Caution! WARNING!

The question of the day is, “Will the one person in this world who reads all those cautions and warnings that come with those wonderful products raise his or her hand.” My reasoning tells me there can’t be more than one in this world. OK. Maybe two.

I can’t remember exactly when. Seems like it was in the early 80s when I heard a news story about two men who sued Sears and won. It seems Sears did not caution against using a lawn mower to trim hedges. Now I don’t know about you but I would hope most people, the human type, would actually realize the Hazzards of such a thing. Besides, I would think it’s a little awkward.

Nonetheless, I’m sure the Sears corporation started adding the proper caution. Even more, their lawyers likely met in some big room and started dreaming up dozens of other cautions and warnings to keep their company out of the courtrooms.

I also suspect that many other outfits, large & small, took note. And now the trees are falling so that thousands of companies can have paper to print millions of pages of warnings and cautions, which never-ever get read.

Indeed, it has defeated the very purpose of them. And so it is that people suffer because of too much caution ⚠️.

It is, however, nice to know that the big corporations will suffer no loss. The info is there. If we don’t read it, it’s our fault, not theirs.

Sometimes, I wonder if our lawyers, law makers and those looking to get rich quick in the courtrooms will be the downfall of this country.

Regardless, we know the lawyers and those who write the laws will do really well, until we the folks that put up with them get tired of it all.

It’s about time we do away with this absurdity, that is, before it does away with us.

Now, let’s see. Do you suppose a lawnmower could be safely modified to trim hedges. Maybe those 2 men had a brilliant idea after all.

What It Used to Be Was News

I suppose I’m dating myself. So be it. There was a time each day when the TV stations transmitted actual, real news. As times have gone by, not so much.

We get ten minutes of weather, ten minutes of sports and ten minutes of propaganda. Somewhere in there, we get a minute or so of traffic.

Somehow, they get away with calling that news. Now that is just crazy nuts.

Oh! And by the way. Ten minutes of really stupid advertising is distributed through it all. Sometimes, if were lucky, we actually get two or three minutes of news out of 30 minutes of what they call news.

In a way, this just might say more about the viewers than the NEWS programing. I’ll let you judge.

Running & Hiding

After Adam & Eve ate the fruit, they ran and hid from God. When I first heard the story as a child, I thought that was dumb. I mean who can hide from God.

Yet, to this day, men think they can run from God. We seek darkness in hopes that He can’t see what we do. One well-known prophet even tried to escape into the depths of sea. Can you believe an adult would try such a thing?

It is the nature of man to run from God as we seek safety from his wrath. What we should do; the right thing to do; the thing most beneficial for us is to run toward God as fast as we can. He is our provider and he is our protector. He has promised us love and mercy. Why then do we run. Why do we hide.

Whatever the reason, we have had millenia of practice. In every case it has not worked out well for us. Do you suppose it might be time for us to learn and rush to Him for a change. It seems us humans must always learn the hard way.

A Fascinating Question

The other day I heard a comedian tell a joke that prompted a question that I found fascinating, though I must admit most would not.

Suppose the house next to you just became vacant and you just found out that God was going to move into it. Of course, the question is ludicrous. Yet, the question still intrigues me. It launched me into hours of thought.

The comedian suggested that most would be horrified at the idea. To be sure, He would be close enough to observe everything that is done and overhear all arguments. How embarrassing that would be.

The thing that actually makes the question so ludicrous is that God does not need to be standing next to us to know our every thought. Actually, he’d not be surprised by anything we say or do. He knew them before the earth was.

I would like to think that I would be thrilled, though I can’t say that with any surety. I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to visit my neighbor once or twice a day and converse with the person who made everything.

Then again, we really can do that anyway. He is everywhere and He can carry on a conversation with any of us any time He wants. To some, I suppose it’s comforting. To others, maybe frightening.

It’s what makes the question fascinating.

Half and Half and Half

Due to a cost of living increase, I am now getting more for my Social Security. I spend about half of it for groceries, about half of it on higher costs of energy and about half of it on everything else.

Typical dems. The more they help me, the worse off I am. I am advancing very quickly to the rear.

Something to Remember

Some things cannot always be counted on. However, it will be a good idea to remember that there is one thing that will never fail you. It cannot be seen. It has no taste or smell. It cannot be removed or stopped, stolen or removed. It can be denied, but it does nothing to decrease its effectiveness.

