Real Racism

Margaret Sanger was an admitted racist. She created Planned Parenthood with the sole purpose of eliminating the African-American race. That is real racism. That is the ultimate picture of racism.

Planned Parenthood is racist. They may not openly admt to it, but most of their abortion clinics are in black communities. Sorta same-same. Based on this, I am going to take a real risk, and say that Planned Parenthood is racist.

I will also really take a giant step out there and say that those who provide political and financial support to Planned Parenthood support racism, even if they aren’t racist. I mean, they are supporting the inhalation of all black people. Maybe they are trying to claim ignorance.

Now. Stop and think. Who are those who support Planned Parenthood. I suppose right at the top…Democrat party. Virtually every democrat senator, most democrat representatives, perhaps all. Certainly Joe is one of their biggest cheerleaders.

Maybe, if you try really hard, you just might think of a few.

By the way. I don’t support Planned Parenthood. I find Sanger’s ideas appalling. It is not just wrong; it is non-Christian; and un-American.

Perhaps, you’re one of those that, now being enlightened, that will pull any and all support from Planned Parenthood, both direct and indirect. Besides the Democrat party, there are a few charities, labor unions, and other organizations that contribute to them.

Ending With a Preposition

Under the rules of English, we are never to end a sentence with a preposition. Oddly, old though I am, I have been doing it all my life. Actually, most of us do. Many don’t know it…or care.

For those unaware, we should not say, “What did you do that for?” It’s more correct to say, “Why did you do that?”

Words such as to, with, for, on and the like are prepositions and, technically require objects, or a word immediately following it associated with it. For instance, in the previous sentence, I used it with with. (Careful how you read that)

Though I was taught in high school, I rarely paid it much attention. Near as I can tell, few ever noticed. Then I started writing, with a grammar checker. Seemed, every time I turned around, the grammar checker told me, “You can’t do that. It’s not proper. “

Many times, I welcome those suggestions. Other times I want to tell the smart Alecky thing to just stuff it.

I hate to admit it, but sometimes, I just can’t say what I want to say unless I end the sentence with to, with or one of those other little words. Well, I guess I could, but it would either be long or awkward.

I know there are those who adhere to this rule, but sometimes I think we need to take a vote. Time to eliminate it. At least they should make it a little optional.

For my aside, ever since I’ve been writing, it seems I’m getting more critical of others speech, which I really don’t much care for. (Please forgive the terminating for.) Nonetheless, there is one irritation I’ve developed that one irritant I believe to be valid. It seems folks do like to overuse “ing.” Why say hoping when you mean hope. Why say guessing when you mean guess. They truly do have separate meanings and I hear news reporters do it all the time. I’m not even sure it’s ever been addressed before. Ing is already a very common word ending. We just don’t need to add to them.

I’m guessing you can let me known what you all are thinking about it. I’ll be letting you.

Ping Pong Balls

Just curious. Maybe someone could tell me. What if they filled the lower parts of the the Titanic with ping pong balls? Would it have floated any longer? If so, how much longer? Would it have saved any lives? Can someone out there tell me?

I suppose before we do start putting any such thing in boats, large and small, we should determine their cost per cubic foot, which does bring up another question.

I suppose it’s a poitless question if they would need to be replaced every now and again. Still, I think if I had a boat, I’d investigate the whole idea.

Wonder what would happen should I walk into a sporting goods store and bought out their stock. Then again, they might not let me. Some folks do use them for table tennis.

However, they do have one characteristic that makes me think about them. Punch a hole in one, thousands more remain buoyant.

A Deserved Good Word

I had reason to visit the Mississippi Department of Safety (drivers licenses and such) at Batesville this morning. I was ill prepared and it could have turned into an all day thing.

Instead, the folks there were very helpful as well as friendly. After a couple of hours I was on my way.

I just figured they deserve a good word or two. The world would be far better if it were full of folks such as these.

Open Defiance!

Some call it this. Some call it that. I call it open defiance. Men want to call themselves women. Women want to call themselves men. Joe calls a man woman of the year, or whatever it was. Sorta makes the title meaningless, doesn’t it.

The woman that killed those 6 people called herself a man. I call her a murderer. It’s simple. She chose to murder. That makes her a murderer.

Instantly, that is, without hesitation, Joe said it’s time to outlaw assault weapons, though he hasn’t a clue as to what constitutes an assault weapon.

The truth is, we live in a world where people like to say up is down; good is bad; women are men; and guns are responsible for crime.

The real truth is this murder began years and years ago when this woman was never taught the sanctity of human life. I can assure you, right now she knows just how important human life is to God… a little late. More than that, she now knows she was a woman. Moreover, she now knows right from wrong. It is a real shame someone couldn’t take her aside and convince her of the real truth years ago.

So in an open act of defiance, she killed 6 people, 3 of which were children. She is responsible for their deaths. The guns cannot claim the responsibility. Those that made the guns cannot in any way claim the responsibility. That woman pointed those weapons and she alone pulled the trigger.

It was an open act of defiance.

Think, think, think! Just what kind of a person kills 3 kids. I have but 1 answer. An evil person without conscious.

I. R. S.

Of those things I face repeatedly, nothing, but nothing causes me more anxiety than my yearly tax preparation. Somehow, I suspect I’m far from being alone. After all, there are thousands who make much of their living during tax season.

Even then, most of us live in fear of forgetting or ignorance of some little thing that just might result in what just might be the most feared word in our country, AUDIT.

What makes you most anxious?

Touting Their Greatness

Didn’t watch the Oscars

Don’t figure I missed anything

Seemed that they were just touting their greatness

Don’t see so much greatness

Haven’t seen a movie in a decade

Near as I can tell, haven’t missed a thing

Suspect I won’t miss a thing this year either

They sure know how to make a movie

Their problem seems to be coming up with a decent idea

Even with the 2 minute commercials, I’d rather watch old Kojak reruns than anything being turned out by Hollywood for the silver screen these days.

Wonderful, Wonderful Gold

If gold is such a wonderful investment, why is the man who created Microsoft investing his billions in farm land.

Maybe he has some gold stashed away but think of it. No thief can walk off with a few acres of corn producing land. As long as he pays taxes, he makes money from the corn and realizes a healthy return on the increase in the value of the land.

Moreover, if some really bad disaster comes along, the gold could become worthless. Land, and the food grown on it, will always have value.

Has Anyone Considered This Option?

I keep hearing complaints about guns being stolen out of cars. It would be the obvious question is… who builds cars that have a secure compartment? Does anyone offer an aftermarket solution? I haven’t seen any ads for them. I don’t know. Maybe they are available. Certainly, if I had enough money, I could go somewhere and have such a compartment built. However, can the regular John Doe have such a compartment built for a reasonable price?

Seems to me like a real good option for the auto makers to provide. I do wonder just how difficult it would be to have one built in or added. The current secure boxes lack one thing. They are not secure. Mostly, a thief will simply see the secure box and run off with it. Better to put the secure box in plain sight and hide the gun elsewhere.

The need for a secure location in a car is obvious. Sometimes, the owner must leave his gun behind, in the car, kind of unattended. In the old days, people left rifles on racks in the back windows of pickups. That doesn’t work so well anymore. Unlike in past times, the world is full of thieves that just love to steal guns. That was in a time when criminals, such as thieves were put in prisons instead of turned lose to walk the city streets… looking for things to steal.

For my aside, I wonder just how many weapons are stolen from police cars, not that I’m making any suggestions.