They Called ‘Truth’

The official newspaper was called “Pravda,” which means truth. In other words, the Soviets wrote lies and called them truth. It is an example, a demonstration that calling something the truth doesn’t always make it so.

On the other side of the coin, the truth is the truth and it cannot be made a lie, as the dems would like to do. The one thing that confuses me, when they say up is down and down is up, half the county believes them. They don’t question it. To be sure they call the lie the truth and, lo and behold, most many have little or no doubt. Those that have enough sense to figure it out are very cautious to openly question the lie. Look what happened to President Trump when he dared to doubt the Pravda of the dems. He was impeached, not once but twice.

Let’s look at one thing Biden did, prevent the oil pipeline. Let’s look at the repercussions.

  1. Over 1000 people lost their jobs in one day. It was said they can get other jobs. However, the fact is that 1000 families will be going hungry for a while and Biden characteristically doesn’t care. It is possible that one or two families will lose their homes. Several family dogs will be going into shelters or just turn lose to fend for themselves.
  2. The cost of oil and gasoline will go up. Those who can afford it least will be affected by it the most, those that must drive to and from work and those who use vehicles for their work. Farmers and truckers will have to pay more for diesel and all of us will have to pay more for heating and AC.
    On the other hand, the Arabs and Russians will be cheering at the higher profits they will get for their oil. It will also likely help that horrible dictator in Venezuela. It is not a side effect. It is planned. Bidden wants to help the monster. He likes the man. The two of them have a great deal on common.
  3. The tourist industry industry will suffer, this after they are already suffering from the virus. If people have to pay more for gas, they will do less traveling. Of course, tourist must travel. It sort of goes hand and hand.
  4. This will invariably have repercussions throughout the country: in refineries, manufacturing and the cost of finished goods.
  5. Perhaps worst of all, along with the moratorium on fracking, will put us at the mercy of other countries for our energy. We will have to bend to the will of those countries producing energy.
  6. Finally, the oil will not be stopped by stopping the oil line. It is ridiculously to think so. The oil will simply travel by other means: rail, barge and truck. All of these methods are more dangerous, less efficient, and far more expensive.

Let’s face it. Pravda got it wrong then and Biden is getting it wrong now. The question is, is it because he doesn’t know better or because he is doing it on purpose. The one is as bad or worse than the other. In the end, damage is just as bad.

Disney, are You Listening? I have a Solution for You

It would appear that wonderful governor you democrats voted into office has just about closed your theme park permanently, because of the virus. I just might have a solution for your problem. I got the idea from one of my books. Just simply move the whole park, the hotels and restaurants onto an artificial island about ten miles off the coast of Orange county.

I don’t know what methods might be best. In my book, I used big barges. I am sure you could use bigger ones. It is also possible that you could buy a bunch of dirt and or sand and pile it up our there. Ether way, you could add an attraction. Under water viewing while the customer’s eat in “Mr Nemo’s Fine Seafood.” I really do like that idea. You could have a big mock-up of the infamous Nautilus, obviously, the Verne one.

Docks and heliports could be added to bring people to and from the island. If you used the barge method, you could use stabilizers for when it got a little stormy. Then too, everyone knows that the ocean off the south coast of California is ideal most of the time. In general, it is mostly tolerable the rest of the time. You would only need to shut down things a few days a year.

One big benefit is that the park would no longer be in California. You would not be subject to California property or income taxes. You could almost operate the park with what you would save on the levees. Moreover, you’d not need to pay any extra taxes on hotel or restaurant operations.

Well, there is one sticky wicket. There is no way that your wonderful governor will permit operations from the mainland… not while that virus continues to exist. Still, the idea is pretty good for a nice hotel. Maybe you could use the idea for a hotel anyway. Then again, there are regulations and red tape. It might take you a decade or two to get permission to start such a thing. You know how those democrats like to run governments. You might need a century to open the thing. It just might be a good idea to build a hundred miles off the coast. Then, what would be the point? A hotel a hundred miles from land?

By the way, for you Californians, I have a hint. Replacing the governor is not even a good start in getting things straightened out. It would be far better to reset the whole thing and start from scratch and disallow anyone with a D after his name from running for office.

