I was told I should get a blog to get people to go to my author’s page. I suppose that’s a good idea, but I know little or nothing about blogging. I understand that most bloggers specialize in something. I just write about whatever I feel like writing about. One time I post something about this, the next about that.

I can see how that would be a problem for followers, especially for those who have special interest. However, I think I’d get bored just writing on one subject. So, every posting is different. One time it might be humorous, the next controversial. I like words, so you just might see one or two posts on them.

My wife gets angry at me for my interest in the origin, spelling and meaning of words. Occasionally, I’ll hear a word that will catch my attention and I’ll look it up. She just looks at me disgustedly and shakes her head. I’ll likely shy away from that subject. Not too many people share my interest in how English became English.

The post on Einstein was my hardest post, so far. He’d become so much a part of the family and it really hurt to see him go. Writing the story brought back many memories.

Many have suggested I include a photo of me.  I cheated, this is an old one.  I don't want to scare you away.  Also, Einstein is there with me.  You can look at him if I scare you.

Many have suggested I include a photo of me. I cheated, this is an old one. I don’t want to scare you away. Also, Einstein is there with me. You can look at him if I scare you.

Oh, by the way. If I’m going to steer you to my author’s page, I suppose I should tell you where it is.


Please note that there is an underscore between story and teller. Most of the time, you should be able to click on it and you’ll be taken there automatically. If not, maybe you can copy and paste into the URL box. Failing in that, you can simply type it in. I think you’ll have quite a selection to choose from. I think there are currently 23.

You might want to get a copy of the short stories. Of all the books I’ve published on Kindle, these are true and factual. Besides, you just might find them humorous too.

One thing I determined early in my writing is to make sure no one book is a rehash of any other.  Even the series… especially in the series, every book is very much different.  In one case, you just might have a difficult time linking the last book in the series.  (Telling you which one might be a spoiler.)

I wish I could tell you that all the books have perfect grammar, but they don’t.  I wish I could afford to send them to an editor, but I simply don’t have the money.  If you should find any mistakes, feel free to tell me at Kaay@att.net.  Please keep remarks clean, brief and civil.

To order any of the below books, you can go to Amazon.com and look for my name, Ben Rhodes and you will find at least 35, though not all of them are on paperback format yet.  Actually, the Kindle format is less expensive anyway.

Also, you can go to my author’s page by entering:


in the URL box.  Unfortunately, this does not work for all smart phones.  I don’t know why.  It works on one of mine but not the other.  Aren’t computers wonderful?

Also, when you finish the book, you can leave a customer review with Amazon.com.  Just bring up the book and click on the pseudo-button.  If you don’t want to do it that way, again you can leave me a brief note at Kaay@att.net.  I might not like your comments, but I do appreciate them.  I have already received many and they have helped.

I figured I would add a list of my books.  Although I have an author’s page, but the books are not listed in the proper order.  Series and groups are not together and the books in series are out of order.



IDA: International Drug enforcement Agency

Brownie has himself a new mission.  He is part of a new agency and he is going to pick up a new partner.  What can possibly go wrong?  After all, it is a simple mission.  All they have to do is track a yacht across the Atlantic.  Naturally, they have to do this without being noticed.

Perfekt Almost

Lloyd just finished his training.  He has just been assigned to San Diego, one of the most beautiful large cities in the country, if not the world.  By the way, the weather is pretty nice too.  What is there to complain about?  It is perfect… almost.

The Prepper

Will is a doomsday prepper.  He is sure something bad will happen, though he isn’t sure just what.  So he is going to prepare for everything.  That way, whatever disaster befalls him, he will be ready.  However, he is about to come to a realization that not all disasters are the result of doomsdays.  He finds himself wishing he learned more than computers in that community college went to.  Things like climbing cliffs and criminology are but a few things he might have wanted to study as well.

The Hunters: Just a Little Outside the Law

Isn’t it nice to know that there are a few select people who operate under the authority of the government but just a little outside the law?  They don’t need convictions.  The try to anticipate and prevent disasters.  To do this, they track suspicious people.  Then, hopefully stop them before they are able to cause disasters.

Naturally, to do this they operate with great secrecy.  If they are found out, it not only impedes their efforts but it would also result in getting in trouble.

