For some time now, I’ve been trying to find a carpenter to do some minor repairs on my kitchen cabinets. I don’t understand it. My father was an excellent carpenter. Me, not so much. You’d have thought I would have picked up some of it through osmosis, but when you put a hammer in my hand, you are asking for nothing but trouble.

So, I checked the Yellow Pages. They wouldn’t talk to me. If I wanted to replace my cabinets, they would provide an estimate, but minor repairs, forget it.

Twice, I tried the internet. There are a number of places that say they can help… replace cabinets. There are a number of places that suggest the complete remodeling of my kitchen. I’ve been in my house for over thirty years and I admit the kitchen likely does need a re-doing. However, I am retired and not very many people read my books. I cannot afford an overhaul. Besides, I am old. I likely won’t be around long enough to make it worth my while to put a bundle into such a thing.

The last place I tried looked like I was actually going to get some results. We started a basic communications and it sort of looked like I was going to get a good price. Then, of all things, they wanted me to set up a password.

Did I mention that I am old. I might also mention that already have passwords coming out of my ears. I can no longer do my banking online because I forgot my password, and that is not the first one I forgot either. As near as I can tell, I have close to ten of the things. And by the way, my doctor wants me to set up a password with him; I’m not sure. It might be two or three.

It would make things convenient, I’m sure. It would make it easier to get scripts when the old ones run out and they could simply post test results instead of sending them to me in the mail. The problem is… what happens if I forget the password? Then again, what happens if I write it down and someone finds it? It is entirely possible that others would be able to see my private medical records but I wouldn’t. The thought bothers me. I mean, if others can read my records, shouldn’t I be able to as well.

I don’t have what I would call medical secrets. If you ask me, I will give you my whole history, though I would suspect you would be bored to tears before five minutes. (You notice I am not listing them here. I don’t care if you read them. I would actually like it. However I prefer to hold onto my readers.)

As for the cabinet repair, it is not going to happen. I wrote them a message that if I need a password, it stops right now. I have no idea why they need a password. Are they afraid that someone will find out what kind of repairs they are doing? So far, I have not heard a response. I guess they didn’t want to do business with me. For that matter, I am not even sure they read my message.

I have found outfits that require a password to make payments on a credit account. I could not figure that one out. Were they really afraid that some stranger was going to make a payment on my account. I don’t make such payments over the net any more. Thankfully, I no longer need passwords for them. However, of all things, when I order pizza, they want a password. Can you really believe that? So, when I want a pizza, I ether go out or use a phone. (incidentally, I like olives on my pizzas and I don’t care who knows it.)

By the way, have you tried the Subway personal pizzas. They really are good and they serve them piping hot in less than ten minutes after ordering them. (I have no affiliation with Subway. I just like their food.)

By the way. Last time I checked, I can order food from Subway and they don’t expect a password from me…not yet. When they do, I just might start looking elsewhere. i should not need a password to order food. Come to think of it, I should not need a password to get repairs made to my kitchen.

New Mask Guidelines

Sunday: No masks

Monday: Wear masks inside if vaccinated, outside if not.

Tuesday: Wear two masks, one backward. You may ask why backward. Why not?

Wednesday: Only wear masks while outside, especially while swimming.

Thursday: TV day. Wear masks while watching TV.

Friday: Wear one mask at a time, but change them every two hours. Rotation of used masks is not permitted. (This provision was added for those selling masks. Be sure to discard all used masks.)

Saturday: Masks must be worn. That is to say, they may not be new. They most have some wear to them, you know like those tortured blue jeans.

Okay. The whole idea is stupid. However, can anyone prove it any less accurate than any others? I have not seen any tests results that say the things do any more than reduce my oxygen saturation levels. I would suspect that if anyone proved they weren’t effective, they likely wouldn’t post it. There is little or no benefit to it. Besides, anyone that did post such a thing would be in dire danger of being drummed out of The Society of Mask Experts. The society was established by those who love to say, “Follow the science.”

