Intentional Meritocracy

I have told the story before.  It bears repeating every other year or two, even if no one wants to hear it.  Mostly, the pro union people don’t like hearing it.  However, it is an objective example of how unions encourage meritocracy.

My father was a carpenter.  At fifty, he was on a major union job in California.  A short time after he started, the union rep approached him and said, “You’re going to have to slow down.  You’re making every else look bad.”

Well, of course, he made sure to drop his speed some.  He wasn’t really in much of a hurry to begin with.  It just was, at his age, he had experience and knowledge going for him.  He was also in good shape.  He could walk on his hands for a city block and he could run faster than most high school kids.  Mostly, he was very experienced at driving nails.  It was always one swing to set the nail and one swing to drive it home.  Then it was on to the next.  I have seen him do it.

With the new instruction, I guess it meant he had to take a breath or two between nails.  I don’t know.  He never told me that part of the story.

The problem is that every person who is a member of union really has two bosses, the supervisor and the union.  In some cases, I’m not sure.  Maybe they just answer to the union.  It causes problems.  It encourages meritocracy.  When people work too well, when they do too good a job, someone is likely to take them aside and have a short but to the point talk with them.  “Be careful.  You are making the rest look bad.”

I have said all that to say this.  There is plenty of blame to go around for poor results from the schools.  Everyone deserves some of the blame, teachers, schools, administrations and certainly colleges.  Even parents must accept some of the blame.  Certainly, we need to step back and have another look at methods and techniques.  However, I firmly believe that the bulk of the blame goes to the National Education Association, NEA.  Though it is called an association, it is a union and likely one of the most powerful unions in the country.

As a union, it is even worse with the NEA.  Not only do they encourage meritocracy with the teachers, but they also determine what the teachers teach, also known as the curriculum.  I suspect they’d just as soon us not know that, but it’s true.  There have been a few times they have let it slip.  They have made public statements that back up my point.

You might think that what your child is taught comes down from the district, from the principal and from the state.  I guess some of it does.  However, not without the approval of the NEA.  It is, my guess, the main reason they oppose private schools so much.  They would have to relinquish their control.  And make no mistake; the NEA is all about control.  Education is the one thing farthest from their minds.  They are a political organization and, as all unions, they have a solid allegiance with the Democrat party.

Are you looking around, trying to figure out why your child can’t read.  You don’t have to look far.  It’s the dems and the NEA.

Good teachers that excel are frowned on.  It’s the meritocracy that finds advancement.  Rid the country of the NEA and the schools will experience an overnight improvement of 15 to 20 percent.  It would be a different world in which the teachers would be encouraged to teach at their best.

The meritocracy would be discouraged and, in some cased not tolerated.  I am convinced at least 5%, maybe 10% of the teachers in our systems should not be permitted to teach.  They should find some other kind of work, assuming they can.

Now.  All we need do is find out some way to rid ourselves of the NEA.  At least, we need laws to keep them out of the curriculum and methods. Let them represent the members, not the public. They in no way answer to the public, or as near as I can tell, anyone.

Half a Billion Tons

That’s how much silt the great Mississippi River dumps into the Gulf of Mexico each year. I might add there are a few others that are similar. There are some that dump more, many less.

That is a bunch of bunch of dirt displacing millions of tons of ocean water.

Now, let’s see. Do you suppose that would cause the ocean levels to rise.

Simple solution. Dig some of the dirt back out or pump ocean waters into man-made salt lakes and add lake front property. Make channels for shipping. Add beautiful landscaping for big hotels.

Build a bid wide beautiful mote just north of the Mexican border to stop illegal migration. Well, that wouldn’t work well in the mountainous areas. It’s a thougt, anyway. It sure would be nice to cut down ont the drug traffic too.

I Don’t Do Surveys

I have had a little to say about surveys already, but maybe it is a good time to revisit the idea. The problem with the surveys is the wording of the questions. Many times, there is no true answers. They ask true false questions when the reply is neither true nor false. They ask multiple choice questions when they don’t have my answer listed. Unfortunately, they do not include a choice of none of the above.

Generally, after the 1st 3 or 4 questions, I know the purpose of the survey and who is behind it. Without doubt, the questions are worded to benefit those sponsoring the questionnaire. Indeed, the survey is obviously intended to affect opinion more than determining opinions.

The promp for me writing this is a request for my cellphone phone provider to take a survey. Thought about taking it just to gather evidence. You think, maybe those questions just might be worded without bias? I think not.

