Notice the Connection?

Suddenly, Budwiser appears to be trying to commit corporate suicide, losing, not just millions, but billions in a few days.

Overnight, Target starts losing their billions. Why?

It seems they know better than we, the public. About what? About cross gendering. With Budwiser, it is their choice of spokesman during a TV ad. With Target, it was their choice of products to push.

Kind of a dumb thing to do while the object is to make money. If you watch, you get the idea it’s not their goal. It literally isn’t. Corporate boards are no longer required to represent the shareholders by making profits for them.

A short time ago, Joe came out with an executive order allowing corporations to make decisions based on social, environmental, and governmental reasons too. Now doesn’t that make you feel better about you 401k?

All y’ll invested in Target and Budwiser must feel good about now.

A Challenge for Joe

That’s right. Little me. Never held public office. Never been a reporter on any news media let alone such as The Pravda Times. In my little blog, I am issuing a chalenge. Most likely he will never hear it, let alone pay any attention to it.

However, numbers have power us little individuals don’t. Maybe, if others helped. Maybe if the right people hear and help. Just maybe someone who matters will hear my challenge and find it important and just, the challenge will be publicly and forcefully placed at the feet of Joe.

He needs to be asked why he has done nothing, said nothing, or has never even acknowledged the loss of 70,000 people a year to the drugs that he permits across the border. He needs to publicly answer the question, especially before those that have directly and indictly lost loved ones to drugs and the drug trade.

I have hope he will be challenged, but not much. It would appear there are few that care as much as me.

Selectve Concern

Joe’s press secretary just brought to mind that 14 thousand died from guns in one year. That’s horrible. One is too many.

Yet they ignore the 70,000 that die from drugs. Maybe it is because of the dems open borders. Maybe it is because of Joe’s close relationship with China. For the life of me, I don’t understand why, but he also seems to be friendly with the cartels and drug smugglers. Maybe it is his hope to rid the nation of drug addiction by killing all drug addicts.

I like the idea of cutting down on addicts but I certainly didn’t approve of his methods. I also dislike his misplaced concerns. If we look closely at the deaths by gun, we’d likely find at least a third drug related. Seems to me, if we stop drug abuse, we’ll also cut down on gun deaths. Also, we’ll cut down on robbery, knife assaults, child abuse and wife beatings.

Better to treat the real problems more than the symptoms.

BUILD THE WALL!! NOW! Fix the illegal alien proplem, the drug problems and the crime problems. The gun problem mostly will go away… all by itself. Generally, law bidding citizens rarely shoot people without a good reason.


Just heard a news report. Joe is over in Japan. What great news. Maybe he will like it there and stay.

Most likely wishful thinking. Such good things rarely last. Still, we can dream.

Neutral Law Enforcement

During my thirties, my job took me to New York, just outside Syracuse. There’s a nice park there where I used to walk. It beat looking at the hotel room walls.

It was the right time of year and the evenings were almost always wonderful. There was a baseball diamond there and, of course, little leaguers playing baseball.

When I stopped and watched the game, they found out I was from Mississippi. They suddenly realized they found the perfect unbiased umpire. They immediately put me to work calling balls and strikes.

Apparently, they were impressed with my fairness, if not my accuracy. They kept calling me back and they never complained, not once. Now that, in itself, is something of which for me to brag.

The point is this, people love an honest neutral arbiter, whether it be an umpire, a judge in a courtroom, a prosecutor or even law enforcement officers. I guess that nowadays it’s too much for we Americans to expect. No more fair umpires in our government. No more fair observations from TV and radio reporters. There are no hopes of getting unbiased reporting from newspapers. Finally, and worst of all, the historians are twisting history. They say things happened I know didn’t happen. At my age, I actually remember stuff firsthand.

It makes me sad. However, I have hope. There is a righteous judge. All accounts will be settled. The most devious government officials will pay. I don’t need to do a thing. God’s judgment is true. God’s judgment is sure. No one will get away with anything. Those who don’t believe it are only deceiving themselves.

What amazes me is some actually think they know and understand it. Yet, definitely, they continue their march. I can’t think of anything more foolish.

Those Who Took The Oath

The investigation is done, it concludes that Trump did nothing wrong. That means those who took an oath to enforce the law, namely, the leaders in the FBI and other federal agencies were the ones who knowingly did great wrong.

It also verified that many of the dem congregational leadership intentionaly used their office to promote lies, of course, with the aid of the media and social media.

Now, now that it is all over, the only people that are suffering are those who did nothing wrong. Indeed, some have even spent time in prison wrongly. Certainly Joe and his friends had their part in it all.

They know that they have gotten away with it. However, be sure God will avenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the subject of Frequently Asked Questions, I have this to say.  Are they truly frequently asked?  Out of all the times I have ever consulted frequently asked questions, I never found the one for which I needed an answer.  Worse yet, I could never find a category.  They always list 4, 5 or 6 categories, then “Other.”  Then when I look under other, I can’t find my question there either.  Not a thing comes close.