(By the way, one thing I do know about them is that I can’t wear one in the supermarket more than an hour without a break. I have a grate deal of respect for those who had to wear them all day.)

When’s the last time anyone checked to see if all those illegal aliens are properly wearing their masks. Build the Wall!!


The dems say they like compromise. I have an idea for a good one. Indeed, it would just almost be like compromising with themselves.

They are going over backwards to make sure everyone gets immunized. Let’s start with those who are coming from south of the border. The compromise is simple. Before anyone is released north of the border, they must be immunized. To be sure, that would drastically decrease those running around without being immunized.

There would be two hitches. First, they would need to wait until the shot takes effect, about 15 days. For those taking two shots, that would need to be doubled. It is not all bad tough. During the time they were being held in detention south of the border, they could be checked for other diseases too; such as TB, smallpox, measles. etc. Who knows, we just might catch a few with AIDS. This prompts the question. Do we really need someone else in this country spreading AIDS? It is one of those multiplying diseases you know. One gives it to five, five to twenty-five and so forth. You let one in with AIDS, it is sort of like letting in a few thousand.

In the end, the country would have a larger percentage of people immunized, which is just what the dems are demanding to save lives.

However, the FOCs would never permit it. Nothing is more important than getting those future democrat voters in states like Texas. When given the choice between voters and lives, getting more voters has priority. If we start immunizing, it would drastically slow down the flow and nothing but nothing can stand in the way of the flow, not even a reasonable compromise.

Besides, what would happen if they found out that some were criminals and/or terrorists. They would have to be sent back or maybe imprisoned. That would be bad news for the FOCs. After all, they are the Friends Of Criminals.

There would be one more thing the FOCs would have to admit to as well, the number of folks entering the country. Do you have any idea just how big the staff would have to be to implement the compromise at the current level of illegal immigration.



Maybe I should clarify my title. There are billions of cubic square light-years of universe out there. Perhaps on one of those distant planets, there is a form of communism, but not on this planet and not now. China is a dictatorship where some people own things and some don’t… not communism. The government that Castro set up in Cuba might have been communist in his mind, but it was not and is not communism. It is an island of haves and have-nots, not the utopia Marx preached of in his manifesto. Vietnam is drifting toward capitalism so fast that the leaders can hardly control it.

Actually, the closest thing to communism this world has ever known was in this country and long before Karl Marx. The first year the Pilgrims lived in the New World was under the idealistic thought that everyone could share and share alike. They almost died as a result of it. No one worked and everyone expected to live from the common supply of goods, which by the way were quickly depleted.

With the help of the Indians (Native Americans if you prefer) they manged to recover. The following year, they went to capitalism and reaped enormous proceeds, to the extent that they share with the Indians.

Every place communism has been tried, even before there was communism, it has either failed or was transformed into something else. Had the USSR not transformed into something else, the people would have died of starvation. They would have anyway had the US not come to their help. After the Bolshevik Revolution, the Ruskies were starving. The government owned the farms and they had no idea how to run them. The US felt sorry for the people so they sent in tons of wheat. The problem was that it also helped the Bolsheviks. Something similar happened in China, hence Mao went south to the Indochinese Peninsula for food as well as expansion. That is how we ended up with the mess we called the Vietnam War. Mao needed rice and Indochina had a lot of it.

Nonetheless, Mao’s Communism morphed too. The Utopia that Mao promised never arrived. The world he did provide for the Chinese is one that no one wanted but a few elite. The rest will run at the first chance but the elite won’t let them. They would not like it if they had to work the farms themselves.

And so it is, many have promised it, but none have delivered. The Utopia promised by Marx has never come about. Those with a brain in their heads know it never will. Yet, the promise and temptation draw many into its clutches. Those who rush into the dream only find out it is a nightmare, one that is inescapably.

To be sure, it is nothing more than more than a tool for tyrants… tyrants who kill by the millions and tell all what to do and think.


