Ever had a situation where your straw was too short, and it falls into the drink. Ever had one that was too long and it sticks way up where it can easily get caught, possibly tipping a drink over. To some degree, I found a solution. I bought some stainless-steel straws, which prompted an idea. Twelve-inch stainless-steel straws in four-inches sections, joined by plastic. If you need a twelve-inch straw, put all three sections together. If you need an eight-inch straw, use two sections.

All three sections could be stored in an easy-carry container, which would also keep them clean and ready to use. This would make them easier to use in restaurants, as a guest at a party or friend’s home, or in a vehicle. A small brush could be included in the kit for cleaning them. They could easily be stored in a pocket or purse.

With more and more restaurants using the paper straws that get wet and collapse halfway through your beverage. Conceivably, it might help with kids who have a tendency to chomp down on the weak paper straws. It’s possible they could be made in multiple colors and even designs on them. I wonder if they would sell with Cowboy logos on them.

Then, on the other hand. I guess we could all dink our beverage without straws as we did in the days of old. However, this has a hazard. We would all have white mustaches after drinking our milk… or maybe brown for those that prefer chocolate milt.

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