The Tenth Amendment

Many know not what it says or what it is for. Frequently, it is ignored. In some cases, methods are invented to get around it. When politicians in DC wanted to make all the states set a 55-mph speed limit, they were well aware that it would not get by the Tenth Amendment. No problem. the used the power of highway funding. Any state that would not drop the limit to 55, would lose the federal highway funding. So much for the spirit of the tenth amendment. It would seem that any time they want to nullify the amendment, they just make the appropriate threats. The feds, specifically the dems get around the tenth to control our schools. That’s a bad idea. The feds should have very limited control over schools.

Today, the Tenth Amendment has become the least effective amendment and it should be one of the most enforced. Today, our federal system is on the brink of collapse because most people just simply don’t know how important the amendment is. More and more, power is being transferred to the feds. it is just exactly what the founding fathers feared and for good reason.

For those who have no problem with the feds (effectively the dems) running everything, consider these two questions. How has it worked so far? How well will it work in the foreseeable future?

Well, let me add one more. Do we really want the feds determining how our children are being brainwashed? Do we really want our kids filled with a heap of false propaganda? (Actually, to some degree, this has already started.)

Has Anyone Considered This Option?

I keep hearing complaints about guns being stolen out of cars. It would be the obvious question is… who builds cars that have a secure compartment? Does anyone offer an aftermarket solution? I haven’t seen any ads for them. I don’t know. Maybe they are available. Certainly, if I had enough money, I could go somewhere and have such a compartment built. However, can the regular John Doe have such a compartment built for a reasonable price?

Seems to me like a real good option for the auto makers to provide. I do wonder just how difficult it would be to have one built in or added. The current secure boxes lack one thing. They are not secure. Mostly, a thief will simply see the secure box and run off with it. Better to put the secure box in plain sight and hide the gun elsewhere.

The need for a secure location in a car is obvious. Sometimes, the owner must leave his gun behind, in the car, kind of unattended. In the old days, people left rifles on racks in the back windows of pickups. That doesn’t work so well anymore. Unlike in past times, the world is full of thieves that just love to steal guns. That was in a time when criminals, such as thieves were put in prisons instead of turned lose to walk the city streets… looking for things to steal.

For my aside, I wonder just how many weapons are stolen from police cars, not that I’m making any suggestions.

Throwing a Little Light….

I’ve seen dozens of solar powered lights advertised.  I go to the department store and I see lights that work on electricity stored during the day.  I guess it’s all nice and stuff.  But I see one problem with the bunch.

Solar batteries work best when put in direct sunlight.  The only place I would want to place the light(s) are shaded, like on my porch or carport.  I have not seen one light where you can put the light in one place, where I want the brightness; and the solar cells in another, where the brightness is during the day.

But who am I to complain.  If the current lights serve most people well, fine.  However, don’t expect me to buy any of them.  I kind of want them to work where I want to put them.

No Comparison

In 2021, more than 70,000 people died from fentenyl.

In 2022, 1192 were killed by police. This includes those that were classified as justified.

The whole nation is about to come apart at the seems because of the death of one man, who was under the influence and resisting arrest. While I feel horrible at the loss of any life, there is just no comparison. Where is the outrage of the thousands of lives lost to fentenyl?

Moreover, the death of the man in Memphis was the indirect result of drug abuse. Had he not been under the influence, it is highly likely he would not have been stopped.

Maybe, just maybe, someone should show a little anger at the characters that sold the victim the drug. (I’m not sure, but I believe one of the earlier reports said he was on speed.)

Finally, may I say something about the mainstream media. They spent hours on the death of one man while hardly mentioning what led up to the horribly bad incident. The reason that hundreds of thousands have died is because of illegal drug distribution, which we can trace back to China and the cartels in Mexico.

Joe is really upset over one man in Memphis. Not one word by anyone about the murderers shipping poison over the border.

Note that I call them murderers. Most of their victims fail to survive and return for a second purchase. If the purpose of the cartels was to make money, they’d not choose to sell the poison they are killing more with their chemical warfare than we lost in Vietnam.


Ever had a situation where your straw was too short, and it falls into the drink. Ever had one that was too long and it sticks way up where it can easily get caught, possibly tipping a drink over. To some degree, I found a solution. I bought some stainless-steel straws, which prompted an idea. Twelve-inch stainless-steel straws in four-inches sections, joined by plastic. If you need a twelve-inch straw, put all three sections together. If you need an eight-inch straw, use two sections.

All three sections could be stored in an easy-carry container, which would also keep them clean and ready to use. This would make them easier to use in restaurants, as a guest at a party or friend’s home, or in a vehicle. A small brush could be included in the kit for cleaning them. They could easily be stored in a pocket or purse.

