A Deserved Good Word

I had reason to visit the Mississippi Department of Safety (drivers licenses and such) at Batesville this morning. I was ill prepared and it could have turned into an all day thing.

Instead, the folks there were very helpful as well as friendly. After a couple of hours I was on my way.

I just figured they deserve a good word or two. The world would be far better if it were full of folks such as these.

Open Defiance!

Some call it this. Some call it that. I call it open defiance. Men want to call themselves women. Women want to call themselves men. Joe calls a man woman of the year, or whatever it was. Sorta makes the title meaningless, doesn’t it.

The woman that killed those 6 people called herself a man. I call her a murderer. It’s simple. She chose to murder. That makes her a murderer.

Instantly, that is, without hesitation, Joe said it’s time to outlaw assault weapons, though he hasn’t a clue as to what constitutes an assault weapon.

The truth is, we live in a world where people like to say up is down; good is bad; women are men; and guns are responsible for crime.

The real truth is this murder began years and years ago when this woman was never taught the sanctity of human life. I can assure you, right now she knows just how important human life is to God… a little late. More than that, she now knows she was a woman. Moreover, she now knows right from wrong. It is a real shame someone couldn’t take her aside and convince her of the real truth years ago.

So in an open act of defiance, she killed 6 people, 3 of which were children. She is responsible for their deaths. The guns cannot claim the responsibility. Those that made the guns cannot in any way claim the responsibility. That woman pointed those weapons and she alone pulled the trigger.

It was an open act of defiance.

Think, think, think! Just what kind of a person kills 3 kids. I have but 1 answer. An evil person without conscious.

Revisiting Electric Vehicles

Saw an ad on TV tonight, another electric vehicle. Looked it up on the internet… nearly $50,000. I’m guessing that after taxes and such, you’ll likely sign a contract for at least 55 grand before you get the keys.

If you have the spare change and you’re interested enough in keeping the planet green, you might not consider it a problem. On the other hand, if you regularly drive over 200 miles a day, you might want to reconsider.

So, I guess keeping the earth nice and green might still be a little expensive, especially for those of us living on Social Security. Considering my current income, it just might take me…. Never mind. I’ll let you do the math. Enough to say I won’t live nearly that long, unless I stumble onto the fountain of youth.

Young Experts

When I approached 65, I realized it was time to check into Medicare. I admit I knew very little. However, by the time I was eligible for Medicare I was well versed in it. Now, it seems every few days some young man or woman calls under the pretense of telling me all about these wonderful benefits I’m can receive.

Sorry. Not going to happen. In the first place, they are implying that this 73-year-old can’t figure it out all by myself. For those young’ns that don’t know what that means, I don’t need their help.

And, by the way, I don’t like them calling right in the middle of my nap time!

Another Reason to Leave Michigan

If not for the biting cold and deep snow, the Michigan government has given yet another reason to leave the state. It seems they saw fit to repeal the right to work law.

For those who don’t know, this just gave the unions a lot more power and it forces Republicans to give to the Democrat party and dem candidates. Now, is that right? Of course not. Does that bother the dems? Of course not.

My suspicion is that the dems are cheering. They just managed to again twist the election process.

By the way, they also took a little freedom from the little guy. Then again, that is the specialty of dems, taking freedoms… bit by bit, little by little.

Tell me. Is it better to lose your freedom bit by bit or all at once. Seems to me, in the end, there is no difference.

Getting the A/C Ready for Summer

You might want to reconsider having that central unit serviced for 1 to 3 thousand dollars. It seems every year it’s time to break out the old checkbook. On the other hand, you might not have enough cash to cool your primisis. You might have to pull out the credit card.

I have two window units that keep my 900 sq ft home cool withplenty to spare. 1 is 1000 btu and the other is 12000 btu. The little one I’ve had for over a decade. The big one is 3 years old. I’d guess I won’t put out one dime to have them serviced. If one or the other, or both fail me, it won’t cost me more than 800.

They are a little noisy. They don’t distribute the cool as much. But I can put up with a lot for 1 to 3 thousand a year. Then, of course, you likely have a larger income. You just might not mind the yearly cost.

The way I see it, they do it on purpose. They build the central units difficult and expensive to service. Most likely, they will continue to until enough people like me go to window units. Then, just maybe they will figure out how to avoid the big yearly charges.

To me, it’s time we tell those AC folks that we are tired of repaying for our ACs every few years.

Problems for NY City DA

Seems that the so called case against President Trump is falling apart for the NY prosecutor. He’s having abvery difficult time getting an indictment from the grand jury.

Hint for those who don’t know, it is far easier to get an indictment from a grand jury than a conviction from a jury.

Worse for the DA, it has come to light that there is a letter in Stormy Daniels` hand writing denying any sexual relationship between her and Trump. Hence, it removes any motivation for hush money.

Therefore, the blackmail had no basis. Therefore, the payment was for convenience, not to cover any sins.

Something tells me that this is just one more false charge agin’ Trump that will just fade away. No one will admit wrong doing for bringing the charge. There will be no apology, certainly nothing public or in writing. The charge will simply fade away as all the others brought against him.

Got Away With That One

I can’t count the number of times I used the phrase over the years. I strongly suspect I’m not the only one. Sometimes, it’s intentionally. Sometimes I sliped by after an accidental mistake.

However, none of us really “get away” with anything. Every time we do something wrong, it is recorded, no matter how or great or small. Every day that we live adds to the stack. And here’s the truth. Each thing we do wrong will be paid for in full. That is the way it is. Because God is just, that is the way it must be.

Some would say that there is good news, the gospel. I call it great news. If you accept Jesus Christ as your savior, He will pay the price for every bad thing you did, for every bad thing you thought of doing and for not doing the things you should have done.

That means admitting to what you’ve done. That means turning from your ways and to follow Jesus’ way. That also means believing Jesus can and will pay all your penalties.

Now, that’s more than good news. That’s great news! And it would be very, very tragic if you turn your back on Him and choose the alternative, an eternity of paying for all the wrong you’ve done. Sorry. Really. Never-ever does it end. I truly wish I could say it would end, but that would be contrary to the word of God and God does not lie.

Gender Solution

Seems silly in this day & age that we should need to explain the difference between men and women & which restroom each should use… or shouldn’t use. I cannot imagine any person holding a doctorate having such a problem in making such distinctions.

Be that as it may, I actually have a very simple solution, which might have additional advantages. Actually, the solution has been in use for over 40 years, on planes.

On airlines, there is no gender distinction. Each room is used for both, but only 1 person at a time. The beauty of this is that there is no need to wait for the men’s or women’s room. Each is used in turn without regard to gender.

I noticed in many public places, such as theaters, the women’s lines were always, without exception longer. If it was 1 person per facility, gender wouldn’t matter. It would be one line. And, of course, if a man chose to lie to himself and others, no problems. He’s by himself, anyway. Moreover, no worries of a man walking into a ladies room. (Oddly, I don’t recall hearing of problems or women going into men’s rooms.)

I suppose people could take tickets and wait their turn. I don’t know.

Of course there are real problems. Some facilities would have to accommodate handicapped. It would mean drastic reconstruction. In some some cases it might not even be practical. On the other hand, it might be as simple as changing the signs on the doors.

Then again, some people just don’t want solutions. They prefer fighting over it. Don’t have any idea why men want to use ladies rooms. Maybe they were just never properly taught. On the other hand, maybe they were improperly taught in the fantastic public schools. I mean, if the teachers don’t know the difference, how can we expect the kids to know any better?