TheOverlooked Commandment

If you ask the thief why he stole the 35 dollars from the woman, most times, if he’s honest, he will say, “I wanted it.” Naturally, many murders are committed why? For robbery. If you ask the politician why he accepted the bribe, he’ll admit he wanted that 100 grand, or that really nice car, or that really big boat. If we were able to ask Hitler why he took Austria and Poland; if he replied honestly, he’d say he wanted them and the power. He coveted the material and the power.

I don’t offhand remember the name of the Babylonian king, but the Bible makes it clear his motivation for capturing Judah was to take gold. History is full of folks who wanted things, power and fame; so they took them.

I think we can safely say that many horrible, major and minor world events began with lust. In the Tenth Commandment, “Thou shalt not covet.”

Most of us pay do not pay proper attention to the Commandment. Well, it is sort of difficult to measure or punish by humans. I mean, just how many folks are thrown in the county jail because he wanted someone’s really beautiful black stallion. On the other hand, in the old west, if a person took a man’s mount from him, he could end up at the end of a rope.

If somehow, I could wave the proverbial magic stick and rid the minds of all mankind of all covetousness, the world would suddenly become a pretty nice place.

The problem is that we cannot rid the world of coveting. So we must also put up the results: robbery, murder, adultery and wars.

Even so, teaching our youth would likely be a good idea. This by parents, from the pulpits and in the schools. At least I can’t see how it would hurt.

Please permit me this short afterthought. Maybe someone should have told Joe, his family and his friends the virtues of the obedience of The Tenth Commandment.

New Word

Recently I learned a new word. Allow me a correction? It’s not a new word at all. It’s hundreds of years old. I just heard the word recently so it’s new to me. I looked it up to insure I have the meaning right. It seems the word is based on the two Greek words: ploutos meaning wealthy and kratos meaning power or ruling.

When I first heard the word, I was silly enough to wonder if it was somehow tied in with the name of the Disney dog, Pluto but it would appear that I was as far as the east is from the west. All right. Some of us aren’t so bright. At 73, I still like to refer back to my boyhood days when one of my favorite TV programs was Disneyland.

The word, plutocrat might easily be confused with other words with similar meanings such as astocracy (generally associated with nobility) or oligarchy as would seem to be the case in Russia.

The important thing about the subject, it would appear that, in one way or another the rich do affect our government at every level. In the past we had those who built the big monopolies, also referred to as robber barrons.

Of course these are all poor replacements for democracy, that is government by the people. It would appear no nation can be completely dissociated from rule by gold. Even in nations that brag of their wanders of communism, also called socialism.

I’m sure there are experts in our nation who can call out those who rule other countries by and for their weath. As for me I turn my interest to the USA.

However, I would like to point out that there are 4 basic groups of the wealthy in these parts. Some simply wish to do business. Of course, they do have interest in the government but only to permit fair and proper business practice.

There are those that seek power for the sake of gaining wealth and power. The dems are well peppered with this type. If you doubt, consider Pelosi, Biden, and the like who have no wealth other than what they gained in office. I believe these are most accurately described by the new word, plutocrat.

Lest you think I’m more interested in politics than truth, let me say the Republicans also have their share of plutocrats. They are also known as RINOS, Republicans in name only. The current minority leader in the Senate and a couple of the former speakers of the house. The plutocrat can easily be found. One not need search too deep. They have great wealth and they gained almost all from their government position.

Then, there are those who had their wealth before being elected to office and, if they gain wealth in office, it is incidental. Although the Kennedys meet this criteria, i hesitate to put them in this category being as their wealth was obtained by illegal methods. Indeed, they maintained their connection with those still practicing such things. Moreover, John and Ted Kennedy continued to take advantage of their power and wealth after being elected to office. Consider the cover-ups with Marilyn Monroe and Mary Jo Kopechne. (Oh, if only they could take the witness stand.)

Some, perhaps millions would say the same about Trump. It is not the point of this post to defend the former president. However, I will quickly say this. During his presidency, his wealth decreased, the vast majority of those with the least wealth gained the most. And, last but not least, no former ladyfriends ended up dead under suspicious conditions.

