Those Who Took The Oath

The investigation is done, it concludes that Trump did nothing wrong. That means those who took an oath to enforce the law, namely, the leaders in the FBI and other federal agencies were the ones who knowingly did great wrong.

It also verified that many of the dem congregational leadership intentionaly used their office to promote lies, of course, with the aid of the media and social media.

Now, now that it is all over, the only people that are suffering are those who did nothing wrong. Indeed, some have even spent time in prison wrongly. Certainly Joe and his friends had their part in it all.

They know that they have gotten away with it. However, be sure God will avenge.

Hasn’t Anyone Noticed?

Someone, anyone becomes a key person in the conservative world and, suddenly, all sorts of people, women come out of the woodwork claiming sexual abuse and rape.

It wasn’t until Trump became president that he was accused, what by three or four women. I guess there would have been more if they could have found a few more to lie for them.

It wasn’t until Bill Cosby started telling Black men to be responsible and stop abandoning their families that he was accused. I’m not trying to say that what he did was right. It just is the accusations certainly were not immediate, were they? Just maybe the accusers were financially encouraged?

The most ridiculous one was the Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh. I mean the woman did not remember when or where. However, the dems insisted that everyone believe the woman’s story from his youth. Really. How many could ever come up with an alibi for something 10 years ago, let alone the time in this case. It’s why some crimes have time limits (statute of limitations) on them. Sometimes things can’t be remembered. Sometimes, witness are no longer living.

Let’s, please not forget Justice Clarence Thomas. According to the dems, he was guilty before they could figure anything he might be guilty of. He had a big target painted on him the instant he might be selected. I remember. I was one of those who watched the proceedings back then.

Incidentally, does anyone remember the admitted lies told by Obama about healthcare? I do. I remind others every time I get a chance. The dems would like us to forget his intentional dishonesty. (That is to say he lied to deceive.) Not illegal as it was not under oath. He just lied to us, the American folks. You know; you and me.

It would seem that any Republican thinking of running for or accepting a position in government, any person thinking of making a public conservative statement, or anyone, just anyone who might oppose the dems, maybe they should make sure they are innocent from birth. Moreover, they better be ready to prove it.

On the other hand, those wanting to support the dems, maybe not so much. Consider Teddy and the drowning of Mary Jo? Consider ol’ Bill and sex in the oval office as well as those who accused him of rape. They have Ds after their names. I mean, let’s let them do what they want. Oh, and by the way, do you happen to remember that Bill was convicted of a real current crime, lying under oath. All of us know, when someone guilty of perjury cannot be trusted on in any other point. That’s sort of a legal thing. Yet the dems are ready to believe, forgive and forget his recent past. It is sort of a memory of convenience.

While We Can

Invariably, the first thing tyrants do as they take over a country, it to silence populace.  One of the first things to disappear from a free country is the freedom to speak or publish freely.  It is odd here in the US that we have gained some freedoms of expression while we have lost others.  While books containing drag-queen literature is becoming prevalent, the Bible and literature about it are more frequently being banned.  If a teacher should have it on his desk, it just might be grounds for dismissal.

On the other hand, in my son’s intermediate school, the teacher thought it would be a good idea for all the students in the class to plot their astrological charts.  May I say, astrology is more of a religion than Christianity?

However, my point today only brushes with the subjects.  My real concern is beyond the argument of which religion is or isn’t true.  The fact is that Christianity is currently hated more than any religion from any country, and this includes religions that openly worship the devil.  Indeed Satan worship is protected in all military services and all chaplains are required to honor it.  It seems it is completely contrary to the reason to have chaplains in the first place.

To be sure, every time someone raises a voice against the way Christianity is treated, whoa to he who speaks it.  Oddly, in some cases, it is a person right within the church that speaks ill of him who has the nerve to say that homosexuality is wrong, though God, himself speaks against it many times.  For sure, it is the primary, if not the only reason for the utter destruction of Sodom and Gomorra.  It is at least one reason that God Brought Israel into the promise land.  God, through the hand of Moses said as much, though most would like to ignore it.

Most times, it’s not a matter of knowing right from wrong.  The vast majority of us know from our youth.  The two problems are getting people to admit to the obvious and then do that which they know to be right.

Let us take a look at it.  Do you find Bibles in porn stores?  When you enter a bar, will you see reruns of Billy Gramm sermons on the TVs?  Of course not.  To the current public, there are many other things more important, not to mention, they can get embarrassing…seeing such things in such places.  It is as if we can keep God from seeing us if we leave our Bibles at home.