Revenge for What?

The dems, after four solid years of badgering President Trump have apparently gotten their revenge. However, it does prompt the question, “For what?”

It is obvious that the dems have sought revenge from the time Trump became President Trump, and a little before. They have been figuratively after his head for some reason; I just don’t know what.

Is it because of all the people, especially minorities that he provided jobs for. Is it because of the far better national security he has provided. Are they upset because he brought life back to rust-belt and the mining regions. Maybe they don’t like the lower prices for gasoline. Surely it wasn’t because of the fantastic economy. Indeed, had in not been for the virus blindsiding the country, and the entire world, the Dow would likely be pushing 35,000. Were they upset that people like me were making so much money off our 401k’s

I don’t know.

They claimed he lied. Yet, to the best of my knowledge he fulfilled his pre-election promises better than any president I ever saw. (and I have been around a while or two) perhaps that is why they didn’t like him. All of us Walmart shoppers were moving up in the world.

Oh! I Know why! It is simple. He did so well that it made the dems inept. In fact, he even made many republicans look bad. And by the way, in spite of the badgering and lack of cooperation, he actually did the one thing that will slow the flood over the border. He built a wall.

While everyone else, on both sides of the isle promised comprehensive immigration reform, Trump promised a wall. In as much as any man can, he succeeded. More important, he brought illegal immigration to a virtual halt.

By the way, had he not stopped the flow, far more US citizens would have suffered and died from the virus. One out of five trying to come north were infected with virus. And the dems claimed that he did nothing to control the virus. The truth is that they did nothing to stop it. In fact, if we had done as Biden suggested, it would have been close to twice as bad.

And for this the dems demanded vengeance. It is not by mere coincidence that the states that have the worst problems with the virus are those run by the dems. I won’t go so far as to suggest that the dems did it on purpose to give them something to hold against President Trump. However, I would not be surprised if someone provided me positive proof. Let’s face it. All that they did made it worse.

Florida had less than half the problem, even though they had a bigger and older population. Think about it. Florida had a republican governor. I don’t know about the governor of New York. It is conceivable the dems will disown him after the damage he did to New York. Florida is well on the way to recovery. I’m not sure New York has hit bottom yet. It might take decades for New York to recover. It is only by chance that the census was before the virus. Had it been after, New York just might have lost 1 or 2 more representatives than they did. New York has lost millions. They will raise taxes in an effort to recover, driving even more south.

A Problem with Definitions

Let’s see. When democrats burn things to the ground, injure people and loot, that’s a demonstration.

On the other hand, apparently Trump supporters go into a building, spend a few minutes there, and then leave, that’s sedition. Then, of course, instantly, Trump is guilty of sedition.

Okay. To some degree I agree. People who are guilty of trespassing, destroying property and so forth should and, wherever possible pay. Moreover, people who encourage such things, for example, Maxine Waters and VP to be Harris should also pay. It just is, only those with a D after their name get away with it. By the way, when Trump spoke to those protesters, he never said anything to encourage sedition. Now, the very people who preached sedition to their mob are trying to accuse Trump of sedition. If you’ll excuse the old expression, it is sort of like the pot calling the kettle black. It is sort of like people in glass houses casting stones. It is sort of like the arsonist calling someone a fire-starter.

There is one difference in each case. The labels don’t apply to President Trump. After over three years, they never found so much as one thing that Trump did wrong. When they impeached him, they had to make up charges that wouldn’t have worked in a kangaroo court.

Now, in a last ditch effort, in the last days of his presidency, they are trying to dream up another charge. They only cast the light on themselves. We can now see them for what they are, that is, those of us will open our eyes and see.

In truth, we know who the ones are that are guilty of sedition. We know who encouraged the rioting. We know why the buildings were burned and destroyed. And, by the way, the dems were very happy when President Trump was driven to safety by one of those mobs. Instead of condemning the mob, they enjoyed seeing the president go into hiding. None of the dems even tried to discourage the mobs who tried to destroy the federal court house for a week or more. By the way, that mob earnestly sought to kill the federal agents defending it.