On the other hand, if you want my opinion on my provider, I will be glad to tell anyone. But don’t expect it to be either rosey or horid. However, there is one thing I would like to tell one and all. They have included some things on the phone that I cannot remove. For instance; I can’t remove tic toc. There are holidays on the calendar that cannot be removed. Perhaps worst, I keep setting the ‘do not disturb ‘ function unintentionally and without knowing it. As a result I missed 5 calls, 3 of which were important… sort of the reason I carry a cell phone.

It does make me wonder if that was in some way on their survey.

And, oh yes. I am still wondering how I turned the do not disturb function on. Just maybe I’ll find out one day…hopefully before I miss another important call, as when my wife is desperately trying to call me.

One Little Question

When Joe decided to look for a replacement Supreme Court Justice, he said he wanted a minority woman.

The minority, I understand. However, how can he tell he appointed a woman when the dems can’t seem to tell the difference. I mean, at any time, she can stand and say, I’m really a man. Then, she would be a he. And Joe would have failed at his quest.

Then again he could have appointed a man and he could have called himself a woman. Then, to half the people in the county, he would have appointed a man. To the other half, well, they could have been just a little confused. They would have a really tough time trying to figure it out. Would he have appointed the promised woman or would he have just used a politically correct way of telling a whopper.

Makes a Person Want to Shake His Head

A preacher (Bishop Woods) caught my attention a while ago.  He knew what he was talking about.  Then he mentioned roughly that he went into a Walgreens and picked up a package of masks.  On the reverse side, he saw the disclaimer “Will not prevent corona disease.”

Now that just makes a person want to shake his head.  It causes me no end of confusion.  Just what is the purpose of the masks?  Just why is it that we were required to wear masks that the manufacturer admits won’t work?  What is it that Fauci knows that we don’t?  Just why does he want us to wear masks that he knows don’t work?

I mean, if the manufacturer knows they don’t work, I’m sure Fauci is well aware of it.  Does he like the discomfort they cause?  Does he like it when we all walk into banks looking like bank robbers?  Does he enjoy the fact that he has made it impossible to eat, drink, or play the oboe.  Does he like all the commotion he created on airplanes from 2-year-olds?

Let us take this just a little farther.  What about the shots.  Properly, the shots should have been marked, “Will not prevent corona virus.”  You do realize it had nearly zero affect.  On the other hand, they did cause problems, especially with younger people.  Some had heart problems.  I suspect there were deaths from it.

Yet, even today, the boosters are still encouraged.

Guess what?  They don’t work.  It’s time to stop pretending they work.  It’s time we start using different means, something that might actually work.  You know.  Things like those meds that actually showed signs of working that the government and social media mocked so devastatingly.

Just shows to go, the government, especially one run by Joe doesn’t know best.  Oh! And by the way.  Those social media outfits have a lot of apologizing to do.  Some folks lost their jobs.  Some were forced from the military and lost their retirement.  Some folks went to jail for their the stupidity of a few who had not an inkling of knowledge on the subject.  Best to let real doctors, real researchers do the job.  We need to keep the politicians and social idiots out of it.

Oh! By the way, many unmasked diseased were welcomed into this country by the government with diseases far worse than the corona virus.

Just makes a person want to shake his head.

Gender Solution

Seems silly in this day & age that we should need to explain the difference between men and women & which restroom each should use… or shouldn’t use. I cannot imagine any person holding a doctorate having such a problem in making such distinctions.

Be that as it may, I actually have a very simple solution, which might have additional advantages. Actually, the solution has been in use for over 40 years, on planes.

On airlines, there is no gender distinction. Each room is used for both, but only 1 person at a time. The beauty of this is that there is no need to wait for the men’s or women’s room. Each is used in turn without regard to gender.

I noticed in many public places, such as theaters, the women’s lines were always, without exception longer. If it was 1 person per facility, gender wouldn’t matter. It would be one line. And, of course, if a man chose to lie to himself and others, no problems. He’s by himself, anyway. Moreover, no worries of a man walking into a ladies room. (Oddly, I don’t recall hearing of problems or women going into men’s rooms.)

I suppose people could take tickets and wait their turn. I don’t know.

Of course there are real problems. Some facilities would have to accommodate handicapped. It would mean drastic reconstruction. In some some cases it might not even be practical. On the other hand, it might be as simple as changing the signs on the doors.

Then again, some people just don’t want solutions. They prefer fighting over it. Don’t have any idea why men want to use ladies rooms. Maybe they were just never properly taught. On the other hand, maybe they were improperly taught in the fantastic public schools. I mean, if the teachers don’t know the difference, how can we expect the kids to know any better?