So now.  I guess we can’t take our Bibles to school.  Why?  Because we just might do something that the Lord will disapprove of?  I guess, when it come comes to sex ed.; we really don’t want God looking over our shoulder.  We certainly don’t want God to see the encouragement of killing the unborn.  Boy, would that get in the way.

So, our neighbors, our community, our government is doing what they can to shut us up.

So, before they do.  Before they remove from us the most important right of all, while we still can, perhaps it is time to say something.  Or we may not be able to say anything.  While we still can, maybe we should remind one and all, just cause you say it’s right, doesn’t make it so.

If we lose the first amendment, most certainly the rest of our freedoms will soon follow.  Then.  You just might think, I should have said something.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the subject of Frequently Asked Questions, I have this to say.  Are they truly frequently asked?  Out of all the times I have ever consulted frequently asked questions, I never found the one for which I needed an answer.  Worse yet, I could never find a category.  They always list 4, 5 or 6 categories, then “Other.”  Then when I look under other, I can’t find my question there either.  Not a thing comes close.

I guess that either makes me weird or their questions aren’t as inclusive as they would like to imply.  Moreover, it would seem that I am mostly on my own.  Frequently, I actually figure things out, though it takes some time.  On the other hand, I just tried to install a product that should have not taken over 3 hours to install.  I gave up after 16.  I don’t need any piece of software that I can’t install after 16 hours.  Moreover, it was also difficult to de-install.  Moreover, it was difficult to use.

Taught me a lesson or two.  Next time I am going to install something, I will make sure to mark the spot so I can return to whence I came.  Even that brings me angst.  I have not yet established much trust in the ability of the software that can restore that well.

Be that as I may, the whole thing prompted a thought.  Maybe the US government could establish a frequently asked question web site.  I’m not suggesting it would help much but it would be interesting just what questions they would post and what kind of answers they would concoct, for instance, “What is a woman?”

God’s law was clear, “Though shalt not murder.”  Simple.  Requires little in the way of explanation.  On the other hand, the government at every level has pages and pages on the subject.  Can you imagine querying murder on frequently asked questions?  Did you say you have a day or two to read the reply?

How about something on the subject of abortion.  No problem for the dems…any time, any place, by someone with an MD after his name.  No follow-up exam necessary.

Then, there is the matter of theft.  All you can get away with as long it has a value of less than a grand.  And, by the way, if someone stops you, you can sue their socks off, and get them too.

Contrary to the commandment, we are not to honor our parents.  The job of parenting has been turned over to the daycares, schools and colleges.  In short the government.  By the way, we’d better not forget it or the FBI will be after us.

Incidentally, if we ask who should be in control, it’s the dems.  We best not forget that either or we will be tossed in the hoosegow and we’ll not see the light of day for years, if ever.

I guess it would be a bad idea to look for that on the FAQ list.  They will look for you and prohibit you from publishing a book, being on TV or radio.  Your name will instantly be mud, perhaps literally.

Incidentally, lest I forget, bribes too are wrong, even the ones that are completely legal. The Bible does make that perfectly clear. You wouldn’t doubt what this had you read the entire Bible. It really is in there, plain and simple to see for all. It says something about the way bribes cloud judgement. I am sure that is indisputable, even if you do not believe what is written.

Wrong Strategy

I don’t know why the bunch trying to prove fraud used the strategy. It was all wrong. The world was busy covering it up before the election was over. The approach should have been an attempt to prove they did not obey the law. Now only could it easily be proved but some of the guilty outright admitted it.

Now we have a big, awful settlement, likely settled for convenience and appearance than for any wrongdoing. Many good lawyers suggested that FOX might have beat it. I don’t know. I’m not a lawyer. However, now FOX will be far more careful of what they say and about whom. It only gave the dems more encouragement.

On the other hand, if they had said they did not follow the law, the dems would not have sued and it would have been much worse for the dems.

As an aside, we might have done better in 2022 and Fauci might be in prison for the next thousand years.

Socialists Kill

There are several forms of socialism. Central and South America have had a number of socialists leaders. Cuba had and has had a socialists leaders. Germany had a socialist leader who called himself a nazi. (Nazi is a form of socialistism.)

The Soviet Union had socialists leaders. China has had socialist leaders. AND, AND, they all have and had two things in common. They killed and they kill without hesitation. Hitler is known for killing his 6 million. Stalin and Lenin each killed over twice that. I don’t know how many Mao killed, but I suspect he holds the record.

There are more, many more. If they are socialists, they kill or they stand aside as others kill. Obama abandoned Iraq and, without conscience, permitted over a million to be killed. We all know about Afghanistan and Biden’s horrid disaster. There are still those who were abandoned. As we all know, there are unknown numbers left by Biden to die.

