Sometimes I am Funny, Really

When standing in line at a fast food place, the young woman behind the counter asked me if I was going to tell a joke.

That kind of set me back on my heels. I have told my share of jokes, but while in a line waiting to order my food, I generally respect those behind me enough so that I don’t waste their time telling jokes. I can’t remember exactly what I said, but I did want to know why she asked. It seems I reminded her of an uncle who was always telling jokes.

To this I replied, “Mostly, I am only funny when I’m not trying.”

It was, I guess a little irony, because she seemed to know exactly what I meant. It was about the best laugh I ever got anywhere. I mean, generally, I do something or say something that makes people laugh. Some people get paid for that, you know. The problem is that it is not usually done or said to be funny.

Really, I don’t mind so much, usually. However, it is a shame I can’t get those wonderful laughs while I am trying.

Watch Out, Words HAVE MEANINGS

I watched an interview. I will leave the names out. They are not important. The important things are the words. The person being interview said we need to make sure only legal residents should be permitted to vote. Actually, that is incorrect. There are many legal residents that should not be allowed to vote.

First, not all legal residents are citizens and only registered citizens of age should be permitted to vote, and then only in their state and precinct. No one should be permitted to vote outside their precinct. It is sort of the way the founding fathers intended it. We do not need to have Mexicans or Canadians determining the outcome of our elections. Moreover, we do not need people in one county determining the outcome of another county’s election.

Just remember, a resident is not always a citizen. It seems sort of picky but it is so, so important.

Use Steel

I keep hearing that the price of wood keeps going up. The solution: use steel, or maybe aluminum.

Wood cannot be totally replaced, but using steel studs in the walls have a number of advantages. I don’t guess they are any cheaper, but they save more than enough time to make up the difference.

Moreover, they are not susceptible to termites or any other insects. If they get wet, it causes them no harm. The really neat part is that they are straight, which means you can make the corners of rooms truly square. That means, when you put that table in a corner, it will go up to the both sides of the corner completely.

Steel does have one more advantage, though you will likely not see it in the lifetime of a home. It is completely recyclable. Unlike wood, no matter how long that steel stud is in that wall, it can be melted down and tossed into a furnace and reused. The ought to really make the tree hugers happy. Less trees in the building; less waste later, during demolition.

Oh. And by the way, did I mention, in general steel does not burn, though it does melt.

The wood industry would not like it though. They are likely thrilled with the price of wood going up.

We Humans Take Things for Granted

There was a time when a hearing aid was a horn shaped thing that a person put to his ear. It concentrated the sound and did have limited success. I was reminded of the day when I saw a woman with a cochlear implant. It is a major advance for some who cannot hear.

It was first released a couple of decades ago and they are still experimenting with them. Every year they come out with improvements to them. Possibly, one day a person will be able to hear as well as normal. Moreover, they keep reducing the size of the external part of the device.

The first electronic hearing aid I saw was about the size of a cigarette pack and used vacuum tubes. It meant that people went through a lot of batteries and generally turned the things off when not needed. I guess the next in the evolution was the transistorized version. Because transistors don’t have filaments as tubes, the batteries lasted much longer. It allowed the size to be reduced as well, mostly half the size and smaller.

When the integrated circuits came on the scene, they often incorporated them into glasses. I had an aunt that was thrilled at that point, especially because she already needed to wear glasses. A small wire carried the audio signal to the earpiece and, unless a person looked hard, he’d not realize she had a hearing aid.

Now, of course, the whole thing fits inside the ear. And so it is that I have seen the whole evolution.

Still, the hearing aid could only do so much. Hence the cochlear implant. Up until it was invented, many were simply not able to hear at all. Moreover, the outlook was grim. The neat part about invention is that some who would not be able to speak are learning to speak very well. They will no longer be somewhat limited to society.

To me, it is the best part of the electronic evolution. One day, it just might be that the lame will walk and the blind will see, with the assistance of electronics and micro-miniature computers.

Then, on the other hand, there are those who want to use this fantastic tool for evil. They want to use it to keep track of every person, what they do and what they say. If anyone gets out of line, it will produce an exception report and that person will answer for it, even if what they are saying or doing is for mankind’s benefit.