With more and more restaurants using the paper straws that get wet and collapse halfway through your beverage. Conceivably, it might help with kids who have a tendency to chomp down on the weak paper straws. It’s possible they could be made in multiple colors and even designs on them. I wonder if they would sell with Cowboy logos on them.

Then, on the other hand. I guess we could all dink our beverage without straws as we did in the days of old. However, this has a hazard. We would all have white mustaches after drinking our milk… or maybe brown for those that prefer chocolate milt.

A Word on AARP

I noticed AARP has started an ad campaign, for purposes I know not why. However, before you blindly buy their line, permit me to explain what they did for me.

They endorsed Obama care, which very likely pushed it over the edge of success, which caused the American health care system to take a huge nose dive.

However, as I said, this is about what they did to me. It was sort of bad timing. After I retired, my wife was required to subscribe to Obama care. That meant on average, one grand a month for over three years. The math is simple; $36,000. It drained a good percentage of my IRA.

Thanks Obama.

Thanks AARP.

Thanks dems.

Needless to say, I don’t believe their ads. Needless to say, I flat don’t believe them and their ads. Besides all this, I refuse to do business with any organizations they endorse. When I sign up for insurance, I tell my agents I don’t want anything to do with AARP, no matter the cost.

I would hope others would do likewise.

I don’t want any apology. I don’t want any compensation. I just want AARP to just go away.

Dead Sea Rumer

Some time ago, I suggested pumping sea water into the Salton Sea in southern California and into the Dead Sea. It would solve multiple problems, not to mention it would make some nice recreation areas.

Well, it looks like they will take my advice with the Dead Sea. I heard rumors but I don’t think it was because of my post. It seems the sea is going dry causing sink holes and making hazards near the sea.

From what I understand several folks lost some very valuable land. Restaurants have been closed and hotels have fallen into the holes.

It wouldn’t take much pumping. Just lay the pipe and open the valve. The water flow would be mostly downhill. It is even conceivable that the water could be used to fill recreational pools along the way.

The biggest problem would be the filtering required. However, the advantages would be enormous. It would lower the oceans, which would save all all the prime real estate in New York and Florida. And it won’t hurt the real estate prices at the Dead Sea either.

Now, if we can just talk the experts into doing the same with the Salton Sea. It would drastically increase the beach front property in the area.

Wait a minute. Maybe that’s a reason that will never happen. Who wants the value of their beach front property to fall? They wouldn’t want all those millionaires moving inland. Not for a minute.

The Negative Side of Crutches

A number of years ago, I broke my ankle. I’m not going to say how. I had to do that enough times after the ambulance arrived. Didn’t like that much. It was sort-of embarrassing. None the less, they gave me a set of crutches, after which I immediately fell.

Believe it or not, there is a knack for using them and they turned me loose without so much as one lesson,

To be fair, they are very useful. If no one invented them, then someone would. They are more than just handy. For some they are a necessity. However, there are some things that take a little experimentation. The trial and error can be painful. For instance, did anyone mention that there is an art to climbing stairs with them. Even harder going downstairs. Some doors can present problems, too.

Even a good-sized curb can be a serious blearier for the novice on crutches. No one knows this better than me. Over time, I did get pretty good at curbs. I never could handle more than two stairs though. Fortunately, that never became a serious issue. I simply turned around and sat on the steps. It was a little slower than walking up or down the steps, but it worked.

Carrying much of anything was impossible. I was able to prepare a full dinner, but I had no way to get it to the table. My wife had to do that part. Believe it or not, I carried up to two Diet Cokes at a time…in my pockets about 300 yards from the break room at work. I also learned to use a backpack. I might suggest, if you are looking to rely on crutches for a while, get you a nice pack that is easy to put on and take off.

One thing that really got to me was the pain to my wrists. When I told the doctor that my wrists were sore, no sympathy there. He said, “Good. You’re using them right.” That was not what I expected. I guess if you ever need to use the things, maybe you ought not expect sympathy either. I mean, they just hand the things to you and expect you to be an expert overnight.

I will say this. They helped me lose over thirty pounds. Now that’s idea. An exercise program using crutches. I can guarantee it works. It’s simply a matter of what all you can put up with. Somehow, I just can’t envision someone leading an exercise class in some big classroom, especially on TV.

On the other hand, maybe it would be nice to lead a class of people through obstacle courses with crutches. They would be far more appreciative for those who must rely on the things on a daily basis, maybe the rest of their lives. I certainly learned my lessons.

Incidentally, maybe the “going green people” can actually invent something useful for those using crutches instead of pushing the idea of big props that kill birds and freeze up when it gets really cold when they are really needed.