Then, there are the ones such as George Soros. There are a few of them. They have billions of dollars to throw around and they seem to want to use it for destruction of our nation and our way of life. For what purpose, I simply have no idea. Perhaps it’s idealism gone astray. My guess is he has the same idea that men have throughout history; world domination. He, and those like him, want to use their fortunes to rule the world. It has been a dream of the Pharoahs, the Babylon kings, and so forth.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a power hungry plutocrat ruling the world. I don’t even want one ruling our country.

I know of no way of limiting the power of plutocrats, robber barons or whatever you want to call them. But perhaps it might start when the news media, dems and RINOS stop helping them.

As an aside, I have written a group of books I call The Floater Group. In them, the floaters are the protagonists and the controllers are the villains. The controllers bear a resemblance, of a sort, to plutocrats. It’s a shame I didn’t know the word plutocrat back when I began writing. Maybe instead of The Controllers Organization, I could have called it The Plutocrat Association.

Jesus Alone Saves

There is a church on a corner, which has a sign that clearly says, “Jesus alone saves.” I’m told that, from time to time, the preacher of the church gets a phone call complaining about the sign. I suspect maybe one or two of the complaints were a little threatening.

I really don’t get a kick out of the complaints but it does illustrate a point. There is no person on earth who gets more angry at such a sign as them that need it. Such a sign causes no harm, no damage. Yet, many atheist fear the signs as if they will hunt them down and instantly convert them, regardless.

The thought is, of course, ludicrous. God does not force salvation on anyone. He does provide us with the information, the opportunity and a little encouragement from time to time but he never forces anyone to accept salivation.

The question comes to mind, just why is the devout atheist afraid of 3 words to the point that it drives them to such hate? Just why is it that it drives a man to complain and even threaten.

Actually, it goes further than that. It can cause strife between brothers or sisters. Should a son say a word to his father, the father might banish the son from his presence. It’s not something that might happen. It occurs, possibly, daily.

We who try to help our fellow humans are in danger of, figuratively losing that part of us that thinks simply for trying keep a man from something worse than physical death.

You doubt me? Here’s one for you. Sometime when you’re at an office Christmas party, try mentioning something about the birth of Christ and why He died for us. Must I explain, it is His birth we are celebrating. On the other hand, could it be the birth is an excuse to drink and get drunk?

For my aside today, maybe I can take this opportunity to remind one and all of the 1st amendment. That sign is on church property and the church has every right to put it there, at least for now. Just as we can change TV channels, no one is required to read the sign, though it would likely be a better world if people would read it and head it. As I mentioned, the atheists are the ones who need that little piece of truth the most.

Everyone Knows

In light of events during the last couple of decades, I have become well aware of something. It would seem prayer is far more acceptable after a disaster.

Prayer is never acceptable in school until some of the students are killed by someone, conceivably under control of a demon. Then, suddenly, it is encouraged by… everyone. This, of course, includes all reporters, law enforcement agencies and who knows how many that call themselves atheist.

A storm comes through. Trees are toppled. Streets turn into rivers and houses are either flattened by the wind or washed away by the flooding. Suddenly, those in the media become great proponents of prayer. Naturally, the last time they prayed was when they were invited over to their aunt’s for turkey and yams.

An explosion occurs at a big industrial plant and someone somewhere says, “Let’s please pray for the victims and their families.”

It would seem everyone knows that prayer is far more effective after the fact. Who would ever think of saying any kind of prayer before the disasters.

I don’t suppose it occurred to everyone that, sometimes, prayer just might have prevented some of these disasters. Just maybe, some of tho

se killed in these disasters are dead because prayer in schools before disasters is not permitted.

On the other hand, after people, sometimes children, die, it is fervently encouraged.

The deaths might be prevented. However, they just simply they can never be replaced.

Let’s Risk A Little Common Sense

The Ten Commandments, and God seem to be under attack from about every corner of society, dumb as that is. Oddly, society is in turmoil in every direction. Do yo suppose that the one thing just might have something to do with other?

Maybe we could compromise. The libs love the concept of compromise. They also love the idea of keeping The Ten Commandments out of the courts, schools and colleges. Why can’t we allow some of them back in? What would be wrong about teaching one and all, Thou shalt not murder?

Just maybe it should be required to be posted in every courtroom, every classroom and every lecture hall. Just what would that hurt. Why should anyone fear those words.