The Survivors

It’s getting hot.  It’s not anything man has done.  It just is there is more energy hitting the earth and people are doing all sorts of things to survive.  For these survivors, they go north on an aircraft carrier.  Unfortunately, in spite of all their efforts to live together in harmony, some just can’t stay within the rules.  Not only that, they are not the only survivors, some who don’t like sharing.

2 ½ Weeks: One Small Decision

Lester is a warrant officer in the Army.  Like most other men, he has a weakness.  In this case a blonde hazel-eyed corporal who has been assigned to him.  Everything is fine until she needs a ride home.  This launches him into two and half weeks that causes drastic changes in both their lives.  It is, so to speak a story of how very little things can have very big affects on our lives.

Barge City: A City Afloat

The commuting has gotten out of hand, so the plan is to live on barges off the coast.  It is not that farfetched.  There are places in the Asia where it is common practice.  Moreover, the barges are larger, roomier and more seaworthy.  Regardless, it is all incidental to the plot.  It is all based on, would you believe, old phonograph records and things that are not as they seem.

The Canceled Wedding

The wedding has to be canceled.  It seemed that terrorists have killed almost everyone at the wedding but the bride, the one they were after.  Some stranger swept her away suddenly saving her life.  It also caused her no end of confusion.

She was thankful that they rescued her but when she asked why they were after her, her rescuers provided no help.  Instead they just add to her confusion.

Project Age

Some things just aren’t, as they seem, especially when it comes to Washington, D.C. and the folks who reside there.  A certain 3 star general isn’t being exactly honest with everyone.  I think we can forgive him though.  His plan for deceit just might save the world, or at least the US.

The Baker’s Dozen

There has been a murder and there are, apparently a dozen suspects.  The detective has the job of eliminating them one by one until they catch him, or her.

His Protector

In near future New York, a man named Doug has taken up residence.  He has fortified his apartment against burglars, mostly because there has been a rash of them.  When the man across the hall is killed, his outlook changes as he realized it might have been him.  Already, he has taken a number of precautions as he realizes he just might need to rely on his marine training.  Then, when things get really bad, a detective decides to protect him but only as much as her job permits her.  It has come to her attention that it’s not just Doug’s imagination.  Someone is trying to kill him.

The Reluctant Leader

Rachel is not much of a leader.  Certainly, she doesn’t think of herself as one.  All she wants to do is get her AA degree and go out and get a job.  Then she gets an offer.  The rest is, as they say, history.

The Coincidence Theory: The Hidden Truth

I am sure you have all heard the coincidence theory.  The detective in many crime stories will say, “I don’t believe in coincidences.”  Well, maybe if you are one of those who doesn’t believe in coincidences; or maybe you do.  I suspect that, either way, this book just might challenge your thoughts on the matter.  Then again, it just might be as the sign I saw, “Coincidences are God’s way of working under cover.”

This story has three plots twisting their way through nearly from beginning to end.  Moreover, it starts and ends, maybe with coincidences.  On the other hand, if we believe the above detective, there are no coincidences.  Things just happen, sometimes without rhyme or reason.

Going Home

Though I have a few books that hover on the edge of Christianity, this one is my only one that is totally based on Christianity.

Lois just lost her husband and it looks like she will have to return home.  She defiantly doesn’t want to for the same reason she left.  Her father will insist that she and her children attend church, which she hates.  Then she realizes that going home just might be the best thing for her and her children.


A Shoulder to Cry On: Shoulder Series 1

Just about the time Patricia figures she has gotten her start in life, life throws her a real curve.  Now, she would really like to have a shoulder to cry on.  However, the only one willing to offer her a shoulder, she can’t trust.  He is nothing more than a warehouse worker and he refuses to tell her anything about himself.

Big City Detective: Shoulder Series 2

When I finished the first book, it seemed normal to write the second in the brief series.  In this book, a New York detective has an offer for a job as police chief in a small city.  To his surprise, before he can get there, the little city has a murder, their first.  The current police chief is not experienced and he has little idea of what to do.  So, his supervisor gives him permission to forgo his two weeks’ notice and immediately assume his new duties right away.



Kip is a San Diego detective who is also agnostic.  He has a hard time believing that a loving God would permit people to do the things he sees.  More than that, he thinks, if there is a God he certainly can’t be the loving God he heard spoken of.

