For some time now, I’ve been trying to find a carpenter to do some minor repairs on my kitchen cabinets. I don’t understand it. My father was an excellent carpenter. Me, not so much. You’d have thought I would have picked up some of it through osmosis, but when you put a hammer in my hand, you are asking for nothing but trouble.

So, I checked the Yellow Pages. They wouldn’t talk to me. If I wanted to replace my cabinets, they would provide an estimate, but minor repairs, forget it.

Twice, I tried the internet. There are a number of places that say they can help… replace cabinets. There are a number of places that suggest the complete remodeling of my kitchen. I’ve been in my house for over thirty years and I admit the kitchen likely does need a re-doing. However, I am retired and not very many people read my books. I cannot afford an overhaul. Besides, I am old. I likely won’t be around long enough to make it worth my while to put a bundle into such a thing.

The last place I tried looked like I was actually going to get some results. We started a basic communications and it sort of looked like I was going to get a good price. Then, of all things, they wanted me to set up a password.

Did I mention that I am old. I might also mention that already have passwords coming out of my ears. I can no longer do my banking online because I forgot my password, and that is not the first one I forgot either. As near as I can tell, I have close to ten of the things. And by the way, my doctor wants me to set up a password with him; I’m not sure. It might be two or three.

It would make things convenient, I’m sure. It would make it easier to get scripts when the old ones run out and they could simply post test results instead of sending them to me in the mail. The problem is… what happens if I forget the password? Then again, what happens if I write it down and someone finds it? It is entirely possible that others would be able to see my private medical records but I wouldn’t. The thought bothers me. I mean, if others can read my records, shouldn’t I be able to as well.

I don’t have what I would call medical secrets. If you ask me, I will give you my whole history, though I would suspect you would be bored to tears before five minutes. (You notice I am not listing them here. I don’t care if you read them. I would actually like it. However I prefer to hold onto my readers.)

As for the cabinet repair, it is not going to happen. I wrote them a message that if I need a password, it stops right now. I have no idea why they need a password. Are they afraid that someone will find out what kind of repairs they are doing? So far, I have not heard a response. I guess they didn’t want to do business with me. For that matter, I am not even sure they read my message.

I have found outfits that require a password to make payments on a credit account. I could not figure that one out. Were they really afraid that some stranger was going to make a payment on my account. I don’t make such payments over the net any more. Thankfully, I no longer need passwords for them. However, of all things, when I order pizza, they want a password. Can you really believe that? So, when I want a pizza, I ether go out or use a phone. (incidentally, I like olives on my pizzas and I don’t care who knows it.)

By the way, have you tried the Subway personal pizzas. They really are good and they serve them piping hot in less than ten minutes after ordering them. (I have no affiliation with Subway. I just like their food.)

By the way. Last time I checked, I can order food from Subway and they don’t expect a password from me…not yet. When they do, I just might start looking elsewhere. i should not need a password to order food. Come to think of it, I should not need a password to get repairs made to my kitchen.

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