Now that I am retired, I had considered trying to teach reading. Ideally, I would like a class of 6-10 adults or older kids. I do have teaching experience but in electronics, specifically radar. To me, reading does seem somewhat simpler than radar. Then a fact came on me, mostly by accident. If a person knows the 100 most frequently used words, they will recognized about 2/3 of the words in a novel. Obviously, technical and scientific books are more difficult.

Nonetheless, I did a search for the most frequently used words and most are four letters or less. There are a few exemptions but if a person just learned the words that are 5 letters or less, he would be well on the way to learning how to read. By the way, many of the most common words are three letters or less. Consider the articles: a, an and the. One or more is used in virtually every sentence. Most sentences contain pronouns with three or less letters: I, me, he, she, it, etc. These words are easy to learn and they are frequently used.

I am a firm believer in phonics. Word memorization certainly helps with the short frequently used words. as I said, about a third in the regular novel. That leaves a third of the words that must be learned and the most effective way to learn them is the old tried and true phonics. Even so, most non-vowels have but one sound which can easily be memorized. C, G, W and Y do require a little more attention, but not much.

The vowels are the letters that require special attention. First, some of them have three or even four sounds in the English language. Then too, sometimes, they have no sound at all. Lastly and most difficult to deal with are the combinations: ough, ew, th, cr, ch, sh, etc, etc. and so forth.

Finally, a person who is leaning to read need know very few of the rules of speech. The reader only reads what the writer writes. If the writer wrote it wrong, it is the writer’s problem. To be sure, some simple generalities would need to be dealt with. Oddly, at one time, the English had no punctuation. Now, it controls the flow of the written language so that it helps us understand the writers intent, both meaning and and flow… as if spoken. The concept of paragraphs and chapters would likely be good too.

As for writing, once a person has mastered reading, he is well on his way to knowing how to write. It’s just all those words that sound the same but have different meanings that they would have to learn how to deal with. To my way of thinking, if they are pronounced the same, they ought to be spelled the same.

At any rate, maybe you know someone who can’t read. You might be able to use what I have written here to get him a start. Then he will be a threat to the FOCs. He will know how to read. He will be a man who will be able to make up his own mind. The dems don’t like that. Then he just might be able to tell when they are lying to him.

Justice Delayed (The old axiom)

Justice delayed is justice denied. I tried to find out who originally said it but I failed. Whoever was the first one who said it, he was far before my time so I guess he won’t mind if I use the quote, as have many others. Martin Luther King paraphrased the quote and no one called him out for it.

At any rate, it is quite obvious that it is true in many ways. For the victim, time aids the perpetrator avoid prosecution. Old memories fail, documents are lost and, of course, witnesses die. For the accused, if he is innocent, he may spend months or even years in jail while no evidence is ever presented against him. Then too, of course, he can suffer the same problems as the prosecution. After all, if he loses evidence or witnesses, his justice has also been denied.

After President Kennedy was killed, they had a brief investigation. Then they sealed it for fifty years. The reason they gave was that after 50 years, most of those involved would be dead. I was a teen at the time, in high school. I didn’t understand the decision then and I understand it less now.

In my mind, if Kennedy was not killed by Oswald, then Kennedy and his family had been denied justice. By the way, Oswald too was denied justice. By sealing the investigation, they insured that that, if justice was not done, justice never would be done.

It goes beyond that. It has caused rumors and speculations of rumors. The one thing that bothers me the most is one question. “What did they know that they did not want us to know?”

I am not one of those deniers. I suspect that Oswald was the one who pulled the trigger that fateful day. He might have even pulled it twice…. Three times, I start getting a little suspicious. I am not one who is ignorant of guns. In the Marines, I qualified with an M-14, an M-16 and a .45 cal pistol. I have fired an M-60 machine gun, an M-79 grenade launcher and one of those stove pipe things they use for killing tanks. Oh, I can’t forget, I also fired a shotgun a number of times.