While we’re at it, maybe we could also post Thou shalt not bear false witness. Is there anyone who is openly in favor of murder and false statements. It is truly divine common sense to be against those things. Truly, if these evils are discouraged, how can it cause harm.

While we are at it, maybe we should be taught from our childhood that theft bad. What is the harm of posting virtually everywhere, Thou shalt not steal? Are we really afraid that it would destroy anything but evil.

Indeed, maybe it’s a good thing to rethink this idea of banning the posting of The Ten Commandments. Do you suppose that the real common sense approach to fixing all these recent day’s problems is to put The Ten Commandments back into our society.

Then again, maybe we can’t do that because it makes those who prefer the darkness over light uncomfortable. After all, what liar would want to see, “Thou shalt not bear false witness,” everywhere they go. What adulterer wants to see, “Thou shalt not commit adultery, ” everywhere look.

You see, no one wants to look in the mirror and see the ugliness in their life. The pain in the conscience is just so, so great.

Infinity Boggles the Mind

Even as a youngster, before anyone brought up the subject of infinity, I had thoughts on the subject. Consider, if we go to the edge of space, where there is a sign, “Space ends here,” just what is it that we find on the other side of the edge? Is there a barrier? If so, what is it that is on the other side of the barrier?

Then, in the eleventh grade, I took geometry. This is where I leaned the definitions of a line and a ray. The ray has an origin (where it begins) and it extends out into infinity. That is to say, it has but one end. The other so-called end does not exist. Now the line is twice as bad, or so to speak, twice as long. It has a starting point somewhere out in infinity, passes through our locale, and then goes out into infinity the other way.

Tell me how that makes sense. We as humans quickly learn that everything has a beginning and an end. If a line is infinitely long, it doesn’t begin, nor end does it end. If we measure a ray in feet, or light-years, it has an infinite number of both. Figure that out. And, by the way, it only stands to reason that a line has twice as many of both feet and light-years.

However, if we double infinity, what is the product of the multiplication. (2 X Infinity = four times the confusion)

As I say, it bogles the mind. We simply cannot understand it. This side of our mortality, we never will, though there have been two or three who have tried in to explain it. I really do wish I could comprehend it. I wish I could begin to come to terms with it.

Such is the consideration of the question of the origin of God. If He did have a beginning, what was before him. I have come to the conclusion; He is as a line. He has no origin. He always was and he will always be. I cannot comprehend it. I will not try to understand it. Maybe, when we are face-to-face, He will explain it to me. I’m not sure. I might not be able to understand it then. (I hope so. It really bothers me.)

On the other hand, I am as the ray. I have an origin, a time and place where I began. I will continue to infinity, however long that is. At my physical death, it will just be a transition.

Perhaps, where we go wrong is that time and distance only exist with man. I don’t know. I am absolutely afraid to speculate beyond that. However, if we are going to live forever, time will mean little or nothing to us. I mean, after one day ends and the next begins, I will have no less days to live than before.

No matter what infinity is, I am sure I would much rather spend it with God then in the place called hell. The worst place about hell is that there is no end, no hope. In truth, it is as the ray. For those who go there, it will have a beginning, but not end. If one day should end, those who will go to hell will have another day just as the previous.

In the case of Biden, if he does not accept Jesus as his savior, it is going to be particularly bad for him. He has caused the deaths of thousands. Obama has caused the deaths of millions. Of all those still alive, they have particularly strong reasons to seek salvation. Just going to Church will not help them. Just being Catholic will not save them. As with all others, they must admit their sins. That is the first step in salvation. They must admit that they cannot do anything to save themselves. They simply don’t have the power. Finally, they must put their faith in Jesus Christ as their only savior. Anything less, and they will find out the meaning of eternity.

The Ads Between the Advertisements

Many years ago, they stopped permitting cigarette commercials on TV.  Considering my beliefs on tobacco products, I was pleased with the decision, though it did bother me that those who benefited the most were the lawyers.

However, it begged the question, “Who or what will replace all the commercial revenue that tobacco provided for TV and radio.  Unless you were around in the day as I was, you likely don’t realize the large percentage of ads from that one industry.

However, it’s not my point here to write about the ads, but rather the ads between the ads.  On the TV, and movies as well, tobacco paid a bundle to shoe people smoking.  In some case, they even made sure to expose the logo to the camera.  It is all part of the subtle or disguised ads.

