Jesus Died

It is an easy thing to take for granted. On the other hand many argue He did not not die on the cross. And yet He was fully in control of the situation. At any moment, he could have said, “Enough. I don’t want to go through it.” And it would have stopped immediately.

The Bible says that people mocked him, saying He, He Cannot save. He could and He didn’t. Some ask why. It was the plan. Before the earth was formed, it was the plan.

Jesus knew he was going to die. He knew he would go through great pain. Today we speak of it and yet hardly give Him or the event a thought.

Then, there was that moment in time when Jesus asked the Father why He had forsaken Him.

Again, we ask why did Jesus ask such a thing. We ask how such a thing can be.

Then, when we really consider it all, we again ask why?

I wish I could fully understand it. I wish I could even halfway understand how his death saveed me, but it did and it does. Moreover, it makes it possible for all of us. His death, the shedding of His blood, changed everything.

This much I do know. It was absolutely necessary for my salvation and for the salvation of everyone. There is absolutely no other way a person can enter heaven. Don’t you think Jesus would have known if there was some other way? AND if there was, don’t you think He would have avoided the pain of the cross. AND, if there was no other way for Jesus, then there is no other way for us. If you think there is you are wrong. Sooner or later, you will realize this.

It is why He died. It is also why He arose again. For us the belief in one event is as important as the other. If you choose not to believe in His death and resurrection, then death, real separation from God and heaven awaits you.

He has died for you, to give you the choice for life. To ignore the choice is to choose death.

Unlike Jesus’s death, your death will be permanent and forever. That means that it will also be without hope.

The Epitome of Stupidity

I just heard a report on CBS that was so unbelievable that I just had to verify it before writing on it. Sure enough, it’s accurate according to NPR (Becky Sullivan)

Henceforth, VISA, Mastercard and American Express will (or have) created a code for gun sales. This is in hopes of decreasing gun violence.

Sorry, that will have little or no affect. The reason can be determined by a smart 6th grader (One who does not attend public school). Those who plan to use guns illegally are not likely to use a credit card to buy a gun. Hidden near the end of the article is a stat that pretty much confirms this. About 7% of those using guns during crimes buy them legally. There is no record of the purchase of over 90% of guns used in crime.

If I decide to buy a gun without my M.C., all I need do is go to the ATM and withdraw 6 or 7 hundred dollars and go find someone interested in selling their 9 mm.

I have no such plans nor do I currently have any guns, although if the FOCs continue to run things as they do, I just might go out and buy a few automatic pitching machines with which to defend my home. I’m not sure, but I’d think it would be a good legal way of defense. Any smart burglars burglaring my home would be wise to bring their baseball glove.

As I have said before, the way to stop gun violence, or any kind of of violence is three-fold. Teach respect of human life in the home, in the schools and from the government. Pray and encourage prayer before the violence. It doesn’t help much after. Make sure everyone knows basic gun safety.

One more thing thing that would help is to lock up those who commit crimes, especially the violent kind. Many violent crimes are committed by known criminals, most which don’t use guns.

The Difference of Christianity from Religion

When a person puts their confidence in his good deeds, that’s religion.

When a person puts his confidence in Jesus Christ alone, that’s Christianity.

If you think your good deeds will help get you into heaven, just answer this question. Just when is it that you did something truly good from God’s perspective? What is it that you did that will outweigh all that you did that was not so good?

A Curiosity

There is a question of small significance based on the Bible and prophecy. Just why is it that the US is not mentioned in the Bible. It does seem to many that the Bible has left out half the world. Some might even suggest it is one of the more important parts.

Many have asked the question. Some have suggested answers. Personally, I don’t know. I do consider it something of a curiosity, though I would never let such a thing cause any doubts in the accuracy of God’s word.

As near as I can figure, what happens in terms of prophecy in the western hemisphere, is of little significance. Currently, that seems highly unlikely.

However, it would not take but a few days for that to change.

  1. A natural disaster. California, the Mid-south and many other places in Mexico and South America have serious fault lines. Just lately I found out there are faults under New York too, though not currently active. From time to time, I have been reminded that Yellowstone sets a top a huge volcano capable of destroying most of this country and send ashes worldwide. Such a thing just might help fulfill prophecies. I don’t know. As I say. I just observe.
  2. It might be war or a few terrorists. China, Iran and a few other countries would like American history to end. The Dems, on the other hand, seem to be inviting terrorists over an open border. A few well placed nuclear weapons would destroy our nation. Just look what 3 well placed planes did. Many take our national security for granted. They like the advantages of living here but they are not willing to help pay for it.
  3. Finally, there is the possibility of destruction from within. Those who say the Republicans are destroying democracy are tearing our Constitution asunder. Without the 10 amendments to protect us, the US will crumble.

Maybe none of this will happen. I don’t know. If any of it does, I hope I don’t live to see it. On the other hand, the more I observe, the more I believe it will be the third. With the dems such as they are, the Lord will not need to send natural disasters or even an enemy to destroy the nation he sees going very much astray. We will do a really great job of destroying ourselves.


When i was young, only men had tattoos. Women rarely had them. Now, it seems that women find it fashionable to disfigure themselves with ink as well.

