The $100 Million-dollar Bribe

It’s been a while now that they decided to move the all star game to Denver. It is something I thought about quite a bit. Actually, to come right down to it, the dems didn’t have a reason to move the game, or so I thought. Really, the voting laws were not changed that much. They still have the vote by mail. The ID’s were already required.

Besides, to their point of view, it doesn’t matter. They plan on federal laws that will override any law Georgia would have anyway.

Then it dawned on me what it is really about. You see, Georgia, a republican state, lost 100 million dollars of commerce. Colorado, a dem state, gained 100 million dollars of commerce. Hence, it is simply a bribe. It has nothing to do with the laws that were passed. It was simply an excuse. It was a way for the dems to reward the democrat state while punishing the republican state. Hence, it was a bribe to the Colorado for voting democrat.

You don’t believe me? Do you think they would have moved the game to Texas or Florida? They might have moved it to Los Angeles, but why. For a state like California, the bribe would not have meant that much with their economy. Now Colorado, they could really use that kind of money.

So there it is. They took 100 million from a republican state and moved it to a democrat state. It should not surprise anyone. It is their MO. It happens all the time, but usually in congress.

Nonetheless, it is ill gotten gain. In the end they will pay for it ten times over. It is the way the Lord deals with people like that.


It is oh so easy to win the debate when one controls the meaning of the words. It is so amazing when one considers just how frequently the liberals have changed our vocabulary. I guess that is what one does when they the facts keep getting in the way.

20,000 Containers?

When I first heard of the ship being grounded cross-ways in the Suez Canal, I immediately had an idea. Maybe instead of building the canal, they should have just built a railway overland. The ships could unload and the cargo could be carried by rail. Then the ships could be reloaded and they would be on their way.

It is true that it would take time to load and unload, but the speed of the train would partially make that up. After all, the rail could be reasonably straight, which would allow the trains to run at, maybe 80 or 90 miles an hour. Then I heard that they had 20,000 containers on the ship.

Bear in mind, this is a rough calculation because I don’t have the exact numbers to work from. However, containers come in 10, 20 and 40 feet sizes. Train cars are up to 60 feet. That means you could put one 20 and one 40 foot container on each car. That assumes there are an equal number of 20 and 40 foot containers. Invariably, not all the railroad cars would not be fully loaded. For my calculation, I would consider that they are.

That would mean that it would take 10,000 railroad cars. That would mean that the train would need to be over a hundred miles long, actually more like 115 miles when you consider distance between cars and who knows how many locomotives.

My conclusion… I don’t think it would work. It would never be practical, though it could be done.

However, it does illustrate how big those ships are.

It Doesn’t Matter

Longer back than I care to remember, I was walking through the King of Prussia Mall. I wasn’t shopping but killing time and looking around. From time to time I came across a woman, attractive in her mid twenties. She was whistling and I must admit very well.

However, she always whistled the same tune. Finally, I just had to ask, “Are you whistling Stranger in Paradise or Prince Igor. She broke into a big smile and replied, “I guess it doesn’t matter.”

For those familiar with the two works, you will know exactly what she was whistling. Prince Igor is an opera written by Alexander Borodin on or about 1869. Stranger in paradise uses essentially the same tune but is accredited to Robert Wright and George Forrest. It is from the musical Kismet but was made famous by Tony Bennett in 1953. The tune of Stranger in Paradise is essentially the same as that portion of Prince Igor.

Therefore, as she said, it didn’t matter. All but the most knowledgeable in such music could tell the difference from listening to the tune.

By the way, I have copies of both and I thoroughly enjoy them. By the way, I also enjoyed listening to the young lady in the mall.

Nonetheless, I have found there are many things that are called by different names. For instance drug stores in England are called chemists. Cats are also called felines and dogs are also called K-nines. In the old days, we used to call cars horseless carriages. A little more recently, they were automobiles. I have heard of truckers who were offended when you call their rig a truck.

Nowadays, we have a problem on the border, which was obviously caused by Biden. No matter what you want to call the problem, it is a disaster, a crisis or perhaps just a predictable catastrophe, the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane. So, the truth is, IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER what you call it. Does it? The kids are still going through pain and danger in very cramped conditions. The drug smugglers are still smuggling their dope. The criminals are still sneaking across the border while the Border Patrol take care of the kids. Those who traffic in prostitution and sweat shops still make their profits. Oh. And by the way, it is quite possible that one or two terrorists made it into the country. The thing about that is that we won’t know until one of them sets his bomb off, who knows where or when. In that case, it really does matter, but it would seem it doesn’t matter to the dems at all. The refuse to consider it.

Armed Insurrection?

I do love the way these democrats and media, mostly same thing, carelessly throw their words around. Every one of them said it was an armed insurrection. Yet, according to Jill Sanborn, Assistant Director of the Counterterroism Division of the FBI, not one weapon was found in the entirety of those that rushed the Capitol Building. Moreover, the only gun that was fired was by one by the Capitol Policeman… the one that killed the unarmed woman.