Before Nancy in the brown salon hair charges anyone with sedition, maybe she needs to look in one of her expensive mirrors. She has long been guilty of sedition, before Trump became President Trump. Then again, maybe she is afraid of what she might see if she looks in a mirror. Indeed, she just might be afraid it will shatter.

Okay. Maybe I am getting a little too personal. On the other hand, I am not afraid of what I will see when I look in a mirror. I have done some things that I am ashamed of, but I admit it. When I look in the mirror, I see an old repentant man. When she looks in a mirror, she sees a vain monster.

I Am Not a Prophet

After this last election, I wish I could go to God and ask him why he permitted the election of that airhead. I cannot understand why he allowed those extreme socialists into our Senate. He does not answer to me and He owes me no explanations.

Somehow, I cannot imagine myself approaching his thrown and demanding a reason.

Still, if he were so inclined, I would like it if he maybe gave me a hint or two as to what he has in mind. It does sort of seem contrary to what he would want. He has turned the presidency, the House and the Senate over to a bunch of atheists. In their last “prayer” that I heard in the house, it was addressed to, basically, whomever it may concern. Then it was ended with awomen. My spell checker flagged that word. There is a wavy red line under it. The reason it did is because there is no such word and I refuse to add it to my dictionary. The man that said it was simply revealing his ignorance. The word “amen,” has no reference to gender, male or female.

If he had a true high school education, he should have realized that. At or about the fifth grade, I noticed that the word seemed to be used a lot. So I asked about it. I was told that it was simply a way of confirming any prior words. In essence, it is nearly the same as saying, please let it be so.

So, this is now what we will have running our government for at least the next 2 years and I haven’t a clue as to His purpose. However, I can guess. If any or all these guesses are wrong, maybe God will let me know.

On the other hand, no matter who sits in the oval office, God is still in control. It leads me to my first guess. Maybe God is sending them a message. “You think you are in control. Guess what!”

As I look around, I must admit that he has many reasons to let our country just collapse as punishment for leaving him out of our schools… and our lives. Of course, He can just pronounce the sentence and it would done in the blink of an eye. However, I have found He likes to just let things take their natural course. He turns the reins over to the democrats for a decade or two and the US would become a third world country, or worse.

That brings me to the next reason. Maybe He wants us to realize the disasters of socialism. After we live in a communist country for a decade or so, we just might realize the error of our ways. The problem is, will it then be too late. Once communism has its grip on a country, it seldom lets go.

One thought is almost humorous, if not so serious. President Trump now knows who his enemies are and who his friends are. It has become plain. It is not that he made them his enemies but rather they have chosen to abandon him. Also, if we who keep our eyes open we will know the enemies of our country. There are many who call themselves republicans who are trading our inheritance in for a bowl of soup. We now know who they are. Hopefully, we will weed them out and replace them with men and women of real courage and conviction.

As I said, I am not a prophet. Nothing I have written here is directly from The LORD. Still, my best guess, I suspect the US has seen the last of her glory days. I think God has lost His patience with us. He has given us his blessings and we have shown Him our backs. How can we expect that he would continue to bless those who have forgotten Him. We are literally giving Him a bad reputation before the rest of the world. He is unable to point to us as an example of God fearing people.


I have written on reading before. However, it is important enough that it that should be revisited often.

First, schools do not always teach people how to read. Moreover, whenever possible, parents should teach their children starting at 4 or maybe 3. It will give your child a great head-start in school. Moreover, if your child can read when he enters school, it will improve his grades in other subjects as well.

Reading books will greatly increase his vocabulary and understanding of the world around him. This is true for reading for entertainment as well as learning.

Moreover, encourage your child to read every day. A little reading each day will improve the speed at which he reads. More important, it helps to develop that part of the brain used for reading. It is, so to speak, the way with all exercise. That which is exercised is developed. Therefore, the skills exercised and practiced early in life are better developed.

I read rather slow. At one time I got up to 300 words per minute. I am likely somewhat slower now, though it is subject dependent. When the subject is electronics of computers, I tend to go nearly twice as fast. I suspect it has to do with my interest.

