The other day I took note that Scripps is now on the Newsy TV channel. I saw an ad claiming they only report the news. Considering what Newsy called the news, you can imagine my doubts.

Nonetheless, I switched it over there a time or two to see what they wanted to call news. I was not impressed. The other day they had what was, at the least a biased documentary. They called it news.

Truth be told, it was a lengthy infomercial advertising solar cell energy. If the solar cell companies didn’t pay for it, they should have. The spokesperson spent the whole time talking of the advantages, completely ignoring the disadvantages. Considering most of our solar cells are made in China, I’d guess China got some free advertising.

It is the way of the liberal media and democrat politicians. It has gotten so much so that they are more than joined at the hip. Indeed, they are joined at the mind. If one is struck, they both recoil and cry out in pain. If one has a success they both cheer. It appears that Scripps is no different. They have their favorite party and they support it without shame.

Omnibus Bill Not Funny!

The omnibus bill would be hilarious but for 2 things. They are spending our money carelessly and the vast amount of it will end up going into the pockets of those who do not have any need of it. It will end up enriching the rich and powerful.

If you doubt me, look at the results. After it is all dispersed, the poor won’t be any better off but the rich will will be richer. Their fortunes will swell with US taxpayers’ dollars.

Meanwhile, our children will be stuck with the debt. I can tell the future by studying the past. I learned by experience. So have the dems. They know that they can get away with it.

Confidence Games

Normally I don’t watch Bonanza. I wasn’t much of a fan even when they were first run. I must admit they did have some very picturesque scenes in a world where color TV was really coming into its own.

I did watch a rerun today about a big confidence ring trying to pull off a confidence game concerning a salted gold mine. I found it especially interesting when they broke for an advertisement that was clearly a scam, aka confidence scheme.

I had to let out a small laugh knowing that they wouldn’t fool many with their tricks. Then, I became more thoughtful as I realized just a few would be enough for the scammers to succeed. As for me, that’s too many.

Then, I considered it again. I guess most commercials are scams. Yet, for the advertisers, they call it success when they make a few dollars by deception.

We would all do well to remember most advertising has the purpose of getting our money, no matter how convincing it may be.

On the Peripheral of Baseball

I took my wife out to eat tonight at one of her favorites, Huey’s. Right after we ordered, she asked if I knew who Vin Scully is. Eventually she called to my attention the banner on the big TV screen behind me, “Remembering Vin Scully.

Of course I remember him. Being raised in Orange County, California, I listened to a great many of his broadcast of Dodgers games. Of course I never met him, yet he seemed to be a friend.

Naturally, one can say he was old. It was expected. Yet he is one that I would have preferred to hang around for a few more decades.

Of course, the banner was not an outright proclamation but it is the way the news speaks of those who are no longer with us. So I pulled out my cell phone and did something I never used it for before. I pulled up Google and then after entering just the letter v, his name popped up. It sort-of told me 2 things. Vin Scully was high the news for the day and he had a huge following.

Then, almost instantly after I tapped the top most listing, I saw the news story. I knew it would be there, yet I hoped it wasn’t.

As I said, I didn’t really know him but for the few hours each day during the season. However, as near as I can tell, he was a man I would have liked to know well.

He was an announcer, not one of the players. He was only on the periphery of the game. Yet, he truly contributed so much to baseball and all of us who enjoyed the game and couldn’t afford to go.

He will be missed. He is already missed.

For Those Interested

About 5 or 6 months ago, I bought an Epson ET 2750 (I believe they call them Ecco Tech). It printed very nice. Then, about a week later, I tried to print something with it and I first had to clean the jets.

After a while, realized it was going to be a common problem. I realized, if I didn’t print daily, it was going to need cleaning before using it.

Frequently, it discouraged my using it because I knew I would first need to to wait for it to finish cleaning itself. This was made all the more frustrating as sometimes it needed 2 or even 3 cleanings.

At any rate, I made the switch back to laser. It’s more expensive and they use more power, but they work, even when there are a few weeks between uses.