He doesn’t go so far as to call himself atheist, but he is a confirmed agnostic.  Many times, he has suggested to his father that he should do something else for a living.  Then his father reminds him, “They will just replace you with someone without a heart.  Would you really want some heartless so and so telling someone he or she just lost a loved one?”

So, though he hates the job, he sticks it out.  At first, he defiantly becomes an optimist, in spite of all he sees.  He tries to believe the bad guy will be caught and he will rot in prison.

Kip – The Optimist

Kip had new case.  It wasn’t so much necessary to figure out how the murderer left the house, but it sure bothered him.  It was one of those puzzle things.  There was no one in the house but the victim.  Yet, no doors or windows were opened after the murder. Normally, a person would think it impossible. Yet, the evidence was confronted him.

Before this one is over, Kip has to go through a number of heart-wrenching things that only goes to strengthen his opinion about God.  Indeed, we can say that by the end of this book, in spite of every effort to remain optimistic, he has slipped into being a realist.  Not all criminals are caught.  Not all those who are caught go to prison.  Worse yet, not all murder victims are adults.

Kip – The Realist

Kip’s new love has left him.  Moreover, he is still trying to chase down the killer.  It is beginning to look like he never will.  To add to his frustration, it doesn’t look like God, if there is one, is going to help.  In the meantime, he has other killers to chase down.  Besides all this, the one woman he wished he would never see again keeps pestering him.  She seems to have this idea of converting him one day.  He reasons that if she saw what he saw, she’d give that up in a hurry.

Kip – The Pessimist

Kip has found out things about Janet that he wished he didn’t.  He makes a deal with the woman that keeps pestering him and he finds out that God can do things in unusual ways.  Still he hates Him.  After what he saw, he is convinced that God is a horrible God and he wants nothing to do with Him.


Mitch is a private detective and a former L. A. detective.  He is unusual in a number of ways.  Because he is a multi-millionaire, he does it as a hobby.  Also, as we find out right away, he is very selective about his clientele.  Unlike most super-sleuths’ he is not that great at it, just persistent.

Mitch: Mitch Series 1

Against his better judgment Mitch takes on a client that is outside his parameters.  It causes one of those situations where he wished he maintained his standards.  Indeed, it causes him relapse back into depression.

Nonetheless, he is persistent.  In spite of many setbacks, he pursues the gang that robbed and beat the woman.  Then, he is very much surprised by what he finds out.

The Frequent Flyers: Mitch Series 2

Mitch is talked into doing some more sleuthing by a friend.  Based on one thread, or more accurately, the lack of one, he discovers a horrible plot.  Then he has to find out who is behind it all.  All he has is a first name, likely a nickname.

In the meantime, his daughter is kidnapped taking him from his work.  What more can happen?

The Emergency Husband: Mitch Series 3

George, an expert pilot has died.  He must be replaced.  He was to assume the undercover roll of a husband.  Now, they not only need to replace him, but he must also bear a close resemblance to George.  …and by the way, he must be good at defending himself.


The Secret of the Ring is the first book I wrote.  I used a laptop with a 486sx processor and a 7 inch screen.  I was convinced that it was going to sell a million copies.  If it sold a million copies, I hoped maybe it would reduce the number of people abusing drugs by a little.

It was originally named the ring.  Then someone else used my title.  I didn’t want it confused with the other book so I changed the name to “The Secret of the Ring.”  It was actually advantageous.  I modified the book to reflect the title better and made it a better book.

When I originally finished the book, my wife suggested I write a sequel.  At first I outright said no.  Sequels are usually a rehash of the first and are rarely as good.  Over time, the idea floated around in my mind so I started on “The Detailer.”  I was determined to make it better and different.  I succeeded at both, so much so I decided I needed to improve “The Secret of the Ring.”  The current book is far better than the original, but it is still not as good as “The Detailer.”  Still, I would suggest reading them in order, though some of my readers say they enjoyed reading them backwards.  Either way is fine with me as long as you read them.

The Secret of the Ring: Ring Series 1

Scott, in his junior year of high school is given a ring and he is told it has great power.  The problem is that he doesn’t know what the power is or how to use it.  The hitch is that it would sure come in handy because his life is in danger as well as his mother’s.  Eventually, he figures out how to use it, though he doesn’t really learn its secrets much later.