Secondly, have your child read the Bible. As mentioned, I am a slow reader. Yet, I decided I would read two chapters a day. Some chapters were a lot longer; some shorter. Yet, by maintaining my discipline, I finished it all. Then I started all over again. I have read the Bible from cover to cover eight times at least. Some parts, of course more.

One important thing, as a result, when someone incorrectly quotes the Bible to me, I know it right away. No one needs to tell me. Oddly, there are many people going around incorrectly quoting the Bible. Many of them call themselves reverend. Many would like me to believe they are preachers of God’s Word. Knowing the Bible as I do, I generally realize their errors immediately. Even if I don’t, I generally have a strong suspicion. It only takes me a short time to confirm the suspicions or discount them.

Of all the things the Bible speaks of, the one most important thing is salvation, that is, how to make sure you will go to heaven. For those unaware, it has nothing to with all the good works you do. Indeed, there will be many “good men” who will spend eternity in hell. If you don’t believe me, read the Bible. Please don’t take my word for it. (By the way, the Bible is clear about it. If you are going to heaven you will know. If you don’t know, you really need to read the bible.)

It is one of the hardest things I have to deal with. I meet people who are very fine people. They are kind and do may wonderful things. Yet, on the cross, Jesus promised the thief that he would be with Him in paradise. Please tell me what good that thief did. What fortune did he give to the poor. He had nothing to give. He simply asked Jesus to remember him. It was a simple thing but so important. The thief realized his hopeless situation. He confessed his horrible person he was. Finally, he realized Jesus’ power to save and placed his faith in Him, both his power and his promise. (He believed. Therefore, Jesus saved him.)

It is the same way for all of us. There is only little variation. It is only when we realize the hopelessness of our situation; we confess and turn from the bad we have done; then we totally trust Jesus. When we try to trust in what we do or say, it says that we lack faith in Jesus’ power and or willingness to save us. If Jesus can’t or won’t save us, I assure, we cannot save ourselves.

You disagree with me? Read the Bible. Please read it for yourself. Don’t take my word for it. It is the primary reason I suggest you teach your child to read. If he reads the Bible, he will be less likely to be mislead by false teachers. In fact, most false religions will discourage you from reading the Bible. Martin Luther read the Bible and discovered that the Catholic Church had been misleading people for centuries. By the way, they also discouraged people from reading the Bible. They said, “We will read it and interpret it for you. You don’t have the understanding.”

My suggestion is simple. Read the Bible often and ask God to provide understanding. He can do it. He has written it so all can read it, not just the elite. I assure you, Satan does not want you to read the Bible. One of his biggest weapons in deceiving man is to keep everyone ignorant.

Another reason to read is to keep men from deceiving you about: history, government, economics, and basic law. To be sure, we do have to rely on lawyers, but there are some basic things we need to know for ourselves. It may keep us out of jail and it might keep others from defrauding us.

Certainly one of the primary reasons to become a good reader is to help us in our line of work. Certainly lawyers and doctors need to read. The worlds of medicine and law are changing daily. That case the lawyer takes on today just might drastically change in one or two days.

If a doctor were to stop reading, within ten years, he will likely be twenty years behind the state-of-the-art practice. There was a time a man could become a shade tree mechanic and support a family of 6 or 7 until he retired. However, cars now have computers. It has completely changed the world for mechanics.

Moreover, every year or two, they change the design of cars. A mechanic who can’t read is at big disadvantage.

Then too, there is reading for enjoyment. I read “Assignment in Brittany.” I liked it so much I read it two more times. Then I saw the movie that was based on the book. What a let down that was. Movies can be entertaining, but to really enjoy the plot, you need a good book. I suppose it is possible that they could have made the movie of “Assignment in Brittany” nearly as good as the book, but it would have had to be about 12 hours long. How many people do you know willing to sit through a 12 hour movie? Those making the movie simply didn’t have the time to let the story develop as in the book.

One more small thing. There are many more books to chose from than movies.

My Perspective on Recent Demonstrations

In 3 three words, they are wrong. All of us should stay within the confines of the law, no matter on which side of the isle we reside.