A Little Story

I have a little story.  Very few have heard it.  I hope you’ll take a minute or two to read it.  By the way, I guess I should tell you, it’s fiction.  As an author, my stories are almost all fiction.

It is an interesting fact that fiction stories can sometimes illustrate things even better than true stories.  Jesus frequently used stories we call parables.  He was expert at it.  Sorry.  I am not one bit as good at stories as He is.  I’m not even very good at writing.  I’m sure most have figured that out by now.

Nonetheless, I’m writing this story because I do believe it needs to be told.  It needs to be told over and over until all have heard it, or something similar.

It seems a number of decades ago; a man was stranded on a desert island, sort-of like “Robinson Caruso.”  Only my story isn’t as good.  I’m no Daniel Defoe.  On the other hand, it will not take as long to read.

I’m not going to explain how the man was stranded.  I don’t know.  It matters not anyway.

What really matters is what he did after he was stranded.  The first thing he managed to do was to chop down one many trees on the island.  It had some kind of fruit on it which provided him food.

Then, he chopped the tree into two halves.  With one half, he built a fire as it was it beginning to cool.

The other half of the log, he carved into an idol.  The night was long and he simply had so little to do in the dark.  He certainly didn’t want o go wondering off in the night where some dangerous animals might attack him.

So now, from the same tree, he had both warmth and a god.

He sat the god up and saw how nice it looked.  So he began praying to the large piece of wood.  He asked the wood to save him from his predicament.  He fell asleep while praying.

In the morning, the fire was just embers and the idol remained.  It said nothing.  It saw nothing and it did nothing.  As would stand to reason, it just sat there like… well, like a big piece of wood.

Some might say the man was stupid.  On the other hand, some would say my story is stupid.  There is simply no way a person can express how ludicrous it is to expect a piece of wood to do anything but sit there.  Well, if the tide came up high enough, it just might float away.  That might be the best end of this little story.

Those of you that are Bible readers might have figured out that I borrowed parts of the story, I mean besides the Caruso thing.  I would suggest that you read the passage in the Bible, Isaiah 44:9 to 20.  If you don’t want to; or if you don’t have the time, let me quote one chapter from it, verse 10:

Who but a fool would make his own god – an idol cannot help him one bit.

It seems so casual to the most obvious observer that a living gods cannot be made from wood, or gold, or silver, or bronze.  My question is, why do men keep trying?

I have heard a number of preachers say that we don’t see anything in the Bible about idols until after the flood.  Personally, I remember the mention of idols while Jacob is running from his deceptive father-in-law.

Of course, idols might have existed before the flood, but, for a few reasons I suspect not.

As an aside, I might mention, the first two commandments deal with idols.  The first says that we are not to have any other gods before God.  The second, that we should not make idols and that we are not to worship them.

If worshiping idols is so stupid, why is it that people do it?  Just what prompted God to include the first two commandments?  I mean, men are reasonably intelligent beings.  Why should any of us be so dumb that we think we can form things with our hands that can hear us and do things for us?  Why is it that people think that the sun, moon and stars can do one single thing for us?

They cannot hear or see.  They certainly have no empathy or sympathy for us…or any emotion.  In the case of our little story, if the stranded man must rely on the idol to be rescued, he’s going to have to wait a long time.  He would be better off using the thing as a floating device and try for another nearby island.

Yet we find that mankind has worshiped idols on every continent but Antarctica. (Maybe there too.  Maybe before the flood.)  And, oh yes.  Some have worshiped volcanoes, tides and the earth itself.  Indeed, the modern green earth movement is a form of earth worship—mother earth, really?

In order to really understand this desire for men to worship idols, we really need to go back to when Cain’s offering was not accepted by God and why it was rejected.  This gave me problems for a long time, until I really understood it.  Cain was not satisfied with the religion God set up.  He had requirements for the offering and Cain decided to ignore it.  You see, he wanted to start his own religion.

From that day until now and it will continue on, man has never settled for the way God set things up.  Throughout known history, men have been trying to set up their own religion, which, of course, did not include the one true God.

As I have said before, manmade religions have an advantage.  Man gets to set up all the rules.  Naturally, in the past, many of these rules were for the benefit of those making the rules, like multiple wives.  This can easily take me off on dozens of rabbit trails.  However, in this case, it is the concept I want to center on.  I mean all the rabbit trails are different and yet they’re all the same.

Unlike proper worshiping of God, men following manmade religions end in one thing, death, eternally and forever.  I believe the redundancy serves the purpose to drive the point home.

Now let’s change the story a little.  Let’s pretend he is stranded on the island for a year or so.  Someone comes along in a ship or yacht and finds him.  He’s saved, right?  Wrong.  He does something else that’s really dumb.

