Antenna Frustration!

A short time after returning from Vietnam, one of the F4 UHF antennas had a chip in it, which required its replacement. One of my men asked if he could have the old one that would normally be filed in the circular file.

I figured it would be okay but I checked with the maintenance officer, a major anyway. When he gave it the okay the PFC put the antenna on his old car.

It simply seemed illogical being as the antenna was much shorter than a standard antenna. However, he said it worked better than the antenna that came with the car. Not only that, but the little 9 inch fin antenna looked pretty cool.

I went out and paid $40 for sorry excuse of an antenna that sort of works when it wants to. I just returned from Best Buy where I found but 2 antennas. One cost $100, the other 150 and, of course, there were no guarantees that either would be better than I had.

The question came to mind, would the government be willing to sell me an old F4 UHF antenna. Who knows? It just might work.

Big and Little Towns

I don’t understand. I live in a small town, and we take care of the water without much problem that I know of. On the other hand, Jackson, MS, the capital of the state can’t seem to figure out how to do it right. It seems the rest of the state, those of us living in little cities must come to the rescue of the big city.

Maybe, just maybe someone can offer a viable explanation. I certainly don’t know of any.


General George Washington discouraged his men from using the Lord’s name in vain. He asked why should we expect God to help when they use profanity?

It truly is a good question, which is still valid to this day. During any prayer in which the reqest is made to bless the U.S.A., the question returns to my mind.

Yet, there are wider concerns. Why should He send light to those that prefer the darkness? Why should He bless any man who refuses to worship God. Worse yet, those that worship false gods. Why should he entrust life into the the hands of those whose practice is to take it or to those who think so lightly of murder.

Then too, why should he give to those who takes His gifts for granted. They receive a great blessing and they say what a great piece of luck. He receives wealth and he claims he earned it. He buys his food and denies that God makes it.

There are also the businessmen that steal from the poor and justify by saying it’s legal. Then, they grin ear-to-ear and say what a great country we’re in. While they live they have friends by the dozens. Then, when they depart this earth, all the so-called friends say, “Good riddance.”

God hates the legal theft even more so than the the strong-arm theft and showed it when he drove the thieves in the Temple. Their thievery was legal and the thieves were highly respected.

And it is true that we in this America that so many have such empty pride in is led by a bunch who are criminals and they love crime. They permit and even encourage killing of babies. They say it is okay because they are not yet born.

and then they have the nerve to expect the blessings of a righteous God.

I have my expectations too. However, mine are not nearly so great as Joe’s and so many others. In fact it surprises me that God has held back his judgment this long.

No More Fossil Fuels

Actually it’s easy. We were surviving without fossil fuels long ago. Before coal, we used wood. Before kerosene lamps, we used oil we got from whales. At one time, we used fat from animals to make candles.

It might seem strange to some, but we used to run trains off wood. Even today, some race cars use burn alcohol. If we want to devote over half our farm land to growing corn, maybe our regular cars could burn alcohol too. I have heard it burns cleaner than gasoline.

Then too, alcohol could also be used to power generation stations. Then again we could go back 2000 years and burn olive oil. That would make the olive farmers happy.

When I was a kid, I really liked riding my bicycle but I only had a few miles to go to school. I’m afraid I would not have been able to peddle 40 miles to work the last decade before my retirement. I guess I might have taken a bus but for three things. The nearest bus was 10 miles from my house. I worked nights when busses didn’t run. Finally, the bus routes didn’t work for me.

Besides, if I relied on a bus, it would mean using that horribly fossil fuel.

Some folks had the bright idea of using the atom. That was going well until 3 mile island… the there was the horrible tragedy in Japan, the earthquake followed by the tsunami. If you’ll excuse the expression, it’s made many a little gun shy.

I sort of like the idea of going back to horses. But I really don’t think many would like the smelly dirty streets. Well, maybe we could use the maneuver to generate gas.

But we can’t do that. That is natural gas… not a fossil fuel but basically the same thing, only not as old.

This Time, I Actually Agree With Joe

It is a real rarity. It occurs less frequently than a blue moon but I actually agree with someone he said. A recession is possibly avoidable.

The trick is that he must act quickly. 1st he must do all he can to produce as much domestic oil as we can. This will remove about 20 percent of the cause of inflation.

2nd, stop printing money. By the, it is important to remember that increasing credit has the same results of printing money. It increases the spending of the public

3rd, shut down the border and send the illegal back. It cost lots to support them at every level.

4th, strp the senseless regulations. The only ones that truly benefit from them are larger corporations and the lawyers that work for them.

5th, stop pushing that green stuff.

Finally, stop taxing all those who actually make things so much. In the end taxes impede and even drive business and productivity away. Both decrease employment.

In other words, stop messing things up.

Considering the above, we may as well pray and start bracing for the worst.

3 Questions About the Shootings

  1. If all of our schools had fifteen foot walls around them, would the shootings continue? To be sure, they would feel more like a prison than a place to learn. On the other hand, they just may appear to be a place to warehouse children.
  2. If all the staff of any school were trained and armed. If this were made known to one and all, just what would be the chances that any of that staff would need their training?
  3. How many schools, how many teachers teach their students the difference between humans and animals?

One other thing I wonder. Just what percentage of democrats known the difference between humans and animals. Then again, how many of the dem leaders care.

OH NO! Sound the Alarms

it is now conceivable that Twitter just might allow the truth to get out so that one and all will be able to see and read it. This might be worse for the woke than getting the feds out of our schools. Who knows, it might get out that we have a marionette occupying the Oval Office.

Disaster, it may get out that we are being invaded on the Mexican border. Now, where will we get cheap labor? How can the FOCs steal elections? Oh,by the way, the voters just might find out about the stolen election and all those still illegally locked up from January 6 for over a year without charges.

IIt’s panic in the White House. I’m not referring Joe. He’s oblivious to all of it. The ones hitting the panic buttons are the master puppeteers.