Nonetheless, I do understand it. For 8 or 9 months, those on the left did far more than demonstrate and not one democrat condemns it. Though many of us plead with the authorities to do something to discourage it, instead, they encourage it. When little children die, they remain silent, as if they are gagged.

For three years, the democrats, the media and the FBI yell “Russia, Russia, Russia!” without one bit of proof of any wrong doing. Then, you know what? Not one person, no not one lousy democrat ever offers an apology for the wrong they did… on purpose.

Maybe there isn’t yet proof of voting fraud, but there is proof that the law was broken. We all know this resulted in the theft of an election. A twelve year old can read the tea leaves.

And now, just one time, those who back President trump get a little outside the law, the left cries out to the president, “You caused it. You better get your people in line.”

Bear in mind. It was not the president that drove them to lawlessness, but the media, the democrats and the FBI. Yet, even in their anger, there is no looting. There is no killing. No statues are pulled down. There are no fires and there is no damage to private property.

The senators and representatives were moved for safety. Yet, I suspect they were never in any real danger.

On the other hand, had it been a leftest riot, there would have been firebombs, dangerous fireworks, clubs and the like. If one representative resisted, it would have resulted in his hospitalization or even his possible death.

Again, I do not defend the mob methods, from either side. However, when people keep being pushed, it is only a matter of time before they reach their breaking point. It should be expected. Indeed, it is the reason for the American Revolution. It is an example of the results of when reasonable men are forced beyond their breaking point.

The Mainstream Media Lost Too

Their still counting and recounting. The truth be told, the media does not call an election, regardless of what they might say. On a set day, at a set time, the electors meet and vote for the president. Only then is a president elected.

When all is said and done, President Trump might have to leave The White House but the mainstream media and the vast majority of the pollsters have big black eyes. Even Fox News got it wrong. They all said that Biden would win in a landslide. Didn’t happen. It is an undisputed fact that it was razor thin.

Indeed even the network anchors had to admit it was a real squeaker. Had the media and social networks not put every effort into pulling their man across the finish line, Biden would not have gotten close. Worse, their lies and predictions likely also effected the result.

Now, do you believe anyone with an ounce of intelligence will ever believe the pollsters or networks again. If they do, it will only be because it is wishful thinking.

As for me, I’ll not put any stock in the social networks. Actually, I never did. However, it only goes to proves my justification in my opinion of them.

Finally, those characters need to brace themselves. When the American voters figure out what the democrats are doing, they will first throw the rotten congressmen out and then, in 2024, they’ll throw Biden out, assuming he lives that long. Worse, for the media, most folks will put the media in the classification of fiction. No one will ever believe them again.

What Really Bothers Me About Jack Dorsey

I did watch the hearings on social media, though I could have predicted the outcome. I knew the three men testifying were very much biased. I don’t need a PhD to figure that out. It does bother me a little, but I expected it.

It was not much of a surprise to me that they would lie. It is sort of what democrats do. They can’t seem to help themselves. It did somewhat surprise me when Dorsey said he didn’t effect elections. I sort of figured it was one of his primary goals. As far as I can tell, it is still his main purpose in life.

However there was one thing that bothered me far more than anything else.

I had this uncontrollable urge to get a pair of scissors and cut his beard off about a quarter inch below his chin. I know it was impossible. Not only was there a great distance between us, I don’t think he would have allowed me to do it. Still, every time I saw his face appear on my H.D. TV screen, I wanted to find the scissors and reach into that image and rid him of that hidius growth.

Appointment of a new Justice

Over and over, I hear the question as to why the republicans should immediately appoint a new justice.

The answer is simple. The democrats would do it in a heartbeat and without any apologies. Wasn’t it Obama that said, “Elections have consequences?”

And by the way, wasn’t it Obama that tried to replace a justice right before he left office? And by the way, this was while the Senate had a republican majority. Obama had the right to try to appoint a justice and the Senate had the right to say no. It is sort of the way things work… it is sort of the way it says to do it in the constitution.

Now we have a legally elected republican president and a legally elected Senate. Appointing and confirming a new justice is not only legal, it is right. Maybe next time we have democrat president, he…or she will not be so flippant.