Maybe you find me judgmental for the above statement and maybe I am. Mostly, though, it is an observation.

Before I continue, I believe I should make the disclaimer, I am not a profit. God has not revealed some special truth to me. However, I read the Bible and I observe.

The Bible says that people will take the mark of the beast and that nobody will be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast.

If the mark of the beast is a tattoo, women would not have been willing to disfigure themselves decades ago. Nowadays, no problem. With one of those square bar codes, unique for each person a person could replace virtually all forms of identification.

The tattoos would, in theory fix many problems: ID theft, loss of documents (credit cards, driver’s license, military ID, SS card, etc.), loss of cash, etc. It would even do away with car keys. The person with the mark could simply hold out a hand to his car to gain access and then start his vehicle.

I am sure the list goes on and on. It would make the mark very attractive and very practical.

Understand. I am not saying that it is the way it will be. I am saying that such a system is far more acceptable today than yesterday. I am just as sure that it will become more acceptable with the passing of each day, year and decade.

Then again, I might be completely wrong. Regardless, I don’t think I am going to take any bar code tatts.

For my aside today, such a system would not only make it easier for the consumers but for big brother too. Every time you make a purchase or sell big brother will know. It is a world that the author of “1984” could not have imagined. On the other hand, it is just the world that Satan would love.

Good News

For those interested. I just found out that one of the thorns in Trump’s side has just been shot down. Come January, Liz from Wyoming will be looking for a new job. Invariable, she will find one in among the news establishment. She will be well rewarded for becoming a never Trumper. She might want to remember, though, all liars do get their just wages in the end.

Tis a shame we cannot arrange an immediate result. Unfortunately, we do need to wait for November to make it final. Then we have to wait till January to make it legal.

Either way, she got the message, though she is not likely to take the hint from her constituents.

I Didn’t Kill That Fish

This evening, the wife and I headed out for McDonald’s. She ordered a cheeseburger meal, and I ordered a fish sandwich meal. Hers was ketchup and mustard only. She does not like onions or pickles.

To be sure, I did not kill a fish and my wife didn’t kill the cow. Yet, somewhere along the line, a fish died so I could survive another day. Also, at some point, a cow was killed so my wife could enjoy her hamburger. It’s just the way it is for us omnivorous types. There is no telling how many fish, cows, pigs and such have died over the years so that I could survive.

It does somewhat encourage me to give up eating meat, but I doubt that I would survive long as a vegetarian. It was the way I was raised, and I pretty much want some kind of meat, fish or poultry at each meal. Yet, I still feel very badly that in order for me to survive, animals must die.

It wasn’t always that way, or at least that’s what most Bible scholars tell us. In the Garden of Eden, before Adam ate the forbidden fruit, the first couple ate veggies, fruits and nuts. Moreover, it was all they needed. In fact, nothing was mentioned about the eating of meat until after the flood. At that point, God explicitly gave us permission to eat meat, though He did not command it.

Then, from time to time, God gave explicit instructions to eat meat. I guess the first time was the night of the Passover. God, via Moses told the Israelites to eat the Passover sacrifice. Then, later, God instructed them to eat portions of the sacrifices. I can only assume it is okay with Him if I eat meat, as long as I don’t eat or drink the blood.

This was farther confirmed when Jesus prepared breakfast for the decuples made primarily of fish. It was one of those, what I call, incidental parts of the Bible. It is not everyone who can claim having a meal prepared by Jesus. I doubt anyone could have cooked it better.

I have heard a number of people claim that life without meat is healthier. There is no doubt that my doctor would prefer I eat less meat, especially fried. I don’t know God’s point of view on fried food. As near as I can tell, he only addressed meat that was boiled or roasted.

Nonetheless, I guess I do eat too much meat. One good side effect of decreasing my meat intake is that less animals would have to die. One thing that would really help is a lot of fresh hot bread. I like it so much that I can eat it without butter. Sorry bakeries, no matter what you do, you just can’t duplicate right out of the over freshness.

I have read the Bible completely many times, not to brag, but to let you know, I am completely familiar with it. Perhaps one of the more difficult parts for me are the descriptions of the sacrifices of the animals. I am something of an animal lover and I had some problems with all the sacrifices. Many were killed and sacrificed. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just read the first 5 books of the Bible.

Then, when you look at Kings and Chronicles, you can see many more examples. To me, it is a horrible thing that so many animals are killed for a sacrifice. Yet, God tells us in the first book of the Bible, there is no remission of sin without the shedding of blood.

It is the reason God accepted Able’s sacrifice and not Cain’s. Cain offered a sacrifice of grain and fruit. It would not pay for sins.

It sure would be nice if I could grow an acre or so of wheat and turn it over to God and all my sins would be paid for. No blood would have to be shed and no animals would have had to die.

However, it does not work that way. In fact, even the blood of the animals was not sufficient. At best, all they did was point to the one whose blood was sufficient. I hate it so much that Jesus had to die in order to save me. His life, His blood is infinitely more valuable all the animals before him. It goes without saying, His life is infinitely more valuable than mine. Yet he chose to lay down His for mine.