It is the Kellogg’s box or Folder’s exposed to the camera in hopes to increase the sales for the cereal or coffee.

It is the increase in tobacco sales as the result of characters in the show smoking.  It is the increase in drinking as a result in the characters in the show making it appear to be the norm for everyone.  I mean, why not drink.  Everyone does it.

The tobacco contribution did not stop with the outright ads though.  If you look at the old TV and radio shows, you will note that many of the characters smoked in their scenes.  Guess what?  Ads between the ads are still there.  In the old movies and show, the characters still smoke to this day.

Well, the cigarette suggestive ads are no longer on new TV or movies, but many other ads are now subtly placed between the advertisements, where most don’t pay a lot of attention.

Some might wonder, “Does it work?”

I don’t know.  They might.  If they don’t work, some really big corporations are futility spending fortunes.  Hence, I have to assume that all those outfits really believe it works.  I suspect they spent an enormous amount of change in the research alone.

Initially, the ads from the casinos replaced at least some of tobacco money.  When gambling was made legal in Tunica County, it was impossible to listen to ten minutes of Memphis radio or TV without hearing one of the ads.  It seemed that if we went to the Hollywood Casino, we could all become famous actors.  Little was mentioned of the fact that we might lose our shirts and perhaps a bit more.

It seemed once the old water barrier started to leak, it wasn’t long before gambling started all over the country.  A couple of casinos were built here.  A couple more were built there.  I would now guess that there are few people in this country much more than a hundred miles away from someone willing and waiting to take all our/your money from us.

I don’t know.  They just might have oversaturated.  I don’t hear so many ads these days.  On the other hand, they just might have more customers than they want.  (I don’t think you’ll believe that one.)

Nonetheless, have you ever seen a recent movie or TV show where gamblers lose?  The object of the subtle ad is to convince you that you can gamble and win.  Not only that, you’ll have oodles of fun while you’re breaking the casino.  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  Remember the movie “The Rain Man.”

Consider the alcohol industry.  Do you think they ignore the effects of the ads between the ads?  I suspect the advertising departments in those outfits are very busy getting alcohol to fit in everywhere they can make it fit.  This is true even though it amounts to putting the proverbial square in the round hole.  Even those, so-called family oriented channels and shows have characters drinking at every scene possible.  Some will actually buy the subterfuge, hook, line and sinker.  Maybe I live a sheltered life, but, as near as I can tell, people simply don’t drink that much.

I suspect that the alcohol industry has done far more damage to our society than the tobacco industry could imagine.  Smoking might damage the lungs but alcohol deprives the brain of oxygen.  It doesn’t do the liver any good either.  Yet, for some reason, we destroy the tobacco farmer while we encourage the little old wine makers.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t like tobacco.  My father and two of my brothers smoked.  I saw the damage it did to them.  I will not defend the cigarette.  However, not too many people killed other people as the result of smoking as drinking does.  How many people abused their wives and children while in an altered state from smoking; it doesn’t happen.  The abuse of alcohol is far worse than smoking and it always will be.

It’s not just me saying that.  The experts say that alcohol causes more damage to our society than any other drug.  Maybe we should at least stop the ads between the advertisements on TV.  Let’s not present it to our children as a good or normal way of life.

I also find it odd that clergy have become the guilty party in so many who-done-its these days.  I do not suggest that there aren’t bad men who claim to teach of good things, but Hollywood intentionally distorts it.  They clearly don’t like Christians or Christianity.

Moreover, it should not be a surprise to anyone who has read their Bible.  Jesus has warned us of such people.  He said to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Some of those wolves find their way behind pulpits and teach error.  It’s horrible.  It’s terrible.  But let’s not imply that all preachers are bad.

On the other hand, they like to promote the concept that homosexuality is both common and normal.  I know this is going to draw a bunch of criticism.  Fine.  I can live with that.  However, it is more than coincidence that there are homosexual agents in both TV shows NCIS New Orleans and NCIS Hawaii.  It does make me suspect that CBS does have an agenda.  Cold Case also had its sprinkling of homosexual based plots.  They are all intentional ads in between the advertisements regardless of right or wrong.

If you do want to know if it is right or wrong, don’t consult the shows.  Don’t even ask me.  I did not make the rules and I can’t change them.  Neither can any of you.  You might want to ask the one Who did make the rules.  Then again, you might not want His reply.  You might choose to do as Adam did and run from Him.