You think this is not probable. Look how fast chloroquine got rejected because it was mentioned by President Trump. Now there is strong evidence that it might have saved thousands of lives had it been used early. It just might have been more effective at fighting off the epidemic than the vaccine.

Then again, the dems don’t care. They only have their self interest in mind. They only want to destroy Trump, his supporters and his ideas. It is the nature of evil, to destroy good and the truth and those who spread the truth. The dems prefer the dark and they prefer the lies that increase their power.

If they have to destroy true science in the process, then it is just another casualty of their assault on The Constitution.

Babe Ruth or Mickey Mantle?

Comparing the sluggers is something of a pastime. Which one was better? Some aspects of the players can be scientifically compared. Seems to me, but don’t quote me, Mantle has the record from when he hit the ball to first base. On the other hand, the Babe was also a terrific pitcher.

However, mostly, it is impossible to truly compare them. They played in a different time and against different players. They both faced different pitchers and they even played on slightly different fields. There are dozens of variables. It is, to be sure a good reason to keep the game rules relatively constant. Even then, they found that some of the records need asterisks because of the use of steroids.

Also, the conditions have changed. Some say that Roger Marris didn’t deserve the home run title because they played more games in a season than during the days of Ruth. Over time, it has become somewhat moot. Seems to me a couple more have exceeded the Babes old record.

Still, things are different today in many ways. Today we have all sorts of training aids. Using video recorders, a person can examine his swing and modify it to perfection. On the other side, the pitchers have the same advantage. If I had to guess, and I have, I would suspect that both the hitting and pitching have improved over the years.

There is one other factor that few figure into it. During the days of Babe Ruth, the population of the US was much smaller. Not only that, many of today’s players come from other countries. It greatly increases the selection pool. This in itself will likely increase what I call the talent co-efficient; for both the hitters and the pitchers. It could be argued that if today’s hitters went against the pitchers of Ruth’s day, all sorts of records would be set.

To be sure, it does make comparing players of different eras impossible. Moreover, it is even difficult to compare players of the same time. The players on the Yankees don’t face Yankee pitching. The pitchers on the Dodgers don’t ever have to face the Dodger hitters. I’m quite sure the Yankee pitchers in Ruth’s day were thankful they never had to face the Great Bambino or the likes of the Iron Man, Lou Gehrig.

It simply makes it impossible to truly compare abilities of players. Yet, to some degree, we can make some comparisons. Even if I played in the days of Ruth, I would have never made it into the major league. In some cases the comparisons are obvious.

This difficulty of comparisons holds true in all the major sports. Even so, there are those who stand out and we can say they are special within their sport. So to some degree, we can make some comparisons. However, the closer their abilities, the more difficult it is to say one is better than another, even when they play at the same time.

If only it were limited to sports. One president leaves office. Another comes in. The one that comes in says the previous man left a mess and he is doing well to get things straightened out. Most times, the truth is difficult to perceive.

On the other hand, with Biden, it is simple to tell that he is lying. In almost every way, indicators show that things have nose dived since he took office. If he were trying to destroy this country, he couldn’t be much more effective. And still he has, the last I heard, a 60 percent approval rating.

Maybe he would lose favor if he invited criminals across the southern border. Wait a minute. I think he already did that.


We all make mistakes, some of us more than others. When I type, I can’t get through a full line without my backspace key. I have heard people say that they hate having to buy erasers. Why is it that others should make their fortunes off my mistakes. Yet, erasers are made by the millions. As for me, my problem was that I wore out the erasers long before I ran out of pencil. When I was in school, I had to buy those little erasers that fit over the end of the pencil. Nowadays, with computers, I hardly ever pick up a pencil. I hadn’t thought of it till just now.

I am now 73 and I have made a lot of mistakes. The problem with that is that I am very good at remembering those moments when I hurt others, those moments I said a thoughtless thing or two. No matter what I do, even when I said I’m sorry, I still feel badly when something happens that reminds me of this or that or the other thing.

