Something to Remember

Some things cannot always be counted on. However, it will be a good idea to remember that there is one thing that will never fail you. It cannot be seen. It has no taste or smell. It cannot be removed or stopped, stolen or removed. It can be denied, but it does nothing to decrease its effectiveness.

Scientists and mathematicians have spent countless hours trying to understand it. Some have actually tried to explain it. It needs neither air nor water nor mass through which to travel. No matter what, it just seems to be there, doing what it does.

How is it that gravity, under any name, exist. Without being seen or really even felt, we all should keep in mind that it does exists.

Now, let’s see. It seems that there are folks that say they don’t believe in God because we can’t see or hear him. Yet, God is more real than gravity. He and He alone created it. He controls it. All would do well to remember that God, the sole creator, is real. It is a bad thing to discover it after you see Him, face to face.

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