I guess that either makes me weird or their questions aren’t as inclusive as they would like to imply.  Moreover, it would seem that I am mostly on my own.  Frequently, I actually figure things out, though it takes some time.  On the other hand, I just tried to install a product that should have not taken over 3 hours to install.  I gave up after 16.  I don’t need any piece of software that I can’t install after 16 hours.  Moreover, it was also difficult to de-install.  Moreover, it was difficult to use.

Taught me a lesson or two.  Next time I am going to install something, I will make sure to mark the spot so I can return to whence I came.  Even that brings me angst.  I have not yet established much trust in the ability of the software that can restore that well.

Be that as I may, the whole thing prompted a thought.  Maybe the US government could establish a frequently asked question web site.  I’m not suggesting it would help much but it would be interesting just what questions they would post and what kind of answers they would concoct, for instance, “What is a woman?”

God’s law was clear, “Though shalt not murder.”  Simple.  Requires little in the way of explanation.  On the other hand, the government at every level has pages and pages on the subject.  Can you imagine querying murder on frequently asked questions?  Did you say you have a day or two to read the reply?

How about something on the subject of abortion.  No problem for the dems…any time, any place, by someone with an MD after his name.  No follow-up exam necessary.

Then, there is the matter of theft.  All you can get away with as long it has a value of less than a grand.  And, by the way, if someone stops you, you can sue their socks off, and get them too.

Contrary to the commandment, we are not to honor our parents.  The job of parenting has been turned over to the daycares, schools and colleges.  In short the government.  By the way, we’d better not forget it or the FBI will be after us.

Incidentally, if we ask who should be in control, it’s the dems.  We best not forget that either or we will be tossed in the hoosegow and we’ll not see the light of day for years, if ever.

I guess it would be a bad idea to look for that on the FAQ list.  They will look for you and prohibit you from publishing a book, being on TV or radio.  Your name will instantly be mud, perhaps literally.

Incidentally, lest I forget, bribes too are wrong, even the ones that are completely legal. The Bible does make that perfectly clear. You wouldn’t doubt what this had you read the entire Bible. It really is in there, plain and simple to see for all. It says something about the way bribes cloud judgement. I am sure that is indisputable, even if you do not believe what is written.

Tell Me Why

Tell me why it is that we have women’s golfing.

Tell me why it is that we have Women’s basketball.

Tell me why it is that women rarely compete against men in baseball, football, and even tennis.  I’m not sure, but I think there is a separation between men and women’s table tennis.  Last time I checked, there are no men trying to get on women’s volleyball teams and not so many women trying to compete in the world men’s volleyball.  (Come to think of it, do colleges have volleyball teams?)

Then, one day a man who claims to be a woman gets on the college women’s swimming team.  Can you tell me why this is permitted?  Has the world simply lost all concepts of the obvious?

Let’s see.  I guess there are a few women that can beat a few men at arm wrestling, but, push come to shove, no woman will ever become the world champion.  It is highly unlikely too many women will even make it passed the preliminaries.  Yet, of course, many men will win in the women’s category of weight lifting.

It is stupidity on stupidity.  It is ignorance poured on ignorance.  Men and women are biologically different, regardless of what anyone might try to say to the contrary.

As a side note, isn’t it just wonderful having a Supreme Court justice who can’t provide a definition of a woman?  Is this something good for our country?

As a side, side note.  The newest justice was selected because she is a woman and black.  I guess ol’ Joe still knows the difference.  Moreover, she was selected out of a field of the “Best” women for the job and the “Best” Black woman for the job…according to Joe Biden.  If I were a black woman and was selected to be a Supreme Court justice, I would not consider that much to be pound of.  She was selected from approximately 7 or 8 percent of the population of the country.  It is not likely, but possible that 93 percent of those in the country would be a better pick.  They were never considered.

Just maybe someone might tell me why the justice has to be a black woman.  Wouldn’t it be better had she been selected from the best of the judges, regardless of gender or color.  Perhaps a black woman would have been selected and that would have meant much more.  I’m sure there are many black women judges who are highly qualified.  Some might even know the difference between a man and a woman.

Wrong Strategy

I don’t know why the bunch trying to prove fraud used the strategy. It was all wrong. The world was busy covering it up before the election was over. The approach should have been an attempt to prove they did not obey the law. Now only could it easily be proved but some of the guilty outright admitted it.

Now we have a big, awful settlement, likely settled for convenience and appearance than for any wrongdoing. Many good lawyers suggested that FOX might have beat it. I don’t know. I’m not a lawyer. However, now FOX will be far more careful of what they say and about whom. It only gave the dems more encouragement.

On the other hand, if they had said they did not follow the law, the dems would not have sued and it would have been much worse for the dems.

As an aside, we might have done better in 2022 and Fauci might be in prison for the next thousand years.