The Detailer: Ring Series 2

This book is divided into three sections and is pretty long.  When I wrote it, I figured that a person could read one section at each sitting.  I was surprised to see at least one person read it all in one night.  She said she couldn’t put it down.

Two of the three sections start with Scott, our hero, in a jail cell.  In one case, he is charged with stealing a car.  We know that isn’t true.  Nonetheless, before he leaves the jail, he finds out he has a very powerful foe who has framed him in hopes of getting him to join his gang.  Before all is said and done, Scott has to use his head this time, at least as much as the ring.

Stormy: The Ring Series 3

This is the one book I had edited by a professional editor.  It is also my personal favorite.  I paid a lot to for the editing and I am still finding errors in it.  So much for achieving perfection.

One of the things I do with this series is shifting the characters around.  I did that with “The Detailer” and even more with this one.  Some of the main characters are moved into the background and others are brought to the forefront.  In this book, I bring a new character to the forefront and Scott rather takes a back seat in this one.  The new character inherits Edward’s business.  Then Edward dies before giving the new owner proper instructions.  This, of course causes panic for the new owner as well as all those who have rings.  Let’s say that it is full of little fun surprises throughout the book.  There are three plots woven through this book and you will enjoy all of them.

Also, you just might find some thought provoking parts in this story.  The agent the represented me for a little over a year on this book called it excellent with a good strong end.

The Assassin’s Gun: Ring Series 4

Immediately after writing Stormy, the one complaint I most frequently got was that it ended too soon.  Okay.  I got busy and wrote a continuation rather than a sequel.  In this case, someone is selling guns designed for assassins and the FBI is calling for help in finding the gunsmith.

I have been told by most that this is the better of the two.  However, to properly enjoy it, you will need to read Stormy first.  Unlike the rest of my books, this one is not intended to stand alone and parts might confuse you if you don’t read “Stormy” first.

The Other Mission: Ring Series 5

There has been a kidnapping, two children.  They illegally taken by their father to Iran and Scott must go in, find them, and bring them home.

As important as this “mission” is, it is a cover story.  Jimmy wants him to go into Iran on a second mission, one that is far more important.

I am not going to lie to you.  This is hardly my best work.  I had a very tough time with it.  I trashed it several times before I got halfway through it.  However, if you like stories with a twist, this is it.  I guarantee you that you will have a hard time buying it, even for a fantasy.  However, once it is explained, you will realize it actually makes sense.

The Confession: Ring Series 6

This book looks at an aspect of our legal system, the confession.  In this case, the man insists he was confessing to the crime to keep the real killer from killing his family.  Almost throughout the book we don’t find out if he is lying or not.  Each time another piece of evidence is uncovered, it helps to prove both sides.

The problem with confession is that he’s not just convicted but a confessed killer of seven people.  It is far more difficult to overturn a verdict that is the result of a proper confession than if the man pleads not guilty and is convicted.

To be sure, it is with good reason.  Our court system is already bogged down as it is.  Can you imagine what it might be like if only 5% of the cases end up having to be retried?  Besides, witnesses forget things and evidence gets lost.  Still, the story does give us something to think about.


In general, all the books in this group are different but they do have a few things in common.  First, although they are listed in the order they were written, they are not part of a series.  Each has its own plot and its own characters.  They need not be read in order, though it would likely be a good idea to start with the first one.

They also share premise.  In these books, a group of wealthy people seek ultimate control of the world.  I a way, this is not so far out.  Certainly there are those who seek to control.  Hitler, Stalin and Mao are but a few who have the desire to rule.  Indeed, if they had their way, they would have ruled the world.

Then there are the floaters.  They have abilities that allow them to challenge the controllers and they are the only humans who can.  Needless to say, the controllers do all they can to kill off all the floaters.  To do this, the controllers try not to attract too much attention to them.  The last thing they want is for a floater to zero in on them.

Also, logically, the floaters try to keep from being identified.  While they can deal with the controllers individually, the controllers can wreck havoc on a floater if they are attacked in mass.

And so it is, when a floater identifies a controller, he starts working on him.  Though he can outright kill them, they prefer to, so to speak, reduce them.  That is to say, they destroy their ability to control people.  It is a punishment worse than death.  Besides, when the other controllers take note of what happens, they start looking over their shoulders in anticipation.