And so it is, I did not kill the fish I ate. I did not kill the Savior who gave his life for me. But it was for me they died, so that I might live. The fish gave me life for a day. Jesus died so that he could give me life forever. I guess, for that alone, I owe him everything.

Oh. And by the way. Jesus also provides the fish I eat and even the air I breath. Maybe I need to remember to thank him for that too. Is it too much to pause a few seconds before I eat to express my thanks verbally.

The Power of a Mirror

When I was in the Marines, they had full length mirrors in each barracks. We were strongly encouraged to examine our reflection carefully before leaving the barracks. You see, mirrors have a special power. If there is a flaw in our appearance, we were able to see it and correct it before going out in public.

Looking back on it, I can see there is some wisdom in the idea. Actually, when you come right down to it, a look into a mirror before we go anywhere just might save us a little embarrassment.

God tells us that his law is like a mirror. When we look at ourselves in the law as a mirror we see our faults. Many see ourselves as not so bad. Yet, a moment in the full length view of the law reveals the truth. The very best of us appear horrible in the mirror of the law.

However, God has made provisions for all of us. Accept Jesus as your savior and God will look at you through His Son. He will not see so much as the smallest infraction of His law. It will be as if we are perfect.

The first step in salvation is looking at the reflection of ourselves in the mirror of God’s law so that we get an idea of how God sees us. If we face Him without doing so, embarrassment is the least of our concerns.

Karma ?

If you want to get on my bad side, use the word, “karma” around me. First, and most importantly, it does not exist. It is a fictitious term invented by a man who thought it sounded nice. Moreover, it is a counterfeit of something very real, God’s law.

God holds us responsible for every time we disobey His law. I assure you, you will not pay for what you do now in your next life. Again, reincarnation is an invention made up by a man. It does not exist. The Bible tells us that it is appointed for men once to die.

When a person uses the man-made term, he gives the word credence and misleads others. This is true regardless of whether or not he means to.

It is a way for Satan to sneak his term into society through the side window. By making the term commonplace, it makes it seem legitimate, that is to say, a basis for other lies.

It is one of Satan’s common methods; to replace God’s truth with a fabrication that seems similar.

Almost Paradise

As I considered the title to this post, I realized I came up with something of a good book title. At least, it seemed that way to me. Now, I need is a good book to go with it. Come to think of it, maybe someone did already. It would be a shame if someone else beat me to it.

The point is that the place I moved to in 1977 was really nice and had been for decades. It was almost paradise, though there were a few problems.

Some of the roads were spread with pot holes. My poor little car had a real problem with the little trailer bouncing around behind us. There were but a small smattering of places to eat and we could find but 1 doctor office, 1 dentist and one pharmacy. The closest hospital was 15 or 16 miles away.

However, the schools were nice and there weren’t many police. Wasn’t much need for them. It truly was almost paradise.

In this world there are problems with paradises. Southern California, before 1950 was an almost paradise. Now, look at it. I won’t go through the list of problems there now. Everyone knows. The desire to live in paradise has destroyed it. Now the U-hauls are leaving and the people are going to other paradises; as Texas, Florida, etc.

in all likelihood, those paradises will be spoiled too. It almost always happens. Unfortunately, paradises draw the unsavory element as well as the exemplary.

It’s happened and is happening where I live. If I possible, I’d leave as soon as i could. If there were an army of police, it would not be enough. The undesirable element is drifting south from Memphis. It does say something about Memphis. No one wants to leave a good place for a worse one.

We now have doctors hospitals dentists, the whole works. Even the streets are smooth. However, it seems that every fourth car I see nowadays has Shelby County plates.

Don’t actually have too much of an objection if they want to spend Tennessee dollars in Mississippi, but they bring their driving habits too. Not only that but they bring their crime, mostly drugs, and robbery too. A couple of years ago, I posted a story about a break in in my house. Dumb thief! One look at my little 900 square foot house and he’d have known I don’t have anything.

The area right across the state line had two big thriving malls and the area around it had a multitude of stores, restaurants and businesses. The malls are now all but closed and the parking lots are all baren.

Needless to say, the value of my little house has skyrocketed. Every time Memphis comes up with a bad idea my property value goes up.

The problem is that as they leave what used to be a near paradise, they bring their stupid ideas with them, and ruin our neighborhoods.

It is not just a local problem. It won’t be long that the illegal aliens will bring their ways to our nation and destroy our national paradise.

This reminds me of a passage in the Bible in which it says that murderers, thieves, liars, adulterers, etc, etc, and so forth will never go to heaven (paradise).

At the time I first read it, I did not see the full significance as I do now. You see, any place where such people are allowed would not be paradise. It would not be long before even the steets of heaven would be ruined. When the corrupt are denied access, about anywhere would be great. Then, with Jesus there too, it will be perfect.

If you would like to go there, you need a reservation. The only way to get the reservation is to accept Jesus as your savior. Then, he will cleanse you. Those not born again are not cleansed. They will not enter paradise. They will only see eternal punishment.

if you think about it, it makes sense. Who wants a paradise full of corruption and the corrupt. Certainly, God doesn’t.

Now if I could just get all these liberals to go back to Memphis where they belong!!