I also realize that a person can fire a bolt action rifle fairly rapidly, if he is well practiced. I have neither seen nor heard that Oswald was well practiced. Moreover, as a marine, if he had his choice of weapons, he would not have used a bolt action rifle. If accuracy were so important, maybe, but marines qualify at 500 meters with semi-automatic rifles regularly…without scopes. From what I understand, the range was nowhere near that far. Any decent semi-automatic 30-06 rifle would have worked, though the scope would have been a little bit of a benefit.

The big advantage of a semi-automatic is that, in the same time, Oswald might have killed 5 or 6 in about the same time. He would have never had to take his finger off the trigger nor would he have spent as much time taking aim. Sorry about those who want to stick to the report. I don’t buy it.

Something else that bothers me. When I was going through boot camp, something that was drummed into our heads from day one to the day I graduated, plan ahead. That means one of two things happened. Either Oswald ignored all boot camp training on the matter or he made plans that did not work out. I prefer to believe the later.

Indeed, I would suspect any investigator with his eyes wide open would realize Oswald had a plan that went bad. Taking off by foot indicates panic, not planning. My guess is that someone was supposed to be waiting for him as he left the building. The two of them were to take off and get lost in traffic. His cohort panicked and left him behind. On the other hand, the man, the planner behind the whole thing, planned to leave him behind. That would suggest that there was indeed a planner, something that the Warren Commission refused to admit, in spite of all the evidence suggesting it.

If no one was helping him, where was that getaway motorcycle he left behind, or at least a bicycle. To this day, I have never heard anyone suggest any escape plan. For that reason alone, I simply don’t believe the Warren Commission.

I could go on but it is not my point in this post. It is a mere example of how the axiom is so true. Certainly, because of the Warren Commission’s decision to seal the investigation, it only causes suspicions to simmer. To make matters worse, it has been over 50 years and there are still things they are keeping under wraps. What is it that they don’t want known? What piece of justice are they denying to Kennedy, Oswald and to us?

Nonetheless, it has become a practice to withhold justice for a time, hoping that no one will notice. They keep saying there was no fraud in the 2020 election all the while refusing to investigate it. If they can stall us for a few years, it will destroy any evidence. Then, they can truthfully say there is no evidence of fraud.

They keep people locked up for the so called insurrection and they deny them a trial. I suspect some have never been able to enter a plea. And, forget any evidence that might clear them. It’s been six months. They have had plenty of time to hide and/or doctor any such thing.

Now, they have a new way to deny justice. You say something they don’t like and you get fired from your job. If your employee does not fire you, then they go after your employee. There is no justice. There is no court. If there were a court it would be as in the old movies. “Don’t worry. We will do it right. First we will try and convict you.” A kangaroo court would have more justice.

They wrote The Constitution to protect us from the government. They never figured they needed to protect us from the cancel culture.

And so it is, we have to watch what we do, what we say, what we think…not because of that the government might do to us, but out neighbors. Orwell was afraid of government becoming big brother. Well, big brother is here. And now, big brother gives orders to the government. And, of course, there is no justice at all. What passes for justice comes from social media.

What we call social media is really oppressive media and they do as the Nazis did prior to WWII.  They shame anyone who does not think as they think and they destroy them in the public square which they call social media.

Going Slow

Came up with an idea the other that would save untold lives. We need to never exceed 20 mph in a motor vehicle. In general, we have over 35 thousand deaths attributed to auto-accidents each year in this country. Driving at the top limit of 20 mph might not save all these lives, but it would save the vast majority of them.

Also, we need houses with one foot walls of steel reinforced concrete. It would be expensive, but think of all those who die yearly, in their own houses. This would vastly decrease the lost of lives due to fire, falling trees, tornadoes and hurricanes. By the way, we would want to make sure those houses are ten or fifteen feet above the ground to avoid deaths by flood.

All highways and public buildings should be built to withstand 12 on the Richter Scale. This would virtual save all lives from earthquakes.