Being a floater is inherited, a recessive gene.  Though there are women floaters, the vast majority are men.  Also, the abilities are as much a curse as a blessing.  If a person is a floater and it gets out, they live the rest of their life in utter fear.  There is no telling when a controller will recognize him and makes an attempt on his life.

One more thing about floaters, they don’t really exist.  Isn’t it a shame?  I think this world would benefit from a few right now.  We certainly don’t need the controllers and, in a sense, they do exist.

The Floater: Floater Group 1

In this book, our hero is running from civilization.  In is in fear, not from the controllers but from the monster that clings to his back.  It is ever there, no matter where he goes.  Unfortunately, he does need to eat and he does need some shelter.  So, he accepts a little civilization in hopes that the monster won’t raise its ugly head to cause him grief again.

The Runaway: Floaters Group 2

Bill is a mechanic who is going to college so he won’t be a mechanic the rest of his life.  He likes to have what he call interstate romances.  Whenever he saw an attractive woman on the highway, he’d imagine her car would breakdown and he would come to her rescue.

Can you believe it?  Sometimes, wishes do come true.  Of course, it was not exactly what the woman wanted but it was exactly what she needed.  At least, if a car is going to break down, it is better that a good mechanic happen along.  In this case, however, she also needs a good man.

Wolf: Floaters Group 3

Gail is one of those women who would have no difficulty finding a man.  The problem is that she attracted the attention of the wrong man.

Because he has no fear of falling, Adam never has any problems being hired on when the work must be done in high places.  On the way to one of his jobs he and Gail meet in a little restaurant.  Adam’s original intent was to rescue Gail and take her somewhere safe.  Naturally, things never work out as planned.  To keep her safe, Adam keeps her around a while.

Crazy Nuts: Floater Group 4

When Kathy was a girl, her mother corrected her whenever she used the word dumb.  So, she decided to start using the word crazy instead.  When something was unusually dumb, she called it crazy nuts.

When we join her, she is in a gyrocopter searching out signs of forest fires.  When she spots one, little does she know what it will lead to.  Moreover, she certainly doesn’t anticipate running into a man she calls crazy nuts.

Options: Floater Group 5

In his youth, Al is given a few options that he doesn’t like.  After becoming a man, he goes around giving others options.  The men are soldiers of controllers.  After he gives them the option of leaving, they generally have no desire to find out what option two is

When he hires on as a mechanic, he finds out that the bosses competition isn’t being very friendly so he checks into it some more.  After some investigation, he decided it was time to give some men some options.

The Rogue: Floater Group 6

In Rick’s early life, he has difficulty.  He is tall and he loves playing basketball.  His father, knowing that when he turns 18, the gene could manifest itself, is keeping a close eye out.  The last thing Rick needs is to display some high jumping ability.  Not only would he draw attention to himself but also to his family.  This was complicated by the fact that Rick was displaying some of the abilities at just 16.

It stopped his basketball career immediately.  This, in turn caused his girlfriend to lose interest in him.  Also, unknowingly, it drew the attention of a man, a controller.

It was the beginning of Rick’s nightmares as well as the beginning of an out of the ordinary romance.

Occasionally, floaters go rogue.  It is very seldom, but when they do, it can be a real nightmare.  About the only people who can deal with them are other floaters and it can obviously it can be difficult for them.  Rick is not a rogue but he does draw the attention of one.  Of all things, the rogue is working for the controllers… for the money.

The Retired Floater: Floater Group 7

Randy retired.  He had taken to living in a cave with only the essentials.  He avoided contact with humans other the store keeper a little ways from his cave.  The only reason he had anything to do with him was that he bought things from him occasionally.

Stu was the local sheriff and he introduced Randy to Linda.  She needed help.  Try as he did, Stu reached the end of his abilities.  He hoped to talk Randy out of retirement for just one more job.

The Almost Floater: Floater Group 8

Dave Lawton could almost float.  He could jump very high and he did have some of the other abilities, but try as he might, he could not float.

It was something of the worse of two worlds.  If a controller found out he had the gene, they would kill him.  Because he was not able to float, he would lack the primary defense in such things.  So, even more so than other floaters, he hid what little abilities he had very carefully.  It was but one reason he avoided fights.  If some bully did pick on him, he permitted rather than reveal his secret.

However, when the bully has a knife, that is a different matter.

Aunt Charlie’s Troubles: Floater Group 9

(still in development)

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