Wonderful, Wonderful Gold

If gold is such a wonderful investment, why is the man who created Microsoft investing his billions in farm land.

Maybe he has some gold stashed away but think of it. No thief can walk off with a few acres of corn producing land. As long as he pays taxes, he makes money from the corn and realizes a healthy return on the increase in the value of the land.

Moreover, if some really bad disaster comes along, the gold could become worthless. Land, and the food grown on it, will always have value.

Has Anyone Considered This Option?

I keep hearing complaints about guns being stolen out of cars. It would be the obvious question is… who builds cars that have a secure compartment? Does anyone offer an aftermarket solution? I haven’t seen any ads for them. I don’t know. Maybe they are available. Certainly, if I had enough money, I could go somewhere and have such a compartment built. However, can the regular John Doe have such a compartment built for a reasonable price?

Seems to me like a real good option for the auto makers to provide. I do wonder just how difficult it would be to have one built in or added. The current secure boxes lack one thing. They are not secure. Mostly, a thief will simply see the secure box and run off with it. Better to put the secure box in plain sight and hide the gun elsewhere.

The need for a secure location in a car is obvious. Sometimes, the owner must leave his gun behind, in the car, kind of unattended. In the old days, people left rifles on racks in the back windows of pickups. That doesn’t work so well anymore. Unlike in past times, the world is full of thieves that just love to steal guns. That was in a time when criminals, such as thieves were put in prisons instead of turned lose to walk the city streets… looking for things to steal.

For my aside, I wonder just how many weapons are stolen from police cars, not that I’m making any suggestions.


Ever had a situation where your straw was too short, and it falls into the drink. Ever had one that was too long and it sticks way up where it can easily get caught, possibly tipping a drink over. To some degree, I found a solution. I bought some stainless-steel straws, which prompted an idea. Twelve-inch stainless-steel straws in four-inches sections, joined by plastic. If you need a twelve-inch straw, put all three sections together. If you need an eight-inch straw, use two sections.

All three sections could be stored in an easy-carry container, which would also keep them clean and ready to use. This would make them easier to use in restaurants, as a guest at a party or friend’s home, or in a vehicle. A small brush could be included in the kit for cleaning them. They could easily be stored in a pocket or purse.

With more and more restaurants using the paper straws that get wet and collapse halfway through your beverage. Conceivably, it might help with kids who have a tendency to chomp down on the weak paper straws. It’s possible they could be made in multiple colors and even designs on them. I wonder if they would sell with Cowboy logos on them.

Then, on the other hand. I guess we could all dink our beverage without straws as we did in the days of old. However, this has a hazard. We would all have white mustaches after drinking our milk… or maybe brown for those that prefer chocolate milt.

A Word on AARP

I noticed AARP has started an ad campaign, for purposes I know not why. However, before you blindly buy their line, permit me to explain what they did for me.

They endorsed Obama care, which very likely pushed it over the edge of success, which caused the American health care system to take a huge nose dive.

However, as I said, this is about what they did to me. It was sort of bad timing. After I retired, my wife was required to subscribe to Obama care. That meant on average, one grand a month for over three years. The math is simple; $36,000. It drained a good percentage of my IRA.

Thanks Obama.

Thanks AARP.

Thanks dems.

Needless to say, I don’t believe their ads. Needless to say, I flat don’t believe them and their ads. Besides all this, I refuse to do business with any organizations they endorse. When I sign up for insurance, I tell my agents I don’t want anything to do with AARP, no matter the cost.

I would hope others would do likewise.

I don’t want any apology. I don’t want any compensation. I just want AARP to just go away.

Taxes, Churches and the US Government

From my youth, I found nothing wrong with tax exempt status for churches. Indeed, I was among the majority thinking it was a good idea.

Over the years, I’ve gradually changed my mind. By providing tax exempt status, Uncle Sam can control the actions & activities of the churches. Right now, they claim they cannot maintain their tax exempt status and take part in politics.

There are at least three problems with this. First, the scope of the definition of politics keeps enlarging. Most certainly this will continue, eventually envading the very foundations of Christianity. Already, it has started and it will only get worse.