Okay. I’m being flippant. Certainly you have figured that out. Yet, almost daily, we hear the phrase, safety first. In truth we really don’t mean that. If we did, our lives would be radically different. Every day, we make compromises. Because we don’t want to spend an hour or two going to work each day, we go at speeds of 55 to 65 mph. To be sure, it is an unnecessary chance. However, those of us with families would like to see them now and then so we travel at the higher speed.

The house idea would save lives. However, it would like cost 4 or 5 times more. Again we compromise. Most of us don’t sustain house damage so we have learned to take the risk. If buildings had to be built to withstand all earthquakes, we would certainly be better off but hardly anyone would be able to live in them.

Every day, we make life/death decisions. Sometimes people do die.

I had heart surgery. They did four bypasses on me. They put an IV in my arm and the next thing I knew I woke up with a horrible pain in my chest. I made a life/death decision. The doctor that worked on me knew what he was doing and he had a very good reputation. He obviously did it right, because that was about twelve years ago.

It took some time after they came up with the vaccine that I had the opportunity to get it. But I did get it. That too was a life and death decision. None of the vaccines are fully approved. We, as people with brains, made decisions knowing this. If it were safety first, very few of us would have the vaccinations. That does not give the government or anyone the right to chose for us. It is a life/death decision which we mush make for ourselves, just as I did when I decided for the bypass surgery.

Well, actually, there is a difference. The surgery was totally accepted. It was not experimental and I was still given the choice.

To be sure, maybe it is time for government and media to stop telling us what to do or not do. They can give me the pros and cons, but I still had to sign that paper before they could put me under. Should it be any different for an experimental shot.

Crime? Gun Crime

Just saw part of a new conference in which the reporter asked what Biden was going to do about crime. Jen Psaki replied to the unasked question of that Biden would do about gun crime, implying that all crime was gun crime. I hate do disillusion her or her boss, but most crime does not involve crime. Indeed, guns are not even needed when people can go into stores and walk out with whatever they want. Most rape does not involve a gun. As described in my earlier post, most assaults are with the hand or fist. I saw a news story today, an older woman was assaulted with a pot, the kind you use for cooking. That is not a gun crime, yet that woman’s wounds are just as real. Really! Can any one man be more dense??

Quote of the Week

The Quote of the week goes to D.C. Police Chief Robert Contee who admits to be mad over the recent shooting in his city. He said “I guarantee that when we lock up whoever did this, they will not be strangers to us.”

This seems to be his way of telling those who did it that they will be locked up and telling us that they were very likely repeat offenders. The man knows how to use his words. He also knows where the problems are.

Also, in a way he is saying what I have said many times, “The best way to stop crime is to keep the criminals in prison.” That way, the police will not have to deal with them nearly as much.

There Goes Uncle Joe Again

Not long ago, I heard Biden say something to the effect that we need to start trusting our government again. First of all, I would never trust Biden with the time-of-day. The only way to keep him from lying is to wire his mouth shut. Second, The United States Constitution was designed on the concept that we SHOULD NEVER EVER trust government. Governments are made of men. When we trust men they will fail us. Men are inherently power hungry. It is the reason they built so many checks and balances in the our government. It is also why they put so much power in the hands of the newspapers. (Unfortunately, even the news media can fell as we have well seen,) The fact of the matter is the government that insists on our trust is likely government we should trust least.

The ideas I have written are not new. It is spread throughout the Federalist Papers. If men are left alone to rule, they will rule. They will take control and we will lose our constitutional form of government.

I wished Biden had tried to tell me I am supposed to trust him. Look what happened when we (trusted/elected?) him. Crime has sky rocked, he is the puppet of Russia and China, and he can’t even figure out which way he is supposed to go while on stage or what questions he is not supposed to answer.

Also, look what happened when we put our trust in Fauci (part of government bureaucracy). 4 million people died, the world economy went into a nose dive and no one seems to be able to get him to admit to what he has done, though it as plain as the mask on his face.