The truth is that it all started with Darwin and his idea that we evolved rather than being created. Hence, we are all soulless. Other than intelligence and civilization, we are no better than a chimp. He also came up with the concept of “survival of the fitist.”

That, of course makes us all mere struggling animals, which removes any moral barrier to harm or killing, if you can get away with it. It is a concept dispersed world wide now. It has become especially popular after the Scopex trial, making it legal to teach Darwinism. Suddenly the US was no longer a nation of people, but intelligent animals who can communicate through speech and writing.

Then Marx decided he was an expert on humanity. It was something of a combination of Darwin and scopes. Suddenly, we were nothing but a bunch of animals to be managed by a highly intelligent government. If people died by the millions, it was simply a way to reduce the world population.

Hitler and Stalin saw it as a fantastic opportunity to set up a personal dictatorships. They both saw it as a chance to take over the world under the lie of establishing a utopia for the poor and the mistreated.

The fact was that it was nothing but a ruse. They had no desire set up a utopia. All they wanted was what all dictators want, absolute control,,, as with the Pharoahs, as with tsars, and as with Ceasars. They all wanted to be kings and make all us their servants.

Regardless of the terminology, they wanted to be dictators and they want us to be the servants. Moreover, they don’t care how many of us angry animals lose our lives in their undertaking, or, would it be more appropriate to use the term, overtaking.


Over time, I’ve come to the conclusion that the US will never win another war. The reason is more than clear. We have forgotten how to fight to win. That makes it logical that we cannot win if we continue to fight only enough to keep from losing.

Then, over time, we inevitably tire of the fight and we lose. More accurately, we give up and withdraw.

When we went into Iraq, it was said we learned the lesson of Vietnam. Yet, about 10 years later, we abandoned the Iraq people and watched the massive killing of over a million. We did even worse in Afghanistan.

How much worse can we do? I think we are going to find out soon.

Another Reason to Leave Michigan

If not for the biting cold and deep snow, the Michigan government has given yet another reason to leave the state. It seems they saw fit to repeal the right to work law.

For those who don’t know, this just gave the unions a lot more power and it forces Republicans to give to the Democrat party and dem candidates. Now, is that right? Of course not. Does that bother the dems? Of course not.

My suspicion is that the dems are cheering. They just managed to again twist the election process.

By the way, they also took a little freedom from the little guy. Then again, that is the specialty of dems, taking freedoms… bit by bit, little by little.

Tell me. Is it better to lose your freedom bit by bit or all at once. Seems to me, in the end, there is no difference.

Gender Solution

Seems silly in this day & age that we should need to explain the difference between men and women & which restroom each should use… or shouldn’t use. I cannot imagine any person holding a doctorate having such a problem in making such distinctions.

Be that as it may, I actually have a very simple solution, which might have additional advantages. Actually, the solution has been in use for over 40 years, on planes.

On airlines, there is no gender distinction. Each room is used for both, but only 1 person at a time. The beauty of this is that there is no need to wait for the men’s or women’s room. Each is used in turn without regard to gender.

I noticed in many public places, such as theaters, the women’s lines were always, without exception longer. If it was 1 person per facility, gender wouldn’t matter. It would be one line. And, of course, if a man chose to lie to himself and others, no problems. He’s by himself, anyway. Moreover, no worries of a man walking into a ladies room. (Oddly, I don’t recall hearing of problems or women going into men’s rooms.)

I suppose people could take tickets and wait their turn. I don’t know.

Of course there are real problems. Some facilities would have to accommodate handicapped. It would mean drastic reconstruction. In some some cases it might not even be practical. On the other hand, it might be as simple as changing the signs on the doors.

Then again, some people just don’t want solutions. They prefer fighting over it. Don’t have any idea why men want to use ladies rooms. Maybe they were just never properly taught. On the other hand, maybe they were improperly taught in the fantastic public schools. I mean, if the teachers don’t know the difference, how can we expect the kids to know any better?


It would seem no one else need destroy our country. Apparently, our tendency is to destroy ourselves. After years and years of fighting to get the advertising of tobacco off TV and radio, we now allow the advertising of Marijuana products on TV on prime time.

This is, of course besides all the drugs and poison we permit across our border. This, of course besides the criminals and terrorists we permit daily in among us with little or no restrictions.

Just guess we want to destroy all that our forefathers built. Once we succeed, we will just be a brief story in history that the future children just might study in schools. Then again, future historians just might cover up the history so well that any thought of by the people will totally cease.

It would seem to be the goal of the dems.