Then too, the Epson always concerned me. Would the cleaning continue to work or would I have to get another printer anyway?

I guess that will teach me to believe TV ads, even the ones with famous basketball players.

As an aside, maybe Epson should have the things clean themselves every 12 hours, whether it’s used or not. Just a thought.

California Ads?

I used to live in California. I grew up not far from Disneyland. In fact, I was there before there was a Disneyland.

One thing I noticed was that those who visited the Golden state had a tendency to want to stay. I wasn’t the only only one who noticed it. Many others made similar remarks.

There wasn’t a need to advertise the place. It had unlimited natural magnets. The weather and beaches were enough, but there were so many others.

Guess things have changed. People are leaving the place. I guess some are just leaving. Others must first sell their homes, possibly taking a loss.

Now, would you believe, California is running ads, frequently. I keep seeing them. Someone needs to tell them that there is a far better way.

  1. Get all the libs out of the governments, state and local.
  2. Reduce the taxes.
  3. Reduce regulations.
  4. Fix the schools and colleges.

afterwards , those wonderful natural magnets would do all the rest. It would be better for California, the residents and the country. As for those running the state now, it would be better that they find another line of work…better for everyone.

Moreover, the ads by themselves don’t stand a chance of working. All the U-Hauls will be outbound.

The folks in Texas and Florida already figured it out. Just maybe are smarter than the air heads on the west coast.

A Little Question About EVs

During the late 1800s and early 1900s, cars mostly used gas. There were a few electric cars but they did not go over well. The reason is a different subject.

I’m not sure. I have not done a great deal of research on the matter but I don’t think the federal government did a thing to help establish gas stations. I suspect they did not pay for one of them. It did not require so much as one pork-barrel project to get them started. Even so, they did build them from one coast of the nation to the other. It was sort of done as a result of capitalism. People saw the need so they built gas stations. Others saw the need so they started hauling the gas to the stations. Still others saw the need so they started refining it. Oddly, some people actually started drilling for it… all without any help or encouragement from Uncle Sam.

Now. My little question. Just why is it that the FOCs think the federal government needs to subsidize charging stations for electric cars? (For those who don’t already know, they are trying to put it in one of the infrastructure bills.) My suspicions are that the FOCs have figured a way that it will fatten their wallets and enhance their power.

Percy Shaw

There are not likely too many who know the name but he provided a very important little invention in 1934. Have ever notice those little reflectors on the highway? Well, we can thank Percy for them.

To be sure, over the years they have undergone many changes. Today if we see white reflectors, we can be pretty sure that we are going the right way. If we are going the wrong way, the reflectors are red. Come to think of it, there are likely not many that know that. I didn’t know it until one day I was riding at night and saw the reflectors were red. With no oncoming traffic, it took me about two seconds to realize I was going the wrong way. I simply thought I was in the center lane.

A short time later, I did see some oncoming traffic and I sure was glad I figured things out.

There are orange reflectors too. Normally they indicate the center line. However they are used for other things too. Blue reflectors indicate a fire hydrant. It makes it easier for the firemen to find them. Occasionally, green markings are used too.

The nice thing is that they can easily be seen in the dark, in the rain and generally in the fog. Before their general use I noticed that when it rained, the white lines had a tendency to disappear. The light from my headlights reflected off the lines and continued away from me. With the reflectors, the light is bounced back to me. This is especially nice because the reflectors do not need any electricity or wiring. They use the light from our headlights.

I cannot imagine what their cost is, though it can’t be much. Somewhere, some factory must be turning them out by the thousands, if not millions. Whatever the cost, it is likely well worth it. I am convinced they save lives every day.

The little reflectors are used all over the world. I would suspect that they are even used in China and Russia, though they both likely claim they invented them. I really don’t believe they were invented in any communist country. The invention was made for profit. In communism, there is no profit. Percy was likely a capitalists. Though he knew his invention would be good, his primary goal was to make a pound or two from them. (He was English) It is called capitalism and without it, the little reflectors would have not been invented for years, maybe never.