It would seem no one else need destroy our country. Apparently, our tendency is to destroy ourselves. After years and years of fighting to get the advertising of tobacco off TV and radio, we now allow the advertising of Marijuana products on TV on prime time.

This is, of course besides all the drugs and poison we permit across our border. This, of course besides the criminals and terrorists we permit daily in among us with little or no restrictions.

Just guess we want to destroy all that our forefathers built. Once we succeed, we will just be a brief story in history that the future children just might study in schools. Then again, future historians just might cover up the history so well that any thought of by the people will totally cease.

It would seem to be the goal of the dems.

Who Do You Trust?

It’s an interesting question, one you should ask of yourself as well as others. I must admit the question was prompted by an old TV show where the question was the title. During the show the contestants were asked if if they trusted themselves or their spouse to answer a question.

However, we must admit that we make decisions of of trust, not only daily, but by the minute. We trust the others to follow the rules of the road. We trust those who work in stores restaurants, mechanics and many other merchants. Most of us take it for granted that when we turn that key in the ignition, the car will start. (Or we become angry) We flip the light switch in a room and, usually the room is lit.

I have noted that, according to trust, people can be divided into at least 3 categories. As in the national motto, some of us trust God. We are called Christians. Some trust themselves and not God. I call them libertarians… conservatives without morals. Then, there are the liberals. Their motto is, in government we trust. In general, they lie, cheat, and steal all for themselves and the advancements of government control. In many cases they don’t even know it. But if they have no trust in God or themselves, who do they trust.

They rely on government for medicine, welfare and their next meal. If they don’t get substance from God or their own hands, from whom will they get it? The almighty government will provide but only if the almighty government is almighty. On the other hand, Christians and libertarians don’t want want to rely so much on government. So they really prefer keeping government size down.

I have an idea. Let’s put all the liberals in 25 states…their choice. Then we stand back and watch to see how long it takes for them to destroy those states. When everyone has their trust in their government, it will take very little time for their government to fail. I suppose some states will last longer than others. Some may actually figure things out and stop putting ultimate control in the hands of fallible humans.

Where Are the Apologies?

They now admit the China virus started in the the labs. They now admit that masks provide little to no protection. It’s been established that schools that stayed open were better than schools that were closed. I am sure that they will eventually have to admit that hydroxychloroquine actually works as a preventive to the China virus. While I sit here coughing, I wish I could have acquired a few thousand tabs of it before it struck here in Mississippi. Maybe there are a few who lost loved ones who wish they could have gotten there share too.

Yet, where are the apologies. Where are the apologies to these who were shamed, even though everyone knows they were right. Where are the apologies to those who suffered. Where are the apologies to those who lost friends and relatives.

The dems will not apologize. They dare not admit to their wrong doings. They know it would mean election losses. To the dems, nothing is more important than the elections. Ultimately, it is about control.

That is why you will never hear any kind of an apology, that is unless mandated by a court. Now that is something I would like to see. I would really like to live long enough to see. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Lord will let me live that long.

By the way, time to put Fauci in prison. He helped develop the virus. Don’t expect any apology from him either.

Last Two

Late each night when I went home from work, I passed a real estate office. The owner(s) liked to post little quips, which I must admit I enjoyed reading.

One of them said, “Why didn’t Noah swat those last two when he had the chance.”

I suppose one may fill in the missing frustration. Perhaps, it might be the fly. That would be the pest most picnickers would suggest; or would it be the ants. I think the mosquito would have my vote. While in Nam, they used to bite my feet while I tried to sleep. Hence, I woke with itchy feet. As small as their little brains were, they seemed to realize that I really had to reach for my feet. By the time I did, they were alerted and gone.

In the end, I put my mosquito net up and it was the end to it while sleeping. While out and about, they still dive-bombed me regularly, as well as most of us.

Naturally, those of us with homes built of wood live in fear of termites. It is amazing how those little pests can do so much damage in so little time.

Maybe you have your own choice. Regardless, many of these insects do more than bug us. While in Nam, they made us take a quinine based drugs to prevent us from contracting a very deadly disease. Much of Africa was under attack by the sleeping sickness spread by the Tsetse fly. Memphis was almost turned into a big ghost town by yellow fever, spread by mosquitos. Then, of course. We can’t overlook Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease spread by ticks.

It does make one want go back a few years before Noah, like before Adam ate the fruit. Before the fall, I’m sure Adam never felt the bite of an insect.

Hence, you just might want to remember, sometimes, seemingly small things can have devastating, long lasting results.

Afterthought: those who take salvation so lightly just might want to look at it more seriously. Forever never ends and insects will be the least concern of any of those who reject the the gift of eternal life.