Who Was That Lady?

It is the name of an old film, or close to it. I saw it at the theater. I had a pretty good laugh at it, as did those who went with me.

I was reminded of the film when, for the thousandth or so time I saw Joe and his son apparently going through a line in a cafe. Most of us I guess pay little attention to the woman behind the counter in the light green shirt.

Then, tonight, as I saw the picture again, a number of questions occurred to me. Who is she? Does she know Joe? Does Joe or his son know her and how well? Did she have to sign some kind of release?

Then, I wonder about how it affected her life. Did she get more dates? Less dates? Or maybe she is/was married. For that matter, did she get married as a result of the photo. (Her future husband says, “Hey you’re the one in that photo.”) Then again, maybe Joe’s son asked her out.

On the other hand, maybe they were dating before the photo. In a way, she does seem to have some recognition for them.

Then there is the matter of politics. Is she a democrat or republican. Maybe neither.

At any rate, I did try to find the photo on the internet. No luck. Not one bit. So, I would suspect along with many others, I will never know the answers to any of the questions. I will forever wonder, “Who Was That Lady?” Moreover, I doubt that Joe or his son would be able to help me.

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