Scientists and mathematicians have spent countless hours trying to understand it. Some have actually tried to explain it. It needs neither air nor water nor mass through which to travel. No matter what, it just seems to be there, doing what it does.

How is it that gravity, under any name, exist. Without being seen or really even felt, we all should keep in mind that it does exists.

Now, let’s see. It seems that there are folks that say they don’t believe in God because we can’t see or hear him. Yet, God is more real than gravity. He and He alone created it. He controls it. All would do well to remember that God, the sole creator, is real. It is a bad thing to discover it after you see Him, face to face.

A Real Friend?

You have an accident and dozens of lawyers are instantly your friend. They tell you how they will sue the other guy and make you a fortune. Then those barristers find out how little money the other guy has, and suddenly you’re on your own.

It’s the way the real world works.

Therefore, if someone is going to hit that car of yours, make sure he has a lot of money or insurance. I speak from experience. There are those out there driving old cars without insurance. That’s why we carry uninsured motorists.

On the other hand, if both parties have money, look out. That is how lawyers become rich.

Walkathon to Help Victims of Human Trafficking

Sounds good. Appears to be a wonderful endeavor.

However, it’s empty. It provides little help.

You think I’m heartless? Think again. The heartless people are those who, by plan, have encouraged the masses to leave their own country to come to America. It has established excellent opportunities for those who traffic in humans, the children, the young as well as adults.

By the way, the open border has also greatly increased the power of the criminals, drug smuggling (which has caused drug deaths), importing of disease (TB, AIDS, the China virus, and who knows something not yet named), and annihilated national defense.

You really want to cut down human trafficking, close the border. It will do more good than you’ll ever know. By the way, the cartels would be the ones most hurt by a closed border with a tall fence. Leave the border open and you’ll hurt those you are saying you want to help.

We’re not just talking pain and suffering, but in many cases death.

The Good Guys Always Win!

I was brought up in the era of Roy Rodgers, Gene Autry and The Cisco Kid. The good guy always won; the bad guys were caught and thrown into jail always. Naturally, the guy wearing a white hat eventually won the fight, though the bad guys never fought fair.

You can imagine my disappointment when my idealism faded over the years. I started seeing bad guys pick on good guys and they even started winning the fights. Indeed, fairness did not always prevail. Repeatedly, I saw big bully types win.

Many a time, I saw and heard of evil winning the day. Can you believe it, I have even heard of babies, 2 or 3 getting killed by stray bullets or sometimes by their own parents. Then there are the respected women who pay doctors to have their unborn children torn into pieces for convenience or little more.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were someone, somebody who is really good who could set it all straight? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone around who can and will take vengeance against those who wear black hats and force their will on those of us not as strong.

It would be oh so horrible if the ruler of the universe wore a black hat, figuratively. We certainly don’t need a villain in charge of everything.

Isn’t it a good thing that God is perfectly good, perfectly merciful and loves us all enough to send His Son to die for us.

What a shame it is that we ignore him.

However, in the end, there will be a judgment. The villains and the bullies, the Hitlers, the Stalins and the Maos will stand and be given one last chance to defend their actions. Most of us know what will happen to them then.

THEN, THE GOOD GUYS WILL WIN AND THE BAD GUYS WILL LOSE. The bad guys will wish that they were going to jail. The conditions in American prisons are far more bearable.

I would like to say that, forewarned, the bad guys will change their ways. However, experience has taught me otherwise.

As an aside, I wonder what Joe’s defense will be. I wonder what Obama will have to say about hope and change. I wonder if Adam Schiff will still be saying he has proof of collusion.

What Scares Me About Last Election

I could go on tirades about all the lies told by the dems. I could go on and on about the foolishness of open borders and giveaway programs. I might even remind everybody about the stupidity of putting mentally challenged people into office.

The thing is, it’s all pointless. I can shout it from the highest hilltops; distribute it throughout the valleys.

It simply won’t do any good while the vast majority prefer the lies after they hear the truth. It serves no purpose to throw a life preserver to people who prefer to drown.

What scares me is when the people are tossed flashlights, they prefer to live in the dark. No amount of truth will help those who actively prefer to believe the lies.

It is no wonder the dems lie. It is no wonder the great darkness is closing in. It is no wonder that life is leaving when the masses prefer the death.

To be sure, John, in the first chapter of John, tells us that about people preferring the dark. I understood what he said. I believed what he said. I just never before realized just to what degree.