Ecclesiastes 9:11

The chapter and verse are easy to remember, the date of the attack on the World Trade center. The meaning of the word, Ecclesiastes is traditionally teacher or probably more accurate, preacher. Being as preachers do teach, it might mean both. Most attribute the book to Solomon. If, after going to heaven, we find out he was not the author, we will be a little surprised.

In the passage of 9:11 and a little beyond, the preacher tells us something a little unusual. He says in many ways that the winner of a contest is not always the one best equipped to win. The swiftest might not win the race. It does not give a reason, but my is guess three fold. First, desire does play an important part in winning any contest. Indeed, even the training is prompted by desire. Second, the swifter just might pull a muscle. It has happened. Third, the faster contestant just might trip or stumble. Even a momentary loss of footing can slow the runner enough to lose the race.

In the passage, the preacher attributes it to chance. Now let’s see. I’m 73. do you really think I stand a chance against a well trained 20 year-old. I don’t think it will happen. Yet, when David slung his stone, he brought down a giant much larger, better armored and better trained then himself. The Bible is full of passages where the Israelite armies overcame armies much greater than their own.

I think we can say, without doubt, God can and does determine the outcome of battles and wars. I do believe that our Revolutionary War is an example, though it is not written in stone. On the other hand, look at how the Jew did battle with those who tried to push them out and into the Med. I mean, that first effort by those Arabs was ridiculous. The Arabs had all the training, all the tanks and planes. On the other hand, the Jews didn’t even speak the same language. If you can’t accept that God had a part in that, you can’t see too well…and I don’t mean with your eyes.

I am not saying that God takes a direct part in all wars, though he always knows and permits the results. Sometimes, as the preacher said, it is coincidence. However, when a small army overcomes a large army, I think we can attribute it to divine intervention, poor training or a matter of desire.

Let’s look at how quickly the Taliban overtook the larger and better equipped Afghan army. I’m not sure, but I don’t think God played a direct role in it. Nether the the Taliban nor the Afghan worship the one true God. I may be wrong. God might have had another reason to intervene, one I don’t see.

However, looking at it from the purely human aspect, I attribute it to desire and training. The Taliban, might not have had the equipment but they did have experience and desire. The Afghans certainly had the equipment, but as soon as the fighting started, they turned and ran. That is lack of desire and training. To some degree, from my own experience, desire is part of training.

I do think it does say something about our generals. As one anchor person said today, while the Taliban were busy overrunning the Afghans, our generals are busy teaching woke-ism. It would appear that we are too busy performing social experiments in our military today to teach fighting. If we don’t stop it, we will look just as bad as the Afghans. Our enemies will be able to walk over us and they will not even need the help of the Almighty…nor coincidence.

The priority of our military should be to train to fight. That means teaching. That means toughening, mentally as well as physically. That means making those who fight for us to be as steel. We should always put our faith in God, but not luck. Coincidences will not always work in our favor, especially if we turn away from God.

A Thought About Ice Cream

Picture this, a boy, 8 to 10 years old. You can chose your own age. He sits in front of a big banana split with lots of sauces, whipped cream and nuts on top of it. As he digs in, in between bites, he complains about how horrible it is. Then, when done, he stomps off and shouts how horrible it was, though he left very little behind.

Now, let’s shift things a little. Maybe we are talking about a professional athlete. Maybe we are considering a wealthy actor. On the other hand, maybe we are just speaking of a wealthy person, a self made millionaire. All the time they enjoy their freedoms and privileges as an American citizen, they complain about the nation in which they lives Come to think of it, we might be referring to a US representative, one who came from a third world country, one which is dangerous to live in and knows no freedom, especially for women.

He or she, all the time while enjoying one of the most highly prized citizenships worldwide, they simply complain about this and that and the other thing. Unlike the boy, they do not go away. I wished they would. Instead, they hold onto all that is theirs, all that this county has provided for them.

Do you see any similarity?