By the way, on a lighter note, I wish I could get the free advertising for my books that Sean Hannity and all the others on FOX News receive whilst they are supposedly talking about news or comment.  I likely would still be a long way from a best seller, but I would at least have a chance.

That’s advertising between the advertisements too. Not only that, but I also bet they don’t pay a dime for it either.

The Problem With Ignorance

As I look around, I concluded that there are about 6 or 7 reasons that people never accept the gift of salvation. Pride has to be right up there. In truth, there are 2 or 3 ways that pride can figure into it.

Another frequent reason is the “I don’t wanna give up the wine, women and wild life,” idea. Of course, eventually, they all do. They have no choice.

Then there’s the useless idea. “God would never want someone so horrible as me.” The truth is that none of us is worthy. If God only accepted good people, heaven would be completely empty of people.

And then there are the procrastinators like me. There are many reasons to put off being saved. I know. I used many of them. By the way, I still put things off. I am inherently lazy and very good at inventing excuses.

Still, the biggest reason people don’t accept Jesus Christ as their savior is is ignorance. Indeed, in a way ignorance is behind all the reasons in some way.

Nonetheless, what I’d like to address here is the direct ignorance. Some have never heard about Jesus. Many have put there faith in false gods and false religions.

When I say this, many think I am just referring to those outside the USA. The truth is that there millions in this country who don’t know the plan of salvation.

Strange as it might seem, many go to a church regularly. Some never miss a Sunday and yet they will never see The Kingdom of God.

Now hold on folks. This might really surprise you. Many of clergy are ignorant of the plan of salvation. They might have a doctorate in theology. They might even know the Bible backwards and forward and still not be born into the Kingdom of God.

Worse yet, some of these people ignorantly spread lies. Oddly, this is sometimes because of of pride and ignorance.

Certainly, we should be careful of preachers full of themselves. But also we should verify clergy before following them. We should also verify what they teach. If it is in error, find another.

If he says you can go to heaven by being good, he is teaching error. If he says we can only earn God’s love by following The Ten Commandments, he is teaching error. If he says you must tithe to go to heaven, he is wrong. If he says you must belong to his church or you will spend eternity in hell, he is either lying or hasn’t a clue.

Salvation is a gift; gifts are not earned. Those who are ignorant think they can earn the greatest gift ever. Thinking you can earn your salvation is more than ignorant. It pure pride.

Perhaps Nixon’s Greatest Mistake

I guess there are those who call out mistakes made by Richard Nixon. However, I suspect his biggest mistake was after the election in which Kennedy was declared the winner. He chose not to contest the votes in and near Chicago.

Most historians will quickly agree that had he contested the votes, he may very well have won the election. Yet he chose not to contest them because he was afraid of the national division it might cause. What he apparently overlooked was that it sent a signal to the democrats. He set the “no contest” pattern.

He basically implied that Republicans would not contest elections of future elections even when the dems cheat. Hence, every election since, the democrats have cheated, and might I say, very effectively? Since that election, there have been many dead voting. People in nursing homes voted, oddly entirely for dems, even when the voter had not even seen a ballot.

In every election since, the dems come up with new methods of putting their thumbs on the election scale. And by the way, whoa to anyone suggesting that there was any kind of voter fraud.

By the way, does not really matter. Laws were broken and people actually admit to it. The problem is that no one in the position to prosecute wants to. Anyone that wants to prosecute can’t. The dems basically control the Justice Department and many of the courts. Even more, the DC courts are critical and completely controlled by the dems. (Over 90% dems in the District of Columbia. No way to convict a dem. No way to defend a Republican.)

Few of us at the time knew, or could even imagine, the damage that was done by that one magnanimous decision made unselfishly by Richard Nixon. It just shows to go, one cannot play nice when it comes to the dems. They have no interest in doing things right. They have no interest in the good of the country or the Constitution. Their only interest is socialism and the power it will provide them.

As a sidenote, I would point out that socialism and the Constitution are mutually exclusive. They cannot co-exist. Hence, for the dems, to win, they must tear down the Constitution and the American way of life. Hence their efforts are to destroy what Americans have spent over two centuries building.

My aside: Fauci is retiring. Maybe we can arrange to put him in a prison cell for the next thousand years.