A Question for the Future Associate Supreme Court Justice

I really would not want her to answer. but the question should be asked, for her benefit as well as Joe’s and the other senators.

“How does it feel to be the most qualified black woman in the US for the Supreme Court?”

Being a woman, she is best of 50% of all possible candidates. maybe. That assumes that there are as many men as women candidates. Then of course, being black. she is best qualified 13 % of those in the US. Altogether that makes her the best qualified of about 4 % of the population of the country. Maybe that makes her feel well qualified. I don’t know. If that makes makes her feel good about her appointment, it does make me wonder a little about her intelligence. The stats just don’t speak well for her.

It’s okay though. Joe will have his pick. Unless she really steps on her own toes, for instance in the are of child pornography, she will be the next justice. Given her thoughts on crime, she just may embarrass herself and those who leveraged her in. Also, she just might embarrass a few of those who share the color of her skin and her gender. Next time a democrat appoints a justice, he, or she, just might loot at the qualifications first… then the color of the skin.

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