As a side note, we still do not know what killed the policeman, not a fire-extinguisher as first reported by the media. More false news. The other three that died apparently were not killed by weapons. However, they were apparently all President Trump supporters. That means, other than the policeman, all those who died were Trump supporters. (We don’t know about the policeman)

If it was an armed insurrection, it must have been poorly planned and executed worse. It would seem no one remembered to bring the arms (weapons).

Firstly, I really don’t think it was suggested by President Trump. However, at this point, we can positively drop the word “Armed,” because no one was. Secondly, it only goes to prove the lies the democrats will go in order to ruin the reputation of a man with an R after his name. Finally, it only helps to prove the link between the dems and the media. Not only did they all say the same thing, they all used the same vocabulary to say it, sort of as if it were all prearranged. Surely they didn’t do that, did they?

A Little Irony

It appears that Cuomo just might be forced to resign over the three women he sexually abused. The irony is that he may never have to answer for killing 15,000 people. It would seem that Russian had it right. He said, if you kill one it is murder. If you kill a million, it is a statistic. Well, now Cuomo has his stats, though not a million. On the other hand, Obama did and he got off without so much as a slap on the wrist. Moreover, I don’t think either of them suffer a loss of sleep.

I guess the lesson of this story is that if you want to kill a bunch of people, make sure you hold and important government position and make sure you kill a lot more than one. You might not sleep at night, but you’ll avoid any punishment.

It is Different Now

I guess a few years ago I wrote a post about people lining up on the border and just walking north. If they had guns, it would be considered an act of war.

It’s different now. Guess what? They now have guns!!! and they are using them.



It seems impossible, but it was before I was married when I saw the exhibition of the robot depiction of Abraham Lincoln at Disneyland. That seems a long time ago and I am sure they have made enormous improvements to the science. They are likely more realistic, quieter and more able to stand alone. The one I saw likely had a cable the size of my leg going off somewhere which controlled every move the robot made.

Nonetheless, I was very impressed at the robot. More than that, I had never heard the speech before and I found it very moving.

Here lately, I’ve seen a number of speeches by Biden. After a while, I figured out what he reminded me of. The motion, the mannerisms and the slow actions reminded me of the robot I saw over fifty years ago.

I shook my head over the thought. Could it be? Of course not. No one would dare try such a thing. Moreover, they can’t possibly have improved robots to that point. I mean, Biden walked, even ran up to the podium before speaking. I guess the one thing that really convinced me that he is human were the mistakes. I mean, if they are going to replace a person with a robot, surely they wouldn’t go so far as to duplicate the mistakes as well, though it would help the realism.

There is one advantage of such a robot. It would be totally controlled by those who are behind him. It would mean that that Biden wouldn’t be making the decisions but a bunch of criminals behind the scenes.

I am something of a sci-fi fan. It certainly would make a good plot for a book, especially a futuristic book. Could such a thing happen today? Of course not. At least I don’t think so. Then again, I don’t see much difference. His people tell him what to do, what to say. That is sort of like a robot.

They Called ‘Truth’

The official newspaper was called “Pravda,” which means truth. In other words, the Soviets wrote lies and called them truth. It is an example, a demonstration that calling something the truth doesn’t always make it so.

On the other side of the coin, the truth is the truth and it cannot be made a lie, as the dems would like to do. The one thing that confuses me, when they say up is down and down is up, half the county believes them. They don’t question it. To be sure they call the lie the truth and, lo and behold, most many have little or no doubt. Those that have enough sense to figure it out are very cautious to openly question the lie. Look what happened to President Trump when he dared to doubt the Pravda of the dems. He was impeached, not once but twice.

Let’s look at one thing Biden did, prevent the oil pipeline. Let’s look at the repercussions.

  1. Over 1000 people lost their jobs in one day. It was said they can get other jobs. However, the fact is that 1000 families will be going hungry for a while and Biden characteristically doesn’t care. It is possible that one or two families will lose their homes. Several family dogs will be going into shelters or just turn lose to fend for themselves.
  2. The cost of oil and gasoline will go up. Those who can afford it least will be affected by it the most, those that must drive to and from work and those who use vehicles for their work. Farmers and truckers will have to pay more for diesel and all of us will have to pay more for heating and AC.
    On the other hand, the Arabs and Russians will be cheering at the higher profits they will get for their oil. It will also likely help that horrible dictator in Venezuela. It is not a side effect. It is planned. Bidden wants to help the monster. He likes the man. The two of them have a great deal on common.
  3. The tourist industry industry will suffer, this after they are already suffering from the virus. If people have to pay more for gas, they will do less traveling. Of course, tourist must travel. It sort of goes hand and hand.
  4. This will invariably have repercussions throughout the country: in refineries, manufacturing and the cost of finished goods.
  5. Perhaps worst of all, along with the moratorium on fracking, will put us at the mercy of other countries for our energy. We will have to bend to the will of those countries producing energy.
  6. Finally, the oil will not be stopped by stopping the oil line. It is ridiculously to think so. The oil will simply travel by other means: rail, barge and truck. All of these methods are more dangerous, less efficient, and far more expensive.

Let’s face it. Pravda got it wrong then and Biden is getting it wrong now. The question is, is it because he doesn’t know better or because he is doing it on purpose. The one is as bad or worse than the other. In the end, damage is just as bad.