Secondly, in many cases, the IRS intentionally go after churches and church oriented organizations (such as Christian schools) they don’t like. All the while, they ignore organizations they do like. [Incidentally, this is blatantly unconstitutional. The government may not prosecute one organization and let another do the same thing. ]

Third, it is an indirect method of providing funding of a political group while blocking another. It’s not just illegal; it’s blatantly wrong…encouraging churches to sin in the sight of God.

To my way of thinking, a preacher in a church should not have any restrictions on what is said behind the pulpit. It is indeed fundamental to the First Amendment. The exempt status is simply an end around run at that Amendment and the Constitution, itself.

Likely, the best way around the exception is for the churches to simply don’t claim exempt status. This would make it difficult for them to complete with other churches. On the other hand, it would free the preachers to do that which they should do anyway. Perhaps, it will give Christians from other churches some much needed guidance as well.

Regardless, I wonder. Would the church that speaks out really lose that many members? Would the members they lose be that much of a loss.

Mostly, it is time we send a message. God is not subject to the dems. Those who subject themselves to God, serve the LORD rather than man. In my way of thinking, that would be a good thing…for the Christians, for the churches and for the USA. However, I think that the dems wouldn’t like it so much.

A Threshold

I don’t know if it’s proper post etiquette but I’m going to take a chance. I’d really like to thank my followers as I now have 100.

It has been, I guess, a little over 2 years since I started.

Oh. By the way, I would not mind if y’ll spread the word. Maybe it won’t take as long for next hundred.

What Scares Me About Last Election

I could go on tirades about all the lies told by the dems. I could go on and on about the foolishness of open borders and giveaway programs. I might even remind everybody about the stupidity of putting mentally challenged people into office.

The thing is, it’s all pointless. I can shout it from the highest hilltops; distribute it throughout the valleys.

It simply won’t do any good while the vast majority prefer the lies after they hear the truth. It serves no purpose to throw a life preserver to people who prefer to drown.

What scares me is when the people are tossed flashlights, they prefer to live in the dark. No amount of truth will help those who actively prefer to believe the lies.

It is no wonder the dems lie. It is no wonder the great darkness is closing in. It is no wonder that life is leaving when the masses prefer the death.

To be sure, John, in the first chapter of John, tells us that about people preferring the dark. I understood what he said. I believed what he said. I just never before realized just to what degree.

Work in Progress

For those who have been wondering, I am still writing. The problem lately is that I have been impeded. You see, I have a cat on my case.

The cat’s name is Goldie and he is doing his best to slow me.

In reality, I am in the process of writing two more in the Floater series. The real hindrance is a broken computer. The demand the cats have for my attention isn’t helping much either. This one in particular likes to jump up on the keyboard of my laptop and dance on the keys. I have no idea who taught him that. Maybe my wife. I told her we didn’t need any cats.

Jesus Died

It is an easy thing to take for granted. On the other hand many argue He did not not die on the cross. And yet He was fully in control of the situation. At any moment, he could have said, “Enough. I don’t want to go through it.” And it would have stopped immediately.

The Bible says that people mocked him, saying He, He Cannot save. He could and He didn’t. Some ask why. It was the plan. Before the earth was formed, it was the plan.

Jesus knew he was going to die. He knew he would go through great pain. Today we speak of it and yet hardly give Him or the event a thought.

Then, there was that moment in time when Jesus asked the Father why He had forsaken Him.

Again, we ask why did Jesus ask such a thing. We ask how such a thing can be.

Then, when we really consider it all, we again ask why?

I wish I could fully understand it. I wish I could even halfway understand how his death saveed me, but it did and it does. Moreover, it makes it possible for all of us. His death, the shedding of His blood, changed everything.

This much I do know. It was absolutely necessary for my salvation and for the salvation of everyone. There is absolutely no other way a person can enter heaven. Don’t you think Jesus would have known if there was some other way? AND if there was, don’t you think He would have avoided the pain of the cross. AND, if there was no other way for Jesus, then there is no other way for us. If you think there is you are wrong. Sooner or later, you will realize this.

It is why He died. It is also why He arose again. For us the belief in one event is as important as the other. If you choose not to believe in His death and resurrection, then death, real separation from God and heaven awaits you.

He has died for you, to give you the choice for life. To ignore the choice is to choose death.

Unlike Jesus’s death, your death will be permanent and forever. That means that it will also be without hope.