I like to say, at least I feel bad when I do something wrong. There are many who could care less that they just ruined someone’s life. Over the past few years, I have come to the conclusion that it is the difference between republicans and democrats, or at least one of the differences. And, I guess it is not a hard fast rule but it does seem to hold firmly.

Look at the woman that arranged the death of a diplomat and a couple of operators in Libya. Or, how about that president that withdrew our military from Iraq and permitted the murder of millions. Their deaths were by his hands and he did not so much as say he was sorry. I would suspect that not one dem lost one minute of sleep.

Then, of course, there is that president who stopped the pipelines resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs. Did he apologize to any one of them, privately or publicly. I think not. Did he lose any sleep over that? I’ll have no way of knowing but it certainly didn’t seem to bother him. In fact, he seemed proud of himself.

Dose it bother any of the dems to see the disaster at the southern border. Has so much as one dem said a thing about the kids walking up to the border patrol agents with tears in their eyes.

As near as I can tell, the dems have feigned feeling really, really bad about the way the African Americans live, but did any democrat president help any of them? Do they feel bad about that? To be sure, it is the pattern of the liberals. They promise the world until after they are elected. Then, they put abortion clinics into the Black neighborhoods and hope that they, the Blacks just go away, that is, until the next election.

Do the dems feel bad about any of this. Of course not. They weren’t mistakes. It was all done by plan and they are proud of what they’ve done, even when they are confronted with it. Do they lose any sleep over it? Not at all, not one bit. Apparently, it is not in their DNA. It was in their past. It only stands to reason it will be in their future. Just why is it that anyone should be surprised? The dems love the misery… of others.

The $100 Million-dollar Bribe

It’s been a while now that they decided to move the all star game to Denver. It is something I thought about quite a bit. Actually, to come right down to it, the dems didn’t have a reason to move the game, or so I thought. Really, the voting laws were not changed that much. They still have the vote by mail. The ID’s were already required.

Besides, to their point of view, it doesn’t matter. They plan on federal laws that will override any law Georgia would have anyway.

Then it dawned on me what it is really about. You see, Georgia, a republican state, lost 100 million dollars of commerce. Colorado, a dem state, gained 100 million dollars of commerce. Hence, it is simply a bribe. It has nothing to do with the laws that were passed. It was simply an excuse. It was a way for the dems to reward the democrat state while punishing the republican state. Hence, it was a bribe to the Colorado for voting democrat.

You don’t believe me? Do you think they would have moved the game to Texas or Florida? They might have moved it to Los Angeles, but why. For a state like California, the bribe would not have meant that much with their economy. Now Colorado, they could really use that kind of money.

So there it is. They took 100 million from a republican state and moved it to a democrat state. It should not surprise anyone. It is their MO. It happens all the time, but usually in congress.

Nonetheless, it is ill gotten gain. In the end they will pay for it ten times over. It is the way the Lord deals with people like that.


It is oh so easy to win the debate when one controls the meaning of the words. It is so amazing when one considers just how frequently the liberals have changed our vocabulary. I guess that is what one does when they the facts keep getting in the way.

20,000 Containers?

When I first heard of the ship being grounded cross-ways in the Suez Canal, I immediately had an idea. Maybe instead of building the canal, they should have just built a railway overland. The ships could unload and the cargo could be carried by rail. Then the ships could be reloaded and they would be on their way.

It is true that it would take time to load and unload, but the speed of the train would partially make that up. After all, the rail could be reasonably straight, which would allow the trains to run at, maybe 80 or 90 miles an hour. Then I heard that they had 20,000 containers on the ship.

Bear in mind, this is a rough calculation because I don’t have the exact numbers to work from. However, containers come in 10, 20 and 40 feet sizes. Train cars are up to 60 feet. That means you could put one 20 and one 40 foot container on each car. That assumes there are an equal number of 20 and 40 foot containers. Invariably, not all the railroad cars would not be fully loaded. For my calculation, I would consider that they are.

That would mean that it would take 10,000 railroad cars. That would mean that the train would need to be over a hundred miles long, actually more like 115 miles when you consider distance between cars and who knows how many locomotives.

My conclusion… I don’t think it would work. It would never be practical, though it could be done.

However, it does illustrate how big those ships are.