most qualified black woman in the US for the Supreme Court?”

Being a woman, she is best of 50% of all possible candidates. maybe. That assumes that there are as many men as women candidates. Then of course, being black. she is best qualified 13 % of those in the US. Altogether that makes her the best qualified of about 4 % of the population of the country. Maybe that makes her feel well qualified. I don’t know. If that makes makes her feel good about her appointment, it does make me wonder a little about her intelligence. The stats just don’t speak well for her.

It’s okay though. Joe will have his pick. Unless she really steps on her own toes, for instance in the are of child pornography, she will be the next justice. Given her thoughts on crime, she just may embarrass herself and those who leveraged her in. Also, she just might embarrass a few of those who share the color of her skin and her gender. Next time a democrat appoints a justice, he, or she, just might loot at the qualifications first… then the color of the skin.

Lacking Info

Recently The Daily Beast mentioned in an article that President Trump was twice impeached, implication obvious. They did not mention that he was also twice acquitted. It would have only taken a few words to be truly accurate. Then again, I doubt accuracy was the goal.

What the writer has done here is similar to saying that a man was charged with a horrible crime without mentioning that he was tried and found not guilty. It is an improper implication and is morally disgusting.

If you ask me the periodical is guilty of a lie of omission, which says more about them than President Trump. Maybe it is a good reason for us to follow the prompts to believe but half of what is printed.

As an aside, I should add that, in the case of the, “Russia, Russia, Russia, ” after years of investigating, Trump was proven innocent. It was proven to be all a frame. Bet you never printed that either.

Joe’s 2 Fears

As I watch and listen, it’s becoming clearer by the day that Joe and his FOCs have a big fear of losing to Biden. However, Joe’s far bigger fear is that Ukraine just might win.

I wonder if this has anything to do with his son’s history. The world just might find out how close it is to his own.

A Word for Walmart.

Tonight, I went shopping at the local Walmart, which in this day and time is quite an undertaking. I’m old and I have to scan all by myself.

So! I approached the register and put my groceries on the the conveyor belt. When I was done, I was starting to huff and puff a little. After taking a few seconds to catch my breath, I reached for the first item and I set my eyes on a small sign, “Cash Only.”

My first thought was, Why was that sign so small? Why was it pointed so that I could only see as I stood right in front of the register? Then I began doing some mental calculations. It took very little time to realize that I had enough cash to pay for about half of of it all.

It was then I considered a decision: move it all back into the buggy, then to the next available register. Or just simply walk out after a short explanation.

Fortunately, one of the staff saw my expression and told me to scan and then she would take care it. When I finished, she pushed a few buttons, took me to a special register. In two minutes or less, I paid and left.

It sure was nice for the woman to come to my aid. On the other hand, it would not be necessary had someone made the sign bigger and easily seen. Moreover, I doubt anyone there realized how close they came to putting away 150 dollars of groceries.

Wouldn’t it be Nice

Lately, with all that is going on, I started thinking about how nice it would be if things were a little different. Such as:

  1. Wouldn’t be nice if we could live in a place where there were no thieves, no murderers?
  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were in a place without bullies?
  3. The farmer may think, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just grow my crops and the politicians would just leave me alone. For that matter, it would be a little nice if the rain at the right time, and not to much.
  4. The woman may wish for a place where she could go from point A to point B without being in fear of being assaulted on the way.
  5. The soldier might think, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could live in a world without war?”
  6. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world without the need for lawyers and judges?
  7. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in world without cruel and inhumane leaders, like Putin and Xi? Wouldn’t it be nice to be in a world without dictators, such as Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, etc?
  8. Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world without growing old, or sick, or feeble of mind?
  9. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world without cancer, A.L.S. or any other such thing?
  10. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world without starvation or lack of water?
  11. To be sure, it would be nice to live in a world without death, ours or our loved ones.
  12. Then, of course, wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world without fear, from man, beast, weather or earthquake.

For sure, such a place does not exist. Well, to some degree, it does exist in the minds of communists partially. They have no cure for disease, but they want to turn the world into the perfect place on earth and they are willing to lie, deceive and kill anyone and everyone in their way.

In fact, they justify lying, cheating, killing – even to the point of mass murder to reach their goals. Then, they will have their perfect world, as long as they get to run it the way they want to. (I think that is called a dictatorship)

At any rate, it is nice to know there is such a place. To be sure, God makes sure of it. He will not allow such people in, which does create a dilemma. If no such people (1st. Corr. 6:9 & 10) will have access to the place he created, what good will it do any of us. I know I can’t go. I have told a lie or two. I have even stolen a few things. Sometimes I have gotten nearly angry enough to kill, which would disallow me. Then again, I have an inside track. I know Jesus. He is my savior.

Actually, none of us can goes to heaven based on what we have done and not done. Sorry. We can’t make it. It is impossible. God will not let people into heaven who is a sinner.

First let me digress. If such a place exists and it does, then it would no longer be perfect if God were to allow one person who told one lye into the place. Certainly, it would not exist, if God would allow a killer or thief in.

There in lies the paradox. God creates heaven, and then, if he lets anyone in, it is no longer heaven.

Therefore, He came up with a solution, one that only He can. When we accept Jesus as our savior, He changes us. He immediately changes us so that we through Jesus can enter His Kingdom. He continues to change us, making us better day by day, week by week. Finally, when we die, He changes us so that we become as Jesus, no sin nor the desire to sin.

When we enter his kingdom, there is no more war, no more stealing, no more killing, no more death, and no more pain.

Note: the way to heaven is through Jesus, not communism. And that will be nice…forever, but only if you accept Jesus as your savior and Lord. If you haven’t done that maybe you should now…before you find yourself, in the other place, forever, without God and in constant pain. And, also, wishing you did accept Jesus. The memory just might have gone to heaven just might be nearly as pad as the pain.