The island is surrounded with really hungry sharks and the man wants to swim the first ten miles.  That way he can brag that he helped with his salvation.

I don’t think the man will make it ten miles.  I don’t think he will make it one mile.  Besides, he will slow the vessel, which will have to wait for the would-be survivor.

Of course, no one would do something so stupid.  Yet, every day people do something far worse.  They try to help Jesus Christ with their salvation.  They like the idea of swimming the first 10 miles (or add their good works toward their salvation) and as such, they destroy all chances of their salvation.  It demonstrates a lack in faith that Jesus ability and desire to do it all.  Faith alone is the only thing that Jesus will accept.  Everything else is as filthy rags.  Do you really want to offer God filthy rags?  That’s dumb

My hint to one and all, don’t try to help Jesus.  He can do it without your help.  You can’t and He will not accept anything you have to offer.  God only accepts the blood sacrifice of Jesus’ blood for your salvation.  If you try to add to it, you will nullify it.  More than that, why should you even try?  It is far more ridiculous than our stranded man relying on that chunk of dead wood to save him.

New Word

Recently I learned a new word. Allow me a correction? It’s not a new word at all. It’s hundreds of years old. I just heard the word recently so it’s new to me. I looked it up to insure I have the meaning right. It seems the word is based on the two Greek words: ploutos meaning wealthy and kratos meaning power or ruling.

When I first heard the word, I was silly enough to wonder if it was somehow tied in with the name of the Disney dog, Pluto but it would appear that I was as far as the east is from the west. All right. Some of us aren’t so bright. At 73, I still like to refer back to my boyhood days when one of my favorite TV programs was Disneyland.

The word, plutocrat might easily be confused with other words with similar meanings such as astocracy (generally associated with nobility) or oligarchy as would seem to be the case in Russia.

The important thing about the subject, it would appear that, in one way or another the rich do affect our government at every level. In the past we had those who built the big monopolies, also referred to as robber barrons.

Of course these are all poor replacements for democracy, that is government by the people. It would appear no nation can be completely dissociated from rule by gold. Even in nations that brag of their wanders of communism, also called socialism.

I’m sure there are experts in our nation who can call out those who rule other countries by and for their weath. As for me I turn my interest to the USA.

However, I would like to point out that there are 4 basic groups of the wealthy in these parts. Some simply wish to do business. Of course, they do have interest in the government but only to permit fair and proper business practice.

There are those that seek power for the sake of gaining wealth and power. The dems are well peppered with this type. If you doubt, consider Pelosi, Biden, and the like who have no wealth other than what they gained in office. I believe these are most accurately described by the new word, plutocrat.

Lest you think I’m more interested in politics than truth, let me say the Republicans also have their share of plutocrats. They are also known as RINOS, Republicans in name only. The current minority leader in the Senate and a couple of the former speakers of the house. The plutocrat can easily be found. One not need search too deep. They have great wealth and they gained almost all from their government position.

Then, there are those who had their wealth before being elected to office and, if they gain wealth in office, it is incidental. Although the Kennedys meet this criteria, i hesitate to put them in this category being as their wealth was obtained by illegal methods. Indeed, they maintained their connection with those still practicing such things. Moreover, John and Ted Kennedy continued to take advantage of their power and wealth after being elected to office. Consider the cover-ups with Marilyn Monroe and Mary Jo Kopechne. (Oh, if only they could take the witness stand.)

Some, perhaps millions would say the same about Trump. It is not the point of this post to defend the former president. However, I will quickly say this. During his presidency, his wealth decreased, the vast majority of those with the least wealth gained the most. And, last but not least, no former ladyfriends ended up dead under suspicious conditions.

Then, there are the ones such as George Soros. There are a few of them. They have billions of dollars to throw around and they seem to want to use it for destruction of our nation and our way of life. For what purpose, I simply have no idea. Perhaps it’s idealism gone astray. My guess is he has the same idea that men have throughout history; world domination. He, and those like him, want to use their fortunes to rule the world. It has been a dream of the Pharoahs, the Babylon kings, and so forth.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a power hungry plutocrat ruling the world. I don’t even want one ruling our country.

I know of no way of limiting the power of plutocrats, robber barons or whatever you want to call them. But perhaps it might start when the news media, dems and RINOS stop helping them.

As an aside, I have written a group of books I call The Floater Group. In them, the floaters are the protagonists and the controllers are the villains. The controllers bear a resemblance, of a sort, to plutocrats. It’s a shame I didn’t know the word plutocrat back when I began writing. Maybe instead of The Controllers Organization, I could have called it The Plutocrat Association.